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Planning your South African Holiday and Accommodation South Africa is easily the favoured holiday destination in Africa, and one of the most popular in the world. Serviced by a world-class airline, boasting first world infrastructure and offering good value for money, South Africa gains more fans every year. Before taking a trip to South Africa, it’s worth considering some basic travel details to ensure you have a convenient and enjoyable holiday, and to book your South African accommodation in advance. 1. Season and time-frame You’ll need to know in advance how much time you have available to explore South Africa, and when you plan to take your holiday. South Africa’s excellent road infrastructure makes this an ideal country to explore by road if you have more than two weeks on your hands. However, you may have to be more selective about your destinations, and rely on flights, if you’re short of time. If you’re planning to travel to the Western Cape region, you may want to avoid travelling to South Africa during the winter months, as the region is swept by cold fronts during this period. Most visitors find that the months of March and April are ideal for visiting South Africa, with all provinces offering mild but sunny weather during this period. If you’re only able to visit South Africa’s during its winter months, you’ll still find plenty to enjoy. The east coast of the country has a mild, almost tropical, climate, and you can even enjoy a comfortable winter beach holiday at discounted prices, particularly if you choose to vacation near the city of Durban or to stay in KwaZulu-Natal accommodation. 2. Plot your route International travellers can access South Africa via international airports in Johannesburg or Cape Town. If you’re travelling during the summer months, Cape Town is an ideal starting point from which to work your way northwards up the east coast, or through the semi-arid heart of the country. Johannesburg is your best bet if you’re looking to explore the game parks that populate the northern reaches of the country. You can book your Limpopo accommodation, Mpumalanga accommodation or North West accommodation in advance, and then simply take a short flight or day-drive into the country’s majestic wilderness area. 3. Plan ahead You’ll have plenty of time to make spontaneous decisions once you’ve secured accommodation in South Africa and planned the route you wish to take through the country. If you’re travelling during peak season months and looking for hotel accommodation, it’s almost always best to compare prices and book ahead. You’ll also want to ensure that

you have appropriate medication if you’re heading into a malaria area. Travel insurance is always a good idea, as is insuring expensive camera or computer equipment. South African accommodation options Whether you’ll be exploring the rugged terrain of the wilderness or spending time in vibrant urban areas, you’ll find a variety of South African accommodation options to suit your budget. South African hotels You’ll find a wide variety of quality hotels in all of South Africa’s most popular locations. These include international chains such as Radisson, Southern Sun, Holiday Inn, Sheraton Hotels and others. Accommodation is also offered by a wide variety of local hotel groups, including the extensive Protea Hotel network. South African hotels are subject to a star rating, and prices can range from affordable to pricey, depending on the rating of the particular establishment. South African lodges Game lodges are an increasingly popular destination for both local and overseas tourists. Combining the best features of five star hotels with the rustic feel and bush ambience of traditional safari camps, South African lodges are an ideal way to experience the African bush in luxury. South African lodges are generally priced for international visitors and the well heeled. You can expect to pay fairly high prices for rooms in a game lodge, with packages usually including free game drives, guided walks and meals. Bush camps are available too, and cater to travellers on a budget. South African B&Bs South African bed & breakfast accommodation is popular amongst families and those looking to explore the country’s byways. Virtually every attractive destination in the country will feature a variety of cozy, owner-run bed and breakfast outlets. One advantage of South African bed & breakfast accommodation is pricing. The rooms on offer can rival those of the best hotels, and are often set amidst some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery - yet you’ll often pay only a fraction of a hotel rate. South African backpacker lodges South African backpacker accommodation is popular amongst young travellers and those looking to explore the country on a budget. Backpacker lodges can be found throughout the country, and offer an excellent opportunity to meet fellow travellers and make friends. Backpacker accommodation is often the cheapest accommodation option. Travellers can choose between communal dormitories or private rooms when staying at a backpackers’ lodge, but should generally arrive prepared to party with their fellow backpacker residents. The simplest way to book holiday accommodation

Take the hassle out of booking holiday accommodation by exploring your options online. showcases a wide selection of South African accommodation options situated throughout the country. Use our booking engine to find and compare holiday accommodation throughout South Africa, and make your booking online – all from the comfort of your computer. You’ll be able to get a good idea of each establishment’s rating, location, amenities and prices, and you’ll be able to book your accommodation simply and quickly. Browse the South African accommodation options available now, and start planning your South African holiday today.

Planning your South African Holiday and Accommodation  

Follow these tips for planning the perfect South African Holiday

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