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CANDIDACY FORM CANDIDATE for the POSITION of: VP for External Affairs PERSONAL DATA Name: Daryll Dawn P. Villaos Yr. And Course: III BS Computer Engineering

Nickname: Daryll

Date of Birth: February 9, 1991 Age: 20 Address: #7 Richland Avenue, Richland Subdivision I, Sauyo, Novaliches, Quezon City. Contact Nos. 09162356700 | 09228443603

EXTRA and CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Name of Organization Position

Email Address:




2009 - 2010



2009 - 2011

Responsibilities To attend and participate in organizations and events. To attend and participate in organizations and events.

AECES Credentials: (What had been my participation in AECES for the past year/s? e.g. Officer, Project Head, Core Group Member, Volunteer/Participant in Projects please specify) • •

Officer o 2010 – 2011  Assistant Vice President for External Affairs Core Group Member o 2010 – 2011  AECES 3rd Team Building Seminar – 1st Semester o 2011 – 2012

 Interface 2012: Take Off Project Head o 2010 – 2011  Sportsfest: Table Tennis

Plans and Platform: Goal: To strengthen ties between different institutions and universities outside the Ateneo. These activities may also facilitate and enhance the member’s skills in communicating with different individuals outside the of the Ateneo. Amazing Race with De La Salle University The Amazing Race gives an opportunity for the member to communicate and interact with different students from DLSU. Interface: Convention The Interface will be upgraded to another level of involvement. With partnership with different organizations, the Interface will be a venue for not only presenting different engineering and IT innovations, but also a venue for these core competencies to promote an advocacy. The Interface will be able to connect different schools, and allow them to share and become aware of activities done by different organizations for the society. The Interface will still hold the Amazing Race that would between participating schools. PCOA The Philippine Computing Organizations Alliance (PCOA) is a union of student organizations from different universities of the Philippines that specialize in computer studies and information technology. In the continuance relationship of AECES with PCOA, AECES will be able to provide its members activities and events that would enable them to enhance or even discover skills, such as skills in the field of I.T. that may become of help to them. Goal: To provide different avenues for our members from outside institutions that would equip them with different skills. To give exposure in the career-oriented field that would allow them to explore different career paths. Company Tours The Company Tours would be exposing our members the environment of the corporate world such as those companies in the field of engineering, communications and information technology. Also, this will be able to give our members an idea of what possible careers they may be inclined to. IECEP Strengthen the communication between AECES and IECEP by inviting one or two Board of Directors during Central Board meetings. During these Central Board meetings, they would be able to address issues, report activities and events presented by IECEP. These activities and events would then be promoted and advertised in the AECES website in order for IECEP members to be well informed of ECE institution.

AECES Team The AECES Challenge Team or ACT is a group of AECES members that would be trained to compete against different universities and colleges in events such as Quiz Bees. This would enable AECES, being the only engineering organization of the Ateneo to prepare and train for the said activities. Goal: To tighten the relationship of the organization with the Alumni. Alumni Directory Prior to making plans in hosting Alumni Homecomings, it is wise to first organize a database of contact details of our Alumni. This Alumni Directory would allow us to contact our Alumni, possibly add them to a Facebook group in order for them to reacquaint. If the number of members and the rate of activity in the group suffice, an Alumni Homecoming may then be held.

What is my vision for AECES? (Guide Question: How do you envision AECES in five or ten years? How would your vision become a reality?) In the next five or ten years, I envision AECES as an organization known nationwide that would not only provide for its members, but also for the society. I envision AECES to have strong relationships with different ECCE organizations from other universities. AECES would be holding conferences in partnership with multiple ECCE organizations nationwide that would display different topics in the field of electronic and computer engineering. Also, the members of the organization would be active in participation not only in inside events, but also events that would allow them to become well aware of the environment outside of the Ateneo. This can vision can only become a reality by strengthening each building block that forms the foundation of the organization.

**** Please don’t forget to attach a certified photocopy of your grade report last semester with cumulative QPI. Thank you very much! AECES needs you to be our Future LEADER! ****

External Affairs Platform and Plans  

VP for External Affairs, ASCII

External Affairs Platform and Plans  

VP for External Affairs, ASCII