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Better Property Management for Better Tenant Renting is turning into a popular option as mortgage downpayment becomes challenging. But with so many tenants to choose from, landlords are having difficulties choosing the best ones. Fortunately, there are companies that provide assistance to make the task easier.

American Heritage Properties, Inc. is a full-service residential property management firm, which specializes in the management of condominiums and single-family homes in San Diego County. The company assists homeowners in finding quality tenants for their homes. They also help in the preservation of properties and the reduction of vacancy time.

Locating a Suitable Tenant American Heritage Properties, Inc. is open from Monday to Saturday to allow potential tenants to view their clients’ houses at their convenience. This also enables the company to respond promptly to any request. To attract as many good quality tenants as possible, the firm relies on its comprehensive marketing program to promote its clients’ properties.

The company has a strict screening of prospective tenants. Once they receive an application, its staff members immediately start verifying all the information they’ve gathered. The firm is also an online subscriber to the Experian Credit Bureau, so it has the ability to validate credit information right away.

Approving Tenants American Heritage Properties, Inc. believes that homeowners play an integral role in approving tenants. For this reason, the company makes sure that one of its representatives calls its client immediately after the completion of the verification process. The firm also gives recommendation to help its clients decide on the matter.

Leasing and Occupancy To make sure the company provides efficient and comprehensive protection to its clients, American Heritage Properties, Inc. continuously reviews all legal documents. The firm develops certain rules and regulations in management, so tenants will be well-informed about their responsibilities. The tenants are required to sign these documents in addition to the lease.

Preserving Property Condition American Heritage Properties, Inc. conducts a two-part inspection. This includes an extensive written report and a video documentation of its clients’ property. For additional security, the company also notifies the neighbors of its clients to inform them that it currently manages the property.

Helping in Maintenance The company also handles the maintenance and repair of the properties it manages. The firm has developed good relationship with tradesmen in various industries.

Finance and Accounting American Heritage Properties, Inc. has state-of-the-art property management software programs that help its clients understand their monthly statements easily. At year-end, the company gives homeowners a special account analysis report to prepare their income taxes.


Better Property Management for Better Tenant  

American Heritage Properties, Inc. is a full-service residential property management firm, which specializes in the management of condominiu...

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