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my tunisia by ‘‘Dar to dar’’ Clear waters and fine sand


The long, sandy beach of Sidi Ali


is a store that brings together and enhances the contemporary Tunisian scene. A place of excitement where creativity arouses the curiosity of an audience in search of discoveries.

Mekki (Ghar el Melh) which you access via a charming pedestrian path.

The reserve for birds Ichkeul



An afternoon of culture


A must, the 19th century palace of the Bey is a jewel of

reservation is one of the largest in North Africa, every year welomes

Tunisian heritage. Since becoming part of the Bardo National Museum it is now home of impressive archaeological pieces and one of the largest collections of Roman mosaics in the world.

almost 180 species of birds to be discovered on site and at the ecomuseum.

A sunset drink

A seaside lunch

Cocktail hour at bar Villa Didon in Carthage enjoy a drink

Le Golfe in La Marsa is an institution.

A chic and timeless table, feet in the water, which enhances the freshness of the Mediterranean in a thousand and one flavours.

on the terrace, lounging in the sun, nibbling excellent tapas with an amazing view on the golf of Carthage

On the Road Leave

othe well-trodden paths, set off to

conquer unknown regions, travel along tarmac roads and criss-cross Tunisia from the comfort of our Land Rovers. Enjoy the mountain roads at the end of the Atlas mountain range and the desert dunes, with the wind in your hair on board a legendary Land Rover Defender, before staying in a stunning hotel or a troglodyte guest house.



Set off on a fascinating off-road drive,

Walks between culture and nature

across varied terrain, on board the best ‘‘Dar To Dar’’ is an agency specialising in the design of high-end,

all-terrain vehicle in the world. A unique

personalised and bespoke trips to Tunisia. Since every traveller

experience exclusive to “Dar To Dar”.

is unique, we design exceptional trips for each person.

• Visit and discover : history, culture, landscape, customs and culinary traditions. 3 rich and intense excursions.

moments to share

For travellers who love being on line, “Dar To Dar”


has thought of everything. Thanks to our onboard wifi equipment, you can stay connected throughout your stay.

6 good reasons to choose for ‘‘Dar to dar’’ Talk to a Tunisia specialist

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Tunisia and its regions, we can offer an original approach to the country and its cultures. The best establishments, private tours, meetings, special touches : all to create an unforgettable trip.

Have your own personalised travel journal

Because each holiday is unique, the traveller receives, before departure, his own travel journal which accompanies him throughout his trip. It represents a valuable source of personalised information.

Access to a unique Concierge service

Your local concierge assists you throughout your trip. His role is to anticipate your expectations and suggest ideas according to your areas of interest during the trip.


“Dar To Dar” can organise for you a lunch or dinner with Tunisians who are at the heart of the current changes. You will have the opportunity to exchange views with them and understand the challenges facing Tunisian society, away from the clichés and closer to the facts.

Five languages spoken

Little details that make all the difference. “Dar To Dar” will be able to assist you in English, Italian, French, Dutch and Arabic.

A Land Rover adventure by ‘‘Dar To Dar’’

Set off on a fascinating off-road drive, across varied terrain, on board the best all-terrain vehicle in the world. A unique experience exclusive to “Dar To Dar’’.

was set up by Sabri Oueslati, a Belgian and Tunisian entrepreneur with a dual cultural background and substantial experience in the field of tourism. He is actively involved in developing the destination and promoting a form of cultural tourism that is in keeping with human values. Our Dar To Dar team is able to understand the needs of Western customers and align them with the riches offered by Tunisia as a destination based on a demanding list of requirements.

• Lunch-meeting with a tunisian personality • Tunisian cookery lesson

‘‘my tunisia’’ by DAR TO DAR • Our highlights : a choice of varied activities specially thought to distract you according to your desires.

on the road • Discover an exclusive experience “Dar To Dar”, to cross the roads of Tunisia in the best conditions.

6 good reasons to choose for DAR TO DAR

9, rue Sidi El Ghebrini - 2026 Sidi Bou Saïd - TUNISIA - T. : +216 71 740 206 av. Farhat Hached, imp 7 - 8000 Nabeul - TUNISIA - T. : +216 72 272 877

Walks between culture and nature




Explore the mountain oases at the end of the Atlas mountain range – Chebika, Tamerza and Midès – and enjoy a rustic

A unique atmosphere with all the necessary comforts.


at 08.30am for a complete

protected region, where a discovery brunch specially

change of scene as you spend the

prepared by our nature guide Issam awaits you. On the menu

day exploring nature and

are local products and flavours of the traditional tabouna bread

the sea at the Cap Bon

cooked right in front of you, Tunisian olive oil, home-made jams,

picnic at one of them.

peninsula. It takes

The mountain oases are true heavens of

kaak warka pastries, and much more.

1½ hours to

coolness in the heart of the arid landscapes of this region. They contain fresh water springs which nurture a specific range of


This is followed by a 3½-hour accompanied discovery hike on


foot or by mountain bike to the El Haouaria lighthouse or the fort. After this, you will have a late, open-air lunch comprising

fauna and flora. The sleepy Berber village

a selection of salads, grilled fish, barbecued kebabs or rabbit

of Tamerza, the lush bower of Chebika

cooked in a gargoulette (terracotta water jug), depending on the

and the canyon of Midès, which was

season. And then, if you wish, you can continue your relaxation by diving into the crystal waters of the Mediterranean.

the setting for the film “The English Patient”, will certainly transport you to another world. Sunset and aperitivo at one of the filming locations for Star Wars at Ong Jmel before your transfer to a camp in the middle of the desert set up specially for the occasion for an authentic evening and overnight stay in the Grand Erg Oriental.




of streets in the Medina of

Tunis, to modern Tunis with its gems of Art Nouveau

LUNCH MEETING WITH A TUNISIAN PERSONALITY As the initiator of the «Arab spring», Tunisia

architecture, the superb collection of antique

was the impetus for the revolutions in the region. The country has always differentiated itself through its openness and its aspiration for democracy.

mosaics at the Bardo National Museum, the iconic archaeological site of Carthage, celebrated by Gustave Flaubert in ‘‘ Salammbô’’ or a stroll in the hill-top village of Sidi Bou Saïd, this day-trip is the ideal way to gain a comprehensive overview of Tunis and the surrounding area.

And then, how


you not fall in

Tunisian cuisine

love with Sidi Bou

that constitute its history : from Berber semolina to

Saïd, its contemporary

Jewish tagines, Andalusian pastries delicately flavoured

art galleries and its streets filled

with flower water and subtly spiced Spanish stews.

contains the blend of peoples

with the sweet scent of bougainvillea and jasmine? In between two excursions accompanied

We invite you to explore this cuisine and create an

by our enthusiastic academic, you can enjoy honey-filled pastries

entire menu before eating it in a charming residence in

as you relax on the terrace of the famous Café des Nattes.

the heart of the Medina of Tunis.

In this exceptional politico-historical context, we can organise for you a lunch or dinner with Tunisians who are at the heart of the current changes : artists, intellectuals, campaigners, business leaders or mere employees who also happen to be players in civil society. You will have an amazing opportunity to exchange views with them and gain a better understanding of the challenges facing Tunisian society, away from the clichés and closer to the facts. This meeting will also allow you to find out more about the traditions, the cuisine and the local culture.

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Dar To Dar - What's Up - 2019  

The world of "Dar To Dar" travel is one of exclusivity. Our agency specializes in designing high-end, tailor-made trips to Tunisia. Each tr...

Dar To Dar - What's Up - 2019  

The world of "Dar To Dar" travel is one of exclusivity. Our agency specializes in designing high-end, tailor-made trips to Tunisia. Each tr...

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