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Faster Insights. Better Decisions.

Data Drives Retail Harness your most valuable asset for insights, competitive advantage, and profit

Data Drives Retail

Most business owners use just 0.5% of all the consumer data they have. Imagine what you could do if you tapped into all of yours. New technologies and new ways to connect with consumers have been transforming the retail sector. The pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and inflation have pushed the transformation into hyperdrive. To compete effectively, retailers have to reimagine how they create and capture value. You need to be able to react in real time to changes in the market environment, consumer sentiment, and technological innovation.

Your data is the key. Getting reliable data in the hands of the people who need it when they need it can make the difference between thriving and failing, between being on retail’s cutting edge and lagging behind. The experts at DAS42 work every day to make sure that retailers – from startups to Fortune 500 companies – have the data tools and technology they need to succeed.

DAS42 Delivers Competitive Advantage You’ve got a wealth of data on customers, orders, website activity, and so much more. When you’re able to harness it, you’ll know almost everything you need to know about the health and outlook of your business. DAS42 is here to help.

The experts at DAS42 work every day to make sure that retailers have the data tools and technology they need to succeed.

We live and breathe data. Our world-class data analytics consultants are dedicated to building customized data engines using the best technology tools out there. We take our clients from data chaos to well-oiled data-driven machines able to leverage petabytes of data to impact and accelerate decisions, build datadriven products, and increase revenue.

in Action Building a Reliable Data Ecosystem for Exponential Growth A company created to sell an innovative new consumer product succeeded beyond all expectations. In just a few years, their sales reached more than 100 million units worldwide. But with success came some difficulty in collecting and analyzing the data they needed to effectively plan their strategy. We worked with them to assemble a data analytics platform with best-in-class technology tools, ensuring that their people would be able to easily ask data-related questions and be sure that the answers were always accurate. The company no longer has to spend time and money putting together multiple spreadsheets and trying to get them to talk to each other. Their new data analytics tools offload tasks that traditionally required full-time employees, but they still get full, real-time support from their technology partners. And most important, they now have a well-defined, documented ecosystem for employees to get answers to their questions on their own – a data culture that helps them truly run the business “by the numbers.”

Faster Data Operationalization The marketing team at the world’s largest sporting goods brand in their sport wanted to personalize marketing efforts to specific customer segments and to get a holistic picture of each customer and market with greater precision. In our analysis of their business needs and technology solutions, we discovered a problem: They were accessing their data through a third-party service provider. As a result, they didn’t own their own data or have the ability to quickly answer their business questions. Because their data was in a black box and not in one place, they lacked a holistic view of the relationship between online and in-store sales. They had done a good job of collecting data. The challenge we faced was that some of the data was in spreadsheets as well as being scattered across disparate data tools and technologies – some of which were outdated. We helped them develop a cloud strategy and consolidated the disparate pieces of data onto a modern cloudbased platform. As a result, we were able to achieve the goal of marketing with greater precision while at the same time providing them with faster insights.

We Make Retail Work We help you cut through the chaos in all your data, working with you to create the right KPIs and metrics in one place so you can quickly analyze product performance. We centralize your data to get you the information you need about your customers so you can adjust your business strategy in real time. Discover what affects your profit margin, how to control the variables that affect it, and the details about your customers and their orders that let you transform an everyday customer into a lifetime value repeat customer. How do we get you there? • We efficiently retrieve scattered data and transform it into valuable insights. • We unclog your data pipeline so you can collect your data all in one easily accessible place and get a 360° view of your business and your sales effectiveness. • We keep your customers coming back by helping you analyze trends and understand what’s holding your business back and what’s driving success.

Effective Data Analytics: What’s in it for You? • Higher revenues from cross-sell and up-sell campaigns • Product research and development that’s data-driven • Know how to better price your products • Increase market competitiveness through competitor analysis and predictive analytics • And more!

in Action Business Intelligence for a Growing Food Delivery Startup A new service provides a new kind of home dining experience: operating a fleet of food trucks offering extraordinary food made to order in a mobile kitchen that comes to you. As a scaling startup, the company’s success relied on being able to have a clear picture of how each of their restaurants and trucks were performing in the context of the company’s overall performance. They asked us to help build a business intelligence reporting system that would let them develop KPIs and business metrics and consolidate unit economics data to better visualize and understand revenue, costs, and financial performance. With the modern data platform we built in place, they can be confident that they have the accurate, accessible, actionable data they need to guide their growth strategy. They now have the ability to track food, beverage, and packaging consumption down to the raw material level, as well as labor and other costs for each order item. They can also easily analyze variable costs – from freight to payment processing fees – and their impact on margins.

Keeping Global Supply Chains Strong Timely, actionable data is vital for maintaining a global supply chain network, especially during a pandemic. We helped give supply chain managers at one of the world’s largest companies the analytics and capabilities they need to continue delivering critical pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products to their customers. We provided them with a suite of data applications with mission-critical features that allowed supplychain managers to triage problems across the complex chain’s stages. They were able to combine analytical data from many different first-party and third-party systems, and provide historical analytics and trends against targets, highlighting anomalies that needed to be investigated and addressed. Their new agile, scalable development framework delivered the analytics and capabilities they need to keep global supply chains strong at a challenging time when many companies’ supply chains have been under strain.

A Little Bit About Us At DAS42, we don’t sell a product. We take the time to understand your challenges and create customized solutions that meet your needs and help you succeed. Founded in 2015, we have deep experience in all aspects of data and business intelligence. We have the technical chops and analytical mindset to quickly transform your company’s use of data. But we are as comfortable alongside your VP of Sales in the boardroom as we are in the weeds with your IT team. We understand what you need because we’ve been where you are. Our team members have held data analytics, sales, and executive positions in companies as varied as Etsy,, Uber, Amazon, Kohler, and CignaHealth. We’ve built internal teams and transformed companies at various stages of growth into datacentric organizations.

Faster Insights. Better Decisions.

About DAS42 provides cloud-based data analytics consulting to help executives and managers reduce the time to actionable insights and empower them to make better decisions, faster.

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