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July—October 2013 Issue With UAAP title at stake, Archers and Tigers to skip NBA preseason game—Pg. 4

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H.K. journalists kicked out of APEC for shouting at Aquino AFP News—Mon, Oct. 7, 2013

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala (L) greets Philippine President Benigno Aquino III (R) following their conversation on Inclusive Growth at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, 06 October 2013. EPA/DENNIS M. SABANGAN

APEC hosts Indonesia on Monday denied stifling press freedom after withdrawing the credentials of nine Hong Kong journalists for shouting

questions at the Philippine leader, insisting that they had posed a security threat. Despite protests from Hong Kong's main journal-

ist group, President Benigno Aquino's spokesman also said the journalists had "crossed the line" by aggressively questioning him about a hostage siege in Manila that left eight Hong Kong people dead in 2010. "We deemed it improper for media to act that way, as they didn't talk normally but they were very demonstrative, like they were protesting," Gatot Dewa Broto, the Indonesian communications ministry official who is in charge of the APEC media centre in Bali, told AFP. "So we did this due to security

concerns," he said, adding that the press badges of nine Hong Kong journalists had been deactivated. They were free to remain in Bali, but could no longer access the media centre or venues being used for the summit of the AsiaPacific Economic Cooperation forum, the official said. Hong Kong media said journalists and technicians were affected from Now TV, RTHK and Commercial Radio. As Aquino entered a meeting of APEC business leaders on Sunday, the reporters demanded to know whether he

Ruby Celebration: village blessing of Xavier Ecoville By Daryl Solijon

July 06, 2013 – Xavier Ecoville (XE) 568 permanent houses were blessed through the leadership of Xavier University which also coincides the university’s celebration of its XU’s Ruby Jubilee Celebration of “Forming Leaders in Ateneo Way”. Xavier Ecoville is one of the permanent resettlement areas in Cagayan de Oro estab-

lished for the typhoon victims of Sendong (international name Washi) that hit the city in December 2011. There were 517 families that occupied the permanent houses or a total of 2,586 individuals beneficiaries as of February 01, 2013 statistics. Each house has a lot area of 50 square meters, XAVIER, 3

would meet Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying in Bali and apologise to the families of the hostage crisis victims. Now TV footage showed the journalists shouting "So you're ignoring the Hong Kong people, right?" and "Have you met CY Leung" as they tried to reach their microphones over Aquino's entourage. He did not answer the questions, and APEC staff then intervened to admonish the journalists with one accusing the reporters of . . . AQUINO, 2

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Opinion Beggars: To Give or Not to Give? Beggars have existed in human society since before the dawn of recorded history. Begging has happened in most societies around the world, though its prevalence and exact form vary. Beggars will be always bothersome, cluttering around traffic lights, from all ages and both sexes. Standing in group under the traffic light, they wait for the light turning to red and when the light turn to red, they begin to saunter among motorists and asking for money. We will be bombarded with beggars and they will usually ask you a food or money. Any decent person would like to help them; after all we Filipinos are kind-hearted. From young to old, short to tall, male and female, beggars who live in the streets and informal settlers in the Philippines are great in number. I’m sure everyone didn’t miss seeing them a bit. Well once you help one of them they will all flock around you and insistently bother you for money. Not all the beggar were handicapped, some were in a good gesture that we can put in our mind why is he/she begging if he/she can find a good work for his/her family not just begging to other people in

order to earn a living. When there was a big event in the city we see a lost scammer. The lost scammers usually come with a pair: one parent and a child. The father or mother holding the baby or the child will please you to give them money for transportation fare or food. Instead of sending their child to school they use their child, “the more, the merrier”. The government must have an action on this situation because today beggars are highly increasing. Action that can help people (beggars) faced different challenges, giving them idea on how to start a business in a little amount or conduct a colloquium. Though most of them don’t go to school at least they have got a little idea from it. This little idea will be the way of there new life and the new beginning. Beggars were also like us, but have a different point of view in life. Though some of us hated them because of what they have shown us of their behavior and attitude that can insult others. We have to act to them that they are not different from us. Imagine the people enjoying a feast of bowls full of food at their table while someone sitting on


freedom that is totally unacceptable," she said in a statement. Now TV said its journalists were "only engaged in normal reporting duties" and urged intervention from the Hong Kong government, which is one of APEC's 21 members. There was no immediate comment on the incident from Hong Kong's delegation at APEC. But Aquino's spokesman Ricky Carandang said the reporters had crossed an ethical boundary. "As a former journalist I

"ambushing one of our visitors", Now TV showed. Sham Yee-lan, chairwoman of the Hong Kong Journalists' Ass oc iat i o n, sa id A q u in o 's government had "yet to provide a satisfactory explanation" for why the eight Hong Kongers had died in a botched police rescue and that the journalists in Bali were doing their job. "The barring of the media for asking critical questions is an outright infringement of press

Daryl Solijon / Writer the corner of the street waiting someone who drop off a coin or waiting for a leftover food from the fast food and to eat it. They don’t mind if the food whether it is rancid or moldy, just to have something to eat and to have a little strength a day. This scenario is an apt metaphor to describe a world where people survive less than Php 80.00 a day while others well fed and prosperous. M To give and not to count the cost . . .”- St. Ignatius

know what it's like to aggressively question a subject," he told AFP in Bali. "The behaviour of these reporters crossed the line from mere questioning to heckling, and was even construed by Indonesian security personnel assigned to the president as a potential physical threat to him," he said. M

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Feature Leave your diets behind! The City of Golden friendship also offers the best delicacies and food trip. Cagayan de Oro is famous for its hams (Jamon de Cagayan). Chicharon or pork rind is becoming a popular snack along with local meat products like beef jerky. Cashew nuts from Lumbia district are also abundant in the city. Get the best out of Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental! Leave your diets behind! Deep fried chicken, barbeques, finger food (pulutan) and grilled food (sinugba) are popular in the city. Try the popular Visayan food "Kinilaw". It is raw fish marinated with local vinegar usually from

coconut wine (tuba), lemon and spices. You will never forget Cagayan de Oro with "Remember Me" (RM). It is made of a cow or horse's internal organs and testicles. It is considered as an aphrodisiac. You can also try other Filipino cuisine like "Dinuguan", which is a combination of pig internal organs and blood. "Sisig", a popular dish among Filipinos, is a pig's mask chopped finely with garlic and served in a sizzling plate. Commonly sold by street vendors during evening, the "Pinoy Balut" egg, popularized in Fear Factor shows, is an unformed duck embryo. It is also considered as an

tion, MayBank, STEAG State floor area of 21.30 square me- Power Inc., Smart Communiters with the cost of the hous- cations, and Rotary Club West. ing, Php110, 000. Livelihood centre will As well as the turn be the venue for the wholesale over ceremony was also done store and serves as the training for the livelihood center, the center to its members and it Xavier Ecoville Multi-Purpose also currently operating a seedCooperative (XEMPCO), this ling bank for sustainable forest livelihood center are not lim- management. ited to the people of Ecoville XU on the other hand but it also caters to other citiis on its mission to build a betzens in Barangay Lumbia. ter community for them that is XEMPCO has been friendly and conducive for established through the help living, which is to form “men of different businesses that and women for others”. M funded the constructions and its initial resources outlay such as Peace and Equity Founda-


aphrodisiac. Vendors usually provide vinegar, soy sauce and salt condiments for the Balut. Before you go back to your respective places, have a taste to this pineapple and include it in your list of pasalubong. Kagay-anons also eat bizarre food. Add in your list some of the food recipes out from goat. Famous restaurants offering viand out from goat are the Kambingan Restaurants. Kagay-anons also eat street food and the most street food that they loved to eat is the “Kwek-kwek”. It is a deep -fried egg cover with tinted flour. Kagay-anons also have “Proven” or the

chicken skin, it is a deepfried with flour. And the most awaited part of this food trip is when you experiment the different sauces of the kwek-kwek and proven. With this entire food trip, you can surely have an intense experience and full blast meal. Thus, visit these locations so that you can likewise feel the pleasant ambiance of Cagayan de Oro City. M

Maze Help Musty get through the maze.

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Sport With UAAP title at stake, Archers and Tigers to skip NBA preseason game By Chris Lagunzad—Yahoo PH Sport

Czeasar Dancel/NPPA Images - Arnold Van Opstal of DLSU takes a shot off of UST's Kevin Ferrer in Game 2 of the UAAP Season 76 finals.

With only four days left before their winner-take-all match for Season 76 men’s basketball crown at the Mall of Asia Arena, University of Santo Tomas coach Pido Jarencio and La Salle counterpart Juno Sauler are firmly focused honing up their respective charges. And not even the NBA euphoria surrounding t his Thursday's preseason game between the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers can derail them from doing what’s need to be done. During the Philippine Sportswriters Association Forum a t

Commission conference room Tuesday, Jarencio bared that he and the Growling Tigers are all bent on honing up for the ultimate battle as they try to reclaim the crown they last won seven years ago. Naka-dorm kami. Samasama kaming lahat doon at pati practice naming, umaga't hapon. Kaya siguro wala na silang time pumunta doon,” said Jarencio, referring to the Rockets-Pacers clash on Thursday also at the MOA Arena. “Sabi ko sa kanila ‘Dito (Game 3) na lang tayo mag-focus. Baka kung ano-ano pa ang gawin

niyo. Baka gayahin ang tira ni (Rockets guard James) Harden, magkahirapan pa tayo,’” he added, tongue-in-cheek. For his part, Sauler disclosed the Green Archers have no plans of watching the first NBA preseason in Southeast Asia, like what they did when they turned down an invitation to interact with Miami Heat superstar LeBron James last July. "I remember when LeBron came, we were invited but we had to prioritize our practice so we won't also be going (to the NBA)," he shared. Those moves are expected from both coaches, especially with their explosive best-of-three finals showdown dragged into a last me-or -you showdown. After winning the opener in thrilling fashion 73-72 last Wednesday, the Growling Tigers were denied of a sweep by the Green Archers, who took advantage of their heft and height advantage that led to a series-tying 77-70 victory three days after.

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