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A Comprehensive Guide about Diamond Drilling Equipment Diamond is the key element in drilling equipment For those not aware, Diamond is the strongest and toughest mineral offered by our mother nature. It isn’t merely an element used in making expensive diamond jewelry, but it is also used to create drilling equipment or tools. Host of application of diamond drills Yes, diamond is widely used to cut, drill, grind and polish concrete these days. So, you can think of its plethora of industrial applications. Some of the most frequently equipment used in the industry are the diamond tipped drill bit and the saw blades. In addition, diamond powder is used as an abrasive in many industries. Diamonds used as an abrasive are of poor quality, thus often known as ‘bort’. Simply put, there are mainly two categories of diamonds – the gem grade category and the industrial grade category. Diamonds that fall in the industrial grade category should be tough in nature and they must have higher heat conductivity. Considering the fact that the demand of diamonds is much lesser than the supply, the diamond drills available in the marketplace are a bit expensive. While there are many different types of drills available out there, the diamond drills is a vital piece of equipment in many industries including concrete flooring. Most of the flooring contractors prefer diamond drill for concrete cutting purpose. Digging further, diamond drill is basically a drill with the diamond drill affixed to the tail of the hollow drill rods. Micro fine diamonds are used to manufacture diamond drills in order to get finer grinding. If you want to maintain the hardness and sharpness of the diamond drill, it is vital to give it proper cooling and lubrication in timely manner. The holes should be cleaned regularly to relish in the best deliverables. Moreover, the drilling process should be executed slowly and steadily to extend the lifespan of the drilling equipment and make the most of your investment. DIY versus Professional service Hiring However, drilling isn’t a child’s play. It is a backbreaking task that demands sincere efforts, lots of physical strain and energy. If you are not ready to perform this challenging job, you may resort to a good diamond drilling London based company.

Besides concrete, diamond drills can also be used to make holes in bricks, metals and many other materials. And interestingly, these drills don’t create much noise-pollution at the job site. In fact, the holes can be creates in fast and effective manner, without causing vibration. All diamond drilling equipment penetrate quickly in the material and last longer in comparison to other drills available in the marketplace. Unquestionably, diamond drill is an inevitable tool for the construction, mining and power, drainage, gas lines industry. It can be also used to make holes in iron rods. Polycrystalline diamond pads (PDC) are available at affordable prices and widely used in drilling and cutting activities. Why don’t you check out the companies that offer diamond drilling services in your area and know more about this equipment and its industrial benefits! Just click us on

A Comprehensive Guide about Diamond Drilling Equipment  

For those not aware, Diamond is the strongest and toughest mineral offered by our mother nature.