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ASDA District  9  Meeting   January  16  -­‐  20,  2014

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Daryn Lu, Oklahoma’15

ASDA District 9 Trustee | OU ASDA President OU College of Dentistry | Class of 2015 | tel: 405.219.1598

2013 represents  a  standout  year  for  our  District.  From  the  implementation  of  the   first  District  9  cabinet  and  growing  popularity  of  our  Facebook  page  to  the  sheer   volume  of  national  leaders,  and  two  2013-­‐14  EC  candidates  —  District  9  is  well   represented!   Speaking  for  the  D9  cabinet  —  it  has  been  our  greatest  pleasure  to  serve  you  all.   From  the  many  many  conversations  shared  with  your  chapter  leaders  —  we  have  truly   enjoyed  learning  about  the  wonderful  things  you  do.  We  have  listened  to  your  struggles   and  concerns  and  we  have  celebrated  your  victories.  This  year  saw  chapters  rise  to   brand  new  levels  while  others  focused  on  rebuilding  their  foundation.  ASDA  would  be   nothing  without  the  hard  work  ethic,  creativity,  and  enthusiasm  that  you  all  offer.   Each  individual  has  their  own  story  to  share  and  I  cannot  wait  to  learn  more  from   you  this  weekend.  ASDA  Fever  is  alive  and  well  within  our  District  and  I  hope  you  all   enjoy  the  weekend  your  D9  leaders  have  planned!  Take  the  time  to  meet  someone  new,   share  an  idea  or  two,  and  learn  from  the  assortment  of  incredible  personalities  you  will   meet  this  weekend.  Leadership  is  an  evolving  concept  based  off  your  own  personal   experiences  —  here’s  hoping  to  making  the  most  of  our  time  together!  




 Please plan  to  be  on  your  best  behavior  as   both  the  property  owners  and  notable   guest  speakers  will  reside  on  site.  We  are  a   professional  student  organization  and  I   expect  us  to  behave  in  such  a  way.  I   encourage  you  all  to  have  a  good  time  but   excessive  drinking  and  a  college-­‐party   atmosphere  will  not  be  tolerated.  We  will   be  asked  to  leave  if  this  occurs.  Each   individual  is  responsible  for  any  property   damage  that  occurs.  Please  be  courteous   and  report  any  such  activities  directly  to   your  district  trustee.  

 Dress warm  for  the  slopes!  All  meetings   and  presentations  will  take  place  in  the   Great  Room.  Dress  warm  and  casual   (sweater   +   jeans/chinos).  Think   “mountain   casual”.  Don’t  forget  that  we’ll  be  heading   into  town  for  a  night  at  Cecelia’s!  


 Volunteer drivers   from  Colorado   will   meet   each  group  at  the  airport.  

Friday, Saturday,  and  Sunday  morning  –   Colorado  volunteer  drivers  will  shuttle   students  from  Alpine  Villa  to  the  slopes  at   2  set  times.  Sign  Ups  will  be  made   Meals:
 Both  breakfast  and  limited  lunch  supplies   available  the  evening  beforehand.  Please   exchange  contact  information  so  that  no   will  be  provided  (oatmeal,  cereal,  milk,   pb&j,  etc.)  for  your  weekend  stay.  Chapter   one  gets  left  behind.  Always  have  a   backup  plan  in  case  some  one  loses  their   attendees  will  be  responsible  for  their   own  meals  Thursday  evening  and  Sunday   phone!   evening.  Dinner  will  be  catered  both   Final  shuttles  BACK  to  Alpine  Villa  will   Friday  and  Saturday  evening  by  2   occur  at  3:30pm  sharp  on  Friday  and   sponsors  at  Alpine  Villa  with  cocktails  on   Saturday  afternoon  and  2:00pm  on   Saturday  night  in  Breckenridge  at   Sunday.  Meetings  will  begin  promptly  on   Cecelia’s.  Sunday  evening  is  tentatively   time  so  be  sure  to  check  the  agenda. scheduled  for  Breckenridge  Brewery.  

Ski . ASDA. Repeat!


WIFI ! alpinevilla"


Thursday, January 16th

Attendees check in after 4pm; * on your own for meals


Friday, January 17th

Wake up  on  own,  hit  the  slopes!   3:30  pm  -­‐ SKI ENDS, LAST RIDE TO ALPINE VILLA   5:00  pm  -­‐  District  9  is  Feeling  Fine  -­‐  Daryn  Lu,  District  9  Trustee   5:30  pm  -­‐  “How  to  Not  Fail  Miserably  in  Private  Practice”     Dr.  Chris  Salierno   6:15  pm  -­‐  Dinner  With  Heartland  Dental  Care   7:45  pm  -­‐  “Occlusion  Made  Ridiculously  Simple”   Dr.  Chris  Salierno   8:25  pm  -­‐  “Traditional,  Corporate,  &  Everything  In  Between”   Dr.  David  Rice   9:00  pm  -­‐  “The  Leader  Within  Me”  -­‐  Dr.  Raymond  Cohlmia  


Saturday, January 18th

Wake up  on  own,  shred  the  gnar!   3:30  pm  -­‐  SKI ENDS, LAST RIDE BACK TO ALPINE VILLA   5:00  pm  -­‐  “Dentistry:    It’s  Just  Like  Dating!”  -­‐  Dr.  David  Rice   6:15  pm  -­‐  Dinner  with  Pacific  Dental  Services   7:45  pm  -­‐  “Navigating  Dental  School  Negotiations”   Dr.  Colleen    Greene   8:45  pm  -­‐  “What  is  Malpractice?”  -­‐  Oliva  GiaQuinta,  MedPro   10:00  pm  -­‐  Drinks  with  Aspen  Dental  at  Cecelia’s  Martini  Bar  


Sunday January 19th

Wake up  on  own,  how  do  you  still  have  energy?!   2:00  pm  -­‐  SKI ENDS, LAST RIDE BACK TO ALPINE VILLA   4:00  pm  -­‐  “How  Your  Leadership  Style  Affects  Your     Chapter,  Practice,  and  Team”  -­‐  Dr.  Alex  Barton   4:30  pm  -­‐  D9  Cabinet  Roundtable  Presentations   “Finding  a  Great  Mentor”  -­‐  Daryn  Lu   “Making  a  Difference”  -­‐  Sneha  Patel   “Legislative  Report  Card”  -­‐  Kyle  Hale   “Media  and  Organized  Dentistry”  -­‐  Sara  Mahmood   “The  Pen  is  Mightier  Than  the  Bur”  -­‐  Katie  Sowa   6:30  pm  -­‐  Dinner  at  Breckenridge  Brewery  (Tentative)



“How Now To Fail Miserably at Private Practice”, Dr. Chris Salierno

We have  been  trained  to  be  outstanding  clinicians,  not  savvy  business  owners.  Many  of  us  are  afraid  of  or   simply  ignore  the  business  end  of  our  profession.  We're  unsure  of  how  to  read  a  Profit  and  Loss  statement  or   motivate  our  staff.  But  leading  a  successful  practice  doesn't  have  to  remain  a  mystery.  This  course  will  discuss   the  most  common  mistakes  we  make  that  can  slowly  and  silently  ruin  our  offices.  The  audience  will  be  armed   with  a  suite  of  best  practices  and  practical  tips.  


“Occlusion Made Ridiculously Simple”, Dr. Chris Salierno

Here's everything  you  wanted  to  know  about  occlusion  but  were  afraid  to  ask.    The  mystery  of  the  lines   and  dots  left  by  articulating  paper  will  finally  be  revealed.    We'll  look  at  both  natural  teeth  and  implant   occlusal  schemes  and  why  they're  different.  


"Traditional, Corporate and Everything In Between”, Dr. David Rice

Dentistry's an  amazing  profession  and  the  great  news  have  tremendous  options.  Learn  how  to   gain  the  edge  and  take  charge  of  your  matter  what  you  choose!  


“The Leader Within Me”, Dr. Raymond Cohlmia

Dental school  may    make  you  feel  pressured,  as  if  your  hands  are  tied,  like  you  have  somewhat  of  a   “clouded  future.”    Well,  let’s  take  a  different  track  talking  about  leadership,  motivation,  and  possibly  discover   more  of  yourself  than  you  thought.    This  presentation  is  designed  to  help  you  take  a  different  look  at  your   school  career,  your  membership  in  ASDA  and  the  ADA,  and  thoughts  as  a  future  practitioner.  Ultimately,  how   to  make  a  difference  for  those  I  serve…  and  myself!  


“Dentistry: It's just like Dating!”, Dr. David Rice

Clinical excellence  is  a  must  and  frankly,  our  patients  expect  it.  Learn  how  to  develop  excellent  patient   communication  to  develop  true  practice  success.  


“Decision Tree”, Dr. Adam Burr, Pacific Dental Services

This course  is  designed  to  guide  students  on  how  to  navigate  the  decision-­‐making  process  as  they   contemplate  life  after  dental  school.    Dr.  Burr  will  discuss  his  path  after  dental  school  and  what  factors   influenced  his  decisions  along  the  way.  


“Success as an Associate”, Dr. Kenneth Burson, Pacific Dental Services

This course  is  designed  to  help  students  learn  the  key  elements  that  will  help  them  achieve  success  as  an   associate.    Dr.  Burson  will  share  some  of  the  tips  that  helped  him  get  on  the  path  to  ownership  early  in  his   career  as  well  as  the  attributes  he  looks  for  in  the  associates  he  hires  for  his  practice.  


“Navigating Dental School Negotiations”, Dr. Colleen Greene

Graduating on-­‐time  from  dental  school  requires  the  cooperation  of  many  outside  parties  who  are  not  at   all  required  to  work  with  you.  How  do  you  meet  all  of  your  personal  goals  while  also  meeting  the  needs  of   patients,  classmates,  faculty  and  administrators?  We  will  discuss  the  art  and  relevancy  of  communication   skills  in  both  the  student  clinic  and  "real  world"  clinical  settings.  Recognize  how  to  deal  with  different   personalities  and  authority  levels  effectively.  


“How your leadership style affects your chapter, practice and team”, Dr. Alex Barton

The style  you  are  developing  as  a  leader  in  your  chapter  will  transcend  beyond  this  role  to  your  future   practice,  community  and  our  profession.  Set  your  current  and  future  teams  up  for  success  by  following  the   guidelines  set  by  the  servant  leadership  model  and  the  tips  we  will  discuss  in  this  presentation.  








Dr. Raymond  Cohlmia

Allison Lossing,  Sara  Mahmood,   Charlene  Garcia,  Spencer  Mack Dr.  Colleen  Green   Dr.  Alex  Barton Annie  Bielinski  ,  Hannah  Friebel,     Marie  De  Puey,  Natalie  Lesinski,     Nika  Pesaran

Dr. Chris  Salierno   Dr.  David  Rice

Nima Deljavan,  Jonathan  Havener,     Donald  Nguyen,  Ashkaan  Bahreini

Christian Piers,  Kamran  Pirastehfar,   Shak  Feroz,  Taylor  Field John  Graham  Reed,  Hunter  Owen,   Andrew  Naeger,  Bryce  Gates,     Chris  Thorburn,  Kyle  Hale,  Andrew   Smith

BEDROOM 10 - BUNKROOM Andy Kim,  Chris  Klekamp,    Igor   Traktinski,  Joe  Harberg,     Kyle  Larsen,  Tim  Gutierrez,  Zach   Barrickman,  Sam  McNickle

Ski or stay in and have fun! Alpine villa has a fully audio/video enabled private meeting room, high-speed Internet access, dining hall, great room, fitness health center, racquetball court gymnasium, billiards room, elevator, Roman bath hot tub, steam room, home theatre, 35’ tall natural rock climbing wall, and many other exclusive amenities

LOFT 1 - NOOK N’ CRANNY Katie Sowa,  Courtney  Young,  Olivia   GiaQuinta



Lindsay DeGuilio,  Samantha  Ali,     Sneha  Patel,  Marni  Fuller,     Tabitha  Cagle,  Loan  Vu,  Andrea  Bakke,     Ryan  Gonzales,  Anisa  Maredia

The Alpine Villa sits at 9405 ft. in altitude. You will need to drink lots of water while here, if you aren’t use to high altitude.  Limiting alcohol use will also help. Some common effects are headaches, body aches, sleeplessness, shortness of breath,  hunger, or loss of appetite.



THIRD FLOOR The water at the Alpine Villa is some of the best water on the planet! Ok, maybe I’m biased but you do not need to bring cases of bottled water to drink while here.  But since many of you ask, yes, there is a filter!



New to Breck this year! Breckenridge has opened the largest terrain expansion in North America in the 2013-14 ski season. Be sure to check out Peak 6!! Perfect above tree line skiing for the intermediate skier or rider.

A few things to remember before you leave!! If you  joined  the  group  rental,  please  remember  to   bring  a  check  or  credit  card  to  reimburse  OU  ASDA   for  your  rental!!    The  rentals  will  be  ready  bright  and   early  Friday  at  Carver’s  Ski  Shop,  203  N.  Main  Street   in  Breckenridge.      It’s  right  by  the  entrance  to  the   gondola.  


For those  of  you  that  ordered  ski  passes,   there  is  a  pick-­‐up  area  at  the  base  of  Peak  8   where  you  can  pick  them  up  in  person.    This   is  right  by  the  main  food  court  area  and   where  most  everyone  ends  up  eating  lunch   during  ski  days.      

Don’t forget  a  swimsuit  if  you  plan  on  enjoying  the   Roman  bath  or  sauna,  and  gym  clothes  if  you  would   rather  work  out  or  play  basketball  in  the  gym.    


Snow Much Fun



You are  significantly  closer  to  the  sun  at  10,000   feet.  Put  on  plenty  of  sun  block,  moisturize   your  lips  and  cover  exposed  skin  where   possible.  Wear  UV  protective  goggle  lens  or   sunglasses.    It’s  also  helpful  to  have  a   helmet  when  skiing  if  possible.  (It  also   seems  to  be  getting  “cooler”  to  wear  a   helmet,  you  definitely  won’t  be  the  only  one!)  

Drink plenty  of  water,  especially  on  the  first  day,  to   For  skiing/boarding:    Don’t  forget  headphones  if  you   minimize  any  high  altitude  sickness.  Take  an   want  to  jam  out  while  you  ski.    Also  getting  a  few  “hot   ibuprofen  or  aspirin  to  help  the  headaches.  Take  it   hands”  to  stick  in  your  gloves  is  never  a  bad  idea...   easy  for  the  first  day.  


! -­‐ Courtney  Young,  District  9  Communications  Chair   !


GUEST SPEAKERS Dr. Raymond Cohlmia is in the private practice of general dentistry in Oklahoma City, Assistant Dean for Patient Care, and Director of Comprehensive Care at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, as well as one of the chairs of a multi-million dollar renovation currently underway. He is a 1988 graduate of the OUCOD and has served on the Admissions Committee for 24 years. On the national level, Dr. Cohlmia is a previous chair for the Council on Membership, and a past chairman of ADA’s Committee on the New Dentist. He has served in all leadership roles and positions at the state and component levels and continues to serve on the Board of Trustees at each level. He is currently in his 10th term as Editor of the ODA Journal.

Dr. David Rice graduated cum laude in 1994 from The State University of New York at Buffalo’s School of Dental Medicine. In 1995, he completed his general practice residency from the Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. With a strong belief in continuing education and mentorship, Dr. Rice went on to complete continuums at the Pankey Institute, The Dawson Center and The Spear Center all while building the Restorative Practice of his dreams and maintaining an associate clinical professorship at the SUNYab School of Dental Medicine. Two years ago, Dr. Rice combined his passions for teaching, mentoring and making a difference and igniteDDS was born.

Dr. Chris Salierno is a general dentist from Long Island, New York. He graduated from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine in 2005 and completed a GPR there in 2006 focusing on implant prosthetics.  While in dental school, Chris served as the National President of the American Student Dental Association. He has also served as the Chair of the ADA New Dentist Committee and is currently the President of the Suffolk County Dental Society. He lectures internationally on clinical dentistry, practice management, and leadership development. His material can be viewed on his blog, The Curious Dentist.

Dr. Colleen Greene is a first year resident in pediatric dentistry at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. She was ASDA's national president from 2012-13. She is a past ASDA editor-in-chief and has served on the ASDA Council on Sessions, ADA Council on Communications and ADA Social Media Workgroup. She was the first dental student appointed to the editorial board of the Journal of the American Dental Association. In 2011 and 2012, she was a voting delegate in the Annual Session of the Massachusetts Dental Society and the ADA. She studied Health Care Management at the Harvard School of Public Health as a Catherine B. Reynolds Fellow.

Dr. Alexandra Barton is a 2013 D.D.S. graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Dentistry, and is currently completing her General Practice Residency at Denver Health Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. Currently, Alex sits as a member of the Academy of General Dentistry’s national Council on Membership and as the Social Media Chair for the Colorado Dental Association’s New Dentist Committee. During her time in dental school, Alex served as the national Vice President of the American Student Dental Association, Chair for ASDA’s Council on Sessions and Council on Membership, and as the ASDA Consultant to both the ADA’s Council on Membership and ADA’s New Dentist Committee.




At the  Alpine  Villa…  

Foosball, billiards  table,  200+  DVD’s  available   with  3  surround  sound  large  screen  TV’s,  15+   person  Roman  bath  (towels  provided)  ,   racquetball,  wallyball,  basketball,  badminton   court  (equipment  provided),  rock  climbing  wall   with  auto-­‐belay  (can  be  seasonal,  harnesses   provided),  fishing  (seasonal),  steam  room,   hiking  or  snowshoeing,  reading,  enjoying  the   fire  pit,  picnic  table  and  horseshoes  by  the  river   (seasonal)



The balls,  nets,  and  racquets  to  play  in   the  court  are  supplied.      You  MUST  have   non-­‐marking  sole  shoes  to  play  in  the   court.    There  is  a  charge  of  $35  per  hour   for  cleaning  marks  off  the  of  court  floor.     Note:  It  has  to  be  done  by  hand  and   usually  takes  2+  hrs.  to  complete.    (Yes,   it  has  been  done  before)  It  would  be   cheaper  to  go  buy  a  new  pair  of  shoes! This  weekend,  District  9  will  be  working   together  to  cheer  up  a  few  unsuspecting   people.  Be  sure  to  get  your  craft  on  and   decorate  a  card  to  bring  a  smile  to   someone’s  face.  Cards  will  be  distributed   to  each  chapter’s  Community  Outreach   Chair  and  they  will  take  it  to  your  local   Children’s  Hospital  or  nursing  home.  Let’s   spread  some  District  9  cheer  to  our   communities!   -­‐Sneha  Patel,  D9  Community  Outreach  










2014 ASDA District 9 Meeting Agenda