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Concrete Cutting and Diamond Drilling – Safety Is Important! Almost every construction project includes some kind of concrete cutting or core drilling. While cutting concrete may appear as a simple and convenient task, but in reality, there are several aspects that you should keep in mind in order to have a secure and successful concrete cutting or core drilling project. Firstly, you should know that concrete dust is damaging to lungs eyes and sinuses. It gets abrasive and corrosive and might damage the surroundings. Dust controlling becomes a crucial thing when cutting concrete with a saw or core drilling with diamond drills. The renowned dust control methodologies are wet cutting in which dust is gathered together in the cooling water and through pneumatic equipment which evacuates the dust away in the air steam. When making use of diamond cutting blade or coarse disk cutting equipment like concrete saw, the water helps in lubricating and cooling the cutting tools. One should know how to handle spillage of cooling water on the surface which is being cut. Proper drainage should be provided and a vacuum scheme such as wet Vac can be set up to control the flow of cooling water. When you’re using electronic tools, sufficient grounding, insulation and apt ground fault security should be provided. Standing and working in a pool of water with electric equipment could be fatal if protections aren’t in place. An additional precaution should be added while using the core drilling machine. Most of these machines work on suction to maintain the bas in right position during drilling. The base friction suctioned on the floor offers hindrance to rotation during drilling. Two Major Issues of Core Drilling Two contending aspects come in to action during the lock down functioning. The glassier the floor, the higher is the level of the suction seal. However, the resistance during rotation is less due to glassy floor. A rough floor offer more friction as the roughness doesn’t permit a high vacuum seal on the floor. In both the cases, the vacuum isn’t completely accurate and may fail during the drilling work. The operator should be aware of the possibility that the base of the machine may rotate vigorously without warning. The operator should stay out of the machinery rotation path during the core drilling process.

Precautions to Take while cutting or drilling concrete floor A convenient way of safeguarding machine is to launch a concrete anchor via the base along with vacuum seal. Most equipment offers space for an anchor for repair of concrete flooring. When doing diamond drilling or concrete cutting with a concrete saw or diamond core drilling, you should always consider what is present inside the concrete. The concrete floor contains red bars, rocks, electric conduit and plumbing line which can hurdle the cutting equipment. The drilling process should be carried out with great concern to avoid any damage to these concrete burials. Thus, before any such operation, you should locate the right location of pipes and conduit which may be buried inside. Concrete cutting is done through sharp tools, with top quality appliances, good water supply and a professional operator. If you are going for concrete saw cutting London, then there are several professional cutting companies that could help you with it.

Concrete cutting and diamond drilling – safety is important!  

Almost every construction project includes some kind of concrete cutting or core drilling. While cutting concrete may appear as a simple and...