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Diamond Blades - A Gem of Concrete Industry Needless to say how precious diamonds are for women. However, in this article we are not going to discuss about the diamonds that are used as fashion jewellery but diamonds that are extensively used in concrete industry for cutting and drilling jobs. Yes, the incredibly powerful and extremely durable natural gem is used to cut or drill holes through literally any type of material such as reinforced concrete slabs, bricks, etc. Diamond blades are an inevitable part of the concrete industry UK.

Use of diamond for cutting & drilling Heavy equipment or machines are used to perform this job. These machine embrace a diamond core drill which is the main element used in concrete cutting and drilling. These machines either use gas, electricity or propane as a fuel. In concrete industry, such machines are called ‘floor saws’, which has immense strength to cut through reinforced concrete slabs smoothly and sharply. Diamond core cutting equipment is commonly used at construction sites, including both domestic and commercial properties. Regardless of the thickness and size of the concrete slab, the equipment can do the job with little to no problem. Diamond drilling has numerous applications in concrete industry. For example, diamond drilling or cutting equipment is used while building up the foundation of canals and pits to cut through hard materials. Moreover, diamond core drilling equipment is safe and efficient. While the equipment is used to cut through reinforced slab, it will not damage any other part of the slab. Floor saws are also used to drill holes of required dimensions into concrete structures. Diamond saws enable engineers or contractors to perform the repair or construction work easily and swiftly, keeping the rest of the structure untouched. It saves them a considerable amount of time and money. Concrete slabs can also be cut using abrasive blades, but use of diamond blades are recommended as they are two times faster in cutting, provide constant depth of cuts, and need less downtime.

Why hire the diamond cutting & drilling professionals? If diamond cutting or drilling equipment is not cooled down properly before using it again for sawing or drilling purpose, there are chances that the diamond blade may break down easily. The professionals use particular methods and lubricants to optimize the diamond

drilling process and use the diamond core bit as effectively as possible. They also wear protective clothing and accessories to perform diamond cutting or sawing safely. If you need to cut or drill through any hard material like concrete slabs, you can leverage the benefit of professional diamond drilling London and cutting services available all across the UK. There are many companies across the country that have many years of experience in dealing with these drilling machines and provide their services at much reasonable prices. Make sure the professionals you hire are fully trained, certified and experienced in diamond drilling, cutting and sawing. On top of all, they should be local to your area or city. So, diamond isn’t merely a jewellery piece, it plays significant role in construction, mining, aerospace, manufacturing and many other industries.

Diamond Blades - A Gem of Concrete Industry