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Have you ever heard the loud roar of a tornado? Tornados can can a lot of people and they can also mess with lots of the economy of state or country.They will have to pay for very thing to get off the land so people can live there.They can be called the twister of death. Tornadoes can cause people to not want to live in a certain area.In the 1920s the death rate caused a lot of different death rates to go up. Just like in the northern century in 1996 more than fatalities were caused by a tornado.Lots of the countries debt comes up when natural disasters come up like tornadoes and other they make the death come up. In the northern centuries they had an tornado outbreak which caused 7 tornadoes in the mainlands.All seven of these tornado caused 38 death.I think that they need to make tornado shelters because a lot of people get to homeless after disasters happen or mad like mountains because we need less flat grounds so it can not hit all the land.They have a different ratings of tornadoes.Some tornadoes can reach across a mile.They displace a lot of people with broken houses.

Most of the tornados hit flat land and whatever that is in its path get destroyed.They set the category by how strong the wind is. Lots of states have a tornado warning so people can know when to leave the state or go into shelter.They have shelters so the tornado won’t hit you.They have tornado alley. The tornado alley like 3 states long and that where most of the storm chasing goes on.They have people that chase the tornadoes that are called storm chasers.

Tornadoes do a lot of damage to people house so be smart about where you choose to live.The tornado alley is three states long so be smart.

Darryl washington feature article rough draft  
Darryl washington feature article rough draft