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Introduction In today’s shipping market, successful operators are those that secure a competitive advantage and manage their financial risk, especially when it comes to marine fuel procurement. And that’s why Cockett Marine Oil is your perfect business partner. With an enviable reputation for highly professional and competitive trading our customers leverage off our strong global relationships, our knowledge in a highly fragmented market together with our operational and technical support, as well as financial backing. Cockett provides innovative solutions to our customers in sourcing their bunker fuel as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, enabling customers to focus on their core business activities. Historically a value added reseller of marine oils, Cockett has successfully expanded into more complex trading arrangements including offering hedging tools and contracts for physical delivery. We have also developed successful physical supply operations in strategic locations and, recently established a

bunkers-only operation in the English Channel. Our success has stemmed from our team of experienced trading staff and physical supply experts. We continue to recruit new traders and supply experts, each with a proven track record and passion for customer service. Cockett operates from the Group’s head offices on the outskirts of London and eight international offices. After joining the South Africanbased Grindrod Group (JSE:GND) in 2008, Cockett has not looked back. We have embarked on a phase of sustainable growth, including the recent acquisition of Associated Bunkeroil Contractors, the Rotterdam-based physical supplier serving the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Cockett’s strategy has been to increase the core trading business and expand the physical supply business by always putting our customer first and adding value. As a result we have increased the amount of fuel we trade year on year. The combination of Cockett’s skills and expertise and the extensive capabilities of the Grindrod Group means our customers benefit from the commercial synergy of trading and physical supply, as well as tankers and storage. Our overall infrastructure provides a uniquely competitive supply-chain managed solution.



Cockett Marine Oil traders enjoy vast experience in the marine fuels industry whilst understanding the needs of our customers. We are able to supply bunkers worldwide throughout our network of offices ranging from the Far East to South America. Due to the quantity of bunkers we purchase, Cockett Marine

customers can enjoy economies of scale through our buying power. The financial backing of the South African-based Grindrod Group allows us to benefit from competitive pricing. The purchasing of marine fuel has evolved over recent years. Buyers are looking for increasingly sophisticated tools with which to manage their largest overhead. Cockett Marine has moved with the market and offers a number of solutions to remove the volatility of prices and provides creative price

risk management tools through floating and fixed price contracts, as well as spot pricing in the traditional way. Cockett Marine enjoys a first class reputation and enjoys the support of suppliers worldwide. For buyers looking for guaranteed supply and competitive prices we are very well positioned. This is possible as our trading team is increasingly working with our own physical supply experts throughout the Grindrod Group.


Physical Supply Cockett’s physical supply team is responsible for delivering the right fuel, at the right price, in the right location. Three decades of trading significant volumes of marine oil globally ensures highly competitive pricing. Customers, through the international offices of Cockett, are benefitting from the collective skills and commercial capabilities, not only of Cockett Marine Oil, but also of the various companies within the South African-based and publicly listed Grindrod Group. A single call to Cockett provides not only competitively priced fuel, but also the bunkering and bunker tanker operating expertise of Rotterdam-based Associated Bunkeroil Contractors (ABC), and Unicorn Shipping, both of which operate high quality modern barges. Grindrod Group also operates liquid storage facilities through Grindrod Terminals. As a result it’s easy to understand why Cockett’s physical supply team has established such a loyal customer base. The team’s in house technical expertise provides for that allimportant peace of mind in terms of quality control through the supply chain, including diligent procurement from first class

sources, comprehensive analysis and quality assurance. Bespoke testing and inspection is also offered if required including pretests, using a dedicated laboratory located on the site of the Thamesbased storage facility and other independent laboratories where necessary. Thanks to the commercial strength of the Grindrod Group, Cockett’s customers have

benefited from the investment in first-class infrastructure and equipment to support the physical supply operations. Excitingly, there is an ambitious expansion strategy for the physical supply capabilities using Grindrod Group resources, beyond those currently provided in the Thames estuary and throughout the English Channel, to other international locations.


Bunkers Only Responding to its customers’ demands for greater service and competition in the region, Cockett established a bunkers-only operation to serve the River Thames, its estuary, as well as the English Channel. Ship operators using the English Channel and The North Sea Emissions Control Area can now secure a competitive advantage thanks to the collective expertise of Cockett Marine Oil. Located in the Queen’s Channel, a sheltered area in the Thames Estuary off the coast of Kent, and within the Port of London Authority’s jurisdiction, Cockett provides bunkers-only from three dedicated deep water anchorages. In addition, Cockett’s tankers are supplying bunkers in the Northern French ports, notably Boulogne and Dunkirk. Cockett’s bunkers-only service builds upon its own longstanding bunker trading skills and the collective expertise of partners within the Grindrod Group, working especially closely with in house tanker operator Unicorn Shipping and Rotterdam-based Associated Bunkeroil Contractors. The wellestablished Rotterdam-based

physical supplier operates four bunker tankers delivering marine fuels to ships in the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp, whilst sister company Unicorn Shipping provides specially designed and built modern high class barges to the oil majors operation in the key South African ports of Durban and Cape Town. A full range of fuel oils, including low/high sulphur fuel variants, as well as gasoil, are delivered by barge, loading both directly from Rotterdam and localised dedicated Thames-based storage facilities, enabling customers to avoid timeconsuming and costly diversions from the main English Channel shipping lanes. Customers can take advantage of being closer to the traffic separation schemes, resulting

in a diversion of only one to two hours from the major shipping lanes, in sharp contrast to the deviations to reach the other bunkers-only locations elsewhere in the English Channel. Operating modern tankers able to carry a range of marine fuels, turnaround times are quick and ensure the highest possible standards in terms of Ship-to-Ship Transfer and make Cockett’s services on both sides of the Channel highly cost-effective The English Channel is now a serious bunker hub thanks to its location and ability to take advantage of cheaper fuel prices from Rotterdam and Cockett’s trading and physical supply expertise.


Durban One place in the world that perfectly demonstrates the depth and breadth of the competitive advantage that can be delivered through the expertise of Cockett Group is the Port of Durban in South Africa. Building on the strengths and synergies that exist within the Grindrod Group, Cockett has established an unparalleled supply chain managed solution to support vessels calling at the Port of Durban, which welcomes in the region of 40% of all vessels calling at South African ports. Working closely with other colleagues within the Grindrod Group, Cockett has developed the ability to provide customers with the most competitively priced fuel oils. In conjunction with our partner Unical, which operates two of the four barges in the port, Cockett is able to offer a world class, quick turnaround, safe and highly efficient Bunker delivery service. At the heart of our service is the desire to make the bunkering system as simple as possible whilst securing a competitive advantage for our customers.

Cockett Marine Oil is ideally placed to provide a range of other products and services including lubricants, spares, repairs, drydocking, agency and even travel services. Cockett has seen an ongoing increase in the level of business conducted through the Cape Town office, which is the result of continued commitment to customers in terms of quality of

service and price, as well as the team built in South Africa. The growth of Cockett Marine’s operations serving those vessels plying the south, east and west African trade routes has seen the team relocate to larger offices as part of the group’s ongoing strategy to expand trading and bunker supply operations in the region – and boost the Port of Durban.


Offshore The offshore industry, and in particular those businesses operating exploration, support or production vessels in the oil and gas sector, need a bunker marine fuel supplier who understands the specific needs of the industry. Time is money to the offshore industry, especially as it operates state-of-the-art dynamically positioned rigs, FPSOs or the many other vessel types that are utilised in the various phases of the oil and gas exploration and production cycle. The commercial priority for the industry is that bunker fuel is delivered on time and by high specification and expertly crewed barges to ensure their own operating and safety performance is not compromised, while maintaining the highest safety standards. Cockett, through its longstanding expertise in trading marine fuels, combined with its capabilities in managing the physical supply, together with its extensive international network, is a perfect partner for the offshore industry. The network of Cockett offices also understands their local

markets and operating requirements. When operating in the offshore waters of many countries, including, for example, Brazil, the oil and gas industry operators are required to work with local licensed companies to ensure they comply with the country’s tax regime. Cockett’s office in Rio de

Janeiro is fully licensed and perfectly placed to provide competitively priced bunkers. And what reinforces Cockett’s position as the perfect worldwide bunker marine fuels partner is the ability to competitively offer a diverse range of marine-related services and products.



United Kingdom Cockett Marine Oil Ltd Carrick House, 36 Station Square, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent BR5 1NA United Kingdom Tel: (+44) 01689 883400 (24 hrs) Tel/Facsimile: (+44) 01689 877666 Email: Australia Cockett Marine Oil Australia Pty Ltd Suite 2, 448 Roberts Road, Subiaco WA, 6008 Australia Tel: (+61) 8 9381 3233 Tel/Facsimile: (+61) 8 9381 3255 Email: Brazil Cockett Marine Oil Ltd, Brazil Av Rio Branco 45, Sala 505 Centro Cep: 20090-003 Rio de Janeiro, South America, Brazil Tel: (+55) 21 2223 2359 Tel/Facsimile: (+55) 21 2203 2376 Email:

Cockett Marine Oil has offices around the world.

China Cockett Marine Oil (Asia) Shanghai 828 Zhang Yang Road 14H Huadu Mansion Shanghai, 200122, China Tel: (+86) 21 5081 6933 Tel/Facsimile: (+86) 21 5081 6960 Email:

Korea Cockett Marine Oil (Asia) Korea Coal Center, 2nd Floor, 80-6 Susong-Dong Jongno-Ku, Seoul 110-727, Korea Tel: (+82) 2 730 1890 Tel/Facsimile: (+82) 2 730 4400 Email:

France Cockett Marine Oil Southern Europe 37 Rue D’Antibes, 06400 Cannes, France Tel: (+33) 4 97 062100 Tel/Facsimile: (+33) 4 97 063148 Email:

Singapore Cockett Marine Oil (Asia) Singapore 1 Maritime Square #09-26 Harbour Front Centre Singapore 099253 Telephone: (+65) 6732 2225 (24 hrs) Tel/Facsimile: (+65) 6732 2272 Email:

Hong Kong Cockett Marine Oil (Asia) Hong Kong 39 Gloucester Road, Suite 1704 17th Floor, Harcourt House, Wanchai Hong Kong Tel: (+852) 2111 9939 Tel/Facsimile: (+852) 2111 9169 Email:

South Africa Cockett Marine Oil South Africa (Pty) Ltd Suite 605 Buitenkloof Studios 8 Kloof Street, Gardens Cape Town 8001 South Africa Tel: (+27) 21 422 1111 Tel/Facsimile: (+27) 21 422 5555 E-Mail:

Head Office: Cockett Marine Oil Ltd, Carrick House, 36 Station Square, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent BR5 1NA United Kingdom


Grindrod Group Grindrod Limited, which is Cockett’s parent company, is a holding company traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and offers a worldwide range of highquality shipping and freight services by land, air, and sea. Founded a century ago, the Grindrod Group has grown in size and stature, modernised its operations and adopted an entrepreneurial decision-making approach, which has led to its turnover exceeding $2bn (for the six months ended 30 June 2010) with assets of close to $2bn. Grindrod’s business is all about moving cargo from point of departure to final destination providing customers with simple, convenient solutions to complex operational exercises. Grindrod’s head office is in Durban, South Africa and is represented by subsidiaries, joint venture and associated companies worldwide employing around 5,000 skilled and dedicated people. The Group’s activities stretch from ship owning and operating, to trading, to financial services and freight services. The Group’s subsidiaries are also major players

in logistics management, international forwarding and customs clearing, ships agency services, ports and terminal operations as well as warehousing and distribution. As a result of its diversity and strength of its balance sheet, Cockett’s customers can benefit from the security of a sound counterparty, and also from the commercial synergies that exist within the trading division of the Grindrod Group, which trades in agricultural products, industrial raw materials and marine fuels and lubricants. As an organisation Grindrod recently reaffirmed its commitment to growing its worldwide bunker supply operations with the acquisition of Associated Bunkeroil Contractors (ABC) based in Rotterdam, a well-established

physical supplier of marine bunker fuels in the Rotterdam and surrounding port areas. Now managed by the Cockett Group, ABC has been an integral element in Cockett’s expansion into physical supply and success in providing a bunkers only service in the English Channel. In addition to financial sustainability, as a top ranked listed company Grindrod is committed to world class maritime environmental management standards with an impressive record of pollution prevention, efficient use of natural resources and generally minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment. Furthermore, Grindrod continues to invest in communities by supporting initiatives focused primarily on education.


Corporate Social Responsibility Cockett Marine Oil takes its responsibility to the community very seriously. As well as providing funding to charities in its local community, its staff are also encouraged to take part in events and fundraising activities ensuring they have a personal involvement with the projects. Cockett is currently supporting five charities: Harris HospisCare based near our head office in Orpington; The Maypole Project which provides services in South East London; Petts Wood Football Club; the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) based in Ramsgate, Kent; and national charity Children with Leukaemia. We are also supporting a campaign to promote the importance of CPR across Bromley. Harris HospisCare aims to improve the quality of life of patients by providing specialist palliative care, supporting families and carers and working in a training capacity with local health care professionals to improve end of life care for all. The Maypole Project offers relief, preservation and protection of the emotional wellbeing of individuals, predominantly children and young people diagnosed between birth

and 18 years of age with a chronic illness that may be life threatening or life shortening, and their family members. Petts Wood Football Club, which has its ground near to Cockett UK’s Head Office, offers both boys and girls of all ability levels the opportunity to play good quality football, regardless of their parents’ income. The club has the infrastructure to support new teams and offers qualified football coaching at all ages. Cockett is funding a free coaching course for all age groups in the club where teams require strengthening or are short of players. The course will be run by newly qualified football coaches to enable them to gain confidence in their coaching skills. Children with Leukaemia is continuing its fight against childhood leukaemia through funding research into causes and treatments, as well as supporting families and future campaigning. The charity relies

solely on donations and receives no Government funding which is one of the reasons why Cockett decided to support it. The RNLI is a charity that saves lives at sea, ensuring that lifeboats, life-saving equipment and shore facilities are maintained in a safe manner and kept in a state of readiness. The organisation must raise sufficient funds to enable it to save lives now and in the future, and pursue innovative ways of extending its role to provide better support for crews. Our donation will be used to offset the cost of training and crew kit at Ramsgate RNLI. Cockett also sponsors an annual CPR campaign in the London Borough of Bromley. The campaign involves a wall chart that provides a step-by-step guide to administering CPR and demonstrates how it can save lives. Distributed to libraries, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals, the chart promotes the life-saving procedure to the local community.


Cockett Marine Oil Brochure  

Cockett Marine Oil Brochure