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What I would do….. What I would probably do… What I wouldn’t do…. Diego Sacristán 70392

What would you do if you found your class English test in the school bathroom? • I would use in the test. • I would probably memorize the answer. • I wouldn’t tell anyone.

What would you do if you ran over a cat in a residential area of town? • I would go to the hospital • I would probably scream very hard. • I wouldn’t go running.

What would you do if you found $200 on an empty bus late at night? • I would keep in my pocket • I would probably look around me • I wouldn’t return

What would you do if someone bought you a CD for your birthday and you hated the group? • I would tell the true. • I would probably change the cd in the store or with other partner. • I wouldn’t keep the cd.

What would you do if an exboy/girlfriend wanted to come and stay with you for two days while your current partner is out of town? • I would say that is possible. • I would probably think that is the better. • I wouldn’t answer nothing.

What would you do if someone in a shop gave you a $50 note instead of $5? • I would take the money for my. • I would probably return the money. • I wouldn’t say nothing and I would buy more things.

What would you do if the teacher came into class with toothpaste on his/her nose? • I would die of laughter. • I would probably not pay attention the class. • I wouldn’t tell and I would laughter.

What would you do if you went to use your host's bathroom during a dinner party and found their 10 year-old son smoking inside? • I would tell her father. • I would probably talk whit him. • I wouldn’t tell him to give me.

Diego Sacrisan presentation  

Diego Sacrisan presentation