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Welcome to Schumacher College This year we celebrate our 21st birthday here at Schumacher College. We’d like to thank all of you who have helped the College become the vibrant and transformational educational hub we are today. Thanks to all our teachers, course participants, volunteers and facilitators who come from all over the world to share, connect and inspire each other in the vision of a sustainable and positive future for all. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the past year and have welcomed many people through our doors. Our new vocational courses in natural building and sustainable horticulture have brought those of you wanting a more practical and hands-on life and career direction and have perfectly complemented our diverse and challenging short course programme for which we are world-renowned. We also have a much wider and flexible portfolio of postgraduate courses than even just a year ago. Now we offer full and part-time Masters Certificates in Economics for Transition, Holistic Science Ecological Design and Sustainable Horticulture in partnership with the most forward looking UK and international academic institutes and change-makers. A constant focus for us is the learning environment, the creativity of the individual and the empowerment of action through community. We continually seek to find ways to make the education we offer here as accessible to as many people as possible. So we do hope you find something in our course programme and our approaches to learning that appeals to you this year. If not, then please let us know what you would like to see - we’re always delighted to hear from you. Jon Rae Head of College “Schumacher College is a very special place - as we try and figure out what on earth we’re going to do with this unravelling planet, it’s become a think tank for hope, a battery for positive vision!” Bill McKibben, Author, Educator, Environmentalist

Front cover: Natural Build students 2012 working on our new timber framed cob building.

Post Graduate Courses MSc (PG Cert) Holistic Science (full and part time) If you are deeply concerned about the state of the natural world and you are hoping to make a difference with your life and work then this course is for you. Nature is our teacher in this transformational postgraduate degree course, exploring leading edge material on the inter-connected world. Study alongside leading thinkers, including resident ecologist Stephan Harding, practitioners and global activists who are challenging the current paradigm of reductionist scientific thinking. Immerse yourself in a different way of thinking. “The MSc certainly opened my eyes to new ways of doing business in a complex world. Both the formal teachings and the tremendous networking potential of the College have helped me in forging a professional life that I feel reflects my ideals.” Sophia Van Ruth, co-founder Urban Edibles

MA (PG Cert) Economics for Transition (full and part time) Are you ready for economic change? Help create a system for the challenges of the 21st Century and become a leader in our new low carbon, resilient and equitable economy. Are you ready to co-create a new economy in practice? Are you prepared to take a risk and stand on the cutting-edge of new thinking in this area? Since 1991, Schumacher College has been pioneering this radical new thinking in economics, attracting the leading teachers practitioners and activists from across the globe. “The ethos of Schumacher College, the strong link to ecological sustainability and an approach that is based on co-creation of ideas are exactly what makes it such a good place to re-think economics.” Eve Mitleton-Kelly, London School of Economics “The need to re-think our economic system has never been more urgent. The first ever MA in Economics for Transition is playing a real role in shaping a new, more imaginative economics that really could deliver good lives for all.” Ruth Potts, MA student 2011, NEF

Post Graduate Courses MSc (PG Dip.Cert) Sustainable Horticulture and Food Production This course explores the frontiers of research and practice that will meet the social, ecological and economic challenges our food systems face in the 21st Century. Join the leaders and change agents at the forefront of new thinking in Horticulture for resilient and healthy food systems. Tutors include Martin Crawford, pioneer of the Agroforestry Research Trust and biologist and activist Colin Tudge. Schumacher College is the first in the world to offer this programme and it has been developed in association with the Centre for Alternative Technology and Plymouth University. “During my Sustainable Horticulture course at Schumacher I studied edible landscapes in urban areas and on the back of that research I got a job working with British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. I now work with 7 sheltered housing sites in Torbay who participate in community food growing activities to grow their own food, meet new people and have healthier diets and lifestyles.” Carol Stocker Level 3 Diploma Sustainable Horticulture 2011 “The course is exactly what the horticultural sector needs to face the interest and challenges ahead.” Phil Stocker, Director of Farmer and Grower Relations, Soil Association “This course, and the exciting collaboration behind it, will break new ground in providing an opportunity for growers of the future to safeguard our ability to produce into the long term.” David Riddle, National Land Use Director, National Trust

MA Ecological Design & Regeneration (coming 2013) For 20 years, Schumacher College has been pioneering radical new thinking in design for sustainability. Join us as we create a postgraduate degree, the first of its kind, which will bring together the latest thinking and practical skills in ecological design and natural building from around the globe. “We need ecological design centres in every region of the world to mid-wife the transition and serve as repositories of know-how and know-why... Schumacher, the Dartington Estate, and Totnes could fill the role of flagship in that movement.” David Orr, 2011

Hands-on Courses Learn new skills for life on our unique vocational courses at Schumacher College. Participate in the pioneering land-based projects on the beautiful Dartington Hall Estate in Devon and experience the transformational journey of learning-by-doing that Schumacher College provides.

Dartington Certificate in Sustainable Horticulture September 2012-June 2013 (Part time) We have been running our successful vocational courses in partnership with Duchy College for the last three years. We are pleased to offer our NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma in Sustainable Horticulture again this year. These courses will enable you to experience working alongside three pioneering horticultural projects on the Dartington Estate: the nationally renowned Dartington Hall gardens set in a splendid medieval landscape; School Farm, a community-focused market garden developing low carbon growing technology and working to organic standards; and Schumacher College’s grounds, which include a ‘no dig’ organic kitchen garden, perennial fruit areas, forest garden and wildlife areas. Students from these courses are now working as head gardeners and on Community Supported Agriculture projects and as independent market gardeners.

Schumacher Certificate in Natural Building: Ecological Design, 28 May-1 June, 2012 Planning & Regulations for Self-Build, 25-29 June, 2012 Robert Somerville & Natural Building Friends May-July 2012 Can we design and build to better reflect a renewed relationship with the Earth? Can we build comfortable, healthy homes without dependence on fossil fuels? Can construction re-localise and create new skilled jobs in local economies? These are valid questions that this course addresses. Robert Somerville and friends bring a unique blend of Head Hands and Heart teaching to this most emotive of subjects. “By the end of the first week of the Natural Build Course I couldn’t wait for the weekend, I couldn’t cope with any more excitement!” Heather Scott, Bursary student, Natural Build Certificate Natural Build Certificate booking now for January-June 2013

Short Courses People all over the world have been informed and inspired by our 20 years of transformative short courses for sustainable living. Join us for a diversity of short courses this year, ranging from weekends to six month programmes to suit your availability. All prices include accommodation, organic home cooked meals, tutorials and un-limited access to our superb library, meditation room, woodland and gardens. For prices and details “15 years ago I came on a 3 week course called Ecology of Commerce with people from all around the world. It totally flipped my life and changed my way of thinking completely.” Anthony Turner, CEO, CarbonSense

Fearlessness in the Face of Uncertainty Monday 28 May - Friday 1 June 2012 Margaret Wheatley Schumacher Certificate in Natural Building: Ecological Design Monday 28 May - Friday 1 June 2012 Natural Build Certificate Module 6: Ecological Design Complexity and Collaboration: Applying Complexity Theory to Organisational Transformation Monday 11 - Friday 15 June 2012 Eve Mitleton-Kelly Summer Retreat Monday 11 - Friday 15 June 2012 Body and Earth Monday 18 - Friday 22 June 2012 Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose Schumacher Certificate in Natural Building: Self-build, Community Build, Planning and Building Regulations Monday 25 - Friday 29 June 2012 Earth Pilgrim Monday 2 - Saturday 7 July 2012 Satish Kumar, Peter Owen Jones & Stephan Harding Conflict, Change and Reconciliation: Learning from the Frontline Wednesday 4 - Friday 6 July 2012 Patrick Magee, Jo Berry & Andrew Woodward Schumacher Summer Experience Sunday 8 - Friday 13 July 2012 This new week-long programme allows you to immerse yourself in our rich daily community life. It includes our most popular field trips lectures on holism and sustainability and facilitated group work.

Short Courses Process Oriented Ecology: Finding Sustainability in Ourselves our Communities and with the Earth. Monday 9 - Friday 13 July 2012 Gary Reiss, Mark O’Connell & Marina O’Connell Ecology, Scarcity and The Gift Economy Sunday 15 - Friday 19 July 2012 Charles Eisenstein and Toni Spencer Love In Action: A Guide To Sacred Activism Monday 17 - Friday 21 September 2012 Andrew Harvey What About Monday Morning? Awareness, Wisdom and Compassion in the Workplace Friday 21 - Sunday 23 September 2012 Tim Malnick Ecological Constellations: Unlocking Solutions to Personal Organizational and Personal Dilemmas Monday 8 - Friday 12 September 2012 Jenny Mackewn Cultivating an Ecoliterate Worldview: Person, Place and Practice Sunday 21 October - Friday 2 November 2012 Two week intensive within a six month Online study group: October 2012 to March 2013 Join a dynamic, international learning community in exploring this essential question of our time: how can humans learn to live in integrity with our planet Earth, as a part of the web of life, rather than apart from it? This programme supports you in applying what you have learned wherever you live and work! Tell Me Another Story: Reframing Sustainability Narratives Monday 19 - Friday 23 November 2012 Chris Nichols, Geoff Mead Chris Seeley & Guests

Inspired by You People from all over the world, of all ages and backgrounds, have been informed, inspired and encouraged to act, by our transformative courses for sustainable living. You can help to inspire the next person by investing in The Inspired by You Bursary Fund. Visit for details “I have found that what you learn at Schumacher College is not always what you think you will learn” Robin de Carteret,

Talks and Events Conflict, Change and Reconciliation: Learning from the Frontline An Evening with Patrick Magee, Jo Berry & Andrew Woodward Wednesday 4 July, 2012 at 7.30pm, Dartington Space, Studio 1 £8 (£7 concessions) Book at Dartington Box Office Jo Berry and Patrick Magee have followed the brave and demanding path of reconciliation. Jo’s father, Sir Anthony Berry MP, was killed in the IRA’s Brighton bombing campaign against the Conservative Government at The Grand Hotel in October 1985. Patrick Magee planted the bomb. He was a full member of the IRA. They will talk about how they got there, challenge the audience to reflect on who is a terrorist and who is a victim, and discuss the value of dialogue as the way forward for many different communities.  Blowing Hot and Cold  Jonathan Dimbleby chairs the wind power debate Monday 18 June, 7-9pm The Great Hall, Dartington Hall Trust In Partnership with TRESOC £8 (£7 concessions) Book at Dartington Box Office On-shore wind power can make a major contribution to the UK’s renewable energy targets and aspirations. Can we realise the potential contribution of on-shore wind power in reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy security and substituting for energy imports in view of resistance at the local planning level? Earth Talks Our popular series of regular talks about the planet and people who work on it and with it, are open to everyone. Next academic year we are looking at ‘horse power’, the art of composting and the mighty acorn. £5 Booking essential. Schumacher College The Old Postern, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EA England Tel +44 (0)1803 865 934 Fax +44 (0)1803 866 899

Schumacher College is located on the Dartington Estate in Devon at the foothills of Dartmoor, surrounded by the River Dart and the stunning South Devon Coastline. Schumacher College is part of the Dartington Hall Trust, a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England as a charity (company no 1485560 charity no 279756) Registered office; The Elmhirst Centre, Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EL UK Design & Art Direction. Boldover

Schumacher College Brochure 2012  

Schumacher College Brochure 2012

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