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15. I’ve been involved in graphic design since “HOPE” fashion was dope fashion.


14. I’m a combination of pop culture references, nostalgia, and left-field imagination.


13. As a hip-hop head, I collect Complex magazines.


12. Work-wise I’m constantly underestimated, but when I’m unleashed you’re left dazed and amazed. (This list is a good example of that, hopefully).


11. I’ve been involved in the design, marketing, and promotion of local streetwear brands, such as Virginiabased clothing line Dirgy Styles (above).


10. I enjoy the solitude of critically thinking of every aspect when it comes to crafting out a design that teaches and intrigues the audience.


9. I love collaborating and coming up with creative ideas and products that create a funny memory through the process and final result as well.


8. I’m not afraid to say that some of my best creative ideas and overall conversations have come from talking to myself.


7. Like my last name, I keep my mind and my wardrobe SHARP.


6. I’ve been a contributing design intern in advertising campaigns for NY agencies such as McCann NY (with Lucky Charms above) and R/GA.


5. I’ve designed logos, flyers, and CD covers for local hip-hop organizations.


4. I LIVE for the culture Complex covers day in and day out and seen several of the artists featured on their site. (Clockwise from top left: Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean)


3. Along with going to these concerts, I have also designed unofficial memorabilia for the artists (buttons and stickers) and given them to them at the concerts.


2. I not only value what Complex covers daily, I’ve been able to be experience the culture first-hand and been inspired from it to create and add more to the culture.


1. I’VE GOT AN NY STATE OF MIND TO DESIGN! (I’ll give credit to Nas for that rhyming)

15 Reasons Darryl Sharp Would Be a Great Art Intern for Complex Media  
15 Reasons Darryl Sharp Would Be a Great Art Intern for Complex Media