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Comedy Magic - Putting Comedy in Your Magic Act Without any doubt, Comedy Magician is the  one ingredient which appeals most to an  audience and supplies the greatest possibility  for an entertainer who uses magic as his  material. Just look at who are the highest  paid entertainers on film and television ­ the  majority are comedians! So how does a  magician add comedy to his shows?

Most magician's start out doing straight  performing, either close up, stage or illusions  and do not consider themselves comedians, but  magicians. That is fine, but you know that  getting a few laughs in your show helps the  audience relax and lightens the mood. Many   Comedy Magicians will actually get so good  at adding comedy, that they will switch their  performing style to comedy.

IF you decide you want to perform Comedy Magician - you should forget you are a magician and think like a comedian and then add the magic into your act to support the comedy. A perfect example of this is The Amazing Jonathan. His act is pure "comedian" with lots of magic on top of his act. When you watch people like John Ferrentino do his comedy magic act, he focuses more on the comedy than the magic.

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Comedy magic putting comedy in your magic act  

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