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Since 1974, ADFQ has been providing services for those affected by alcohol and other drug (AOD) use and their families, along with the wider community. Driving With Care, an ADFQ program, is aimed at helping people to control risky behaviors involving driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

About Us

The program is adapted from Driving With Care programs used in the United States and other countries, and it is unique in that it tackles the drinking/drug-use behavior as well as the driving behavior. The program is based on evidence of what is We Kenneth deliver inspired ideas known to be effective, and was designed by internationally renowned psychologists, Wanberg and Harvey Milkman.

and execution, Participants may be referred by a magistrate, Corrective Services, a Solicitor, or they mayeffective self-refer. Driving With Care has two levels and is delivered by experience Alcohol and Drug Clinicians, in a confidential environment.and within on-time

JSAcreative is an independent full-service creative agency providing marketing and communication strategies for a range of clients across advertising, digital and design. We are a passionate, tight-knit team. Our combined experience and energy results in a creative, integrated approach to your brand.

Level 1 3 weeks


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budget – achieving exceeding) client $700 expectations.

Level 2 (and 12 weeks

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Commonwealth Government (National Infrastructure Priorities)

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For enquiries about this program please call 07 3834 0200 or 0400 501 505.

Jay Musk Frontside Ollie Slimey’s ditch, 2006 Photograph by Ben Challenor Courtesy of Ben Challenor


Ditches are where it all began: Musk gives skate history a nod at Slimey’s.




Screen Queensland Brisbane International Film Festival QN





20 TH



Tribal Theatre | Palace Centro Cinemas | Palace Barracks Cinemas

2012 Website

Tribal Theatre | Palace Centro Cinemas | Palace Barracks Cinemas

2011 Identity


2012 Identity


Rail Skills Australia




The Queensland Government and QR National have provided significant support to help establish RSA.

RSA is now fully operational and the board, chaired by Tom Wiltshire (QR National), has appointed Paul Daly as CEO.

Letters of support have already been provided by:

The RSA board and committees include representatives from employers, consultants, unions, vocational and higher education providers.

AECOM AFULE AirTrain Ansaldo STS Bombardier Bruce Engineering GHD Halcrow Interfleet Technology Rail, Tram & Bus Union Scot Wilson Consulting United Group Rail Westinghouse Rail Systems Australia Worley Parsons

For further information, please contact: Paul Daly Chief Executive Officer Rail Skills Australasia p: +61 7 3210 1115 e:

In principle support has been provided by:


AMWU ARUP EDI Rail Hatch KBR PB Queensland Transport Rail Innovation Australia

MEMBERSHIP RSA will be a membership and participant-based organisation. Membership will cover rail industry firms and peak employee bodies as well as stakeholders in the training and education sectors. Members will be entitled to vote at general meetings, will be actively involved in Industry Advisory Groups and will receive dedicated service to address the skills and training needs of their organisations. They may also nominate for the board. Peak industry bodies will also be invited to join as members along with partner groups covering suppliers, training providers and other key stakeholders.

WORLD CLASS RAIL SOLUTIONS leading workforce development for rail’s future RAIL SKILLS AUSTRALASIA PO Box 15042, City East, QLD 4002 Level 9, 46 Edward Street, PO Box 15042 Brisbane, QLD 4000 T: + 61 7 3210 1115 City East, Queensland 4002

Level 9, 46 Edward Street Brisbane, Queensland 4000

Corporate brochure ANDRES RAMIREZ

Business Development Manager

M: 0403 529 904 T: + 61 7 3210 1115 E:


PO Box 15042 City East, Queensland 4002 Level 9, 46 Edward Street Brisbane, Queensland 4000



Live Life Well


Name Surname Title Level 1, Boundary Court 55 Little Edward Street Spring Hill QLD 4000 PO Box 332 Spring Hill QLD 4004

m 0423 123 456 p 07 3832 2527 e


4 Exhibition Street, Bowen Hills Q 4006 PO Box 1580, Fortitude Valley Q 4006

t 07 3854 1633 f 07 3854 1773

Š2012 JSAcreative All rights reserved. Except where indicated we own and retain all proprietary rights, including intellectual property rights, to the material and content in this proposal. Except as necessary to consider the proposal you may not use, copy, adapt, distribute or disclose any of the material in the proposal without our written consent.

Level 1, Boundary Court 55 Little Edward Street Spring Hill QLD 4000 PO Box 332 Spring Hill QLD 4004

p 07 3834 0200 f 07 3832 2527 e

Level 1, Boundary Court 55 Little Edward Street Spring Hill QLD 4000 PO Box 332 Spring Hill QLD 4004

Live Life Well - Australia Ltd ABN 96 154 079 633

p 07 3834 0200 f 07 3832 2527 e


Gambling check up?

We can help

We can help

We can help with gambling counselling, support and advice. We can help with alcohol and other drugs, gambling counselling, support and advice. Find out how we can help visit our website

Various Collateral

We can help with alcohol and other drugs, gambling counselling, support and advice. Find out how we can help visit our website



Brisbane City Council The Remix



Brisbane City Council Live


He ad to Brisbane’s Rive rstage 25 crews go where thousands will gather to toe to toe in the witness electri fying hip hop dance.

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state’s b iggest,

The Re mix presetoughest nts the best o f our dance sce ne as they and hottest pe r form choreographed routines hip hop dance fuse d with grav ity de fying competition. expressions o f human skill.






re m20ix1 1

arts // culture // events JULY - SEPTEMBER // 2011

arts // culture // events OCTOBER - DECEMBER // 2011

arts // culture // events APRIL–JUNE // 2011

5 PM 27 A U G US T,


Press Brisbane City Council Information GPO Box 1434 Brisbane Qld 4001

FSC logo to go here

Brisbane City Council Information GPO Box 1434 Brisbane Qld 4001

For more information visit or call (07) 3403 8888

Brisbane City Council Information GPO Box 1434 Brisbane Qld 4001

For more information visit or call (07) 3403 8888

FSC logo to go here

For more information visit or call (07) 3403 8888

B2011-01051 © Brisbane City Council 2011

J2011-03176 © Brisbane City Council 2010

J2011-03219 © Brisbane City Council 2010

Image: Yan Chen

B2011-01039 © Brisbane City Council 2011

FSC logo to go here

Business Card Poster 10


christmas tights Forget Christmas stockings, check out three nights of tights with Brisbane’s leading circus and street performers showing off their skills for free.

Roll up, roll up! Get amongst the action! Stroll through the night markets and then take your place for an energetic mix of live music, circus and theatrics set against the backdrop of the dazzling 20 metre Christmas Tree in King George Square.

It’s a perfect outing for the whole family (and a nice sideshow to latenight Christmas shopping!). Presented by Brisbane City Council and Lady Torpedo Productions


Monday 19 - Wednesday VENUE 21 December




King George Square FREE

Live Guides



t of Justice and Attorney-General

Brisbane City Council The Stoke

Queensland Government Magistrates Court Time line

sule’ Showcasing Display Magistrates Court Historical Display ording History’ Showcasing Display

The Stoke was a display at the Museum of Brisbane which investigated the enduring culture of skateboarding in Brisbane, its people, legends and stories. JSAcreative was responsible for the branding and overall look and feel, ensuring the exhibition was a true graphic representation of the story, engaging and interactive, as well as production and installation of the exhibit. There was also a range of marketing collateral including posters, light boxes, posters, invites and press.



Queensland Government

Department of Justice and Attorney-General ‘Time Capsule’ Showcasing Display Brisbane Magistrates Court Historical Display ‘Court Recording History’ Showcasing Display


JSAcreative designed and produced a display detailing the History of Court Reporting. Historical court memorabilia formed the basis for the overall tone of the display. Working closely with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, JSAcreative sourced historical photos, archived records and recording machines to include in the display. The display follows a timeline through a series of purpose-built display cases. Sound bites were included to complete the story.

Historical Display ++ graphic design + brand identity + multimedia + print management ++

Exhibition Design




Xstrata Coal


Wandoan Coal Project

NortherN BoweN BasiN commuNity update July 2012, Issue no. 1

contributing to the community

Xstrata Coal News NortherN BoweN BasiN commuNity update July 2012, Issue no. 1

• Collinsville Community Association three year partnership to support a Community youth Activity Coordinator

More than 750 riders took part in the Xstrata Coal-sponsored River 2 Reef Ride in Mackay, helping raise more than $55,000 for CQ Rescue and Mackay sporting Wheelies

Welcome to this first edition of Xstrata Coal’s northern Bowen Basin community update. This community newsletter is an opportunity to give local communities, employees and others an update on our activities in the Glenden, Collinsville and Bowen regions. Xstrata Coal’s operations in the northern Bowen Basin include newlands Coal, Collinsville Coal and Abbot Point Coal Terminal one. We hope you find this community update informative and we welcome your feedback.

At Xstrata Coal we are committed to supporting local communities near our northern Bowen Basin operations through donations, sponsorships and other in-kind support. some of the organisations and community initiatives we have supported since 2011 include: • Glenden state school to paint the outside of buildings • Glenden state school P&C Association sponsorship of 200 Club • Isaac Regional Council to purchase outdoor exercise equipment installed across Glenden for community use

Xstrata coal apprentice program

• Walkerston BMX sponsorship of under 15 girls and under 14 boys race at annual carnival

• Cooinda Family Centre to support the Welcome to Bowen Family expo for three years from 2012.

supporting local events local events are a big part of community life in regional Queensland, and we have been proud to support a wide range of events in the region including: • Tree planting at Collinsville with upcoming schools tree planting • River 2 Reef Ride in Mackay • Mackay Marina Run corporate challenge, helping raise funds for the Mackay West Rotary Club and the local branch of the leukaemia Foundation

• Glenden Golf Club Pro-Am • Collinsville Coal Family Fun Day • Glenden Debutant Ball • Weetalaba Campdraft • Welcome to Bowen Family expo • Hastings Deering social Club 2012 charity ball.

our regional partnerships Through Xstrata Coal’s Corporate social Involvement Program, we support a number of regional partnerships that are benefiting local communities. since 2010, we have committed more than $450,000 towards partnerships in the northern Bowen Basin region, including:

• Tennis Queensland to support regional training programs. The partnership has helped introduce 10,000 Queensland children to tennis

Michelle Hunter, 07 4785 8488 (Collinsville area) Kimberly nye, 07 4940 5271 or Megan napier, 07 4940 5203 (Glenden area) emma McGloin, 07 4786 0304 (Bowen area).

At Xstrata Coal we offer Mechanical, electrical, Auto electrical and Metal Fabrication (Boilermaker) apprenticeships that

The first year of the four year structured program involves full time TAFe training (based in emerald at Central Queensland Institute of TAFe) then three full years of hands-on experience on-site alongside additional TAFe training. To help you get ahead, we provide you with heavily

collinsville air Quality study

Members of the Collinsville Regional Air Quality Working Group include representatives from Xstrata Coal, sonoma Mine Management, QCoal, and DeHP.

The study will aim to establish realistic baseline monitoring figures for the region and allow for the development of operational air quality trigger levels for mining projects which are site-specific, achievable and acceptable to the wider community. We will keep you informed of the progress of the study. entertainment included a visit from the Queen at the Welcome to Bowen Family expo supported by Xstrata Coal

“As an Xstrata Coal apprentice I have gained a lot of experience in the open cut and underground mining industry. If you’re willing to listen, learn and have a go, the opportunities are unlimited,” said Brenton.

Bowen state high school hosts career expo

Venue: Date: RSVP:

Condamine State School, Condamine Wednesday 22 February 2012, 9.30am – 11.30am By Friday 17 February 2012 to Sarah O’Grady on 07 3115 5448 or via email Please RSVP promptly with numbers for catering purposes.

You are cordially invited to attend a celebration morning tea in honour of Condamine’s recovery and rebuilding efforts, which will feature a special cheque presentation by the retired servicemen of the HMAS Condamine to the Condamine State School P&C.

Ben Homewood, Maintenance supervisor, Abbot Point Bulkcoal talks with Bowen state High school student liam Dalton at the ‘Future skills 4 Bowen expo’

Xstrata Coal staff from Abbot Point Bulkcoal recently attended the Bowen state High school’s Future Skills 4 Bowen Expo held at the school on saturday 19 May. A number of different companies attended the career expo, which focussed on the mining and civil construction industries. It was a chance for company

representatives to give valuable advice to high school students who participated in the event. Ben Homewood, Maintenance supervisor at Abbot Point Bulkcoal said the expo was a great success. “There was a lot of interest from students and numerous enquiries in regard to working at Abbot Point Bulkcoal,” said Ben.


Newsletters and Factsheets

subsidised accommodation throughout the program and at the end of your apprenticeship you’ll have the right skills, qualifications and experience to start a long and successful career in the mining industry. Brenton Bennington, fourth year apprentice at newlands Coal, said he had gained a lot of experience through the Apprentice Program.

Volunteers at newlands Coal’s Clean up Australia Day event enjoyed a delicious BBQ breakfast donated by local company Morris

In response to community concerns in Collinsville, local mining companies have combined with the Queensland Department of environment and Heritage Protection (DeHP) to form a regional air quality working group to better understand the potential impacts and community concerns in relation to regional air quality and mining activities.

• Hillside Haven Aged Care Facility to support upgrades and security

what can you expect from the program?

We provided approximately $130,000 to support Condamine’s flood-affected families and community groups, in partnership with the Murilla Community Centre. Almost 60 volunteers helped out at Clean up Australia Day in Glenden on sunday 4 March

The Air Quality Baseline study for the Collinsville region will be undertaken using existing air quality monitoring information, networks and programs, with the addition of other real time dust monitors where required.

Xstrata Coal provided $30,000 to the Hillside Haven Aged Care Facility to help upgrade the facility and improve security

One year on, Xstrata Coal invites you to join us in celebrating the Condamine community’s remarkable recovery from the 2010/11 floods.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who donated their time on a sunday morning.

To discuss funding opportunities for your community initiative or event, please contact:

• Kokoda youth Challenge Program

our program is recognised as one of the best in the industry and has earned the Minister’s Award for excellence. since 2010 almost 80 apprentices have joined our program with plenty of room for future development and growth. our program offers great opportunities for you to obtain a trade and the chance to work with Xstrata Coal, the world’s largest exporter of high energy thermal coal and one of the largest producers of coal used in steel making and other industrial applications.

Xstrata Coal was happy to supply bags, gloves, sunscreen and the pick-up vehicles to ensure it was a successful event. We would also like to thank the Glenden and District youth, sport and Recreation Centre for the use of their facilities.

• Queensland Art Gallery annual regional tours.

• Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal

could potentially see you through the rest of your working life. our coal mines in Queensland are located within the Bowen Basin and an apprenticeship with us could see you starting your career at one of these operations including newlands Coal (underground and open cut), oaky Creek Coal (underground and surface operations), Rolleston Coal (open cut) or the Abbot Point Coal Terminal.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the Isaac Regional Council for organising segregated clean-up bins from JJ Richards at a central location. The council also donated recycling giveaway goodies for the children.

Clean up volunteers enjoyed a delicious BBQ breakfast generously donated by Morris, a regular supporter of this annual event.

how to apply for funding

• PCyC sponsorship of the 2011 underprivileged Children’s Movie Day, providing 20 children and their families with movie tickets

If you’ve considered a career in the mining industry, the Xstrata Coal Apprentice Program is a great place to start your career.

Almost 60 volunteers got their hands dirty at Clean up Australia Day organised by newlands Coal in Glenden on sunday 4 March. A substantial amount of rubbish was collected in just over an hour, which was separated into general and recycling waste and disposed of accordingly.

We support community initiatives that provide positive outcomes in the areas of health, education, environment, social and community development, enterprise and job creation, and arts and culture.

• Mackay Regional Council to support Mackay City safe

Xstrata Coal’s Apprentice Program offers apprentices an opportunity to obtain a trade and work at one of our mining operations in Queensland

Condamine Flood Recovery Celebration

clean up australia day 2012 • Collinsville youth sports Program three year partnership to provide a physical education teacher for the three Primary schools in Collinsville

Xstrata Coal and Thiess invite you to the Collinsville Coal Community Open Day @ the Fairway

Wandoan Coal Project

The Collinsville Coal Community Open Day @ the Fairway is a day for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Fact sheet: supplying to the Wandoan coal project

Recruitment for the 2013 program is currently underway. For further information please visit the Xstrata Careers website

You can register your team by phoning Hayley Brooker on 4785 4532 or at or by registering before 12pm on the day.




10am – 11.30am , Site tour registration

10am – 4pm Saturday 28 July 2012

, children’s entertainment

Xstrata Coal and Thiess Collinsville Coal Dash Teams of four will relay race coal filled wheelbarrows across 100 metres for a chance to win great prizes and to take home the inaugural Collinsville Coal Dash champion title.

, information displays , markets, live music.

Collinsville Golf Club Moongunya Dr, Collinsville

10am – 4pm , Markets, stalls, live music, children’s activities and rides 10.30am – 12.30pm , Site tour every 30 minutes 1pm , Collinsville Coal Dash 2pm , Coal Dash Presentation

Community groups supported by this event are Collinsville Golf Club, Collinsville Youth Coalition, Lions Club of Collinsville, Collinsville Scottville Kindergarten. Market Stall holders are invited to register interest by contacting Joyce Buckley on 4785 5863 or mobile 0437 855 862 or email:


40338 XC Collinsville Coal Community Open Day DL Flyer F.indd 2

Wandoan coal project

procurement opportunities

The Wandoan Coal Project is a proposed open-cut thermal coal mine immediately west of the Wandoan township.

The ICN gateway website is our primary means of communicating with potential suppliers and contractors.

The proposed mine would include an open-cut coal mine, a coal handling and preparation plant, washdown facilities, workforce accommodation village and rail spur and train loading facilities. This mine will provide sustainable long-term employment opportunities. Through the construction process we expect to create more than 1300 new jobs in the region and about 840 permanent jobs once the proposed mine is operational.

In construction phase, most of the opportunities for local suppliers and sub-contractors will be with our major contractors. We will work with the them, industry and government bodies to provide information to local suppliers and contractors. Part of our tender process for major contractors requires a commitment by them to purchase goods and services locally, where commercially viable.

New infrastructure will be required to support the operation so we will assist Western Downs Regional Council to build new, or upgrade existing infrastructure including water treatment facilities, road relocations, a new airstrip in the Wandoan district and new pipelines to source raw water.

Work packages will also be posted on the website as information becomes available.

To learn more about the project, visit

how to register your interest To express your interest to become a supplier to our project, register your details on the Industry Capability Network (ICN) gateway. There are two ways to register your information: • follow the ‘Working with us’ link at • log on to our ICN portal at

The Collinsville Coal Community Open Day @ the Fairway is a day for you to enjoy with family and friends. , children’s entertainment , information displays , markets, live music.

3/07/12 1:58 PM

Collinsville Coal Dash Teams of four will relay race coal filled wheelbarrows across 100 metres for a chance to win great prizes and to take home the inaugural Collinsville Coal Dash champion title. You can register your team by phoning Hayley Brooker on 4785 4532 or at or by registering before 12pm on the day.


10am – 4pm Saturday 28 July 2012


Collinsville Golf Club Moongunya Dr, Collinsville


10am – 4pm , Markets, stalls, live music, children’s activities and rides 10am – 11.30am , Site tour registration 10.30am – 12.30pm , Site tour every 30 minutes 1pm , Collinsville Coal Dash 2pm , Coal Dash Presentation

Community groups supported by this event are Collinsville Golf Club, Collinsville Youth Coalition, Lions Club of Collinsville, Collinsville Scottville Kindergarten. Market Stall holders are invited to register interest by contacting Joyce Buckley on 4785 5863 or mobile 0437 855 862 or email:

Who is icn? The Industry Capability Network (ICN) is a not-for-profit organisation supported by Queensland State Government to proactively contribute to business and employment growth by identifying procurement opportunities. The ICN will assist our project by helping to identify Queensland and Australian companies that can supply goods and/or services to the project.

If you would like to receive project updates, email with your details.

The registration process is self-managed; suppliers and contractors must keep their data up-to-date and monitor the ICN gateway website for project information. For further information contact:

invite you to the Collinsville Coal Community Open Day @ the Fairway

Event Collateral

free-call 1800 052 797 e: W: JUNE 2012

Merchandise 16


Xstrata Coal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)


Balaclava Island Coal Export Terminal EIS

1 Project overview

3 Environment

Autatestrum sectemp orrovitat fugit velicae volorerum, omni auda voluptae deste pra cus alis rem as audi qui odis que pre nonse pa necea ipiendita et et facianda sitem. Nam etum ex et es aut volorum solor as quassinverum none re quam adigent lab ipsuntur sum repereic tescitis dellore inciet officimusda digenim enient que volupta verehen dellab il in re coruptat.

Laniendae volut etur mos et autemporit id et moluptatur? Quiatem aut aligenis doluptatia dolorit vel in cullaudio. Et faccus.

3.1 Benefits Evellaut recus eossusdant earia dundaeri nonsed quissimi, qui dollab illor alit molecus sequam que dolupta temqui diaturio. Repudipicia velectate volecae occabore, que omnihilla voluptae debitas pienima dolor aborerem qui quam velenimus nienit, que nim quae sandam, volupta tiatis sunto et quae vellupt ationsequunt

Git ad qui net qui am, utent fugitae offic totatem porehen tiberfe rspedip ientenducit experum quame non pellorpores cus, voluptatio. Orum derit quam earia volor ratia veratur maximporum quatem vellaborem asperum abores necta vereicitiis porendipid moloremposti nesequam in pelland aestet venis di ipistio nsedis dentem fugit ma comnis aliquid que veri consed et lacestem explici tendel idus maximinverro deri sitatur?

3.1.1 Focus Evellaut recus eossusdant earia dundaeri nonsed quissimi, qui dollab illor alit molecus sequam que Safety

2 Environmental Values and Assessment of Impacts

quia dolutas et, que eos dest, haria volorum expedita quibus, alit, il ipsum simus, ventus ime net fuga. Nem hici doles ne eniscium volorep tatemo eum verchil magnimus ma comnimus es quia que maios elest eaqui odi blaborro officab oreriatem evernatem et acestiam quatibea conse nam quam quis andionsequi cum quassunt eos eostiunt, int.

Feribus est, ipsunt alic tectiatur, cum as con et pro venisque veria sa vellaute volupta dende quam endunte cones eos dolupta coriber chicidunt.

Benefits quia dolutas et, que eos dest, haria volorum quia que maios elest eaqui odi blaborro officab.

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Chapter 1 Chapter Title


Summary quia dolutas et, que eos dest, haria volorum quia que maios elest eaqui odi blaborro officab

 Ium rest, quodign iandam, cus moluptam alique prestrum sae nost odigenim volendi dolorecto et escide intium laut audae volorem poriam eos aliquati sapit  Quaecul liquias dipsus andipsum et aut eturerovitin pro voluptibus debit, temquib usciumquunt, aut harum eictint, sequiandeles event del magnim fugiassi tentus abo.  Et lam dunto corestis es at et unt molor reptatur? Qui ut doloribus verro blaboribea volupicillum ut quis ditate consed molestiis rectiam quam vellorest aligentur moluptatur aut incti ius natia qui bea sit reria dolo tet autem rem.

Volume 1 | Chapter 1

Studies are continuing for the environmental impact statement... Environmental scientists from Xstrata Coal’s consultants GHD undertaking water quality sampling at Raglan Creek (above).


June 2012

Balaclava Island Coal Export Terminal EIS

4 Community

5 Protecting wildlife

Feribus est, ipsunt alic tectiatur, cum as con et pro venisque veria sa vellaute volupta dende quam simus aut omnis se nihillab int ut quunt optatur endunte cones eos dolupta coriber chicidunt.

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Word Template

Ipsaepr ovitatur alit, sum earupta tiscia consed eicitib usanda andis consend aeprovitia volum est, te re, ut imi, sitatis ute invel is rerovidi odissunti nostrum nulpa vero maxime moditi voloritae parchil mo ea as simus rem harumqu issimpo ratur?

5.1 Focus Evellaut recus eossusdant earia dundaeri nonsed quissimi, qui dollab illor alit molecus sequam que.

 Quaecul liquias dipsus andipsum et aut eturerovitin pro voluptibus debit, temquib usciumquunt, aut harum eictint, sequiandeles event del magnim fugiassi tentus abo.  Et lam dunto corestis es at et unt molor reptatur? Qui ut doloribus verro blaboribea volupicillum ut quis ditate consed molestiis rectiam quam vellorest aligentur moluptatur aut incti ius natia qui bea sit reria dolo tet autem rem.



Description 2



Sample 2

15 May 2012


Sample 2

15 May 2012


Sample 2

15 May 2012


Sample 2

15 May 2012


Sample 2

Online Flipbook System for EIS

Community organisations receive funding... Marmor State School students (above) received funding for new outdoor seating through Xstrata Coal’s Balaclava Island Coal Export Terminal Community Fund.

Volume 1 | Chapter 1


June 2012

Printed EIS 18


Department of Infrastructure and Planning Pool Safety Campaign


e test? h t s s a pool p ged. r n u a o h y c s e Doe ws hav a l y t e f Pool sa the ised by t, Author nmen d Gover ane. an sl en sb Bri Que


pool r your e t is g e eed To r if you n te visit t u o d or fin fety certifica y sa olsafet a pool o .g ld www.q




Beef Central



Message from the Managing director Welcome to the 2012 edition of Watnews – Watpac’s annual newsletter dedicated to our shareholders. i’m pleased to present this national update on our project achievements and growth strategies for the coming 12 months.




Shareholder Newsletter 2012

Message from the Managing director


introduction from the Chair


Watpac continues awards success


Watpac: a fully diversified, national group


Watpac announces new Chair of Board


Operational Updates Construction Civil & Mining Specialty Services property

09 10 11 12

Half year Financial results


Watpac continuing to deliver Queensland’s ‘knowledge corridor’


profile – amanda Wright


partnership to inform sustainable stadiums


Special shareholder offer


it has been difficult year, impacted by weather and turbulent national and international economic conditions. australia’s property and construction sector has suffered a downturn. during the past 12 months however, Watpac’s commitment and drive to secure new work led us to achieve and maintain a significant work in hand position. We won contracts with major clients in sectors including mining and resources, education, food, health and sciences, sports, and residential and commercial property. We’re particularly proud of the work completed this year including the Nambour Hospital refurbishment on Queensland’s sunshine coast, the development of Metricon Stadium on the

gold Coast, and the Boggo road ecoSciences building in Brisbane. other major projects, including flood recovery civil road works in Western Queensland, the highly-anticipated rue de Chapel development in Melbourne and the Museum of Contemporary art redevelopment in Sydney are all due for completion in 2012. our civil and mining business has grown at a rapid pace. With a current forward order book in the order of $750 million, the division now contributes approximately 30 per cent of the group’s annual turnover. We have achieved significant growth in Western australia and Queensland and have plans to further develop mining services in victoria and South australia. Watpac Specialty Services is also breaking into the mining services space and

as recently as March this year, won their first mining infrastructure services contract with BMa. the division continues to service the food services and refurbishment sectors with repeat clientele being testament to their reputation in these areas. our construction business is performing well despite competitive market conditions and i expect this to continue in the coming year with business development activities in well-advanced stages on many projects throughout the country. the division continues to make safety its top priority and over the past year, has implemented a new occupational Health and Safety management system to align with new harmonised oHS legislation being enacted by various state governments.

Watpac maintains a valuable and strategically positioned property portfolio. projects in Brisbane and Melbourne are currently in marketing mode and are expected to achieve good uptake rates. that said, given market conditions have not improved over the past few years in line with prior expectations, we have committed to undertake a strategic review of our current portfolio. i look forward to continually keeping you updated as the year progresses.

Greg Kempton MaNagiNg direCtor, WatpaC liMited

INSIDE „ project awards


„ operational updates

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Half year Financial Results

Profile: amanda Wright

Watpac recorded an after tax profit for the half year to 31 december 2011 of $4.9 million. the result represented a 15 per cent improvement on the previous corresponding period. the company’s financial performance was ahead of forecast and was achieved despite growing competition and tightening margins in the construction sector.



Civil aNd MiNiNg


SpeCialty ServiCeS



the group’s civil and mining business delivered a strong turnaround in performance for the first half of Fy12, demonstrating we are well placed to take advantage of future opportunities in the resources sector.

the construction business continued to perform well amidst difficult market conditions, returning a strong financial result for the half year. Work in hand was sitting at $1.42 billion at 31 december 2011. Watpac directors reaffirmed the december 2011 profit guidance which indicated the company expected full year underlying operating net profit after tax to be at least 20 per cent above that recorded in Fy11.

Watpac machine operator amanda Wright says a career in mining is both challenging and rewarding. Four years ago, 24 yearold qualified nurse amanda Wright made the decision to move from country victoria to Western australia with her boyfriend to pursue a career in mining.

FACTS: „ after tax profit for the half year to 31 december 2011 of $4.9M „ represents 15% improvement on corresponding period „ ahead of forecast

after gaining experience operating machinery on mineral sand, gold and bauxite mining projects, in 2010 amanda landed a job with Watpac as a machine operator and began working on her first iron ore project.

„ Civil and Mining forward order book grown to almost $750M „ Construction work in hand approximately $1.42B „ property holding cost reduction realised.

amanda is part of Watpac’s team at the $289 million Nullagine Mining project, located in the heart of Western australia’s pilbara region.

Mark Baker CHieF FiNaNCial oFFiCer

Watpac continuing to deliver Queensland’s ‘knowledge corridor’


Queensland’s new translational research institute (tri) in Woolloongabba is set to open this year to much acclaim from australia’s medical fraternity. on completion of the 32,000m2 facility being built by Watpac Construction, the tri will allow – for the first time in australia – biopharmaceuticals and treatments to be discovered, produced, clinically tested and manufactured in one location.

Watpac is delivering surface mining services for BC iron on the project including loading and haulage of ore and waste, mobile and fixed crushing, topsoil and

tri will bring together four of the country’s pinnacle research facilities with the aim of improving and accelerating medical research and translating that research into greater patient care.

and was subsequently awarded the construction and internal fit out of the tri’s sister building, the Bpa Biologics plant of the Future – a biopharmaceuticals manufacturing facility being developed beside the tri.

the seven-storey building will comprise four floors of laboratory research facilities, plus areas for research support, administration and teaching, and will be home to 600 medical research professionals.

Watpac Managing director greg Kempton said the company was thrilled to be involved in constructing this world-class facility in an area the Queensland government has termed the ‘knowledge corridor’ – a four kilometre spine on the city fringe for tertiary education campuses, research precincts, and cultural and creative facilities.

Watpac was engaged in mid 2010 to undertake the project

“We are delighted to be involved in the construction of another ground-breaking health facility in Queensland’s ‘knowledge corridor’,” Mr Kempton said.

vegetation relocation, and road construction and maintenance. Watpac is regularly exceeding monthly production targets on the project, which is increasing to in excess of 300,000 tonnes per month. amanda said she enjoyed being a part of a high performing team and while the job had its challenging moments, she enjoyed the lifestyle and other benefits the industry brought. “i’m just like one of the boys, although being a girl and a social butterfly means i take charge of things like the social club,” amanda said. “Working on a mine site is great and i’ve never looked back, but the long hours mean that it’s important the team

has some down time and i tend to play the role to get everyone together, socially. “it might be the caring nurse in me, but it’s the little things like trivia nights that help bring the team together – good relationships mean that when we’re back on site, we all look out for each other.” Now engaged to her boyfriend, amanda said she’d been so won over by working in the sector and by Western australia in general, that the pair had bought a house in perth. “it’s such a great lifestyle – the people are great, the money is great and my roster gives me enough time to enjoy my new home in perth and to travel back to victoria to visit friends and family,” she said.

amanda said the mining sector would suit anyone looking for an exciting and challenging career. “there is a lot of training involved and a huge emphasis on health and safety,” she said. “there is also the challenge of learning how to operate a new machine and with a new surface – working with iron ore is so different to bauxite or gold. “personally, being in my early 20s, working in the sector has really brought me out of my shell and made me a stronger, more confident person. “i’d recommend a career in mining to anyone – i’m even trying to recruit my sisters!”

“of course we have some good experience in this area, having completed the awardwinning Boggo road urban village & Knowledge Based research and Business project in late 2010, which are located across the railway line from one another. “it’s exciting to literally be on the doorstep of projects that are contributing to Queensland becoming a centre for innovation and industry, and one which is attracting and retaining world-class scientists.” Construction on tri is progressing to schedule with more than 80 per cent of the external façade complete. the internal fit-out is wellprogressed with final finishes having already been applied to levels one to four.

Roof trusses being installed at Brisbane’s ground-breaking Translational Research Institute and an artists impression of the completed building, due to open later this year

Amanda Wright with a Cat 777 dump truck on the Nullagine Mining Project

Shareholder Newsletter 2012



WATPAC NATIONAL PROJECT UPDATE MARCH 2012 The Beef Central website is, at it’s core, an online newspaper. We researched online publications from around the globe to ensure readability, functionality and navigation was optimised, finding balance between written content and paid advertising. As well as developing the branding and suite of stationery, we helped establish an internal and external brand culture and define the language of their brand in a language that resonates with the target audience.

Watpac is pleased to provide the following update on our key projects. Construction BPA Biologics Plant of the Future, Brisbane – $21.5M Biopharmaceuticals Australia (BCP) in partnership with DSM Biologics is constructing the BPA Biologics Plant of the Future, located at the Translational Research Institute on the Princess Alexandra Hospital campus at Woolloongabba in Brisbane. Watpac has been contracted to fit-out the six-level building including the warehouse and utilities space, plant space, and offices and laboratories, and to undertake other external works and roofing.

Master-planning and revitalisation of the surrounding external spaces is also included in the contract.

South Melbourne Market Roof, Melbourne – $4M Watpac has been engaged by the City of Port Phillip to construct a new roof over the South Melbourne Market. The new roof will cover the existing rooftop carpark and will help to waterproof the building. Environmental benefits of the design include solar panels and rainwater collection. Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2012.

Nambour General Hospital, Sunshine Coast – $108M The project was successfully completed in November 2011 and involved early site works, erecting and completing a new 96bed ward block and refurbishing existing blocks. Associated works included internal access roads, landscaping, a new waste management area, and relocating solar collectors. The project formed part of the Sunshine Coast and Cooloola Health Service District, Demand Management Strategy established by Queensland Health to meet the increasing demand for health services in the region.

C17A Cargo Compartment Trainer Facility, Amberley – $11M Watpac was recently awarded the contract to deliver the structure and associated services to house a new training facility - the C17A Cargo Compartment Trainer - at the Amberley RAAF base in South East Queensland. The project involves constructing administration storage facilities, maintenance workshops and fencing.

Northern Sydney Institute of Tafe, Sydney – $14.4M Watpac has been engaged by the NSW State Government to deliver a revitalised Dunbar Building at the Northern Sydney Institute of Tafe. Works include designing the refurbishment and adaptive re-use of the building as a major teaching facility accommodating lecture theatres, seminar rooms, teaching rooms and office space.

The completed $108M Nambour General Hospital on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast


Project Update


Louie Louie

P4 group


Branding Branding Packaging

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Corporate Communication Community & Stakeholder Engagement Land Liaison

Sarah McCreesh

Social Performance

B Bus Public Relations & Marketing; BA

Manager, Corporate Communications

Marketing & Event Management M 0450 548 249 P +61 7 3854 1455 F +61 7 3854 1433

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P4 Group Pty Ltd

P4 Group Pty Ltd ABN 64 101 898 042

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Photoshoot and Retouching



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your challenge? Guess how little diesel our drive teams will use taking a fully loaded D-MAX from Melbourne to Cairns. Get it right and you could win the lot! To enter, go to

The prizes • An Isuzu D-MAX 4x2 X-RunneR valued at approx $37,500 • A ute load of camping gear from BCF valued at over $10,000 • A year’s supply of Mother energy Drink valued at $1,500 • Plus other great weekly prizes to be won in the MAX Run Quiz


Terms and Conditions apply, see for full competition and permit details. Entries open 12.01am, 1 March 2011 and close 11.59pm, 31 May 2011.

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TVC 11/02/11 10:35 AM


Stadiums Queensland


stadium naming rights opportunity

Expression of Interest Document

background information

26,500 The venue is a 26,500 capacity rectangular sports stadium.

opportunity available The Stadium

The Owner

The venue, currently known as Dairy Farmers Stadium, is a 26,500 capacity rectangular sports stadium located in the thriving regional hub of Townsville, one of Queensland’s largest cities. The Stadium has been operational since 1995 and predominantly hosts National Rugby League (NRL) matches. The venue is home to the NRL Club, the North Queensland Cowboys.

Stadiums Queensland is charged with the management of major sports facilities that are declared, under Queensland Government regulation, as being venues having the capacity to stage national or international sports events, recreational or entertainment experiences.

The Stadium hosts other sports fixtures such as Australian Rugby League (ARL) Test Matches, entertainment events (concerts, Nitro Circus) and a range of functions. It has previously held Rugby World Cup 2003 fixtures and Rugby League World Cup 2008 fixtures. There is a unique opportunity for a company to become the new Venue Naming Rights Sponsor of this iconic North Queensland venue.

These venues feature some of the most famous sporting and entertainment centres in Australia and in some cases the world, including; The Gabba, Suncorp Stadium, Skilled Park, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Dairy Farmers Stadium, Metricon Stadium, Queensland Tennis Centre, Sleeman Sports Complex and the Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre.

4.5 million

television viewers 4.5 million television viewers nationally during the 2011 NRL season.

So as the new naming rights sponsor in Townsville, you’ll be in excellent company.

Microsite Stadiums Queensland is seeking a Venue Naming Rights Sponsor to take over the existing naming rights sponsorship, currently held by Dairy Farmers. This opportunity presents a rare and innovative marketing platform to associate with a Stadium and would suit: • An iconic Queensland or national brand • A brand aiming to secure a strong regional foothold whilst achieving national exposure • An emerging brand striving to build strong awareness on the back of a high profile facility • A business seeking to reinforce a ‘bricks and mortar’ brand position Benefits available to the Venue Naming Rights Sponsor include: • The opportunity to attach your brand to a highly visible, widely recognised, ‘much loved’, community facility • Entrenching your brand with a loyal and dedicated local audience, so it becomes a part of the local conversation



stadiums queensland




Any queries in respect of this invitation are to be directed in writing only to:

It is envisaged that a new Naming Rights Sponsor will be in place at the venue to ready for the 2013 NRL season. The following timeline will be adopted for this process:


• A unique and extensive media opportunity for your brand at every event • An effective platform for experiential marketing and sampling opportunities • The opportunity to deliver on business objectives, including: „ Acquisition of new business & retention of current clients or customers „ Improved brand reputation „ Increased brand exposure „ Staff and stakeholder engagement „ Client &/or customer engagement through spectators & fans • Access to events to entertain clients, business prospects and/or to reward staff, customers and other stakeholders • Potential access to Stadiums Queensland network of nine major sporting and entertainment venues


1 August 2012 7 September 2012 3 October 2012 17 October 2012 31 October 2012

Advertise invitation to interested parties Expressions of Interest to be submitted

Evaluate Expressions of Interest

Short−list interested parties Contact short−listed interested parties to arrange further discussions

While best endeavours will be used to achieve this program, unforeseen circumstances may result in amendments to the process and the timeline.


• An opportunity to build positive attachment to your brand through the great experiences people have at the venue


5.3 million NRL fans nationwide 1.6 million in Queensland

Format of Expression of Interest Expressions of Interest will be received up to the date and time, and at the address specified in this invitation. Offers will not be opened publicly. Every interested party shall state in the Expression of Interest: • In the case of an individual, full or given names, surname and address • In the case of a business name, the names and addresses of all proprietors, the address of the registered place of business and registered business number • In the case of a company, the full name of the company, the address of the registered office of the company and its Australian Company Number • In the case of a trust, the full names and addresses of each trustee of the trust • In all cases, the Australian Business Number of the interested party • In all cases where a company is involved, supply a current list of directors and major shareholders

Lodgement of Expression of Interest Every Offer shall be: • Sealed in an envelope • Supplied as one (1) original and three (3) copies • Have endorsed on the front of the envelope “Confidential: Interest in Townsville Stadium Naming Rights Opportunity” • Be in the manner and format specified in this invitation • Signed by the person or entity making the Expression of Interest • Directed to The Owner’s, at the following address: ATTN: JAIMIE ROBERTSON c/o - STADIUMS QUEENSLAND LEVEL 11, GABBA TOWERS 411 VULTURE STREET WOOLLOONGABBA, QLD, 4102 It is the responsibility of the interested party to ensure the Expressions of Interest are received at Stadiums Queensland before the closing time of 4:00pm, Friday 7 September 2012.

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All pages that form the Expression of Interest are to bear the name of the interested party.



stadiums queensland



Stadiums Queensland

02 Our achievements • Independent research conducted showed that Stadiums Queensland’s venues pump more than $308 million per annum into the Queensland economy and provide employment for more than 2,050 Queenslanders; • Patronage increased by 13% this year with more than 4.3 million patrons attending events at Stadiums Queensland venues. This compares with 3.8 million last financial year; • Stadiums Queensland continued to reduce water consumption. When compared to the Queensland Water Commission’s (QWC) base line year 2004/2005, Stadiums Queensland has reduced its annual water consumption by 192mL or 53.98%; • The Queensland Tennis Centre hosted two highly successful tennis tournaments this year. The Brisbane International attracted 82,000 fans compared to 61,000 last year;


• Construction began on Stadiums Queensland’s ninth major sporting facility, the Gold Coast Stadium at Carrara. Scheduled for completion in mid 2011, the 25,000 capacity venue will be home to the Australian Football League’s 17th national team the Gold Coast Suns; • Skilled Park hosted the inaugural NRL Indigenous All Stars v NRL All Stars match. The hugely successful event attracted a near capacity crowd of 26,510. The event was staged in February to coincide with the anniversary of the Prime Minister’s apology to The Stolen Generation;

• International industry journal, Billboard Magazine, ranked BEC third in the world based on total gross concert ticket sales for the period 2000 – 2009 for venues with a 10 – 15,000 capacity; • Suncorp Stadium was voted by the Professional Footballers Association as having the best field of play in the A-League. Dairy Farmers Stadium finished second; • The Gabba cricket wicket was recently voted the best in the country for Test Matches, One Day Internationals, Twenty/20’s and Sheffield Shield matches by members of the Australian Cricketers Association. The ACA is made up of Australia’s international and state based players.

• QSAC hosted four major outdoor events (2 x AC/DC concerts, Pearl Jam and SuperX) attended by more than 145,000 fans;

Our priorities • Create jobs through major construction projects (such as the redevelopment of Gold Coast Stadium (GCS), the development of a second Olympic pool and the construction of a BMX Supercross track at the Sleeman Sports Complex) which contribute to the State’s sporting infrastructure. The GCS project will provide employment for more than 1,100 people during the design and construction phase; • Continue to support Queensland’s tourism industry by attracting international, interstate and intrastate patrons to major national and international sporting and entertainment events. The Gabba will host the upcoming Ashes Test while in 2011 Suncorp Stadium will host a Bledisloe Cup fixture. The last Ashes Test held in 2006 pumped $72 million into the state economy while the Bledisloe contributed $17 million;

• Attract new events and other business opportunities which bring economic benefits to the state; • Continue to introduce environmentally sustainable technology and practices into the venues such as recycling, public transport, online ticketing and solar power; • Continue to develop innovative partnerships with educational institutions and relevant sports industry bodies, both locally and internationally, to foster better training and development opportunities for elite athletes and research opportunities for the future of the sports industry. QSAC and the Sleeman Sports Complex are crucial hubs for the development and training of elite sportspeople. Both venues also provide first class facilities for members of the community to train or compete in sporting activities;

• Continue to provide the community, schools and other educational institutions with access to a range of quality sports, entertainment and leisure facilities, to foster participation in sport and the performing arts; • Maintain the State’s major sporting and entertainment facilities to a world class standard and provide safe venues for patrons; and • Provide opportunities for venue patrons and all members of the community to access Stadiums Queensland venues through the ongoing promotion of facilities and events.

Stadiums Queensland

annual report 09/10



great venues. good times.

• The QTC hosted the first Davis Cup tie in Brisbane since 1999. The rubber was played on clay which saw the Pat Rafter Arena converted from its usual hard court surface. Australia won the rubber 5 – 0 over Japan in front of more than 11,307 fans;

Annual Report


cOrpOrate Overview

Stadiums Queensland

Annual Report

StadiumS QueenSland at a glance


Our vision

Our mission

great venues. good times

Building better venue experiences

Our core values • Teamwork

• Trust

• Integrity

• Service

Key Outcome Statements As part of performing its function Stadiums Queensland has developed Key Outcome Statements based upon the three critical elements that give life to the organisation:

• Respect







• Stadiums Queensland is a great place to work that nurtures, develops and inspires excellence, and celebrates success.

• Through sound business practices Stadiums Queensland achieves the Government’s outcomes and its corporate objectives by balancing its environmental, social and commercial responsibilities.

Our venues:

Our Operating principles •

Attracting and retaining quality, dedicated personnel who exhibit Our Core Values

Good corporate governance and sound business practice

adding value for venue members, hirers, tenants and patrons

operational effectiveness at each venue Ensuring maximum Attracting and retaining quality events and activities

• Our people are professional, well trained, highly motivated and display Our Core Values.

reputation of each of our venues Building and enhancing the Acting in a commercially responsible manner


Developing the organisation to support business directions

• Improving the capability of our workforce.

Striving for excellence

• •

• Retention of skilled and experienced staff.

• As a leader in venue management, Stadiums Queensland embraces continuous improvement, fosters innovation and anticipates customer needs.

Provide for the champions of today and tomorrow

Provide a place for the viewing of sport and entertainment in a safe environment

Are developed and maintained to attract major events for the benefit of Queensland



Increasing venue utilisation

• Enhancing venue experiences

Improving venue facilities and functionality

• Improving operational effectiveness

Stadiums Queensland

annual report 09/10



JSA designed a full wall display at the Gabba to commemorate 50-year members of the Brisbane Cricket Ground. We conducted a site visit to scope the location and selected a cost effective, anti graffiti, waterproof and UV resistant material that could withstand unrestricted and unsupervised access by the public. The display also included a wooden honour board that was incased in perspex for added protection.



the Brisbane cricket ground (Bcg) is a 42,000 seat oval venue which hosts afl and national and international cricket fixtures. the gabba is an icon of Brisbane’s sporting landscape and has since 1895, hosted many of the city’s high profile sporting events. it is home ground of the Brisbane lions afl team and the Queensland Bulls state cricket team. the venue has a range of function and meeting spaces that are used extensively throughout the year.

Key achievements • Total Attendance (537,348) was 8th highest total ever and 92,000 more than 2008-09; • Average attendance at events (11,681) was the highest average since the last Ashes series in 2006-07; • The Gabba hosted 43 event days throughout the year and catered for more than 18,000 people at non-event day functions; • The Australian Cricketers Association, which is made up of Australia’s international and state based players, voted the Gabba as being the best venue in the country to play Test Matches, One Day Internationals, Twenty/20’s and Sheffield Shield matches; • Reinstatement of a section of roof on the Vulture Street side of the ground which was damaged during a major storm on the morning of the 2008 Australia v New Zealand Test match; • Additional works were completed in the Members Reserve to improve the match day experience for BCG Members; • Brisbane Lions hosted first AFL Final at the Gabba since 2004. Despite being down by 30 points at one stage the Lions stormed home over the Blues to triumph in front of 32,702 fans;

Stadiums Queensland venues pump more than $308 million into the economy each year 22


Stadiums Queensland

• Continued success of the domestic 20/20 competition and International All*Stars 20/20 both on the field with Qld hosting the preliminary final and off the field with crowds continuing to increase.

annual report 09/10



O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

Australian Lung Foundation



Since September 2008, O’Reilly’s is arguably the largest and most modern conference facility outside the urban environment in south-east Queensland.

Our vision is to “ensure lung health is a priority for all in Australia”...


O’Reilly’s Information Memorandum


The Australian Lung Foundation Inc.

Annual Report

Lost World Conference Centre


Strategic Goals

Our vision, goals, who we are


We endeavour to achieve this through four key strategic goals:




Broaden our services to encompass all aspects of lung health


Establish Strategic Collaborative Partnerships

COPD National Program


Lung Cancer National Program




LungNet Information and Support Centre


Community Relations


Operations Report


Research Awards




Councillors’ Report

Focus on Brand Development and Management Maintain Organisational Capacity and Governance.

The proposal is for an injection of up to A$10 million for ownership of a substantial, though not majority, equity holding of the company National Park Pty Ltd.

Our values

The investment strategy is premised on the core business operating on a larger scale than it was before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), with increased latent capacity. National Park Pty Ltd hope to diversify scope within higher yielding markets, resulting in a more robust business model.

We strive for excellence and quality outcomes, with respect for the individual, integrity and ethical behaviour as integral tools when we work with our community, whether they are patients, their families and carers, stakeholders or employees.


Statement of Comprehensive Income

3 3

2. Proposal


Statement of Financial Position


Statement of Cash Flows


Statement of Changes in Equity


Notes to the Financial Report


Statement by Councillors


Independent Auditor’s Report


Plans for 2012


Who we are The Australian Lung Foundation was established in 1990 by a group of Thoracic Physicians concerned about both the chronic shortage of funds for research work in respiratory medicine and the impact of lung disease on our community. We are a registered charity with our Head Office located in Brisbane. The Australian Lung Foundation strives to meet the need in the community of reducing the significant and debilitating cost of lung disease, both in human and financial terms.

Projected returns will be generated by both immediate and long-term actions.

Annual Report 2011


Longer term growth2

1. Continuing to grow into the new markets of conferences and weddings with a focus on the villas, further consolidating and improving our reputation, referral and returns, and also widening the range of experiences we have on offer.

1. Utilising the nearly 300 hectares of available land for more accommodation and/ or the development of various activities.

2. Rejuvenating the Retreat, giving it a more contemporary feel to align it with the expectations of leisure visitors and return it to at least the occupancy and accompanying room rate it was achieving before the GFC 1 .

Immediate growth return

2. Developing partnerships in new business streams.

1. Further growth of the conference and weddings markets Since September 2008, O’Reilly’s is arguably the largest and most modern conference facility outside the urban environment in southeast Queensland. The semi-remote location within a World Heritage national park is perceived as

green-friendly; combine this with all-weather access and modern facilities, and the scenery is just an added bonus. While O’Reilly’s entered the corporate market at the start of the GFC, the growth of conference delegate nights in the villas has been outstanding in a market in general decline over that period. Most bookings in the first three years have been made within a six-week lead time, and generally for conference groups of less than 50 participants. Forward bookings however are evidence of a trend towards larger conferences with longer lead times. This trend is based on the site’s growing popularity, accessibility and fit with the corporate market.

3 Refer to the graphs Figure 1 on page 8 and Figure 2 on page 9, which illustrate the potential for business under these two scenarios. Refer to Business Development Appendix 4 on page 24.



InformatIon memorandum 10

Research Awards 2011


3. Proposal background and recent performance

The Lung Foundation would like to acknowledge the fantastic efforts and selfless dedication of these generous volunteers. Each year, The Australian Lung Foundation reaches out to the Australian clinical community to identify and award those who have excelled in the area of respiratory medicine. In 2011 we received a large number of excellent nominations.

COPD Coordinating Committee

The Research Sub-Committee of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand reviews the applications against the relevant criteria and advises The Lung Foundation of the successful applicant that most closely meets the Award criteria.

The Lung Foundation congratulates the 2011 winners.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Research Fellowship

Dr Anne Holland

Annual Report

Post-Graduate Grant-In-Aid for Lung Cancer Research

Dr Bajee Krishna Sriram Ms Po Yee Yip

Prof Peter Frith (Chair)

Mr Bryan Clift (Chair)

Lungs in Action Steering Committee and Expert Advisory Panel

Prof Michael Abramson

Mr Barry Blaikie

Steering Committee

A/Prof Jenny Alison

Mr John Blue

Ms Julie Adsett

Dr Helen Bell

Ms Jacquie Carey

A/Prof Jenny Alison

A/Prof Alan Crockett

Ms Judith Hart

Dr John Atherton

Mr Bryan Clift

Ms Christine Hunt

Dr Nick Buckmaster

Dr Robert Edwards

Mr Reg Hunt

Ms Corinne French

A/Prof H. John Fardy

Ms Veronica Kemp

Mr Luke Kane

Mr Peter Guthrey

Mr Roy Martin

Dr Kate Pumpa

Mr David Hayne

Mr Bruce Miller

Ms Sue Rayner

Prof Christine Jenkins

Mrs Thelma Nicholson

Ms Menaka Sabaratnam

Prof Christine McDonald

Ms Caroline Polak-Scowcroft

Dr Lissa Spencer

Dr Vanessa McDonald

Ms Helen Reynolds

Dr Andrew Williams

Dr Julia Walters

Mr Mick Roberts

Mr Trent Young

A/Prof Ian Yang

Ms Megan Rushton

Expert Advisory Panel

Mr Mike Watteau

A/Prof Jenny Alison

COPD Evaluation Committee

Dr Angela Chang

COPD General Practice Advisory Committee

Under-Graduate Grant-In-Aid for Lung Cancer Research

Mr John Mackintosh Ludwig Eugel Grant-In-Aid for Physiological Research

Dr Rainer Haberberger

The Australian COPD Patient Taskforce

Dr Kerry Hancock (Chair)

Prof Michael Abramson (Chair)

Ms Judith Hart

Prof Alan Crockett

Ms Sally Watts

Dr David Batt

Dr Eli Dabscheck

Prof Ian Charlton

Prof Nicholas Glasgow

Mentoring physiotherapists and supporting staff Ms Julie Adsett

A/Prof Richard Wood-Baker

Ms Helen Beeley

A/Prof Ian Yang

Dr Sanjiva Wijesinha

Mr Howard Billany Ms Ianthe Boden

The company retains the ownership of six villas and they are available for sale as new property.

Ms Bianca Condon Ms Barb Corliss Mr Richard Denniston

PhD Top-Up Scholarship


In response to external issues, and compounded by internal changes that coincided with the finish of the villas development, the executive sought a general

Ms Susan de Pyle Ms Barbara Dilworth

Dr Jennifer Perret

Ms Corinne French

The Australian Lung Foundation

Annual Report 2011

Statement of Financial Position

The marketing was subsequently shelved and the villas locked up. This situation left the company with more debt than planned. To help in this matter a member of the O’Reilly family purchased four villas which reduced the company debt by A$2.8 million. In later 2009 these unsold villas were added to the rental lots because Reservations reported they were turning away bookings during weekends and peak holiday periods. Since then two company villas and three other private villas have been sold and prices have held relatively steady; two of the five sales were for record amounts.

A/Prof Ian Yang

A/Prof Sue Jenkins Prof Christine McDonald

Dr Steven Rudolphy

Dr Russell Wiseman

Dr Katherine Baines

Unique Investment Document

Dr Victoria Smith

A/Prof H John Fardy Dr Chris Hogan

Dr Noela Whitby

Grant-In-Aid for New and Emerging Researcher

The completion of the Mountain Villas development at O’Reilly’s in September 2008 coincided with collapse of Lehman Brothers in the United States and marked the beginning of the GFC. At this time O’Reilly’s had 12 villa lots left for the final release and approximately A$12.5 million in total company debt. On previous sales these 12 lots should have resulted in around A$9.6 million in income net GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Ms Sue Bligh

A/Prof Amanda Barnard

O’Reilly’s Information Memorandum


manager with a wider skill base than the long term incumbent to run this developing business. Unfortunately what followed were two less-than-satisfactory engagements and currently the business is overseen by the executive management, with support from a couple of young up-and-coming managers.

The weighting within the sales team has also moved from leisure to corporate and is already proving productive. For the first four months of this year 2011/2012, while the market has generally weakened further, the company performance has seen EBITDA increase from just over A$100,000 last year to almost A$350,000 at the end of October.

The financial year 2010 was a very poor year. It started with a federal election that took some months to resolve. During this time both companies and people hung back from spending on travel, leisure and meetings as they awaited the outcome. Once this election was finally resolved in early September the rains began, and it rained right through the rest of spring, all of summer and did not abate until March 2011. This weather affected an already fragile domestic leisure trade and hampered day visitation; combined with the increasingly strong dollar it meant that our traditional European and American visitors stayed at home.

The result of this chain of events is that the company has positioned itself for strong growth that needs to be financed by a capital injection. Selling the retained villas will take some time, as investor confidence remains low even with good and increasing occupancies.

The decision has been made to look for an equity partner or partners to capitalise on the business’s current opportunities, rather than having to wait some years before debt is lessened and capital is abundant enough to support this growth. It is also worth noting that the franking credits to the end of June 2011 amounted to A$3,970,723 which would allow fully franked dividends of A$9,265,487 to be paid in the future. Tax losses at the end of June 2011 amount to A$3,917,743 for National Park Pty Ltd and A$1,465,431 for Canungra Valley Vineyards Pty Ltd.

4. Further Information This document was prepared by the management of National Park Pty Ltd. The majority of figures used in this proposal are extracted from our accounts, which have been externally audited.

Since these disruptions the executive team have been trimming costs and reinstating the customer service O’Reilly’s was famous for, which had dissipated under the previous management. Marketing has increased results from the sales team and the leisure focus has moved from Europe and the United States to the emerging markets of Asia, especially China and Korea.

Further detailed information is available and the board of National Park Pty Ltd is open to discussing the form and consequences of various equity investment options, including development and exit strategies, governance processes and board representation.

A site visit can be arranged. Access from Brisbane is approximately 100 minutes by car and 80 minutes from the Gold Coast. The property has a helicopter pad that can be utilised; flying time is about 15 minutes from the coast and 25 minutes from Brisbane. Interested parties wanting further information and clarifications are invited to contact the Managing Director, Shane O’Reilly: Email: Phone: 0418 154 824


Statement of Cash Flows

The Australian Lung Foundation For the year ended 31 December 2011


The Australian Lung Foundation For the year ended 31 December 2011












Appendix 1

Appendix 2

The Companies

Brief Business Descriptions

O’Reilly’s Information Memorandum

Cash flows from operating activities Current assets Cash and cash equivalents Receivables Inventories Total current assets

Receipts from customers 2,967,106 275,342

2,798,757 251,597







Dividends received Interest received Payments to suppliers and employees Net cash flows used in operating activities

4,177,002 12,135

3,756,332 11,820







Non-current assets Available for Sale Financial assets Property, plant and equipment Total non-current assets Total assets







Current liabilities Payables Provisions Total current liabilities

Cash flows from investing activities Investing in term deposits



Acquisition of plant and equipment



Net cash flows used in investing activities Net decrease in cash held


(50,794) (150,307)

(349,715) (43,221)






Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the financial year Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the financial year





The O’Reilly family group of companies is comprised of three entities: National Park Pty Ltd, Lamington Management Services Pty Ltd and Canungra Valley Vineyards Pty Ltd. • National Park Pty Ltd (NP) is the O’Reilly family holding company whose shares are owned by two family trusts and two family members from the second generation. On the board there are two non-family, non-executive directors: the Chairman, Professor Ken Moores AM (Bond University; various directorships) and Stephen Gregg (Chairman, Queensland Rail; Chairman, Queensland Tourism Industry Council; and Chairman, Tropic North Queensland Tourism). In addition the board also comprises two third-generation O’Reilly’s.

Rainforest Retreat O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat is a multi-faceted eco-resort comprising 66 rooms and given a 4-star rating by RACQ. The retreat sits on a freehold site of approximately 126 hectares with a second parcel of 169 hectares located close by. Both land holdings are surrounded by the World Heritage listed Lamington National Park. The business essentially provides accommodation, food, beverages and a wide and diverse range of activities to the visiting guests.

• Lamington Management Services Pty Ltd (LMS) operates the management and letting of the Mountain Villas. The company is wholly owned by National Park Pty Ltd and has Shane O’Reilly as the sole director.




Total non-current liabilities



Total liabilities



• Canungra Valley Vineyards Pty Ltd (CVV) is 87.5% owned by National Park Pty Ltd. The other shareholding is a company associated with the O’Brien family, with the late Tom O’Brien once being the Chairman of National Park Pty Ltd. The board of this company consists of Stephen O’Brien as chairman and Ken Moores and Shane O’Reilly as directors.

Net assets



Company and business structure

Mountain Villas


The O’Reilly’s businesses are managed by an executive team of Shane O’Reilly (Managing Director), Dean Suters (Human Resources), Hilary Perry (Marketing) and Leonie Smith (Finance).

The business includes the management rights of the recently completed Mountain Villas complex, which comprises 42 x two-bedroom and 6 x three-bedroom villas of a 4.5 star rating that currently achieve an average rate of just under $400 per night. Within the Mountain Villas development, the O’Reilly holding company owns the Lost World Spa and Conference Centre, which is on a separate lot. The company also presently retains ownership of six of the villas with an average sale price of A$750,000 net of GST.

Non-current liabilities The accompanying notes form part of the financial report

Equity Retained earnings General reserve Reserves for specifically designated funds Unrealised gains / (losses) reserve Total equity

1,604,811 300,000 160,094

300,000 153,862





National Park Pty Ltd

O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

The accompanying notes form part of the financial report

Rainforest Retreat


LMS Pty Ltd Mountain Villas

CVV Pty Ltd 87.5%


Lost World Spa


Mountain Villas




The Australian Lung Foundation

Annual Report 2011

Rooms Division

Sales & Marketing





LinkWater Interactive Digital Foyer Display The map shows the water flow in pipes throughout the South-East Queensland region. Using live data from the SCADA system, the application refreshes every five minutes, based on information received from thousands of sensors throughout the watergrid.


LinkWater Childrens Kiosk Game


Skills Queensland


Securing a skilled future Skills and Workforce Development Investment Plan 2012–13 In focus

P E O P L E . P O T E N T I A L . P R O S P E R I T Y.


Securing a skilled future

Skills and Workforce Development

Investment Plan 2012–13

In focus



Transforming VET investment

RECOMMENDATIONS • Introduce the Queensland Training Guarantee. • R eview the services of the Public Provider to ensure it is competitive and viable. • T ransition existing funding arrangements to a more demand-led funding system.

To take advantage of its opportunities, Queensland needs a skilled workforce that moves, grows and adapts with the demands of the economy and its key industries. Increasing participation in education and training will be central to meeting the ever increasing skill needs of Queensland’s growing economy. Empowering industry, enterprises and individuals to choose the training that meets their needs and which provides employment outcomes is fundamental to delivering a dynamic modern workforce. A significant shift away from complex purchasing models is required to ensure access to education and training opportunities which support growth and employment. A simplified and transparent demand-based system is needed to allow people to make qualification choices based on the current and future employment opportunities within Queensland’s industry sectors.


“The Queensland Training Guarantee will provide Queenslanders with more training choices than ever before.”

The Queensland Training Guarantee The Queensland Training Guarantee will allow more Queenslanders to access skills and training directly linked to job opportunities. The Guarantee will allow young Queenslanders to gain their first post-school qualification and adult workers to up-skill and re-skill to take advantage of new career opportunities. The primary focus of the Queensland Training Guarantee is a commitment that Queenslanders will have access to a government subsidised training place to achieve their first post-school qualification at Certificate III level or above, in areas of priority for the economy. This includes ensuring that those Queenslanders that face barriers to participation in training and the workforce are provided with access to appropriate pathways and support to enable them to access their guarantee. The guarantee also delivers a commitment to reskill Queenslanders in areas of highest need for the economy.

Skills and Workforce Development Investment Plan 2012-13

Animated brand video

Electronic Direct Marketing



Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Department of Transport and Main Roads


Website 38


Department of Transport and Main Roads


Metropolitan rail networks provide impetus for urban revitalisation and growth. Targeted investment in these networks will help transform our cities by providing real support for sustainable urban development along major transport corridors as our cities continue to grow.

Business Case In-Brief July 2011

The journey so far March 2010

Commonwealth Government (National Infrastructure Priorities)

30335 CRR Booklet F.indd 1

The journey so far (A5 landscape booklet) 10


Capacity constraints in the Brisbane inner-city rail network

The journey so far


Capacity constraints in the inner city rail network

Business Case In-Brief

Shorncliffe line Ferny Grove line Airport line Doomben line


n lo

Bowen Hills

Train services per hour


Fortitude Valley Central

90 84


Roma Street


Park Road


Rosewood/ Ipswich line




Cleveland line

Gold Coast/ Beenleigh line

Brisbane’s inner city rail capacity

• 10 kilometre underground tunnels from Yeerongpilly to Victoria Park • four new underground train stations – Boggo Road, Gabba, Albert Street and Roma Street

 Single platforms  Long waiting times

 Congested Park Road junction  Merivale Bridge capacity

23/02/10 3:47 PM

• two upgraded stations – Rocklea and Moorooka.

• the rail network to expand to new areas • better connections to the busways and surface rail lines.


Caboolture Kippa-Ring Petrie Strathpine Airport

Shorncliffe Doomben

Ipswich Shorncliffe Doomben

Roma Street Albert Street

South East Busway


Cleveland Eastern Busway

Boggo Road


Yeerongpilly Salisbury Kuraby Loganlea

Flagstone Beaudesert


(Beyond 2031) Key to map Cross River Rail Cross River Rail underground station

Coomera Robina

Cross River Rail surface station Existing surface station Existing rail line

Varsity Lakes

Future rail line

Diagramatic (Not to scale)

Planning for Cross River Rail, the project that would create more than $9 billion in significant transport, city-building and economic benefits for South East Queensland, is almost complete. The environmental impact statement, which is now available for public review and comment, confirms Cross River Rail is essential for the region.

Eagle Junction Ekka

Airport Ferny Grove Inner Northern Busway

Rail is considered the backbone of South East Queensland’s public transport system because it: • is best suited for medium and long distance commutes

Conceptual image of Gabba Station Maroochydore

Gold Coast Airport

Cross River Rail would effectively double the rail capacity at the heart of the rail network, enabling up to 96 more trains in the two-hour morning peak period from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Redlands, Moreton Bay Region and northern and southern suburbs to come into the CBD. This would improve service reliability and frequency across the rail network and reduce train passenger crowding. Cross River Rail would also have the capacity to move 120 000 people in the two-hour morning peak from the north and south – the equivalent of a 30-lane motorway – helping to manage

South East Queensland’s rapidly growing population. In addition, Cross River Rail would provide a ‘turn-up and go’ level of service in the inner city, with a train stopping about every five minutes in the two-hour morning peak period and every 10 minutes in the off-peak period at a Cross River Rail station. Cross River Rail would: „ create a transport corridor that connects planned high growth areas to the CBD by rail, including Yeerongpilly, Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, and Bowen Hills „ encourage new neighbourhoods and urban renewal, including redevelopment opportunities, in and around the new inner city stations

„ improve accessibility between key employment centres, education facilities, health facilities, and sporting and event areas in Brisbane’s inner city „ connect new cities and regional centres to the CBD by rail such as Flagstone and Coomera. Cross River Rail would also benefit Brisbane and South East Queensland’s economy. It would: „ create about 5900 direct and indirect jobs during the construction phase „ create a dedicated freight line from the Acacia Ridge freight terminal to the Port of Brisbane, ensuring the movement of freight by rail does not constrain the growing demand for passenger services. With benefits like these, it is clear Cross River Rail is needed for both the future of Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Key points

1. Merivale Bridge capacity

• Environmental impact statement now available for public review and comment.

The Merivale Bridge is the only river crossing for trains from the Gold Coast, Beenleigh and Cleveland lines.

• Changes made to the reference design. • Environmental impact statement demonstrates the project could create more than $9 billion in transport, city-building and economic benefits.

2. Congested Park Road junction Inbound Cleveland peak trains and outbound Gold Coast and Beenleigh trains must cross each other through the Park Road junction, which is nearing capacity.

• Get involved – come along to a consultation event.

Next steps • Planning completed (late 2011). • Procurement and detailed design (about 18 months). • Construction could start in 2015.

3. Trains merge onto single track (South Brisbane)

Come along to a consultation event

4. Trains merge into single track (Milton) City-bound peak trains from the west must merge from two tracks into one single city-bound track just before entering the inner city. 5. Peak trains returning to Mayne Yards Empty trains from the north must cross in front of inbound peak passenger trains from the west to return to the train holding area at Mayne, disrupting and limiting peak flow.

• is a reliable public transport option, because it operates separately from the road network and is not impacted by congestion

6. Long waiting times Central Station is the main station in the inner city. Significant passenger flows cause long train waiting times, which also limits the amount of trains that can move through the inner city.

2–3 4

Single platforms at Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills stations do not allow large passenger numbers to be efficiently catered for, reducing the capacity of the network.

23/02/10 3:47 PM

• increases urban development opportunities through new stations, stimulating economic growth

• creates a dedicated transport corridor that supports regional planning, manages urban growth and reduces urban sprawl.

Cross River Rail will be able to move up to 120 000 people in the morning peak into the inner city from the north and south. It would take a 30-lane motorway to match this. Buses are the most flexible form of public transport, and as such service low-to-medium levels of demand in suburbs outside the inner city. Busways will continue to play an important role in South East Queensland’s public transport network, as they provide fast, frequent and reliable public transport in a dedicated corridor separated from general traffic, helping to manage congestion and reduce pollution. However, the amount of new bus services able to access the inner city is restricted, as CBD bus station and on-street drop-off areas are nearing capacity. Light rail and metro systems are best suited to move people within higher density areas over short distances. They are not appropriate for the mediumto-long distance commutes that Cross River Rail will help cater for.

Cross River Rail will be able to move up to 120 000 people in the morning peak period into the inner city from the north and south. It would take a 30-lane motorway to match this.

The journey so far

30335 CRR Booklet F.indd 9

• has a reduced reliance on oil-based fuels, compared to private motor vehicles, minimising harmful emissions

• carries more passengers than any other form of public transport

7. Single platforms

All inbound Gold Coast, Beenleigh and Cleveland trains must merge together (three lines into one) to cross the Merivale Bridge, restricting the capacity of the corridor.

What’s inside Key reference design changes 2–3 About the environmental impact statement

30335 CRR Booklet F.indd 6

Why rail?

Cross River Rail will provide a new underground river crossing and new underground inner city stations, delivering major improvements to rail services across the region, enhancing inner city access and helping to promote a more sustainable South East Queensland.

• fast, frequent, ‘turn-up and go’ services in the inner city

Without Cross River Rail, the rail system will not be able to provide adequate access to inner Brisbane, which will constrain economic growth, worsen traffic congestion and pollution, and erode the South East Queensland lifestyle.

Map and diagram indicative only.

Cross River Rail would enable: • more trains, more often to service the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and outer suburbs into the inner city

To deal with the growing demand, the Queensland Government is planning to transform the rail network, starting with Cross River Rail.

 Peak trains returning to Mayne Yards

30335 CRR Booklet F.indd 8

• two new surface stations – Yeerongpilly and Ekka

To meet the forecast demand for train services, the inner city rail network needs new rail corridors and additional tracks to provide additional capacity.

 Trains merge into single track

South Brisbane



 Trains merge into single track



Cross River Rail is a proposed new 18 kilometre north-south rail line in Brisbane’s inner city, including:

There are currently four rail tracks through the inner city, and the ability to add additional tracks in the existing corridor, or build new stations, is extremely limited.



edition 4 August 2011

In 2009, 57 train services operated in the one-hour morning peak to move passengers into the inner city. By 2016, this is forecast to rise to 92 train services, and by 2026 this could rise to 141 train services. Based on current trends, the existing inner city rail network would not be able to handle this increased demand for train services beyond about 2016.


Eagle Junction



Fast, frequent, reliable underground travel

South East Queensland is experiencing rapid growth, with the population expected to grow to around 4.4 million by 2031. This growth will put increasing pressure on the public transport system, particularly for trips by rail into and across Brisbane’s inner city – which will remain the hub of South East Queensland’s rail network.

Nambour/Caboolture line

Additionally, 57 train services operate in the one-hour peak to move passengers into the inner city. With operational improvements, the existing four tracks can handle up to 84 train services in the one-hour peak, however, on current projections, 92 train services will be required by 2016. Without Cross River Rail, there will not be enough services to meet the forecast demand.


The journey so far

Why do we need Cross River Rail?

By 2016, South East Queensland’s rail network will be heavily constrained due to a number of factors. For example, every single train from Brisbane’s south must cross the Merivale Bridge to enter the city and head north. Without a second river crossing, extra peak services from Beenleigh (to Ferny Grove), the Gold Coast (to the airport) and Cleveland (to Doomben and Shorncliffe) will not be feasible.

Gympie North

23/02/10 3:46 PM


23/02/10 3:47 PM

The journey so far

30335 CRR Booklet F.indd 7


23/02/10 3:47 PM

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Esri Australia Intranet


Esri Australia


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Social media



Hynes Lawyers








Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts

Brisbane Open House





Queensland Children’s Hospital


Looking ahead

A gift from one generation to the next

The new Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) will open in 2014. Between now and then, there’s a lot of work to be done to make our new public hospital at South Brisbane fully operational. We’re working hard to merge the best ideas and practices of the Royal Children’s and Mater Children’s hospitals with fresh thinking, innovative technology and better resources.

Caring for children and young people is our passion, it’s our business and it’s our responsibility. Creating the new Queensland Children’s Hospital is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design a modern, professional and family-centred health care facility and service from the ground up. It really is a gift from one generation to the next.

The QCH will be more than just a building. It will be the central point of a statewide healthcare service. This means extending our new hospital’s reach well beyond its walls and the confines of the city and out into local communities. We have the staff expertise, the technology and the desire to move with the times and provide our kids with faster access to the treatment they need in more convenient settings.

Dr Peter Steer Chief Executive Officer Queensland Children’s Health Service District

For some, the QCH will become a second home. For others it will be a brief interlude, soon forgotten. For those who will work there, it’s a livelihood, a vocation, an inspiration. At different times it will be a place of comfort, of grief or of triumph. Because a hospital is not just a building. It’s about people. With this in mind, our planning process over the past two and a half years has been extensive. Staff from the Royal Children’s and Mater Children’s hospitals and paediatric and other health care experts have worked with teams of planners, architects and builders to design an outstanding children’s hospital. These people, along with current and former patients and their families, have been given an opportunity to help design a new hospital from start to finish. A major part of the planning process is to look at what we do now and work out how to do it better, and who better to ask than the people who will bring that new building to life.

The QCH will be a custom-designed facility with cutting edge technology and a concentration of specialist clinical expertise in the one location. Our staff will be called on to care for our most seriously ill children and young people, as well as to provide general health care to children in the local inner-Brisbane community. As you can imagine, an enormous amount of work is being done to progress the project from a basic hospital outline to a point where each and every room is planned down to the last light switch. By the end of 2009, decisions about services, rooms, furniture and fixtures and the specific layout of departments will have been made.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new hospital from start to finish

l Hospita dren’s il h C d slan to the n o Queen i t g a in r d il e n bu We’re one ge


rom a gift f

health • care • people

Brochure A place for children, young people and their families We know the best way to look after children and young people is to provide them with a compassionate environment which supports their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. That’s why we are designing a hospital which acknowledges the key role family members play in their children’s hospital experience. About 80 per cent of overnight beds will be in single rooms with an ensuite and carer’s bed. We will also provide a range of accommodation for regional and travelling families as well as on-site overnight accommodation for families in need. The QCH will cater for different age groups from babies right through to adolescents. We know the way young children interact with each other and their environment is very different to the way in which older children and teenagers like to spend their time. So, we have indoor and outdoor children’s play areas as well as spaces for young people to socialise with peers in a comfortable, private setting.

Tranquil internal and external gardens will also provide patients and families with green space to take a break from the clinical setting. The South Bank Parklands and cultural precinct, which starts just across the road, also provides a gateway to world-class parklands, family recreation space and a range of cultural experiences.

Part of a state-wide community The QCH will have two roles – to provide a statewide, highly specialised health care service for children with severe or complex medical conditions and to treat children in the local inner-Brisbane community. In a state as large as Queensland, providing statewide health care will always be a challenge. But it’s a challenge the QCH is being designed to meet. A key part of this plan involves building strong relationships with other hospitals and health care facilities right around Queensland to ensure medical transfers and hospital care plans are co-ordinated to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.

We will also work closely with our colleagues in other facilities to continue support for patients and families through outreach clinics as close to their homes as possible. In another major development for children’s health services in Queensland, a children’s emergency department will be opened at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane’s north by 2012. New or expanded children’s services at the Ipswich, Logan, Caboolture, Redcliffe and Redlands hospitals will further strengthen Brisbane’s children’s emergency care network.

A place for teaching and research Educating clinicians is a vital part of a teaching hospital’s responsibilities. At the QCH, this responsibility is being taken to a whole new level with dedicated staff education hubs throughout the hospital. A new Queensland Children’s Hospital Academic and Research Institute will also be located in the QCH precinct.

The Institute will house twice as many paediatric research staff as the total number currently working at both the Royal Children’s and Mater Children’s hospitals. Combining the teaching and research resources of these two hospitals will concentrate a crucial mass of people and services in the one location, leading to better opportunities for education and research. More defined career paths and better professional development will also support our educators and researchers in their work on preventative health care, and to find cures and better treatment options for many of the illnesses and health problems facing our young people.

Designed for the future The physical design of a building has a significant impact on the people who use it. We want people who come to our new hospital and its surrounds to feel welcome, secure, comfortable and supported. To achieve this, our architects and planners are creating a truly unique, therapeutic healing environment for the QCH.

Studies show hospital patients with access to natural light, fresh air and green space recover more quickly from illness and report a better hospital experience. Our new building will have lots of natural light, great views, high indoor air quality and easy access to open space and beautiful gardens. We want to create a healthy living space inside and outside the hospital to help our sick kids get better as quickly as possible.

The hospital will enhance the existing urban environment by incorporating a series of green urban plazas and retail spaces between the building and surrounding traffic routes. Easy linkages between the building and South Bank Parklands and local schools will connect the hospital to the broader community.

Our building will also embrace green design principles like water harvesting, the use of sustainable materials and waste minimisation and recycling. The hospital will be highly flexible in its design, so space can be modified to accommodate new technologies and emerging trends in clinical practice.

The people who work at the Royal Children’s and Mater Children’s hospitals have cared for Queensland’s children for more than 150 years to the very best of their ability based on the resources available. They have put their heart and soul into helping people and they know what does and doesn’t work in a hospital. That’s why at every step along the way, staff have been involved in planning and designing the new QCH. We have drawn on their years of dedication and experience to custom design a new children’s hospital to better meet the current and future needs of our patients, their families and staff.

The new QCH has been designed to meet increased capacity in the future. When we need it, we can add another level to the main building and expand some of the existing floors. Internally, the building is being designed to make it easy for people to find their way around, with key internal destinations linked to the main reception area and pathways well signposted throughout the building and the QCH precinct.

Bringing everyone together

ital 014 G IN 2 u/childrenshosp





Where to from here? There’s a lot to do before the end of 2009. Our priority is to continue working closely with staff at the Royal Children’s and Mater Children’s hospitals and meeting with groups and individuals to finalise the design of the QCH.

We are combining and expanding Queensland’s paediatric facilities in the one purpose-built location.

From a construction perspective, work has now started on the QCH site. The Mater Hospital’s Raymond Terrace carpark will be demolished by the end of 2009 to make way for the new QCH. By this time, three levels of a planned new six level 1500-bay carpark off Hancock Street will be ready for use. This carpark will be fully completed by the end of 2010. A new basement car park directly under the main QCH building will also be completed in 2010, providing patients, families and staff with direct access to the hospital when it opens. Once the basement carpark is finished in 2010, work will begin on the main building, which will take about 14 months. Fit-out will take another 15 months, with construction planned to be completed by 2013 and the hospital fully operational in 2014.

y St



St Hancock



Vulture St South




East buswa









We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create a specialised children’s hospital from start to finish, drawing on input from the people working in the hospitals and the people using them.

We will be able to provide our staff with the environment and resources to enable them to do what they do best – care for our children and young people.



Griffith University




Graduate profile and world of teachers sites 52


Queensland Health



mental health week active, get connected, stay involved

mental health week active, get connected, stay involved

Friday 14th October 2011 • Consumer/consumer organisation • Carer/carer organisation • Non-government/community organisation • Government service/program • Individual

Look after your mental health every day in a little way.

• Media • Natural disaster response and recovery – individual/organisation • Natural disaster response and recovery – clinician/clinical team

The AwArds Ceremony Friday 14 October 2011

Nominating an outstanding individual, group or organisation is a great way to recognise someone who has made a difference in others’ lives. For more information, including a simple stepby-step guide on how to prepare and submit a nomination, visit mentalhealth or phone 3834 3333.

9-15 October 2011


Help’s available – contact your local GP or medical service or try one of these: | mhConnect Info Service 1300 729 686 | Just ask 1300 13 11 14 | 1300 22 46 36 | Lifeline 13 11 14 (24 hour) Kids Helpline 1800 551 800 | Mensline Australia 1300 789 978 (24 hour)

Press ad

Authorised by the Queensland Government, George St, Brisbane


In partnership with Open Minds, Queensland Health, through the Mental Health Directorate, is proud to host the third annual Mental Health Week Achievement Awards.

Q U e e n s L A n d M e n tA L H e A Lt H A C H I e v e M e n t AW A r d s 2 0 1 0 f I n A L I s t s

The Awards recognise the achievement of individuals and organisations who work tirelessly to increase our understanding of mental health issues, to enhance service provision and to improve the mental health of Queenslanders.


As in previous years, the Open Minds Earle Duus Award, named in honour of a Brisbane philanthropist, will be awarded to an overall winner selected from the category winners. Open Minds is a non-profit organisation providing community based support services to men and women with mental illness, intellectual disability or acquired brain injury.

mental health week active, get connected, stay involved

Transition Support Service, Richmond Fellowship Queensland Supported Options in Lifestyle and Access Services Inc MATES in Construction Program, OzHelp Queensland Ltd

G O V E R N M E N T S E R V I C E / P RO G R A M C AT E G O RY Mental Health First Response Supervisor Position Queensland Police Service, Far Northern Region OnTrack Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning

Order Of events Master of Ceremonies, Jessica Rowe Welcome to Country, Maroochy Barambah, Turrbal Tribe

The Carer Information Pack, Metro North Mental Health

C A R E R / C A R E R O RG A N I S AT I O N C AT E G O RY MATES in Construction Program, OzHelp Queensland Ltd Mater Child and Youth Mental Health Service Parent Advisory Group

Welcome by Dr Aaron Groves, Executive Director, Mental Health Directorate, Queensland Health

Lynn Forster

Address by the Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk MP, Minister for Disability Services and Multicultural Affairs


Presentation of the Non-Government/Community Organisation Category by Minister Palaszczuk

Michael Burge

Presentation of the Government Service/Program Category by Mr Michael Reid, Director-General, Queensland Health

Tanya Darl

Presentation of the Carer/Carer Organisation Category by Dr Jeannette Young, Chief Health Officer, Queensland Health


Main Course

Kate Sanders Amanda McClintock

Associate Professor Robert King Nadia Beer OAM Adjunct Professor John Mendoza

Presentation by Dr Groves of the: Consumer/Consumer Organisation Category


Individual Category

Lexy Hamilton-Smith Channel 10 News - Mates in Construction Program

Media Category

Dessert Presentation of the Open Minds Earle Duus Award, Mike Gilmour, Chair, Open Minds.

Program of events


10-16 October 2010

Fidelis Rego, Belinda Sanders, David Iliffe ABC Radio Southern Queensland – Toowoomba Clubhouse Employment Program Kathy McLeish ABC TV – Stateline, Mental Health Intervention Program




Flight Centre


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Touch screen kiosk


The Office of the Governor, Qld

Government House Queensland


The Entrance

The Entrance


isitors arrive at Fernberg’s imposing entrance today as they have since 1890, up wide marble front steps leading to an open porch at the base of a high tower. The original doorbell and hexagonal porch lantern remain, as does the floor of the porch, laid in chequered dark and light marble, bordered in black. A carved keystone, fluted pillars topped with Corinthian style capitals, and other decorative features are incorporated in the porch’s design.



Government House Queensland

The Entrance Hall


he portrait of Sir George Ferguson Bowen, Queensland’s first Governor, in the entrance hall is a watercolour facsimile of an original pastel portrait created in 1882 by the British artist, Henry Gordon Fanner. Bowen is shown wearing the sash and medal of the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George which he was awarded in 1860. This regalia was presented to Government House by the Queensland Women’s Historical Association in 1992 and is on display in the foyer.

Government House showcase book

Tessellated geometric and encaustic tiles became very popular in the late nineteenth century after Queen Victoria commissioned them for Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. As the fashion spread to the colonies, they were used in several prominent buildings of the era, including Queensland’s Parliament House. John Stevenson imported encaustic tiles manufactured in the Minton factory in Stoke on Trent, England, for the floor of his new entrance hall at Fernberg in 1890. In later years they were covered by carpet, but were exposed and refurbished in 1999.



Government House Queensland

The Foyer

The Foyer


hen the house was extended by John Stevenson, the Foyer and Sitting Room were part of a single larger space which served as Drawing Room and Parlour. The wall separating the Drawing Room from the hallway and staircase was removed to create a larger, open entry space when the new Drawing Room was added in 1937.

Furniture in the Foyer includes a circular pedestal table from the Victorian era with elaborately carved cabriole legs and a walnut veneer decorated with intricate floral marquetry.





Xstrata Coal Queensland

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The Man from Snowy River Arena Spectacular

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Successful communication evolves naturally when you work closely with a team. Each of our team have been hand-picked as expert communicators in their respective fields. We work as a cohesive group, sharing our ideas, energies and knowledge across all fields. Our flat management structure means we work to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.


Within JSAcreative we have taken a considered approach to building the right balance in our business. We have been careful to match decades of experience with talented youthful exuberance and a willingness to push the boundaries of any creative challenge. Creativity is at our core, but ‘service’ is our point of difference.

Our clients are important to us At JSAcreative, our clients are important to us. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager and creative design team. We take the time to get to know you and your business, to understand the way you work, who your target markets are and what you need from your creative agency.

We work together to establish desired outcomes and put into action processes and procedures that ensure your objectives are met. We gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand and will ensure all collateral conforms to your brand style guide.


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Portfolio Our Clients

We have a broad range of clients across a number of sectors. Among them you’ll find large Corporates, Government bodies, SMEs, councils, associations, and creative industries to name just a few:



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