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Ways to Deal with the Notice of Intended Prosecution for a Motoring Offence If you are caught speeding by a traffic police officer, you will be immediately stopped, fined and made aware of the consequences for breaking the rules. However, if you were to be caught doing the same on the CCTV camera, then you will be sent a legal notice and prosecuted for the crime committed. This can be considered a form of 'notice of intended prosecution', which is often referred to as NIP. This is later posted to the registered owner of the vehicle. For more information visit Darton Law. If you have received such a notice, then you should know the procedures that are required to be followed so as to comply with law. •

First of all, it is required to determine if the NIP is a valid one or not.

From the date of offence, this needs to be sent within a period of 14 days. Otherwise, it is invalid.

If at all you are not able to identify such an allegation, then the notice needs to be returned for seeking clarification.

If at all it is valid, then the reply needs to be sent within 28 days of time.

Getting assistance Considering the legality, sometimes this could turn out to be complex. For this purpose, solicitors in Feltham could surely provide you with great assistance. The skilled and reliable solicitors in Feltham need to be chosen, as they are experts in dealing with the motoring offences. By getting in touch with such professionals, you can surely get perfect solution and they assist you by complying with all the legal process. Also, a timely solution can definitely be expected.

Ways to deal with a notice of intended prosecution for a motoring offence  

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