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Gran Canaria’s Top 10 Beaches of 2013 Gran Canaria is home to hundreds of spectacular beaches which are a hub for water sports including sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, bodyboarding and surfing, deep sea fishing, Parascending, Jet & Water Skiing, Marine Excursions, and kite surfing, which is exclusively for people who have a head for heights. The mainland of the island too offers a whole bunch of excursions, so you are bound to get one that makes it a perfect holiday trip for you. And perhaps this is the reason why the island is globally acclaimed as the continent in miniature. Upon your arrival to this wonderful island, get ready with your board or look for a good school that teaches adventure water sports. You may also rent a car to navigate your way to all finest beaches of the island. Here are the10 best beaches of Gran Canaria: Playa de Las Canteras Located in the capital of the island, this beach features a reef far-off from the coastline and abundant space for surfers of all levels. If you are a beginner to surfing, this beach is the place to be. El Confital It is just a short drive from the capital and ideal for pro surfers. While there are plethora of beaches exclusively for surfing in Gran Canaria, but this beach tops the list. Güigüi Located a bit far from the main settlement of the island, this is exclusively a backpacker’s beach. You won’t find enough facilities to speak about at this beach, and thus you need to find your way on own from Tasartico. You may board a water taxi from Puerto de las Nieves and head down to this beach via an easy pathway. Agaete While the beach is smaller is size, it’s location makes up for everything. You will find a short stretch of sand just behind the harbour wall. It is home to small marina suitable for sailors. The inland offers great trekking facilities. The beach is best for swimming and naval gazing.

Pozo Izquierdo A popular hangout place located on the south-east coast of the island, Pozo Izquierdo is home to the Centro Internacional de Windsurf (international wind surf center). It’s the ideal place to learn and enjoy windsurfing. El Paso Well, it’s not like a typical beach where you will find some sand to lay out your towel or perhaps your body to feel relaxed. But you can watch out the big wave riders. Galdar Another gem of northern coastline of Gran Canaria, Galdar is home to 400m long sandy beach just beside Sardinia port. What sets it apart from other beaches is the fact that it is guarded from the extreme of the seashore, which makes it a perfect place to get rejuvenated and feel the ultimate serenity. La Laja Situated far off the motorway of Las Palmas, this beach is best for bodyboarding and surfing. Its no-frills charm is worth experiencing. San Agustín Located in the south of the island, this beach is best for windsurfers, kitesurfers and even for the beginners. A beginner may find a good Escuela Kitesurf Gran Canaria (Kitesurf School Gran Canaria) and become a pro! Many agencies offer custom classes to best suit the ability scale of every individual. Maspalomas The best time to visit the place is in summer when the sky is full of kites and winds flow in from the north east. Don’t miss exploring the sand dunes reserve while in Maspalomas. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your gran Canaria holidays today!

Gran canaria’s top 10 beaches of 2013  

Gran Canaria is home to hundreds of spectacular beaches which are a hub for water sports including sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, bodyb...

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