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Baby Watoto

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Baby Watoto Kampala (The Bulrushes) was the first facility established in 2007 to rescue the most destitute infants. Symbolically named after the bulrushes (papyrus reeds) that saved the biblical Moses from drowning in the River Nile, the first Watoto baby to be rescued was also named Moses. Today, the facility predominantly cares for infants under 6 months old including newborns, pre-mature babies and very sick babies who need constant medical attention. Because of its central location in downtown Kampala, the home is a reception centre for newly rescued infants.



Tucked away on the slopes of Watoto’s Suubi Village outside Kampala, Baby Watoto Suubi enjoys the serenity of a vast landscape and views of lush green hills and valleys. It is our largest Baby Watoto facility, with a capacity to care for 120 babies at any given time. The home was opened in February 2010 and primarily cares for older infants, easing the transition to a permanent home in the Watoto village.



Baby Watoto Gulu was opened in June 2010 as a response to the overwhelming need in northern Uganda, a region recovering from over two decades of civil war. As a result of mounting poverty and broken families, there has been an increase in child abandonment, especially by teenage mothers who cannot care for their newborns. Baby Watoto Gulu has the capacity to care for over 60 babies.

JANUARY Baby Elizabeth Dehydrated, cold, jaundiced, suffering from newborn sepsis and weighing only 1 kg (2.2 lb.), Baby Elizabeth arrived at Baby Watoto Kampala as a very sick preemie. She was born and abandoned close to the facility. Elizabeth is now a happy and healthy toddler who lives at Baby Watoto Suubi and is almost ready to graduate to our Watoto village.

FEBRUARY Baby Sophia Abandoned in a local hospital shortly after birth, Baby Sophia was cold, hungry and alone when we rescued her. We placed her in a warm incubator upon arrival at Baby Watoto and provided her with milk for her empty stomach. She also needed urgent medical attention. Now, only a few months later, Baby Sophia is a healthy and content baby who weighs 4.2 kg (9.24 lb.).




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Baby Watoto