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Stars who started at 2-year colleges

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Community college is often viewed as a stepping-stone for prospective students, whether their intention is to attend a full-time university or pursue a career after graduation. According to the American Association of Community Colleges, over 7.7 million students were enrolled at the 1,132 community colleges across the nation in fall 2012. Community college allows for an affordable education and flexibility of class schedules, and often students work full-time in addition to classes. Several celebrities chose to walk the community college path before galloping into Hollywood and achieving worldwide fame. Here are our top 6, in reverse order:

tence. He went on to become a pivotal member of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” From there, it was just a matter of time before his live standup album was nominated for a Grammy. Murphy started appearing on the big screen with his role in “48 hours,” “Beverly Hills Cop I” and “II,” and a number of other films throughout the years.

5 . Q u e e n L a t i fa h Queen Latifah, born Dana Elaine Owens, was the first feHalle Berry male rapper to be nominated for an Academy Award. She was born in Newark, New Jersey, and was dubbed “Latifah” by a family friend; the nickname means “delicate and sensitive” in Arabic. The musically inclined child began singing with her church, then in school, and eventually formed the all-female group Ladies Fresh with two of her friends. Her singing drew the attenGeorge Lucas tion of the music industry, and it wasn’t long before she was signed to a label and released her first sinbroadcasting. Once she had established gle. Her career took off after that, but not herself in the music industry, Queen Latbefore she enrolled at the Borough of Manhattan Community College for continued on page 2

Our top six big names who saw their local campus as a stepping stone.

6 . E d d i e Mur p h y Brooklyn-born Eddie Murphy has been making people laugh since he was just a kid, developing comedy routines as early as his high school days. While he knew even then that his mission in life was to bring smiles to people’s faces through his comedy, he brought a smile to his mother’s face when he enrolled at Nassau Community College at her insis-

How to do well on your final exams

Ma ri e F r an k s on Campus News

December is here and that means final exams are right around the corner. If you’re like most college students, you’re starting to feel stressed out. Fear not, I have some tips for you for passing your final exams. Planning is key: Take a few minutes out of your day to make a list of everything you need to do — from personal maintenance (eye brow waxing, haircut, teeth whitening, doctor’s appointment, etc.) to household chores to everything school-related (papers due, studying, test dates, etc.) In these last few days, time can slip away from you, so it’s important to plan ahead and keep track of everything. Get plenty of sleep: Finals week is the time when a lot of college students think they can forgo sleep for studying, but that’s not the case. If your body’s not well-rested, then neither is your brain, and you can’t expect to operate at 100% come test day. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and avoid all-night cram sessions. Set r easonable ex pec tations: You can’t study non-stop until finals week is over; you have to be able to take breaks and recuperate, too. Be realistic when it comes to setting your expectations — study for an hour or two, not five or more; and then do something else, like eat, take a nap, and even spend some time with friends. You’ll still get the study time, and you’ll keep your sanity intact. c o n t i n u ed o n p ag e 1 6

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The Holiday 2014 Issue of CAMPUS NEWS Student Paper  

Great stories on celebrities who got their starts at community colleges, our gift guide, how to handle a drop in your GPA and much more!

The Holiday 2014 Issue of CAMPUS NEWS Student Paper  

Great stories on celebrities who got their starts at community colleges, our gift guide, how to handle a drop in your GPA and much more!