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November 2016

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# Hello from # Stevenage Welcome to the latest edition of #Stevenage the breakthrough digital title for the new town. Much has happened since our last edition and we are delighted that #Stevenage is well and truly a fixture among local business and residents. With just one edition left before we head towards the Christmas break, things are certainly festive across town with a number of great events scheduled to take place.



GROWTHHUB Helping t o keep your business on t rack

IT'SPANTOTIME The Gor don Craig Theat r e lines up anot her f est ive t r eat



There is also plenty for the active to do ahead of the big January rush to fitness, a glance at all that is offered by Stevenage Leisure limited underlines this. And of course we are now in that time of year when 'it 's behind you' can only mean one thing, yes the brilliant Gordon Craig panto is back once again. Please contact us at the addresses given below, #Stevenage is here to inform and entertain and do it with a smile.



The Cr om well Hot el is r eady t o host your m em orable Chr ist m as and New Year

Team is gear ing up f or Twin Town cycle r ide f or List er Hospit al

Get in touch: 07539 782979


46-47 email: Facebook: HashtagHerts Twitter: @htagstevenage Dar r en I st ed Edit or #St evenage



The Bt c is winning a host of plaudit s f or it s suppor t of business

Avoid a st icky sit uat ion wit h dessr et s



It's off to Neverland for a panto adventure

This year 's panto offering at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage is Peter Pan. The show opens on Friday, November 25, and runs to Sunday, January 22. Ticket prices start from ÂŁ16. Tom Lister (Emmerdale) is Captain Hook and Britian's Got Talent Dance Sensation TWIST and PULSE star as Pirates Swash and Buckle. Stevenage's favourite dame Paul Laidlaw is Mrs Smee, with Aidan O'Neill as Smee.



'Real' men don't get depressed - do they? There is a lot of advice and thousands of books available showing us how to look after our new-borns. But, as soon as they grow up, the advice dries up and we?re left with the experiences learned from our parents to guide us into moulding them into adults. Some dads, because of how they were brought up, teach their sons that if they hurt themselves, not to cry, to be brave. Keep emotions in or they will be seen as less of a man. Some dads will happily talk about sport, cars, the pub or DIY, but feel uncomfortable if their son were to mention a problem which couldn?t be dealt with over a beer, a screwdriver or a trip to a sports stadium. A recent poll from Time to Change shows that 48% of boys aged 16-18 in the UK wouldn?t feel comfortable talking to their dads about mental health problems. More than a third said it was because their dad doesn?t talk about their own feelings. This was probably passed down from their dad and so the cycle continues. 37% of young men choose to ?put a brave face on?when struggling with mental health problems, 33% would prefer to keep it to themselves. Surly teenager could be withdrawn because of problems at school. How do they bring the subject up? They know it could meet with disapproval and a ?Just man up Son?from their dad; they don?t want his disappointment so they don?t mention it. Of course, the surly teenager might be just that, happy to live in his pit and emerge only at

times of eating and leaving the house followed by a slammed door! This inability to talk through problems carries on into adulthood. Many a girlfriend or wife has felt frustrated when their other half refuses to talk to them. Men don?t want to be seen as vulnerable, they should be in control and not seen as someone who can?t cope. Women are, by nature more likely to talk about their problem. In the Hertfordshire Suicide Audit, 2012 ,of 66 suicides and open verdicts, 53 were male. Although women?s mental health problems are the highest they have ever been, men are more likely to ?succeed?in taking their own life. Whenever someone does lose their life to suicide the bereaved often say they didn?t notice any clues and feel guilty. Spot the Signs, in partnership with Mind have developed a Suicide Awareness presentation specifically for men. The workshop highlights some of the signs that may be there: -




Changes in their mood and behaviour, including seeming suddenly brighter after a period of low mood. They start giving away their possessions and/or getting their private affairs in order. They visit people as if they are saying goodbye. They say things like people would be better off without them or any phrases which indicate self-loathing Expressing hopelessness and no point in the future.

It is often thought that if someone threatens suicide, they won?t actually carry it out but, it could be a way of expressing their levels of distress. Ther e is a f r ee Spot The Signs pr esent at ion at The Healt hy Hub in St evenage, on Wednesday, Januar y 24, 6-8pm enquiries@healthyhub The New Economics Foundation has developed the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, a set of evidence-based actions which promote people's wellbeing. They are simple and can be done every day. More information can be found at Spot the Signs, Save a Life: Another source of help is CALM; Campaign Against Living Miserably, which looks at men and suicide and has developed the hand signal OK across social media which has been supported by inspirational men who perhaps would not be expected to have mental health problems. uk The Healthy Hub Stevenage works in partnership with Mind to provide support and easy access for people to get help quickly if they need someone to talk to. Every Monday 5-7pm and Friday 10am-12pm. There are no ?mental health?signs above the door and it is completely confidential. If you are feeling distressed out of these hours and need to talk, ring the Samaritans on their free phone number 116 123. More information about suicide prevention and the training on offer is on Twitter @SpotSignSuicide


# St evenage l ist ings YOURGUIDETOTHEUNMISSABLEEVENTSCOMINGUPINANDAROUND#STEVENAGE Novem ber 11 SALLY MORGAN Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage New show from the psychic. Novem ber 12 DANCEMANI A Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Action packed evening of dance. Novem ber 13 WE ARE YOUNI QUE Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Dance extravaganza. LET'S GO BACKWARDS TOGETHER Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up with Al Murray. TALES FROM THE VI CARAGE LI VE Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d Former Watford FC players on stage with host Adam Leventhal. Novem ber 14 THE SONS OF PI TCHES Alban Ar ena, St Albans In concert with the acappella group. Novem ber 15 THAT'LL BE THE DAY Alban Ar ena, St Albans A spectacular night of hits from the 50s through to the 80s. BALLET BLACK Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d A trilogy of narrative and abstract dance. AN EVENI NG WI TH LEN GOODMAN Wat f or d Colosseum A special Friday Night Is Music Night. Novem ber 16 AN EVENI NG WI TH GERVASE PHI NN Alban Ar ena, St Albans Comedian, author and poet. ALAN BENNETT'S DI ARI ES LI VE Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d A screening of a new film about the writer followed by a Q and A


session with him from his local library in Primrose Hill. Novem ber 17 MAXI MUM RHYTHM AND BLUES Alban Ar ena, St Albans With The Manfreds, P P Arnold and Zoot Money. MOSTLY COMEDY The Sun Hot el, Hit chin Stand-up with David Earl and Tom Binns. Hosted by Doggett and Ephgrave. Novem ber 18 THE HOLLI ES Alban Ar ena, St Albans Classic pop. RUSSELL KANE: RI GHT MAN, WRONG AGE Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d Stand-up comedy. JOOLS HOLLAND Wat f or d Colosseum Preceeded by Lobby Live presents The Dial Up. Novem ber 19 LETCHWORTH FARMERS' MARKET The monthly farmer 's market selling locally produced meats, vegetables and other foodstuffs. Leys Square, from 8am to 1pm. HI STORI C GUI DED WALKI NG TOUR Join one of Letchworth's town historians on a pleasant stroll through some of the highlights of the first Garden City's history. Meet at the Tourist Information Centre. Starts 10.30am. WI LBURY COMMUNI TY CAFE Pop along to the Wilbury Community Café in Letchworth for a free cuppa and homemade cakes, free family activities and Butterfly K Knitters and a chance to meet the local councillor and much more. Also the Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market and Wilbury Uniform Stall. From 10.45am to

12.30pm. LI VI NG THE DREAM CHRI STMAS SHOWCASE Alban Ar ena, St Albans 10th anniversary show. DI WALI ON THE PARADE AND AT THE PALACE Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d An evening exploring the dances of India follwoing on from the Diwali celebrations in the town earlier in the day. JI M DAVI DSON: 40 YEARS ON Wat f or d Colosseum Stand-up comedy. Novem ber 20 THE GLENN MI LLER ORCHESTRA Alban Ar ena, St Albans Back to the 1940s. Also featuring The Swing Time Jivers and The Polka Dot Dolls. Novem ber 21 OMI D DJALI LI : SCHMUCK FOR A NI GHT Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy. Novem ber 22 EVI TA Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Potters Bar Theatre Company. PADDY Wat f or d Colosseum Musical drama. ROSS NOBLE: BRAI N DUMP Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy. Also on November 23. Novem ber 24 SHOW OF HANDS: WALK WI TH ME - THE BI G AUTUMN TOUR Alban Ar ena, St Albans An evening of big sounds, uncompromising songs and stunning production. RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC Wat f or d Colosseum Tribute act.

# St evenage l ist ings YOURGUIDETOTHEUNMISSABLEEVENTSCOMINGUPINANDAROUND#STEVENAGE Novem ber 25 ARRI VAL Wat f or d Colosseum Abba tribute. CHRI STMAS PANTO: PETER PAN Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Until January 22.

SANTA CLAUS AND THE NI GHT BEFORE CHRI STMAS Wat f or d Colosseum An enchanting Christmas adventure. Runs until December 24.

A FLAMI N' COOL CHRI STMAS PARTY Wat f or d Colosseum Fire and ice-themed entertainment. Also on December 16 and 17.

Decem ber 2

Decem ber 12

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSI C Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Abba tribute.

WATFORD SCHOOLS' CAROL CONCERT Wat f or d Colosseum Primary schools from the area.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d Pantomime, runs until December 31. Decem ber 3 ARCHI VE TOUR Gar den Cit y Collect ion, Wilbur y Hills Road, Let chwor t h Discover some of the fascinating stories behind Letchworth?s historical artefacts with a guided tour by curator Vicky Axell. From 11am to 12.30pm. HOLLY AT CHRI STMAS Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Buddy Holly and The Cricketers. Novem ber 26 THE NUTCRACKER Alban Ar ena, St Albans Vienna Festival Ballet production. JESTERLARF COMEDY CLUB Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Stand-up comedy. Novem ber 27 COUNTDOWN TO CHRI STMAS Wat f or d Colosseum Family fun day. Decem ber 1 LEGEND OF A BAND Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Moody Blues tribute. CHRI STMAS MEMORI ES Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Seasonal songs and carols with Neil Sands and a West End cast. BYE BYE BABY Wat f or d Colosseum The story og Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

TROPI CANA Wat f or d Colosseum The ultimate 80s party night. Decem ber 4 AI DA Wat f or d Colosseum An Ellen Kent production of Verdi's classic opera. Decem ber 7 TEA DANCE Wat f or d Colosseum Dance and chat. LADI ES' NI GHT Wat f or d Colosseum Male entertainment and a drag queen. Decem ber 8 SNOW WHI TE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS Alban Ar ena, St Albans Christmas pantomime. Until January 8. Decem ber 10

Decem ber 14 DI CK WHI TTI NGON COMEDY DI NI NG NI GHT Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage In the Pi Bistro. 18 years and over only.

MOSTLY COMEDY The Sun Hot el, Hit chin Stand-up with Sean Hughes. Hosted by Doggett and Ephgrave. WATFORD PHI LHARMONI C SOCI ETY CHRI STMAS CONCERT Wat f or d Colosseum Traditional celebration concert. Decem ber 16 A FLAMI N' COOL CHRI STMAS PARTY Wat f or d Colosseum Fire and ice-themed entertainment. Also on December 17. Decem ber 17 LETCHWORTH FARMERS' MARKET The monthly farmer 's market selling locally produced meats, vegetables and other foodstuffs. Leys Square, from 8am to 1pm. HI STORI C GUI DED WALKI NG TOUR Join one of Letchworth's town historians on a pleasant stroll through some of the highlights of the first Garden City's history. Meet


# St evenage l ist ings YOURGUIDETOTHEUNMISSABLEEVENTSCOMINGUPINANDAROUND#STEVENAGE at the Tourist Information Centre. Starts 10.30am

Stand-up with Richard Herring. Hosted by Doggett and Ephgrave.

Wat f or d Colosseum Celebrating 30 years of soul.


FRAZZLED: A GUI DE TO MI NDFULNESS Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Stand-up comedy with Ruby Wax.

Febr uar y 5

Pop along to the Wilbury Community Café in Letchworth for a free cuppa and homemade cakes, free family activities and Butterfly K Knitters and a chance to meet the local councillor and much more. Also the Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market and Wilbury Uniform Stall. From 10.45am to 12.30pm. JESTERLARF COMEDY CLUB Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Stand-up comedy. A FLAMI N' COOL CHRI STMAS PARTY Wat f or d Colosseum Fire and ice-themed entertainment. Decem ber 18 LI ONEL RI TCHI E TRI BUTE Wat f or d Colosseum Hamilton Browne will have you dancing on the ceiling all night long. Decem ber 31 NEW YEAR'S EVE SNOW BALL Wat f or d Colosseum Dinner and entertainment from a band and DJ. Januar y 6, 2017 SWAN LAKE Wat f or d Colosseum A production by St Petersburg Classic Ballet. Januar y 8 ULTI MATE BUBLE Wat f or d Colosseum With Mark Daniels. Plus a three-course Sunday lunch. Januar y 16 TEA DANCE Wat f or d Colosseum Dance and chat. Januar y 19 MOSTLY COMEDY The Sun Hot el, Hit chin


ANDY WI LLI AMS' CHRI STMAS EXTRAVAGANZA FEATURI NG THE OSMONDS Wat f or d Colosseum Plus ventriliquist Steve Hewlett and singer Charlie Green. Januar y 20 FRAZZLED: A GUI DE TO MI NDFULNESS Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d Stand-up comedy with Ruby Wax. Januar y 21 WATERLOO: THE BEST OF ABBA Alban Ar ena, St Albans Abba tribute. NORTHERN SOUL Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Lorraine Silver, The Edwin Star Band featuring Angelo Starr. Januar y 28 ALL-STAR SUPERSLAM WRESTLI NG Alban Ar ena, St Albans A new superstar line-up. Febr uar y 1, 2017 NATHAN CARTER AND HI S BAND Alban Ar ena, St Albans A mix of country, Irish, pop and ballads. CAROUSEL Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d A production by The Abbots Langley Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Until February 4. Febr uar y 2 SWI NGI NG AT THE COTTON CLUB Alban Ar ena, St Albans Featuring The Lindy Hop Dance Company and The Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra. Febr uar y 3 ALEXANDER O'NEAL

SOME GUYS HAVE ALL THE LUCK Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Rod Stewart tribute with Paul Metcalfe. CI RCUS OF HORRORS Wat f or d Colosseum The never-ending nightmare. Febr uar y 8 ROSS NOBLE: BRAI N DUMP Wat f or d Colosseum Stand-up comedy. Febr uar y 10 MURDER MYSTERY NI GHT Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage With a three-course meal. In the Pi Bistro. SOUL LEGENDS Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Soul classics performed by an all-star cast. CREEDS CROSS: THE CELTI C JOURNEY Wat f or d Colosseum The origins of Celtic music as it spread across the world. Febr uar y 12 THE EUROPEAN UNI ON CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Wat f or d Colosseum Classical music. Febr uar y 13 TEA DANCE Wat f or d Colosseum Dance and chat. Febr uar y 14 HYSTERI A Alban Ar ena, St Albans Comedy by Terry Johnson. Also on February 15. GOOD DOG Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d A play chronicling growing up in a multicultural society during the noughties. Until February 18.



HENNI NG WEHN: WESTPHALI A I S NOT AN OPTI ON Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Stand-up comedy.

Febr uar y 23

Febr uar y 17 CI RQUE ENCHANTMENT Wat f or d Colosseum A mystical world of frozen beauty and magical adventure. THAT'LL BE THE DAY Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Also on February 18.

LEVI SON WOOD Alban Ar ena, St Albans Best-selling author, photographer and TV presenter Levison Wood shares his experiences and exploits as a modern day explorer. CORAL SNOOKER SHOOT-OUT Wat f or d Colosseum One of snooker 's most exciting tournaments. Until February 26. Febr uar y 24

Febr uar y 25

GI LBERT O'SULLI VAN Alban Ar ena, St Albans The singer-songwriter celebrates 50 years in the music business.

ARSENAL LEGENDS I N CONVERSATI ON Wat f or d Colosseum Paul Merson, Perry Groves and Alan Smith talk about their days with The Gunners. Mar ch 1

Febr uar y 22 MENOPAUSE THE MUSI CAL Alban Ar ena, St Albans Starring Cheryl Fergison (EastEnders), Maureen Nolan (The Nolans), Rebecca Wheatley (Casualty) and Ruth Berkeley (Penny Dreadful). Packed full of one-liners about night sweats, hot flushes and memory, backed by an instantly recognisable soundtrack of innuendo-laden versions of pop

THE SENSATI ONAL 60S EXPERI ENCE Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Hermans Hermits, Chris Farlowe, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Fortunes, The Ivy League, The New Amen Corner. Hosted by Alan Mosca from Freddie and The Dreamers. SOMEONE LI KE YOU Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar The Adele songbook brought to you by Katie Markham.

Febr uar y 27

MR BLOOM'S NURSERY LI VE Wat f or d Colosseum Mr Bloom and The Veggies first live tour. 11am and 2pm.

Mar ch 11

TANGO FI RE Alban Ar ena, St Albans Directed by international Tango superstar German Cornejo, Tango Fire features the world?s greatest Tango dancers and musicians.

THE FATBACK BAND Alban Ar ena, St Albans Dance, funk, soul and R'n'B band.

Febr uar y 19

Wat f or d Colosseum A celebration of a music legend, starring West End leading man Emanuele Angeletti.

DAVE MASON Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Singer-songwriter and former member of 60s band Traffic. SOME GUYS HAVE ALL THE LUCK Wat f or d Colosseum Rod Stewart tribute with Paul Metcalfe. Mar ch 3 STEWART LEE: CONTENT PROVI DER Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy. Mar ch 4 MACCA: THE PAUL MCCARTNEY STORY

Mar ch 12

Mar ch 14 TEA DANCE Wat f or d Colosseum Dance and chat. Mar ch 15 LA BOHEME Wat f or d Colosseum An Opera and Ballet International presentation of Puccini's opera. Mar ch 17 ROB BRYDON Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Host of TV's Would I Lie To You and star of sitcom Gavin and Stacey. MENOPAUSE THE MUSI CAL Wat f or d Colosseum Starring Cheryl Fergison (EastEnders), Maureen Nolan (The Nolans), Rebecca Wheatley (Casualty) and Ruth Berkeley (Penny Dreadful). Packed full of one-liners about night sweats, hot flushes and memory, backed by an instantly recognisable soundtrack of innuendo-laden versions of pop classics.





Topreleasefor theupcomingmonths

Race to steal new weapon

Going back t o gain knowl edge

Assassin's Cr eed An action adventure film based on the video game franchise of the same name and due for release in the UK in early January, 2017. Career criminal Callum Lynch is rescued from his own execution by Abstergo Industries, the modern-day incarnation of the Templar Order. He is forced to participate in a project to relive the memories of an Assassin at the time of the Spanish Inquisition. As Lynch continues to experience Aguilar 's memories, he begins to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to confront the Templars? age-old enemies of the Assassins? in the present day.

Rogue One: A St ar War s St or y Due for UK release on December 16, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set in the Star Wars universe after the events of Star Wars: Episode III ? Revenge of the Sith and before the events of the original Star Wars. The story centres on a group of rebel spies on a mission to steal the plans for the Galactic Empire's new weapon, the Death Star.

Directed by Justin Kurzel, written by Michael Lesslie, Adam Cooper and Bill Collage. Starring Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson and Michael K Williams.

It will be the first stand-alone Star Wars Anthology film. The film is produced by Lucasfilm and will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Directed by Gareth Edwards and written by Chris Weitz, Tony Gilroy, and Gary Whitta Starring: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Jiang Wen and Forest Whitaker.


Cinewor ld St evenage: 0871 200 2000 Br oadway Let chwor t h: 01462 681088 Odyssey St Albans: 01727 453088 Royst on Pict ur e Palace The Rex Ber kham st ed 01442 877759






Click below an d t ak e a look at t h e lat est Tek On e video w it h #Her t s


Why do you need managed IT support? IT support is like the seatbelt in your car. Sometimes you may wonder why you bother but it ?s when something goes wrong that you thank heaven for having it there. As a major company you will have your own IT department, which will be kept busy dealing with IT issues all over the country, or even the world. For a small or medium business, on the other hand, this can be far too expensive an approach. A much better option is to outsource IT support. When disast er st r ikes An IT disaster can come in many different forms. It can be a hard-drive crash, hackers or viruses or even when a fire or flood damage your hardware. And the cost goes far beyond repair. Depending on your business, your staff may be locked out from their work, or your customers may have to wait until your system is repaired and up and running until they get their orders. It is vital to have someone who can get stuck into solving your problems the moment you call them. If you have a regular contract with an outsourced IT company, they will already know your system and how to approach the problem. High-qualit y pr oject s If you need to extend or expand your IT system, the chances are that

you will not have experts already on the payroll. You will have the choice of waiting until you can recruit the right people and bring them up to speed on your business, or you can shop around for a developer to do it for you on a one-off basis. Neither is an ideal situation. However if you have an ongoing contract with a quality outsourced IT organisation, you will have two big advantages: someone you already know who has the experience to undertake the project, and someone already familiar with your company and its practices and values. What t o look f or in an out sour ced I T com pany Look for a service provider that not only has the expertise to deal with anything, but can also explain what they are doing in a straightforward, jargon-free way, offering support on

a 24/7, 365 basis. You have the option of either paying a fixed monthly payment plan, which allows you to budget confidently without unpleasant surprises, or a flexible pay-as-you-go contract, allowing you to control your expenditure whether you want to expand or consolidate. Perhaps the ideal would be to have a fixed payment plan for the basics, with the option of paying as you go for extra services. What TekOne of f er s With more than 12 years of experience of managing IT systems, TekOne offers: -

IT support plans tailored to your needs IT support offered both onsite and remotely Comprehensive user support.



Ready, set, go with the Growth Hub

With the festive season fast approaching, you might be inclined to think it ?s the start of the 'wind down' period ? but that ?s certainly not the case at Hertfordshire Growth Hub. 2016 has been a year of ups and downs for the British economy but with a team of advisers on hand and a series of free events, the Growth Hub can help keep your business on track. All t he help you can get ? all under one r oof There are many funding schemes and programmes available to help businesses but it can be difficult to find them and decide which is right for you. The Growth Hub is bringing together support organisations, grants and programmes in Hertfordshire at All The Help You


Can Get on December 1 at the Fielder Centre in Hatfield. With nearly 30 organisations already confirmed including Enterprise Europe Network, FSB and Creative England - find out everything you need to know. Book your free place now at

The suppor t you need t o t ake t he next st ep The Growth Hub is here to help ambitious local businesses thrive and strengthen the Hertfordshire economy. If you?re a Hertfordshire company, have been trading for at least two years, have five to 249 employees, and want to grow ? the

Growth Hub can help. From construction to the creative industries, life sciences to manufacturing, the team of advisers work with businesses from every sector. The advisers work closely with your business, taking an objective look at where you are and where you want to be, then diagnosing what you need next and helping you to achieve it. It ?s all about helping you remove barriers to growth, plan for the future and achieve really meaningful, sustainable success. To find out how they can help you grow your business and to book your place at their events, call 0844 725 5575, email enquir ies@her t sgr owt or visit www.her t sgr owt

Make business travel more sustainable

The spiralling costs of, and business challenges formed by commuting and business travel are being addressed by workplace travel network, Smartgo Stevenage. Smartgo Stevenage is co-ordinated by sustainable travel consultancy, Go Travel Solutions and includes a variety of local employers such as GSK, MBDA, Airbus, Stevenage Borough Council and Lister hospital. It offers a range of business benefits including: -

Reduced business costs Reduced car parking demand Improved staff recruitment and retention Carbon management planning Enhanced business reputation

Staff of local employers are also benefiting through cost savings offered by the Smartgo Stevenage package of travel discounts that aims to encourage low-carbon transport such as cycling, car sharing, buses and trains. In partnership with Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, Smartgo offers Stevenage-based Chamber members their first year ?s membership free. This will provide staff with access to the wide range of discounts from the likes of Great Northern Trains, Centrebus, Halfords and huge savings on the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle. One of the most recent additions to the Smartgo range of offers is EO Charging, a pioneer in the development of intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles. EO

Charging is offering major discounts on its home and workplace charging systems to support the adoption of electric vehicles for workplace travel. The discounts are in addition to existing government grants for domestic charge point installations and are not ordinarily available to the general public and employers. They include: -

20 per cent off workplace vehicle charging points 20 per cent off basic workplace vehicle charger 20 per cent off intelligent home charger

To see how your business can become a Smartgo member, call 0330 024 56 65, visit or email


High St r eet , St even age, SG1 3AZ Teleph on e 01438 779954 Em ail en qu ir ies@cr om w ellst even k


High St r eet , St even age, SG1 3AZ Teleph on e 01438 779954 Em ail en qu ir ies@cr om w ellst even k


High St r eet , St even age, SG1 3AZ Teleph on e 01438 779954 Em ail en qu ir ies@cr om w ellst even k


Warm to those winter tasks and keep on top of work in the garden

Th e # H er t s t eam of ex per t s gi v e you som e t op t i ps an d j obs t o do i n t h e gar den dur i n g t h e w i n t er m on t h s...

Enjoy your gar den The cold weather may have finally arrived and the frosts of winter are here but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy gardens. Keep an eye out for any gardens that may be open at this time of year, you'd be amazed how many great ideas you can get not just for winter planting, but also for the seasons ahead when you stop to have a chat with those in the know. Think of t he bir ds It 's easy to focus on plantlife but have a thought for the birds at this time of year as food is scarce for them. Fat balls and seeds in the

correct containers are ideal. Don't leaf it It may seem like a given but make sure you sweep up those leaves. A hazard on paving, they can also cause damage if left on the garden or in ponds. St ay saf e Now that the frost is here don't take chances with your tender perennials in pots. Bring them in and they should continue to flourish. Happy holly Christmas is on its way so now is the time to get out and get that holly for the festive swags and decoration. Make sure you get permission first though! Sweet pea sur pr ise It does catch some by surprise but now is a good time to sow those

sweetpeas. As soon as there is enough growth they are ready to go out in spring and reach for the skies! Keep on cut t ing Keep an eye out for future growth by taking cuttings of evergreens like holly or privet. The way to do this is to cut below a node on a cutting around three to four inches long and then place in a pot with grit rich compost. You can also take hardwood cuttings of shrubs. Spr ing int o act ion We may not have even felt the force of winter yet but you can make plans for a good showing in spring by planting out bulbs. St op wet pot s Waterlogged pots can occur this time of year so act against this by using pot feet to raise them up from the ground.


Facing the Bowling Green in Stevenage?s Old Town, we?re located in a beautiful Grade 2 listed building. Our mission is to bring modern British cuisine to Stevenage using seasonal, locally sourced where possible produce, with service which is good without being stuffy; a special occasion venue which doesn?t break the bank.


Up with the trends Foodie t r ends by MARI E-CLAI RE CLI NTON, On The Gr een r est aurant , St evenage

Eating with the eyes ? not really a new trend as ?food envy? is in common parlance, but it is now more important than ever that food doesn?t just taste nice, it needs to look nice. Whether this is because of the rise of people sharing their dining experiences in real time on social media, or because of the influence of shows like Professional Masterchef, I really don?t know; but I belong to a Facebook group called 'The Chef ?s of the UK' (not my misspelling, that ?s what the group is called) and I get really excited by some of the photos of plates of food posted on there which, quite frankly, look more like art than food. So even within the industry we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of food presentation.

Market researcher, Mintel, publish what they think the food trends for the forthcoming year will be. In a recent report here are some of their predictions, and they are borne out by our experience in our restaurant: Greater demands for alternatives to meat and dairy ? not just now for those who are vegetarian or have an allergy or intolerance. Non-meat and non-dairy dishes are becoming more and more mainstream as the variety of alternatives becomes ever wider. One of the things we were passionate about was that our non-meat offering would be as good as our meat, and we find that people who are staunch meat eaters will chose to eat a non-meat dish if they have already had their 'quota' of meat for the week. Options which are kinder to the environment, and provenance ? another of our ethos was to keep out environmental footprint as small as it could be, and sourcing local where we could, and people have really bought into this idea. When

we explain that we don?t have table linen but use disposable napkins which we recycle because of the harm that boil washing with bleach and biological washing powder would have on the water course and its habitat, most people can see the sense. And our fresh produce suppliers are all within 20 miles of the restaurant, with the majority within five miles, again something our customers appreciate and which is mutually beneficial to our suppliers as they regularly get our customers become their customers, and vice versa.

My personal favourite prediction comes from an article by Sophie Morris in the Independent and that is that glute-free will be going mainstream. As I write this, I can mentally picture eyes rolling and people sighing and saying it ?s just a fad. For sufferers of coeliac disease, and for others who are intolerant, gluten is a very unpleasant ingredient to ingest. But gluten free is also a dietary choice, and we do have several people a week request gluten free versions of our dishes. So on my ?to do? list is having a look at our menu and seeing what we can make gluten free as standard.




Hats off to Rose, a master of millinery A Stevenage-based milliner is hoping to be full to the brim with orders for her latest creations after interest in her work has grown. By a quirk of fate Rose Collins was born in Kadoma, the twin town of Stevenage in Zimbabwe, and after living in North London she happened to move, by chance, to North Herts. Now settled in the New Town, Rose is ready to be among the big names in hatmaking and has designs on being a milliner for friends, family and the stars.

travelled it can become difficult to spruce them up and bring them back to life. ?I first looked at ways to revive the hats but pretty soon I was hooked on their construction and decided to attend a course with Rose Cory who has been described by Vogue as the ?milliners' milliner ?and who made hats for the Queen Mother. ?From that point I knew what I wanted to do and it soon became clear that the personal touch and love and attention I can bring mean there is such a difference with the hats I produce.? Rose believes that along with her attention to detail, the fact that she places great store on using only the best materials means customers are genuinely excited by the whole process of being measured for a hat, ordering it and then wearing it for special occasions or for everyday use.

Rose first became interested in millinery when she opened a wedding dress boutique in Harare, Zimbabwe, four years ago and decided to stock hats. As she explained, from the outset the supply wasn?t reliable: ?I found that when hats were freighted across to me very often they would be damaged and once they have


There has been a resurgence in interest in millinery and fashionable hats in general. Rose points to the wearing of hats by current stars such as Pharrell Williams and Beyonce as signs that all ages are now wearing hats saying: ?The wedding of Kate Middleton was a turning point in recent history, especially with the rise of the fascinators. Young people are now much more comfortable wearing hats with men wearing more trilbys and wide-brimmed hats. It is also more common to see people wear hats not just for special occasions

but to look smart.? Rose has already secured a host of orders for those looking for hats for weddings, major horse racing meetings and events such as funerals and christenings. But it is the everyday market which can include people on a night out or those who go to church which is her next target. ?I am very excited about showing how my creations, made with love and passion, can be worn every day. With the coming change of season we are going to see a lot more deep colours such as blues and emerald greens in the designs. I love making hats because they can not only adapt to an event but they also reflect the personality of those who wear them.? 07539265183.






Nursery with a fresh approach to learning Encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle is the aim of Rookies, a remarkable new nursery based at Stevenage Football Club Academy in Broadhall Way. Rookies aims to both support but also reward families who help to give youngsters the best start by promoting a lifestyle of health and wellbeing. Staff at the nursery help the youngsters aged from nine months to five years of age to grow and develop in an environment where learning is fun and with a curriculum that also allows them to be active. In developing the ethos of Rookies it was realised that the key aspect to the development of any young person is physical activity and it is this which allows all those at Rookies to enjoy the benefit of learning while being active. But this learning is done in a structured way and is based on the Government?s EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidelines In order to lay clear foundations for parents who bring their youngsters to the nursery, Rookies has developed a set of transparent and easy to understand values which underline the expectation for both staff and children alike and which both will adhere to while at the nursery.

The values are: Inspire: We endeavour to inspire our children and parents to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Educate: We provide our children with the highest levels of education using an active and health focus curriculum. Empower: We facilitate a safe and stimulating environment in which children and parents are encouraged to take responsibility for adopting an active and healthy lifestyle. The staff at Rookies are all experienced early years professionals with full qualifications and they work closely with families with the

underlying aim of supporting children?s learning and development. Staff who work at Rookies will all have completed an enhanced DBS check and hold first aid qualifications.

ROOKIES Stevenage FC Academy, Broadhall Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 8RH. Tel: 01438 842233 Email: Web:



Hats off to hotel's great Christmas offer Too early to think about your Christmas events? Well at the Holiday Inn, Stevenage, they believe you would be as mad as a hatter not to book your festive celebration with them and to prove it they have an amazing offer. Far from being something to put off until tomorrow, time is ticking and you should take a long look at their Mad Hatter Christmas events now. There are a wide number of events planned for the festive season, but those who get in early and book and pay deposits by the August 31 can take advantage of their '1 in10' goes free promotion. There are lots of offers that can tempt you, from the festive party nights from just £32.50pp, Christmas Day feast at £59.50pp and the New Year?s Eve Masquerade. Of course the Holiday Inn at Stevenage is also renowned among businesses as a major host for meetings and

events. There is a Special Day Delegate rate of £24 per person (reduced from £38) based on a minimum of 10 people. The offer is available for all new bookings booked and taken in and for the months of August, November and December

The package includes: -

Main meeting room hire; Three servings of tea, coffee and cookies; Conference hot and cold buffet lunch; Flipchart, screen and LCD projector; Pads, pens, bottled water and sweets; Stationery box; Internet access for all delegates; Car parking on site for the trainer or organiser; Car parking at NCP car park directly opposite the hotel for all other delegates at a reduced charge of £3.70 per exit.



A welcome on the mat at Wymondley Flooring Wymondley Flooring is a family-run business, priding itself on providing professional flooring services with outstanding customer service. Their showroom is conveniently located in the pretty village of Wymondley, positioned between Hitchin and Stevenage just off Junction 8 of the A1. Here you will be able to view an impressive range of home flooring products, including traditional carpets, vinyl floor tiles and a huge range of the increasingly popular luxury vinyl brands. It has always been the company's belief that they can provide the right service for each and every customer and this includes competitive pricing to meet customers?budgets. They understand that customers want to know exactly what they are going to get for their money, that 's why Wymondley Flooring guarantee the price you get is the price you pay, with no hidden costs. Giving customers complete piece of mind.

Certain floor areas lend themselves to certain types of flooring and Wymondley Flooring are here to help you make the right decisions for your home or commercial space. They appreciate that laying a new or replacement floor is a big decision and want to help prevent any costly mistakes and ensure you get the best value for your money.



Tis the season... Mat t Pint o-Chil cot t is t he f ounder of Consensus HR and is f ul l y qual if ied wit h t he Chart ered Inst it ut e of Personnel and Devel opment (FCIPD). He hol ds an advanced empl oyment l aw qual if icat ion accredit ed by t he Sol icit ors Regul at ion Aut horit y and t he Bar St andards Board and of f ers in excess of 20 years of HR experience. In workplaces up and down the country, people are getting ready for that festive tradition? the company Christmas celebrations. The staff party, Secret Santa, mince pies and Christmas carols? employers need to tread carefully to achieve both fun and professionalism with the festivities. ?Of course employers want to ensure everyone has fun,? says Matthew from Consensus HR. ?The trick is making sure that the event remains professional without anyone being seen as a party pooper.? Here are five valuable tips for a successful company Christmas: 1. Planning ahead: Try and avoid having a Christmas party that precedes a work day so any 'recovery' time is not a workplace

issue. If that ?s not possible, tell employees what you expect of them. The good folk at Consensus HR suggest sending a lighthearted email/circular to all staff a few days before the event. ?Remind employees of the party and arrangements?, says Matthew. ?Plus, emphasise that it is still a work event. This means staff will be expected to behave (and drink) responsibly.? 2. Dur ing t he par t y: Keep an eye on the level of alcohol consumption. You want staff to have a good time without having to deal with their excesses ? at the party and at work the next day. Reminding people gently that they may not feel too good in the morning may encourage them to drink water or soft drinks instead of alcohol. It ?s worth a shot. 3. The next day: If all these measures fail, what should you do if an employee turns up for work with a hangover? ?Call them into the office for a chat. Find out exactly why they are not as spritely as they should be - you never know, they might have eaten a dodgy kebab on the way home!? suggests Matthew. ?Aim to gather as much information as possible. Make notes as this meeting will be classed as the investigation meeting if you decide to take disciplinary action.? Sound advice. So what happens if you decide to take things further? 4. The f ut ur e: Each case will need to be looked at on its own merits in order to decide if disciplinary action is necessary and the appropriate level of sanction. In many cases, a stern warning will be the most appropriate way to deal with staff. If this is the case, it should be

explained to the employee that: -


Their behaviour is unacceptable, especially considering they had been informed of your expectations in advance of the event. On this occasion no further action will be taken. If it happens again then matters may be treated more formally.

A letter documenting this should be sent to the employee and a copy kept on their personnel file. 5. One f inal not e: On disciplinary procedures, Matthew advises: ?If you need to take disciplinary action, don?t leave it to the new year. It often proves difficult when remembering the facts.? Especially after yet more parties? The aim is that everybody has fun including you! The right balance will prevent you from being seen as a ?killjoy?. It ensures that employees enjoy themselves but remember that it is a work event. ?This means that everybody is expected to act responsibly,? says Matthew. I f you have quer ies about your com pany?s Chr ist m as plans, or t he best way t o com m unicat e wit h your em ployees, get in t ouch. Cont act Mat t hew at Consensus HR via or call 01462 621 423 or 07747 789279. Consensus HR suppor t s em ployer s and em ployees wit h any HR issues. Our Chr ist m as pr om ot ion f or next year is one m ont h f r ee if a 12 m ont h HR cover package is t aken out (wor t h appr ox ÂŁ150). For f ull t er m s and condit ions cont act us.



Delivering advice on self-employment local business grant scheme will also be announced at the event by Stevenage Borough Council.

By ALEX SHOOBERT bt c Business Advisor

Fr ee speed m ent or ing and net wor king event f or t he self -em ployed ? Novem ber 18 in St evenage The Business and Technology Centre on Bessemer Drive is running a free speed networking and mentoring event for those thinking of starting a business or already running one on Friday, November 18. The morning event, being run in partnership with Stevenage Borough Council, is in celebration and support of national campaigns, Small Business Saturday and Global Entrepreneurship Week. Running from 9.30am-12pm, the event will give local business owners

the perfect chance to network with other business owners as well as gain advice from mentors from a wide range of professions, from crowdfunding and finance to IT and digital marketing. There will be a speed mentoring session on the day which attendees will need to book onto in advance to speak to mentors from local organisations such as Wenta, Marketing Outsourcing Team Ltd, Hooke & Co, NatWest and Hertfordshire Growth Hub. Start-ups and established business owners from in and around the Stevenage area are welcome to attend. In addition, details of a new

Councillor Ralph Raynor, Executive Member for Economy, Enterprise and Transport at Stevenage Borough Council, said: ?If you?re thinking about setting up a business then this free speed mentoring event is a great opportunity for you to get your name out there and gain advice from industry experts.? To book your place and to view a full list of mentors available on the day, visit speed-mentoring This event will be held at The Business and Technology Centre (btc), Bessemer Drive, Stevenage SG1 2DX, and is free of charge . However, spaces are limited so early booking is advised. For further information on this event email

Budding ent repreneurs in bt c skil l s chal l enge Last month, the btc in Stevenage hosted an event to inspire young budding local entrepreneurs across Hertfordshire.

ideas in a ?Dragons Den?style challenge. Each team came up with a business idea, business name, logo and identity and pitched their idea to a panel of expert judges.

Hertfordshire-based young person support and assistance initiative, The Young Commissioners, turned a btc meeting room into a start-up laboratory as they took part in a ?start-up your own business?education event. The Young Commissioners, a part of Youth Connexions, is a Hertfordshire County Council initiative designed to include young people, in equal partnership with the council, to co-produce local service delivery.

The event was delivered by award-winning social enterprise, Wenta, who support and advise people considering, starting or growing their own business.

Students from schools across Hertfordshire met to develop business ideas and explore the world of self-employment. Two teams presented their business

Winners of the event were ?Enviro Bags?, who?s business idea was to produce environmentally friendly jute handbags and shopping bags, with 10% of their profits going to charities that regenerate the Amazonian rainforest If you?re interested in running an educational event centered around business and enterprise skills, get in touch with Wenta at


Three P's f or perf ect ing your present at ion skil l by Michael Niles, Trainer at Went a

the right frame of mind for presentation. Deep breathing, stretches and visualisation can really help to combat nerves.

There may well come a time in your business life when you have to deliver a presentation for clients and you will want to make a positive impression. To many, public speaking is very intimidating but it is a skill that can be acquired.

Know your audience

Here are some suggestions and tips to make presentations easier. Pr eparat ion Confidence is a great selling point, feeling fully prepared when you go into a presentation is going to make you and your audience feel secure. When you are developing the content of your presentation, make sure you have a beginning, a middle and an end. Make sure you understand the goals of the presentation; what do you and the audience need to get out of it? Ensure that you have your materials ready in plenty of time before you deliver, so you can set up quickly without adding to your nerves. Pract ice Ahead of the day, practice what you are going to say, either to a mirror or a tolerant friend. This will help you to refine the narrative, ensure you get timings correct and as a result, you will come across as prepared and competent. You will also be more familiar with the presentation, which will help to reduce your nerves on the day.

to practice and finesse new elements before and after delivery. Hopefully, all will go very well. But if it doesn?t, learn from it, change it, prepare and practice for next time. These steps will help you to focus your presentation and keep polishing it until it is second nature. The more confidence you show in set up and delivery, the more trust you can build with your clients. Her e ar e m or e t ips on per f ect ing your pr esent at ion skills: Br eat he Breath is the engine of the voice, air from your lungs pass over your vocal cords and is transmitted to your audiences?ears. So it is a good idea to breathe in before you speak. Breathing is also a great way to combat nerves, a couple of good deep breaths before presenting increases oxygen in your system relaxing your muscles and energising your brain.

Pat ience


If you are presenting for the first time or simply delivering new material, you need to accept that it may not be perfect. I?m an experienced trainer but when delivering new material, I will need

Easier said than done, but if you follow the advice above it will help you to keep a level head and feel more in control of the situation. There are many relaxation techniques you can use to get you in


Research your audience just as vigorously as your content. Tailor your content to them, if they are technical include appropriate jargon and technical detail; if they are non-technical then avoid jargon and try using plain language instead. Also, try to pre-empt the questions you may be asked during and after the presentation, you can prepare answers for the most commonly asked questions so the flow of the presentation isn?t interrupted and you appear knowledgeable and confident. The critical outcome of any presentation is that the audience understands your message and your goals. If you take one point away from this article, it is this: keep it simple. Winston Churchill wrote all his speeches for the comprehension of a 12-year-old, as he understood the power of simple words. Never try to impress anyone with your vocabulary, impress them with your knowledge, experience and passion. It is not about flash and filibuster it is about content. Michael Niles is a t rainer at Went a and can be f ound deliver ing our t raining cour ses acr oss Her t f or dshir e and Bedf or dshir e. For m or e insight f ul ar t icles deliver ed t o your inbox, sign-up t o our m ailing list at www.went r egist er




How to avoid a sticky situation with desserts At various wine tasting events we host throughout Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties, we are asked all sorts of questions about wine. The one topic which always seems to cause the most confusion is that of sweet wine. Some questions are easier to answer, for example, how should sweet wine be served? The answer is, easy, everything with the exception of Port, should be served as cold as possible. When it comes to matching sweet wine with desserts the most important thing to remember is that the sweetness of the dish must be matched by the sweetness of the wine. For example, a selection of summer fruits would be paired with a light late harvest Sauv blanc or Moscatel, whereas a sticky toffee pudding would need something like an ice wine or a syrupy sweet Pedro Ximinez Sherry. Colour is always a good indicator here, the darker the colour the richer and more intense the wine. With the festive season ahead of us this is the time of year when people entertain larger groups, desserts are made and we all give sweet wine another attempt. The four main types of sweet wine, are:1) I ce wine: The grapes for ice wine are picked at a temperature of -8 degrees or lower. As the water in the grapes is frozen, when the grapes are pressed in the winery, a thick syrupy liquid is produced, which is then fermented into a delicious sweet wine. The biggest producers of ice wine are Germany, Austria and Canada, with Riesling and Vidal being the most common grape

varieties. As well as being very sweet, ice wines always have pure fruit character, making them a great match for rich fruity desserts like apple pie or crumble. Due to the extreme methods of productions, ice wine always comes at a premium price. Majestic have a great ice wine by Canadian producers Peller Estate.

2) Lat e har vest : Late harvest and ice wines are very similar in style, however, late harvest wines are more affordable and less intense. The grapes are left on the vine for an extended period of time, increasing the amount of sugar in the grape and this also leads to a natural dehydration of the grape and leaves you with something closer to a raisin. Many different varieties can be made into late harvest wines and as such styles can vary. The Seifried Estate Sweet Agnes late harvest Riesling from Flagship wines can be fantastic matches for fresh, lemon-based desserts. 3) Noble wines: Although this may sound rather unpleasant, this method produces some of the most prized sweet wines in the world such as Sauternes and Tokaji. Botrytis

cinerea or noble rot is a very particular type of fungus which evaporates all the water from the grapes, leaving behind sugars and fruit acids. It also imparts lovely non-fruit flavours of honey, beeswax and marmalade. As such noble wines tend to complement desserts with caramel or toffee. Thirty-Nine Ten in St Albans is a specialist in Tokaji, the Hungarian noble wine and well worth a visit. 4) For t if ied wines: It is said that the process of fortification was invented to help wine survive the sea voyage from Portugal to Britain. Brandy was added to halt the fermentation, leaving some residual sugar in the wine as well as strengthening (or fortifying) it for its long sea journey. Port, Sherry and French ?Vin doux natural? like Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise are all fortified wines. They cover a wide range of style, but unlike the other styles, these are high in alcohol and can be too much for light desserts. Port goes well with cheeses to chocolate, whereas Pedro Ximinez Sherry is great when simply poured over vanilla ice-cream. If you like Malbec and Port, I highly recommend you try the Malamado Fortified Malbec, available from Hedley Wright wine merchant in Hitchin.


For r esult s t oday speak t o t he com m unicat ion exper t s at Spit f ir ePR Media rel at ions

Copy writ ing

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Market ing

Crisis management

Publ i sh er of #Stev enage @h tagstev enage For al l your mark eti ng and soci al medi a needs: 07539 782979 w w w .spi tf i darren@spi tf i @DarrenI sted1 @h ash tagh erts




Launch or grow your business with help from the government

Did you know there are loans available for small businesses?


Startup Direct supports those with just an idea for a business through to businesses that have already begun trading. Apply for your Startup Loan today. For further information head to LOAN INFORMATION -

Low, affordable six per cent interest rate; Repayment terms from one to five years; Loans of up to ÂŁ25,000 per business partner; No early repayment fees or



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For further information head to or call 07715 705 209 Personal loan for business use only. Credit and finance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. Strictly for those aged 18 and over.


Property hotspot There are many factors that make buying a property to let in the Stevenage area a good investment at this time. First and foremost is the value of such a proposition but you have to make your move quickly as Stevenage is fast becoming a property hotspot. It ?s little wonder that so many people are turning their attention to the New Town, especially given the fact that there is the prospect of a great return at the moment. Along with the major businesses that are already in town offering a ready-made market of tenants, Stevenage itself is on the up and is a great place to live, its thriving night time economy is testament to this. With more than 60 years of


experience in the lettings business the team at A-Top can help you to find the right place and manage your investment for maximum return to you.

Mer vyn?s A-Top t ip: When looking f or a good r et ur n f ocus on t owns such as St evenage which of f er gr eat value and ar e clear ly becom ing t he place t o live.


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