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Davao City, Philippines


JUNE 2009

BPO firms eye on Davao as the next investment destination NEWS

By Kimji Pellano

SMCC Philippines, Inc.


Cynthias Lechon

Despite the financial crisis still taking its toll across the country, the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) is positive that the outsourcing industry will remain strong this year. This is particularly true in Davao, where more and more Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms are eyeing on the city as a favorable investment destination. BPAP ranks Davao as number 4 among the 10 Next Wave Cities, defined as the top outsourcing destinations outside of Metro Manila and Cebu, on the basis of a city’s ability to host BPO firms which include talent availability, infrastructure, real estate, business environment and other specific metrics. As in other cities that aim to attract this industry, Davao’s universities and colleges provide an unwavering supply of IT- and BPO-oriented graduates that serve as the lifeblood of these firms. What separates Davao though is the quality of its workforce, which was found to be better than what Cebu, Angeles/Clark or Baguio has to offer, accord-

INSIDE STORY of Jade Zaldivar

ing to a study conducted by XMG Asia Pacific. The surge in demand for BPO-related jobs also attracts potential workforce from Davao’s nearby cities and provinces, and even outside of Mindanao, aided by the fact that the city is easily accessible via air, sea and land transportation. The cities of Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, Iligan, Marawi, General Santos and Cotabato, for example, are home to our country’s finest universities and colleges, bringing thousands of graduates every year equipped with skills fit for BPO-oriented jobs. Schools have also upgraded its training materials to match the industry’s needs as they have become increasingly aware of its presence in the region. A BPO center owned by HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. was recently launched at the Mindanao State University’s Iligan City campus which will serve as its remote office and is intended to provide training on web design, animation, transcription services and other skills to the students, with a purpose of hiring selected graduates from the said university. (TURN TO PAGE 7)

The hunt for the origin of Swine Flu


P12 million for 2012 Olympic boxing gold

A 12 million peso reward awaits the Filipino boxer who captures a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics. Amateur boxing chairman Manny V. Pangilinan said Smart Communications is committed to give the multi-million prize for that elusive gold. “This is the first major step from Bacolod to London. Please stay with us in our quest for the Olympic gold in London,” said Pangilinan in announcing the rich cash incentives for Filipino boxers. Pangilinan, also the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas president and PLDT and Smart chair, bared that an Olympic silver medal will be worth P3 million while P1 million will be offered for the bronze medal during the ABAP national congress at the L’Fisher Hotel. Achievers in other international boxing tournaments also stand to receive rich rewards.


Cash prizes worth P2 million, P1 million and P500,000 await gold, silver and bronze medal winners in the Asian Games; P1 million, P500,000 and P250,000 in World Championships; P300,000, P200,000 and P100,000 in the Southeast Asian Games and P30,000, P20,000 and P10,000 in minor international tournaments. ABAP president Ricky Vargas, for his part, urged boxing stakeholders to join in the four-year campaign for the country’s first Olympic gold medal. “With the same dedication, hard work, determination, courage and sacrifice, we ask our boxers to embrace our quest for the Olympic gold,” said Vargas. “I ask every ABAP official and regional president to demonstrate these same values and discipline we want to instill amongst our boxers,” he added. (TURN TO PAGE 7)

Victoria Plaza Compound J.P. Laurel Avenue Davao City Tell. 222-1637 ADMIN OFFICER Accounting Graduate Female Not over 25 years old Can work with minimal supervision Interested applicants please submit your Resume and Transcript of Records to: The Manager Cynthias Lechon Victoria Plaza Mall Compound J.P. Laurel Avenue Davao City ------------------------------------------

Fortune General

POLICY ISSUING CLERK M/F 21-26 years old Business Administration, preferably accounting graduate Computer Literate Good communication skills Has knowledge in cashiering Willing to undergo training at Fortune General Head Office in Pasig City



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Bring home the bacon

BY FAR I HAVEN’T HEARD much people talk about career until


I met Kuya Raul, a workmate, who once spoke in one of our training that he seeks for a career in the company where we are working right now. That brought me to seek answers for his underlying message.

like ending up with a job that will turn you into a public figure. Some jobs really pay a lot but will require you to give up creativity, recognition, and taking risks. It also pays a lot to know the nature of a job besides from knowing how much it would pay.

You see, a fresh graduate like me wouldn’t really get a 43-year old guy who seriously wants to seek career in his new work. True enough, questions such as “are you working?” became a random ingredient in every post-graduation conversation. But I have never heard someone say he needs a career. Not even on Facebook status messages.

Get to know more of your self. Are you the type who literally freezes when asked by an interview to describe yourself? You should know how to tell the world who you are. In that way, you will know what you want. There are free personality quizzes on the web (example: Take advantage of it.

That brought me to refresh my vocabulary. My word-power buddy, Merriam-Webster, says that career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. For all you know, the roots of this term come from a hideous Latin word carrera. Prehistoric men must have had unimpressive attitude towards work before. Many workers before didn’t have much choice. They would often inherit or take up a single lifelong position without even asking why he had to do that work and never had a better concept of career. Rodents in rat races have no idea what they’re doing inside a racetrack except that they are all after the cheese. We, on the other hand, work not after the cheese alone. We don’t want to work hard for money alone. Here’s where career comes into the picture. We want an occupation that opens the door of opportunities for progress. In choosing a career that bespeaks well of your soul, you might consider the following.


Don’t just work because that job pays well. You might consider jobs that will feed your ideals. An ideal job depends on what set of values you have. If you’re the type of person that values individuality and privacy, you don’t



In the next 20 years, how do you see yourself with the kind of career you chose? Will you still be contented and happy with your career? Long-range perspectives are important. Start imagining yourself in the future. People succeed because they know their goals and they have better pictures of themselves years from now.


This is the cheese in every carrera but yes, money matters. At the top of the banner, you have to pay a plethora of debts and you have needs that only money can pay. Friends, you should consider financial security. Next time an interviewee asks you of your expected salary, give a justifiable price tag. At the end of the day, you have to bring home the bacon. You are what you work. If you trade your life and time for nothing in exchange of money – it’s a rotten deal. Mick Basa is a Sales Executive in Makati and plans to enter Law School next year.

Do you want to HOW TO be liked or do you sell yourself to an employer want to be a good manager? Self-Marketing and Self Promotion

We’d all prefer to be liked, but managers who spend too much time trying to be popular and friendly with members of their teams can be a recipe for disaster. Managers who place too much emphasis on their relationship with team risk ending up damaging productivity and performance, research by management consultancy Hay Group has suggested. The study of 20 executive leadership teams at Fortune 500 companies analysed the values held by team leaders and members and their impact on team performance. It found that teams whose members were interdependent and worked towards a common purpose tend to perform more effectively. In contrast, teams that were little more than a collection of individuals delivered weaker performance, no matter how talented or experienced the team members. Top performing executive teams were more likely to place a high value on people and team relationships. Yet, crucially, leaders who displayed high levels of affiliation were far less likely to create highly effective teams, Hay concluded. Overly affiliative executives failed to avoid favouritism and were less likely to make unpopular decisions, it argued. They were also less likely to exclude people from teams that were already at optimum size or prevent behaviour that was not necessarily conducive to completing tasks or delivering results. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Chris Watkin, associate director at Hay Group, said: “The message to senior business leaders is: don’t overdo the love. “Our research demonstrates that too much concern with relationships and popularity damages team productivity,” he added. Too much affiliation at the top reduced team effectiveness, he stressed. “Leaders become overly concerned with maintaining popularity and good relationships and fail to address underperformance and make tough decisions,” he added. “To maximise team performance, leaders must ask themselves: do my relationships support or detract from the direction of the team?” he concluded. Adapted: –

Job Search Tips

1. Once you decide the career path you want to pursue, pursue it with passion. If after a reasonable amount of time you are not successful, be willing to try something else. You can always return to your original career path at a later date. 2. For every job available, there will be only one successful job applicant. All the rest will be rejected. You must accept rejection & be willing to move on. It is ok to ask the reason you didn’t get a job, but don’t worry about it. 3. Depending on the field & the job you are seeking it could take up to several months to get a job. Don’t give up. 4. Show your initiative by following up. Don’t wait by the phone or email. It can be very frustrating. 5. There will be times when you will be down during your job search. Don’t isolate yourself by involving family & friends, join support groups.... etc. 6. It is always easier to find a job while you have one. Having an existing job keeps your confidence high, prevents you from panicking & helps you negotiate a higher starting salary. 7. If you don’t currently have a job, you should be a full-time job seeker. (

Self-marketing and self-promotion makes all the difference when you’re looking for a job. When you are trying to sell yourself and impress a prospective employer, the first and most important tool you should use to your advantage is your resume and cover letter. Never make the mistake of using another person’s resume to make yours. The other person may not have the skills you have, or may not want to highlight certain aspects. By doing so you are only going to harm yourself and your prospects. You have to make the most of your resume and covering letter, and use it to highlight what you can offer to the company that your competitors cannot.

Think like an Employer To know what the perfect resume and cover letter should be like, it would be best to behave like an employer. This is more like role-playing, where you play the role of the employer and ask questions about the resume. This will give you an insight into what to expect at the interview. You get a chance to prepare yourself on the key qualities n employer looks for in an employee; qualities like a degree from a good school or university, good organizational skills to use in the work place, relevant experience in a particular industry and good writing skills. Go through a few resumes online, select the ones you most like and study them. Do not copy them exactly, but study them and then frame your resume to reflect the best of those resumes; it really does help to enact an almost real job hunt situation. This is what makes you ready to face the panel and sell your talents to get the best deal possible.

Sell like a Salesperson After you have finished playing the role of employer and understood what an employer needs, next play a hardcore salesperson. This is when you really start selfmarketing and self-promotion. Most people call it bragging, but you shouldn’t be scared by the prospect of self-marketing. It is very important that you do so, because this will help create a niche for yourself in the work place. Marketing is evident in every sphere of life. Study a few of the marketing concepts that are around you and think about which appeal to you and why and use these to sell your skills to the employer. The purpose of self-marketing is to capture attention, hold on it and convince the person that you are what the company needs. Adapted:

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June Issue

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JUNE 2009

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J uan de la Cruz’ seesaw ride:

The Philippine government’s ups and downs


he Philippines, amidst all other reasons, is world renowned for its ever eccentric government. Eccentric in this case may come as a positive or negative trait. The world has borne witness to the turbulences that has affected our country both positively and untowardly since 1521. Today, it is a sad reality that most of our By Adones Ralf Calledo people think that we have a dysfunctional Adones Ralf Calledo is currently a government due to fourth year high school student of our present state. Fili- Tagum City National Comprehensive pinos our exposed to High School and plans to take up constant political she- Nursing in college. nanigans which initially provide us with comic relief, but later on, we realize that these are actually tell-tale signs of the many faults of our government. However, before, our government’s reputation is entirely tarnished, let’s take a little trip down memory lane to see if our government deserves its currently shabby reputation. Our nation was one of the major innovators of Asia and once in the rank of the different flourishing Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Philippines is the first republic in Asia, being the pioneer in achieving independence by revolution led by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the first Philippine president. The first republic fell under the United States following the Philippine American War. Manuel L. Quezon was considered to be the first president by the United States and the first to win an election. The person who took the spot of the 10th president of the Philippines was someone who had a tremendous impact not just on our country but in a global level as well. Ferdinand Marcos’ greatest achievement was in the fields of infrastructure development and international diplomacy. Even with the succeeding administrations, like Fidel V. Ramos, and the controversial Joseph Ejercito Estrada who was charged with plunder, the problems we were faced with showed no signs of abating. And in our current Arroyo administration nothing of notable help to our sorry state has been generated. The same problems previous administrations have been faced with are still present today like, poverty, terrorism and corruption. Admittedly, our government’s history is not entirely a bed of roses. However, this doesn’t assure our country’s damnation. Our government, as history shows, has the capability to rebound even higher after being slammed down, and that is one trait that we can all take pride of. The deciding factor of our rise or decline just comes down to the people leading the government. Nobody can tell for sure when our current state will be alleviating, however, one fact remains constant: that whatever we’re going through now wont be forever, and hopes of a flourishing nation in the foreseeable future is always within us. This hope will undoubtedly serve as our driving force in helping each other build a better tomorrow.

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JUNE 2009

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Apply now!

Interested applicants may submit your application letter, comprehensive resume and transcript of records to: FORTUNE GENERAL DAVAO Branch Office, 2nd Floor Valgosons Bldg. CM Recto St. Davao City For inquiries look for Dax Abad at 226-2682 or 2250358 --------------------------------------------------------

SM Davao Department Store

We are inviting people-oriented and dynamic professionals to be a part of our team as: SELLING MANAGER Graduate of any 4-year business course M/F 30-35 years old With previous managerial or supervisory experience in the field of sales or marketing Can relate with all types of people FASHION SPECIALIST M/F 28-35 years old Graduate of any 4-year course, preferably a degree on Fashion design or Fashion Merchandising With good communication skills Personable CRS SUPERVISOR Graduate of BS Criminology M/F 25-30 years of age With supervisory work experience related to costumer relation Flexible to different work assignments With pleasant disposition and developed motivational skills CRS REPRESENTATIVE M/F not more than 30 years of age Criminology graduate With significant experience in security and or safety works Willing to work weekends and holidays ACCOUNTING STAFF Not over 32 years old Female Certified Public Accountant At least 2 years related work experience in a supervisory capacity and adept in all accounting operations ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Female 21-25 years old With significant experience in all aspects of Accounting Operation Willing to work on weekends and holidays CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSISTANT/TELEPHONE OPERATOR Graduate of any 4-year course Female 21-25 years old With experience in costumer service functions With pleasing personality flexible and can handle customer concern and complaints effectively Willing to work on weekend and holidays Interested parties may send their comprehensive resume with recent 2x2 photo to: THE HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION SM Department Store SM City Davao Fax: 297-6687 Tell: (082)299 1070-77 --------------------------------------------------------

Green Bank, Inc. T. Monteverde St. Davao City

ACCOUNT OFFICER Must be 21-25 years old Graduate of any course Willing to be trained Willing to work beyond office hours Must have a Drivers License TELLER Must be 21-25 years old


Graduate of any course Willing to be trained Willing to work beyond office hours

PE INSTRUCTOR Graduate of BS in Education Major in PE or related discipline

If you are interested, you may submit the following document to: Application Letter Comprehensive Resume with 2x2 Picture Transcript of Records

Send Application and Resume with 2x2 ID picture to: Mary Jane V. Dalagan Operation Officer AMA Computer Learning Center San Felix Bldg. Mac Arthur Highway, Davao City

Mr. Rey Anthony L. Ladroma The Manager Green Bank Inc. T. Monteverde St. D.C. Or you may call: Tel. 222-3078, 305-5890 FINANCE ANALYST M/F not more than 32 years old Graduate of Accountancy or Management Accounting With License is an advantage but fresh graduate are welcome to apply Computer Literate Motivated and with good interpersonal skills Willing to work overtime Committed and with good moral character Can work with minimum supervision Interested applicant may submit their letter of Application, Resume, 2x2 ID photo and Transcript of Records to: Arturo G. Adle HR Area Head San Miguel Food Inc. Conco Road B.O. Pampangga Davao City 082-235-2310 ------------------------------------------------------

DMSF Hospital

HOSPITAL MARKETING OFFICER Company: DMSF Hospital Address: Medical School Drive Bajada Davao City Required Education: Graduate of Medical or Business Course Required Experience: Preferably with work experience Age Requirement: 21 to 35 years of age Gender: M/F Other qualification: Good Oral Communication Skills Has Good interpersonal relationship skills Proficient in Microsoft Office and Internet Functions Highly organized and dedicated with a positive attitude Have excellent written, oral and interper sonal communication skills Able to handle multiple assignments un der pressure Thrives on working in a challenging envi ronment Qualified Applicant must submit the ff: Application letter (address to Rena Gerardo A. Lizada, HR Director) Comprehensive Resume with recent picture Photocopy of the following documents Transcript of Records (TOR) Employment Certificate (if previously employed) Diploma Certificate of Seminar and Training ------------------------------------------------------

AMA Computer Learning Center San Felix Bldg. Mac Arthur Highway, Davao City Tel no. 301-8313, 297-7160 Fax no. 297-7578

PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTOR BS Computer Science/BS IT graduate, must posses knowledge and ability to teach in 2 or more of the following:,,, Java,SQL ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR BS Computer Science/BS IT graduate, must posses knowledge and ability to teach in 2 or more of the following: Corel, 3D Studio Max, 2D/3D Maya, Macromedia Flashy, Audio/Video Production HARDWARE INSTRUCTOR BS Computer Engineering/ BSECE graduate, must posses knowledge and ability to teach the following: Switch and Router Configuration, LINUX Administration, Network Infrastructure, AutoCAD ACCOUNTING INSTRUCTOR Accountancy or Management graduate

ACCOUNTING TEACHER Graduate of Accountancy or any related discipline City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: Php 10,000 Start: June 2009 Duration: at least 5 months Type: Full Time How to apply: submit your resume online or fax Company: AMA Computer Learning Center Contact: Mary Jane V. Dalagan Phone: (082) 301-8313/297-7160 Fax: (082) 297-7578 Email: -------------------------------------------------------

Coolaire Consolidated, Inc – Pharma Division

MEDICAL SALES REPRESENTATIVES Male/Female College graduate With at least 6 months working experience not necessarily from the field of sales Previous work experience in national or multinational companies an advantage but not required Computer literate Willing to be assign anywhere in Mindanao With pleasing personality City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: Negotiable Start: Immediately Duration: Permanent Type: Full Time How to apply: Send Resume with picture on or before March 31, 2009 Company: Coolaire Consolidated, Inc – Pharma Division Contact: Lorrie Quilala Phone: (082) 235-8803 -------------------------------------------------------

Phil Web Outsourcing

WEB CONTENT WRITER * Resident of Davao City * Willing to work the graveyard shift (Will depend on the needs of the client) * College graduate * Internet savvy and computer literate. Knows how to use MS office and Open office applications. * Excellent written and oral English. * Has the passion for writing. * Experience on writing is preferred but not a must. Responsibilities: * Writing keyword optimized articles, 300-500 words. * Writing news or press releases. * Creating content for blogs and article directories. * Rewriting articles. * Building links. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with our online support thru YM or Skype. Check out our website for the YM and Skype ID. Note: An experienced writer with SEO and link building background will be given priority. Incomplete applications will not be entertained. City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: 9K Start: Immediately Duration: Permanent Type: Full Time How to apply: email resume Company: Phil Web Outsourcing Contact: Human Resource Phone: +63-929-777-3031

The information provided on the job opportunities is for informational purposes only. Bits Publication does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information nor guarantee the availability of the job vacancies listed above. Interested applicants may personally inquire to the respective companies or contact them through their phone numbers or e-mail addresses for more information.

JUNE 2009 -------------------------------------------------------

AYP Holdings (Wind and Wave Davao) ACCOUNTING HEAD/BRANCH HEAD We are in need of an Accounting Head/ Branch Head City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: negotiable Start: Immediately Duration: Permanent Type: Full Time How to apply: Send resume by email Company: AYP Holdings. (Wind and Wave Davao) Contact: Human Resource -----------------------------------------------------

Davao AB Printers

GRAPHIC ARTISTS Designing for Ads: Billboards, brochures, book covers, etc.

For your Comments and Suggestions Please Text:09157997079 or email at

Company:Brokenshire College Toril Contact: Henry Encabo Phone: (082) 2912556 COMPUTER EDUCATION TEACHER Young, enthusiastic Computer Science/Education, IT Graduate adept with LAN Networking,XHTML, Visual Basic and Office Applications Has a passion for teaching Preferably with 2-3 years experience Fresh Graduates with good academic standing are welcome to apply. City/Town: Toril, Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: negotiable Start: June 2009 Type: Full Time How to apply: Send resume through email Company: Brokenshire College Toril Contact: Henry Encabo Phone: (082) 2912556 -------------------------------------------------------

Sea Olympus Marketing


HR STAFF Male/Female, preferably single, not more than 28 years old Preferably graduate of BS Psychology Above average interpersonal skills With pleasing personality Can work with minimal supervision Proficient in communication skills, both oral and written With at least one (1) year relative experience in all facets of HR works particularly in statutory benefit transmittal and remittances, payroll and employee relations

INSTALLER/TECHNICIAN Installation of satellite dish.

Requirements: Application Letter Resume (w/ 2x2 ID picture) Transcript of Records

City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: negotiable Start: Immediately Duration: Permanent Type: Full Time, Trainership How to apply: Send resume by email Company: Davao AB Printers Contact: Benju Ausin

Comworks Inc.

City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: entry Start: Immediately Duration: Regular Type: Full Time How to apply: Send resume by email, phone, fax Company: Comworks Inc. Contact: Marlon Phone: (082) 228-6006 Fax: (082) 228-6006 -------------------------------------------------------

BE-Sure Outsourcing Co.

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION EDITORS & QAs Medical Transcription Editor must be a highly skilled medical transcriptionist with proven skill in all work types, specialties, accents and dialect. PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: -Edits documents consistently and fairly according to transcription guidelines, standards of style, and formats of practice. -Utilize all available references to ensure the accuracy of the transcribed document. -Provide time and consistent quality feedback and help eliminate repetition of errors. - Recognize, interpret and evaluate inconsistencies, discrepancies and inaccuracies in medical dictation and appropriately clarify and flag or report them as needed. -Transcribe reports as needed. City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: as much as 15K Start: asap Duration: 6 months to 1 year Type: Full Time How to apply: Send resume in the email provided or you may call us at 227.0925 or you may visit us at 2nd Floor Wenceslao Building, 63 J.P. Rizal Extension, Davao City Company: BE-Sure Outsourcing Co. Contact: Laarni Phone: (+6382) 227.0925 -------------------------------------------------------

Brokenshire College Toril

GRADE SCHOOL TEACHER Young enthusiastic and talented Education graduates who have the passion to teach kids at the Grade School level. Preferably with 2-3 years experience Fresh Graduates with good academic standing are welcome to apply. City/Town: Toril, Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: undisclosed Start: June 2009 Type: Full Time How to apply: Send resume through email

Please submit requirement to: THE BRANCH MANAGER S.E.A. OLYMPUS MARKETING, INC. (DAVAO) Unit A16, J. King Warehouse Complex Km. 3, Maa Road, Davao City Contact Person: Ms. Eartha S. Lumbab Contact Number : 244-1206 City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: negotiable Start: Immediately Type: Full Time How to apply: Send resume through email Company: Sea Olympus Marketing Contact: Eartha Phone: (082) 244-1206 -------------------------------------------------------

Hubport Group Inc.

AUTOCad OPERATOR Job Description Architectural Cad Operator Required Skills • At least 2-3 years experience in using Autocad 2D drafting (3D modeling is an advantage) in engineering or architectural applications. • Familiar with AutoCAD 2007. • Knowledgeable and experienced in operating CAD software . • Can work with minimum supervision and can work under pressure. • Highly Organized, Trustworthy, Hardworking, Self-motivated and a Team Player. • Has good design mindset with a strong technical construction details knowledge base City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Wage/Salary: negotiable Start: March 1, 2009 Type: Full Time How to apply: Send resume through email Company: Hubport Group Inc. Contact: Shane M. Phone: 3009178 Fax: 113 -------------------------------------------------------

RuChe Corporation

RuChe Corporation was established March 5, 2000 committed to promote pro-bio products. Aims to become the “market leader” in the distribution of Pro-bio products. We are committed to getting the job done right, in as effective and efficient manner as possible. PROFESSIONAL SALES REPRESENTATIVE (National Capital Reg - NCR, Bataan, Iloilo, Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Bacolod, Davao) Requirements: •Male/Female 21 yrs. and above •A graduate of 4-year course (Medical related/ Business/Mktg) •Assertive/aggressive and willing to be trained.


•Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills •Want to have a successful career and reach its goal. •With or without experienced •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. •Fresh graduate applicants are also encouraged to apply. •Full-time positions available. We prefer to receive online application at www. -------------------------------------------------------

Getz Bros.Philippines Inc.c.

CREDIT & COLLECTION SUPERVISOR -College Graduate preferably Major in Accounting -Female at least 25 y/o -With at least 3 years of work experience in Credit & Collection in a Sales & Marketing/ Distribution Company, at least 1 year, should be in a Supervisory capacity -Computer literate, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet -Can start working within 15 days notice from approval of application -With effective human relations skills & can interact with all levels of employees; mature, team player, can work with minimal supervision; and willing to work long hours -Willing to be based in Davao City All applications will be treated with maximum confidentiality. Qualified candidates are requested to submit their letters of application, comprehensive resume, photograph, present and expected monthly compensation to: Jay Villafuerte Credit and Collection Manager Getz Bros. Philippines Inc. 5/Flr., Ortigas Bldg., Ortigas Center Pasig City Email to: -------------------------------------------------------

Globe Telecom

TRADE DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE (DAVAO CITY) Responsibilities •Trade Development Executive for Davao City Requirements •Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/ College Degree in any field. •At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. •Preferably Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employees specializing in Sales - Retail/General or equivalent. Job role in Supervisor/Team Lead or equivalent. •Full-Time positions available. Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE. Interview invitations may be sent via e-mail so please check your e-mail regularly. To know more about working at Ayala Group of Companies, visit this link: TERRITORY BUSINESS MANAGER (DAVAO NORTE) Responsibilities •Territory Business Manager for Davao del Norte,Davao Oriental and Compostella Valley Requirements •Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/ College Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management or equivalent. •At least 4 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. •Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Sales - Retail/General or equivalent. Job role in Management or equivalent. •Full-Time positions available. Preference will be given to candidates who APPLY ONLINE. Interview invitations may be sent via e-mail so please check your e-mail regularly. To know more about working at Ayala Group of Companies, visit this link: -------------------------------------------------------

SC INNOVA Holdings Corporation

A leading motorcycle industry engaged in financing branded motorcycle units, having TRANS CYCLE MART and HONDA POWERCYCLE INC. as its trade names, is in need of qualified applicants for: COLLECTORS (Davao Branch) The Collectors is responsible for the effective management of receivable portfolio through efficient monitoring and collection of all accounts. QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS REQUIRED:


JUNE 2009

For your Comments and Suggestions Please Text:09157997079 or email at

•Graduate of a 4-year college course •Preferably with strong negotiation skills •Good communication skills •Flexible, honest, hardworking and a team player •Willing to do field work •Knows how to drive a motorcycle, with valid driver’s license (restriction 1&2) •Must be computer literate Interested applicants may submit application to: THE HUMAN RESOURCE & ADMIN DEPARTMENT 3RD Floor GB CAM Building Monteverde Avenue Davao City Email: ---------------------------------------------------------

Pacific Online Systems Corporation (POSC)

Pacific Online Systems Corporation ( POSC) is engaged in the business of developing, designing and managing online computer systems, terminals and software for the gaming industry. We are urgently looking for customer-focused individual. With a can-do spirit and a team player. Energetic, flexible and able to adapt fast to rapid changing technical environment. Good interpersonal communication skills. A self-starter with the ability to work under minimum supervision and in a team environment. COMPUTER TECHNICIAN ( Davao ) •Male •Resident of Davao City •Familiar of the ff areas: Davao Del Sur, Del Norte, Oriental and Compostela Valley •A graduate of any-yr Electronics or Computer Technician Course •Knows how to drive and valid driver’s license. •Must have at least one (1) yr experience in basic Troubleshooting and Soldering Techniques •Must have a working knowledge of Windows XP operating System •Must be physically fit and willing to travel continuously by land, sea and air. •Must possess pleasant personality and right job title. If you think you qualify,please email your application letter, resume, transcript of records and latest 2x2 colored picture or send to : PACIFIC ONLNE SYSTEMS CORP. 16th Flr., Metrobank Plaza Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City ---------------------------------------------------------

Robinsons Supermarket

SIGN SHOP ARTIST (DAVAO) RESPONSIBILITIES: •Responsible for the day to day implemention and correct execution of signages (location, use of sign holder, size, etc.) in the store. REQUIREMENTS: •Graduate of Fine Arts and Designs or Interior Design or other related Courses •At least 1 Year Experience in a service-oriented Company •Willing to work on week ends and holidays •Required skill(s): Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc •Candidate must be resident or is willing to be assigned in Davao City. •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. For inquiries please contact: The Human Resource Departmant 110 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, Quezon City Tel. nos: (02)395-0032/4 Fax: (02)395-0034 ASSISTANT STORE MANAGER - CASHEIRING (DAVAO) RESPONSIBILITIES: •Ensures that all cashiers are properly trained and knowledgeable of all standard work procedures required in the performance of their functions and ensures the proper scheduling of cashiers; no unnecessary closing of terminals during peak hours. REQUIREMENTS: •Female, not more than 35 years old; Graduate of any Business course preferably Accountancy. •With good knowledge and understanding of the cashiering operations; knowledge with POS is an advantage. •Preferably with experience in a service - oriented company. •Candidate must be willing to be assigned or is residing within Davao City. •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. For inquiries please contact: The Human Resource Departmant 110 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, Quezon City Tel. nos: (02)395-0032/4 Fax: (02)395-0034 ---------------------------------------------------------

Koppel, Inc.

Koppel, Inc. is the second largest aircon manufacturer in the Philippines, manufacturing light commercial and packaged products under the Koppel brand. It continues to provide high-quality and reliable air conditioners to the numerous markets that

it serves. Its head office and manufacturing facility are both centrally located in Bicutan, Paranaque. Its branch offices in Cebu and Davao are meant to address the growing markets in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. SALES ENGINEER (Parañaque, Ortigas, Cebu, Davao & Bacolod) Responsibilities: •Complete responsibility for pre-sales, sales and post sales activities. •Dealer visit - Make offers, to get orders, monitor product sales performance, and to improve dealer relations. •Store visit - Monitor product displays, merchandising, and trade marketing. •Prospecting various projects; attend and participate in government biddings. •Monitor competitor’s movement such as pricing and market trends. •Collection. •Planning & forecasting for their individual area. •Follow-up after-sales service. •Monitor deliveries & backlog reports. •Prepare sales reports and other documents that may be required. Requirements: •Full-Time positions available in Paranaque, Cebu, Davao and Bacolod offices. •Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Industrial) Engineering or business degree. •Male or Female; 25-40 years. •Required skill(s): Good Communication Skills, Computer profficient (MS Office). •Minimum of 2 years working experience in the related industry is required for this position. •Must have high sales apptitude. •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. Interview invitations and status updates will be sent via email so please check your email regularly. KOPPEL, INC. Manila Office: Km. 16, South Superhighway, Paranaque City Trunkline : (02) 823-23-66 to 72 Fax : (02) 823-73-09 Cebu Office: Rozen Bldg. A. Cortez Ave. Mandaue City Cebu City Tel No : (032) 346-72-78 Fax : (032) 346-72-79 Davao Office: J. P. Cabaguio Ave. Agdao, Davao City Tel No : (082) 221-65-85 Fax : (082) 221-64-18 ---------------------------------------------------------

Truckplus Hauling Services Corp.

Trucking Services Serving Various Clients Within Davao City & Nearby Provinces DRIVER (Southern Mindanao - Sasa, Davao City) Responsibilities: •delivery of goods to various customers •preventive maintenance Requirements: •Candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma or Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate in any field. •At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. •Preferably Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employees specializing in General Work (Housekeeper, Driver, Dispatch, Messenger, etc) or equivalent. Job role in Driver or equivalent. •5 Full-Time positions available. •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. Submit your application w/ complete credentials to: Truckplus Office Km 10, Dona Mercedez Subd Fronting Sasa Pier Look 4 Jen ---------------------------------------------------------

UNISTAR Credit & Finance Corporation TECHNICAL SUPPORT STAFF (Davao City) Requirements: •Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent. •At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. •Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in IT/Computer - Network/System/Database Admin or equivalent. Job role in Network/System Engineer or System Administrator. •Full-Time positions available. •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. The Human Resource and Admin Department 3rd Floor GB CAM Building Monteverde, Davoa City email address: STORE MANAGER/MANAGEMENT TRAINEE Requirements: •Graduate of a four year course.

•Preferably single, not over twenty eight years old. •With pleasing personality, at least 5’3” in height for female, 5’7” for male. •For Management Trainee, at least one year experience in a fashion or retail industry preferred. •For Store Manager, at least two years of experience in a managerial position/level. •Team player, goal oriented and able to work under pressure. •Knowledgeable with store operations and with keen eye to details. •Displays strong organizational, leadership and decision making skills. •Positions open are for Manila, Iloilo, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Tacloban Leyte, Cebu, Vigan, Angles Pampanga, Marilao Bulacan, Batangas, Legaspi Albay Branch. Interested candidates are invited to apply online. Interested applicants may submit their comprehensive resume with 2x2 picture at any GUESS? Stores nationwide or e-mail it to recruitment@ or Or contact us at 02-808-6062, 02-808-6017 loc. 143/246, 0917-806-0371. ----------------------------------------------------

Robinsons Bank

BRANCH HEAD POOL for Tacloban, Tarlac, Davao, Caloocan, General Santos RESPONSIBILITIES: •Plans, organizes, coordinates and controls all the activities of the Branch in order to achieve the overall established objectives and targets. •Manages growth, profitability, retention and expansion of client base in order to achieve volume and sales objectives. •Oversees all transactions on accounts, loans, and other matters relating to branch operations. •Ensures compliance to bank policies and procedures as well as to policies of other regulatory bodies. REQUIREMENTS: •At least a graduate of any 4 year business course from a top university. •Minimum of 5 years marketing experience and solid background in assets and liabilities. •Knowledgeable in branch operations. •Has excellent communication skills. •Has strong leadership skills. SALES SERVICE MANAGERS POOL for Tacloban, Tarlac, Davao, Caloocan, General Santos RESPONSIBILITIES: •Directly supervises and coordinates the operational and accounting activities of the branch. •Implements and monitors service strategies to ensure the branch’s operational efficiency and quality service delivery to clients. •Works with the Branch Manager and other officers to meet the established objectives and targets of the branch. •Ensures compliance to bank policies and procedures as well as to policies of other regulatory bodies. REQUIREMENTS: •Must be a graduate of any 4-year business related course. •With adequate experience in tellering, new accounts, bookkeeping, cashiering and people management. •With excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Applications may also be sent thru: Only qualified candidates shall be notified. ----------------------------------------------------

Axis Global Technologies, Inc.

INVENTORY ASSISTANT (Southern Mindanao) Responsibilities: •Compile and coordinate all requested stock transfer in all branches •Coordinate the status of stocks, quantity and classification of all newly arrived in all departments concerned •Process Delivery Receipts, Consignment Forms and Sales Invoice and cancellations or changing of terms/price of documents in Axis Soft •Monitor all stockmen of all materials in packaging Requirements: •Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/ College Degree , Commerce, Engineering (Industrial) or equivalent. •Required language(s): •At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. •Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management or equivalent. •Full-Time positions available.

JUNE 2009 -------------------------------------------------------

P.J. Lhuillier Group of Companies

AREA ACCOUNTANT (National Capital Reg - Makati City, Davao City, Ormoc, Ilo-Ilo) Requirements: •Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy •At least 1 year work experience in related field •Applicants must be willing to work in Manila, Baguio, Nueva Ecija, Cavite, Laguna, Bicol,Ormoc, Ilo-ilo, Davao •Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status. •Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Finance - General/Cost Accounting or equivalent. You may email your resume at this email address: or mail to 821 Cebuana Lhuillier Bldg., J.P. Rizal St. Makati City. Kindly address to Abby Rose Clado of MPR Department

BPO - from page 1)

Going hand in hand with manpower is the city’s facilities and infrastructure. There are six IT parks and buildings currently serving Davao’s BPO firms but this number will still increase as Ayala Corp. is currently building Abreeza – a business-slash-retail center that is set for completion soon. The city also has a sufficient number of 24hour commercial establishments that serve BPO employees round-the-clock. One factor that BPO employees are also happy to know about is the city’s low crime rate which can be attributed to the efficiency of the Davao City Police. The lower cost of living in Mindanao also reflects the competitive wage rates of BPO employees in the city. As BPO firms face the challenges of the global financial crisis, Davao is certainly becoming one of the best outsourcing destinations in the country.


KIMJI PELLANO is taking up BSECE at

MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology and hopes to graduate by the end of the school year.

Olympics - from page 1)

The cash rewards are being offered on top of the government’s incentive schemes under Republic Act 6084, or the Athletes Incentive Act, including P5 million that would be given to the Olympic gold medalist. The congress was attended by some of the country’s top boxing and sports officials that included Philippine Sports Commission chair William “Butch” Ramirez, Philippine Olympic Committee and Bacolod City Congressman Monico Puentevella, former boxing president and chair Manny Lopez and Gov. Raul Daza. Also gracing the event were 1996 Atlanta Games silver medal winner Mansueto “Onyok” Velasco, 1992 Barcelona bronze medalist Ruel Velasco, Misamis Oriental Gov. Oscar Moreno and Cuban coach Juan Enrique Steyners-Tissert. The reward scheme is aimed at enticing the most talented amateur boxers in the country today led by the promising Dodie Boy Peñalosa Jr., son of the former world champion. (source:


London 2012 Olympics The Olympic Games in 2012 will take place in London from 27 July to 12 August. The Paralympic Games will be held from 29 August to 9 September that same year.


In 2003, 9 different cities across the world submitted a bid to host the Olympics in 2012. That number was reduced to 5 - London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, and Paris - after much evaluation by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Although cities such as Madrid and Paris were the firm favourites, it was announced in 2005 that London won the bid, beating France by a small margin. The win for London signifies a great victory, making it the first city in the world to host the Olympic Games for the third time. The Paralympics in 2012 will be the 14th. Games dedicated to athletes with physical disabilities.

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The hunt for the origin of Swine Flu By Jade Zaldivar

As the swine flu virus continues to spread across the globe scientists are returning to Mexico. No one has identified ground zero. Just where or when the new strain of influenza first jumped from a pig and began infecting Jade Zaldivar is a graduate of Ateneo de Davao University people remains a scientific mystery. and is interested in filmmaking. She’s a freshman reporter for Sunstar Davao. Email her at

In this photo taken April 27, 2009, Victor Calderon, General Director of Granjas Carroll de Mexico, stands next to pigs at one of the company’s farms on the outskirts of Xicaltepec in Mexico’s Veracruz state. Scientists are returning to La Gloria, a pig-farming village in the Veracruz mountains where Mexico’s earliest confirmed case of swine flu was identified. They hope to learn where the epidemic began by taking fresh blood samples from villagers and pigs, and looking for antibodies that could suggest exposure to previous swine flu infections.

photo source:

A group of flu detectives headed to La Gloria, a pig-farming village in the Veracruz mountains where Mexico’s earliest confirmed case of swine flu was first identified. In early April, more than half of La Gloria’s 3,000 residents fell ill with flu symptoms – weeks before the virus was identified. The scientists hope to learn where the epidemic began by taking fresh blood samples from villagers and pigs. Observations on these samples’ antibodies could suggest exposure to previous swine flu infections. “It would be very interesting to look at the evolution of this virus and where or how easily the virus originates, re-assorts, and re-associates genes in an environment like La Gloria”, he said. Initially, Mexican health officials downplayed the outbreak. Many residents found it hard to breathe, burned with fever and ached all over. About 450 of the sickest residents were diagnosed with acute respiratory infections and were sent home with antibiotics and masks. By May, a 5-year-old boy was the only confirmed swine flu case among 43 villagers. By then, most other villagers had recovered, and the virus was gone from their systems. Some experts say it’s pointless to worry about what happened in La Gloria now that the swine flu virus has spread around the world. But others argue that a thorough investigation could be key to preventing future epidemics. Mexico has another reason to care: If it can somehow rule out the possibility that La Gloria’s pigs infected humans, then it can tell the world it wasn’t to blame for the epidemic that the never-before-seen H1N1 swine flu virus came from somewhere else. Dr. Carlos Arias, head of the flu detectives from the Biotechnology Institute and the veterinary school of the National Autonomous University in Mexico, told the Associated Press, “I cannot understand it. I could almost bet that there were more infections related to this virus in La Gloria.” Pigs like people get the flu, usually over the winter months. This new swine flu virus is unusual for it also has infected humans. La Gloria’s villagers thought the surrounding commercial pig farms, which they accuse of polluting their air and water with pig waste, sickened them.

Arias said his team would also examine environmental and sanitary conditions in homes where pigs are raised, and make recommendations to the Veracruz government aimed at reducing the potential for human infections. Meanwhile, certain personalities and groups are taking measures to defend the pork industry of Mexico in the face of the viral origin being in Mexico. Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, Inc., which jointly owns 72 farms in the surrounding La Gloria, said it carefully vaccinates its herd, and has found no signs or symptoms of any kind of swine flu in its herd or its employees anywhere in Mexico. Enrique Sanchez, a top official in Mexico’s Agriculture Department, which has defended the nation’s pork exporters from swine flu-inspired trade bans, said no sign of the new strain was found in mucous samples taken April 30 from pigs at Smithfield’s Mexican subsidiary, Granjas Carroll. But Arias argues that the blood samples from the infected residents and pigs were taken weeks after most villagers had recovered from their infections – perhaps too late for the virus to show up. “Even after a person or pig recovers, however, antibodies remain in their blood, evidence of the body’s immune response to the infection. And if swine flu antibodies are teased out of pigs in La Gloria, it would suggest, though not definitely prove, that the virus jumped from swine to humans in La Gloria.” Arias said. Other scientists believe the new strain could have been circulating in humans long before it reached La Gloria. The new strain’s ancestry has similarities to a pig farm in North Carolina in 1998. Scientists discovered that pig, bird and human viruses had combined in pigs to form a new strain of swine flu that also infected a handful of humans. Most of the current strain can be traced to about 10,000 generations of the virus ago. At some point along the way, it combined with other flu strains and jumped back into humans. Just when and where exactly may never be known, CDC officials have said. A federal government research team also plans to return to La Gloria, to review health records, interview residents and search for antibodies.

BOSSABALL: The new sport

Samba Referees

About bossaball

Bossaball for marketing purposes :

What is bossaball ?

Bossaball is a ball game between 2 teams. It's a mix of volleyball, football, gymnastics and capoeira. The court is a combination of inflatables and trampolines, divided by a net. It takes less than 45 minutes to set it all up and get ready to play...

How to play ?

The aim of bossaball is for each team to ground the ball on the opponent's field. Each team is entitled to a maximum of 8 contacts with the ball on its own field, meanwhile the trampoline jumper gains height to prepare a (spectacular) smash. Any body part can be used. Players can touch the ball only once with their hands, or double touch it with their feet and/or head.

What's the score ?

Once a team grounds the ball on the inflatables it gains 1 point. Scoring on the trampolines is worth 3 points. Hitting the bossawall (= the rings around the trampolines) doesn't count as a score, so the rally continues.

Bossaball referees have a whistle, a microphone, various percussion instruments and a dj set. They referee the game and they take it to a higher level. They're the Masters of Ceremony. They're Samba Referees. Samba referees are optional. They're not required to enjoy a game of bossaball. Bossaball combines elements of different sports on a pitch of trampolines and bouncy inflatables. The game can be set up on diverse locations : hotels, amusement parks, sports clubs, beach clubs, music festivals, fairs, summer camps, camping grounds, sales promotions, entertainment industry events, ski resorts, shopping centers, water parks, schools, discotheques...As a spectacular attraction, bossaball draws the crowds wherever it goes. Bossaball offers great opportunities for marketing and corporate branding. It attracts attention and often generates a large amount of media coverage including print, internet, radio and television, which makes bossaball an outstanding publicity support. Bossaball is a new sport, related to beach volley, beachsoccer, footvolley, capoeira, gymnastics and football ( soccer ). It's both a serious competitive sport and a fun game on trampolines.


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Aboitiz Equity Ventures

JUNE 2009



Our corporate culture is uniquely Aboitiz. After 85 years of existence, we continue to raise the bar, challenging conventional approaches and upgrading standards of industries in which we are involved. We are trendsetters in our industries, initiating bold, pioneering moves and constantly introducing innovations to better serve all our stakeholders. This is our “Passion for better ways”, which inspires us to lead, serve and excel in all that we do. The Aboitiz Group of Companies provides individuals with opportunities for learning and growth. This is an invitation to those who have the passion for better ways…we are just as passionate about providing you with the career opportunity to match your skills, interests and goals. ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT (Davao City) Requirements: •Candidates must be a Professional Electrical Engineer, Professional Mechanical Engineer or at least licensed Mechanical, electrical or Marine engineers wih over 5 years experience preferably in Operations and Maintenance of hydro facilities and in Computerized Maintenance System. We recognize your need to grow professionally and personally. We will support your training requirements and equip you with the necessary skills that will enable you to assume bigger roles. Doors will be opened for career options in various industries and businesses that we are engaged in. Competitive remuneration and fringe benefits are provided. For more information, you can visit us at www.aboitiz. com. Take the opportunity to apply online now! SL Temps (A Division of SEARCHERS & STAFFERS) (Search / Recruitment Firm) HR OFFICER / SALES and MARKETING OFFICER (Metro Cebu, Metro Davao and Cagayan DO City) Requirements: •HR OFFICER •Must be a graduate of any four year course preferrably in AB Psychology, Behavioral Science and its equivalent •Experience in compensation and benefits, labour relations and recruitment is an advantage but not necessary •Strong command of the english language •Can work with minimum supervision •SALES AND MARKETING OFFICER •Must be a graduate of any four year course preferrably any business related course •Experience in sales and marketing is an advantage but not necessary •Must be willing to do fieldworks •Must also be knowledgable on celfone, computer operations and gadgets. You may also email your resume at searchers_ ---------------------------------------------------------



Sutherland Global Services

CUSTOMER/ TECHNICAL SUPPORT ASSOCIATES - must be proficient in English communication - with at least 2 years(4 semesters completed) in college or a 2-year associate degree course - must be computer literate - willing to work on a shifting schedule City/Town: Davao City Location: Davao Start: asap Duration: Permanent Type: Full Time Company: Sutherland Global Services Contact: Raugai Email:


ACCEPTS ALL FORMS OF CATERING Fatima - Jacinto Street, Davao City

Look for Marefe T. Macayra / Contact no: 09228352082


A local newspaper circulated in Davao Region. This is a collaborative project of Darwin & Atty. Arnold Caballero. The document attached is t...