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A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Teaching Job in London What is the best time to apply for teaching jobs in London, UK? If you are still on the way to complete your teacher’s degree in April or May 2014, then you can start applying once you have finished a large practicum (4 weeks or more). Simply put, you can apply in January or February. Now the question comes on the scene is about the options of your arrival. Some teachers prefer to begin immediately as their studies are completed, and arrive in the capital city of London in the month of May. These teachers receive an official letter from their respective universities saying that they have finished the entire course to achieve a degree of Professional degree and they have opted to miss their actual convocation ceremony and want their degree via mail. As the school year in England ends in the third week of July, the teachers in the discussion are anticipated to do some end of the year supply teaching and often the interviews start from the September month. While most of the teachers of other towns and cities of the UK arrive in London in either September or October, they already miss on the spring job opportunities. Those who arrive in London in May look around for the last minute teaching jobs and it is certainly a great approach to begin your career in the capital city. However, some teachers tend to spend summer vacation at home and then enter in London in September or October. But these teachers should still apply till February, as shifting to a whole new city and completing the essential paperwork for the degree will demand a considerable amount of time. The key is, apply when you feel you are ready. There is no dearth of school jobs in London.

Following are some tips for those planning to apply for teaching positions in London: Don’t ask too much before you are selected – You might be so much excited to begin your teaching career in London and perhaps this is the reason you shoot an email with lots of questions to the school you want to work with in advance. But it is wise to wait at least the time when your interview is scheduled or once you see strong signs of your selection. Showcase your flexibility – Say if you have experience teaching English and history, you should not be hesitate to teach other subjects like mathematics and science to your new job place. Show patience till you get a full-time job – You need to supply teach for up to three months before you are chosen for a full time teaching job in London. But this is beneficial for candidates who are not native of London, as it will help them whether or not they feel comfortable living in this city or not. Moreover, this will also give you enough time to know the school you are soon going to start permanently working with. All the best and enjoy your teaching journey!

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Teaching Job in London