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Yik Yak creates campus chaos

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In November of last year, two recent graduates launched the new social media app Yik Yak. Since then, college students across the nation have downloaded and engaged with the app. Students seem to enjoy the new social media sensation, but the app has given rise to problems at some campuses. Yik Yak allows users to post short blurbs anonymously. It also localizes the posts so that only messages from others on campus appear on the user’s main feed, though there is an option to check out feeds on other campuses. Many times, Yik Yak users post jokes or harmless musings about college life. Sometimes, though, messages can come along that are offensive or even threatening. About a month ago, Holyoke Community College had to evacuate students from a library that appeared to be threatened by a bomb, said Yanina Vargas, the school’s vice president of student affairs. The threat had been posted on the Yik Yak, so administrators were unable to identify who had posted the message, or where it originated from. Eventually, state and local police got involved and were able to find the person responsible. It was later discovered that the post was supposed to be code for a drug sale. “Apparently what this person meant to say was ‘I have a weed bomb,’ but the first message it said, ‘I have a bomb in the library.’ So that caused a very serious disruption in our campus,” Vargas said.

Inside: On the other end of the spectrum, LinkedIn is a must for students.

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Transferring to Upstate NY’s St. Rose

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With the end of the fall semester quickly approaching, many people wonder if their current college is the right place for them or whether they should transfer to a four-year college 3 or state university. When considering which college or univerSocial Media sity to transfer to, be sure to keep the College of Saint Rose in 4 mind. Armed Forces Located in historic Albany, New York, in the Pines Hills Neighborhood, the College of Saint Rose is surrounded by vari6 New to You! ous restaurants and coffee shops; the college is located near Downtown Albany which has such places as the New York State 7 Museum, the Egg Performing Arts Center, the Capital Building, Health: Ebola and tons of other places, and is only a short bus ride or car ride 8 away from Crossgates Mall, Colonie Center, and Stuyvesant Travel: Disney Plaza for some shopping fun. The College of Saint Rose hosts a variety of sporting events History Mystery 13 in its gymnasium and at the Christian Plumeri Sports Complex 15 located on Hoffman Avenue in Albany. The college also hosts Political Profs art and music events, has a bi-annual semi-formal (one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester), and also has a variety From the Adjunct 18 of clubs and activities for students to become involved in. There is always something to do in and around St. Rose, and that is part of the reason why prospective students should transfer there. Unlike many other private colleges, St. Rose has been

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Why transfer to The College of Saint Rose?

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Saint Rose offers 70 undergraduate programs with internships that will tie your studies to the real world, building your resumé in the process. In fact, Saint Rose has been identified as one of New York’s top colleges for offering the greatest lifetime return on investment because our students graduate prepared for their careers or are recruited into top graduate or doctoral programs. Our goal is simple: to help you achieve yours. To transfer contact us at 1-800-637-8556 ext. 1 or



The November Issue of Campus News Student Newspaper is simply amazing!  

Campus News hits tons of colleges in the USA. Written by students for students!

The November Issue of Campus News Student Newspaper is simply amazing!  

Campus News hits tons of colleges in the USA. Written by students for students!