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What is the purpose of higher education and how does one succeed? Conventional and traditional thinking deems it necessary, in order to secure a job and possess satisfactory social standing. However, modern day opinions suggest the true and often undervalued meaning of furthering one’s education is for interpersonal development and academic learning simply for knowledge. Now then, is it to learn and expand your educational horizons or is the means to the end, obtaining a quality employment position? This is for you to decide. This past academic year, I attended a seminar while an employee at Raritan Valley Community College. The interactive lecture was hosted by the director of Student Life, Russell Barefoot. Cal Newport’s “How to Win at College” and Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” were highlighted readings within the presentation. This opinion piece will focus on the former. Shortly after the presentation, I borrowed a copy of the book from Russell and

read the entire thing in three sittings. I was curious, but in a cynical fashion. In preparation to writing this article, I re-read Cal Newport’s book, in order to refresh my memory on the most crucial elements. In addition, I decided to contact friends and successful collegiate peers of

my own, asking for their opinion on college success. Both of these individuals are recent graduates and are now experiencing wonderful accomplishments in their personal and professional lives. “Colleges are resources to not only get the technological or book knowledge that one

needs to succeed in the job market, but they provide resources to obtain experiences and career opportunities outside of the education circle,” said David Jacobson, a graduate of Raritan Valley Community College and Rider University. “To win is to utilize

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Saving money while being a student

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The ability to save money while attending college may seem impossible. While I’m attending college, it’s sometimes difficult for me to save money, buy some food and pay for transportation. Also many students don’t have a high paying job, to pay for books, transportation and campus food, etc. So it’s a struggle to pay for items and transportation effectively, without breaking the bank account. Honestly! I’ve tried so many methods to spend and save money effectively, and I have a part-time job that pays minimum wage. It’s ridiculous that a college student has to struggle with poverty to just to get a Bachelor’s or an Associate’s degree. The books are way too expensive to purchase and some professors are expecting you to get the textbook immediately. Then at the same time some professors will advise you to lessen your work hours, so you’ll have more time to study and focus. Now for those of you students who are going through this right now, it’s really a struggle to pass the course without your textbook being purchased. But don’t worry; I have solutions to pass your semester without going broke. Sa v e o n B o ok s As you go into your local bookstore, whether on campus or off campus, you should look for used books. New

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The spooktacular October issue of CAMPUS NEWS student newspaper!  

Haunted houses, dressing up for Halloween and bed bugs -- yuck. All this and more in the October issue of Campus News newspaper!

The spooktacular October issue of CAMPUS NEWS student newspaper!  

Haunted houses, dressing up for Halloween and bed bugs -- yuck. All this and more in the October issue of Campus News newspaper!