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==== ==== I struggled for years with a fat belly, until I found this 1 secret... ==== ====

In my Truth About Abs review I'm going to introduce you to the popular weight loss program created by Mike Geary. If you haven't yet heard of the author he is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Even though most weight loss programs out there giving you the same old information only recycled a little bit differently I was pleasantly surprised to see what I read in the Truth About Abs book. Nobody should really embark on a journey to bring out there abdominals if they haven't yet read the Truth About Abs because most people really have the wrong information about how to get there. When most people are getting ready to lose the belly fat and get some six pack abs they usually think that all they have to do is to do a bunch of sit-ups or some crazy abdominal training gadget. The truth about getting abs is that you're going to have to start eating a healthy diet while also consistently working out. There's no two ways around it and all the fake dieting pills will do nothing but slow your progress to reaching your goal. Hearing that they now have to start eating healthy and working out people tend to get scared because they don't want to put in the hard work and would rather have a quick fix. Those who will actually reach their goals understand that they're going to have to make some lifestyle changes. Some of the nutrition information I wanted to bring up in this Truth About Abs review you're going to have to look at with an open mind because it goes against what many of us have been taught. This is because the author has done his research and has found that most of the nutrition information that we know today isn't exactly what we should be eating. The creator of the Truth About Abs has found through his own research studies that we shouldn't be eating white carbohydrates and we shouldn't be drinking milk that hasn't been pasteurized yet. The nutrition section has many of these little information bonuses that most people just don't know. The other half of the Truth About Abs program is the training section and this is another part of the book that goes against traditional practices. The writer doesn't suggest the traditional machine exercises but instead he advocates using more free weights and your own bodyweight for resistance. This way you're using compound exercises to train more body parts than you would on the machines and thus burning more fat in the process. Hopefully you enjoyed this Truth About Abs review and it has helped you decide where you should take your weight loss journey.

This Truth About Abs review was created by a certified fitness and nutrition trainer. For more information on this Truth About Abs review be sure to check the authors other resources.

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==== ==== I struggled for years with a fat belly, until I found this 1 secret... ==== ====

My Truth About Abs Review