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Exploring the Free State The Free State Province in South Africa doesn’t often come to mind when considering tourist attractions in South Africa. Located in the heart of the country, this area is home to some of South Africa’s most productive farmland. Yet it boasts more than a few picturesque attractions for travellers willing to take the time to explore. The Golden Gate Highlands National Park The Golden Gate Highlands National Park is the jewel in the crown of Free State attractions. Situated on the border of the tiny mountainous kingdom of Lesotho, the park is best known for its wind-sculpted and water-eroded sandstone bluffs and cliffs. Watching the sunset turning the cliffs of the Golden Gate Highlands National Park a deep gold is just one of the attractions of this destination. While the park is not home to the ‘Big Five’, it does feature a vast variety of wildlife, and Free State accommodation comes in the form of rustic but comfortable rest camps. The Gariep Dam Nature Reserve The Gariep Dam Nature Reserve is a popular destination for Free State travellers. This nature reserve borders on the Gariep Dam, with this large body of water supporting lush vegetation along with an assortment of bird and wildlife. If you’re looking for comfortable, family-oriented Free State accommodation within close proximity to the Gariep Dam Nature reserve, look no further than the neighbouring Aventura Resort. This resort offers plenty of activities on the shores of the dam, as well as a variety of fun water sports on the dam’s placid waters. The Vredefort Dome Take a trip back in time with a visit to the Free State’s main geological attraction, the Vredefort Dome. This site is home to the world’s oldest known meteorite impact zone, and sustained a significant impact from a massive meteor thousands of millions of years ago. The gigantic meteor created a crater almost 300 kilometres in diameter, which remains visible today as a hilly bluff, despite millions of years of erosion. However, the area is not only popular with geology and history buffs. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to the Vredefort Dome to enjoy the host of activities on offer, which range from mountain biking to hiking. Basotho Cultural Village The Free State is home to the indigenous Basotho tribe, renowned for their beautiful decorated huts or ‘rondawels’. You can get a glimpse of the traditions and lifestyle of this ancient culture during a visit to the Basotho Cultural Village museum.

Located within close proximity to the Drakensberg Mountain Range and the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, as well as a variety of Free State accommodation options, this village offers visitors the opportunity to taste traditional beer, consult a witchdoctor, and watch villagers pursuing traditional crafts. Booking accommodation in the Free State A host of lovely accommodation options are available in the Free State, and you can book a stay at your preferred venue online. Simply use’s helpful booking engine to find accommodation in the Free State, which ranges from hotels to guest houses and backpackers’ lodges, and make your booking online.

Exploring the Free State  
Exploring the Free State  

Explore travel opportunities in the Free State, South Africa, including information on Free State accommodation options.