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Welcome To Daryn Weatherman opened St. Charles Glass and Glazing Inc. in 1995. As a resident of St. Charles, Weatherman wanted to provide an expert and reliable resource for developers, homeowners and businesses doing glass projects in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding area.

Choosing Glass Cabinet Fronts for Your Kitchen Cabinets Glass cabinet fronts have become one of the hottest kitchen trends in recent years. According to Daryn Weatherman, many homeowners are choosing to replace their existing wood paneled cabinet doors with those that feature glass panels. The process of choosing a glass cabinet front has never been easier; homeowners have the option of choosing from many different varieties and textures that are sure to compliment any kitchen dĂŠcor. When it comes to choosing the right type of glass cabinet front for your kitchen, Daryn Weatherman has some suggestions. If you are considering using clear glass cabinet fronts, the experts at St. Charles Glass and Glazing state that this option is great for use in kitchens. It allows for easy visibility into your cabinets which makes it easier to locate certain items that you may be looking for. When choosing a clear glass cabinet front you should ensure that the design you choose is made using tempered glass. This will help reduce the chance of the glass panel breaking and causing injury. If are considering replacing your existing cabinet fronts with glass, you should take into consideration that everything in your cabinets will be visible. This means that you may have to rearrange what is placed in the cabinets with glass panels to make them more appealing to the eye.

Daryn Weatherman states that in addition to clear glass, homeowners also have the option of choosing frosted glass cabinet fronts. This particular type of glass is a great addition to any modern kitchen. Frosted glass provides your kitchen with a sleek modern look and keeps the contents of your cabinets hidden from guests. When choosing to use frosted glass, homeowners have the option of personalizing the glass with a design or monogram if they choose. This special touch may cost a bit more, but for homeowners who are looking for that personal addition to their kitchen this option may be worth considering.

Another option available is textured glass. This type of glass cabinet front is appealing to the eye and can feature textures such as, pebbles, grooves, ribs and bevels. This is a popular option for homeowners who would prefer the contents of their cabinets not be visible while still providing their kitchen with a modern and appealing look. While adding a layer of dimension and interest to cabinet fronts, it also helps disguise fingerprints and smudges which are highly visible in other glass cabinet front options.

Daryn Weatherman Wentzville Business Owner If you are considering some custom glass projects around your home or business, you need to choose the glass installer carefully.St Charles Glass and Glazing Inc. will be with you from the very beginning of your project to the very end. Instead of coming into the picture when you are ready to install glass fixtures, this company will be there during the design and planning stage. When the design and planning stage is complete, you can count on Daryn Weatherman and his crew to perform the task correctly and in a timely manner.St Charles Glass and Glazing will go the extra mile to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their project.

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Daryn Weatherman suggests that homeowners choose exterior security doors in which the glass panels are strategically placed to minimize the...