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May 2017



# All your #Herts entertainment in M ain Event guide # A cure for those IT headaches w ith TekOne # Business support by Herts Grow th Hub & Herts LEP




Hello from

# Herts And so at last winter is behind us and the longer and brighter days are ahead.



Major Tim Peake dr ops in t o open Air bus Foundat ion Discover y space

Advice f r om Mat t on keeping business big or sm all on t op of t heir HR issues

A change in the seasons also heralds a new found confidence in us all. There is much to see and do in #Herts and much for all of us to be proud of. And to begin on that note we are delighted to announce that we are the Digital Sponsor for the Herts SME awards.



Entries are being taken now so head to page 53 to find out more and why you should be aiming for a place at the finals. Awards already completed this year are the Herts Building Awards and the biz4Biz Awards and we have features on both of those inside. Our features in this edition also focus on apprenticeships and some of the great work being done by Herts LEP and Herts Growth Hub - the visit of Major Tim Peake served to underline this! And of course just round the corner is the Easter break, a glance at our Main Event guide will show it 's time to get out and about - and enjoy the best of #Herts!


THEMAINEVENT All t he t op event s in #Her t s in t he next t wo m ont hs and what 's new at t he cinem a

Michael Por t illo host s Biz4Biz awar ds night



Get in touch: #Her t s 07539 782979 email: Facebook: HashtagHerts



Twitter: @hashtagherts

70t h anniver sar y of f am ily jeweller s

Building indust r y celebrat es t he best in business

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Official opening of new business centre The Am bit ion Br oxbour ne Business Cent r e, t owar ds which Her t f or dshir e LEP cont r ibut ed ÂŁ1.8m , has of f icially opened. The occasion was m ar ked by a handover event . The centre has 68 office and studio units between 160 sq ft and 652 sq ft., state of the art meeting rooms, virtual offices and free parking. Space is let on flexible easy-in, easy-out terms and is aimed at start-ups and maturing SMEs looking to grow. It is managed by Basepoint on behalf of Broxbourne Borough Council. By 2021, it will have delivered 300 new jobs, created 60 new businesses, assisted 170 businesses and injected ÂŁ20 million into the local economy. Broxbourne MP Charles Walker attended the opening along with Broxbourne council leader Mark Mills-Bishop and the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire Dione Grimston. Mrs Grimston was full of praise for

the centre and described the opening as an "historic moment ". The event was also attended by Cllr David Williams, Deputy Leader of Hertfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire LEP board member and ERDF projects facilitator Tim Burton. Mr Burton said: "We are delighted to see this high quality enterprise centre, which provides a space for start-ups and maturing SMEs to

Picture courtesy Max Alexander_Airbus grow, officially open. The facility has the added benefit of being able to connect businesses to support services as well as having quality accomodation. It was fantastic to see tenants in many of the offices already and we look forward to the centre supporting entrepreneurs for many years to come."

EU funding to help support small businesses Her t f or dshir e LEP has secur ed EU f unding f or an expanding range of specialist business suppor t ser vices t ailor ed t o m eet t he needs of SMEs and ent r epr eneur s. This is par t of t he LEP's wider st rat egy of suppor t ing businesses t o st ar t and gr ow. The LEP has ident if ied t he count y's needs in t er m s of suppor t ing businesses and


secur ed EU f unding f or a range of suppor t ser vices which addr ess t hese needs. They ar e being deliver ed by a var iet y of pr ovider s. This por t f olio of suppor t is expanding and we expect m or e pr oject s will 'go live' and be available f or SMEs t o access in t he

near f ut ur e. For m or e inf or m at ion about t he Her t f or dshir e Gr owt h Package including det ails about t he ser vices and eligibilit y please cont act Her t f or dshir e Gr owt h Hub on 0844 725 5575.

Tim Peake opens Airbus Foundation Discovery space British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake has officially opened the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) centre in Stevenage next to the Mars Yard test area. Backed and funded by Airbus, the Airbus Foundation and Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, which contributed just over ÂŁ1m to the project, the STEM Centre will be run in partnership with North Hertfordshire College. The centre features educational exhibits to promote science, technology, engineering and maths to encourage and inspire students for future careers. The Airbus Foundation Discovery Space consists of a multi-functional education centre with interactive exhibits, a space to deliver classes and workshops, and a viewing gallery connecting with ongoing engineering activities associated with the build and test of the European Space Agency?s ExoMars Rover in the Mars Yard. The centre allows visitors to explore and learn for themselves;

Picture courtesy Max Alexander_Airbus complemented by an extensive education programme, designed and delivered by North Hertfordshire College centre staff. The centre will allow young people to develop their learning through an exciting and stimulating visit that is entertaining as well as educational. Andrew Stroomer, head of Airbus in Stevenage said: ?We want the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space to inspire the next generation of engineers, technicians and scientists, as part of that we will put a focus on disadvantaged communities, bringing experience and opportunity to those who would not otherwise be engaged.? Matt Hamnett, Principal of North Hertfordshire College said: ?We are thrilled be working with Airbus and the Airbus Foundation to create and operate the Discovery Space Centre. Their commitment to playing an active part in the creation of a vibrant talent pool for their industry is fantastic. We?re really excited at the prospect of building education experiences and resources which

leverage the unique inspirational power of the ExoMars Rover project.? Mark Bretton, chairman of Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, said: ?We are delighted to be part of this ambitious project which uses the search for life on Mars as a powerful learning tool. By finding out about the tremendous advances in space exploration happening on their doorstep we hope to encourage more young people locally to pursue careers in engineering, technology and science and even possibly follow in the footsteps of Tim Peake.? Andrea Debbane, executive director of the Airbus Foundation said: ?Youth development is at the heart of the Airbus Foundation?s mission. We strive every day to stimulate and inspire young minds through STEM and are proud to add the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space to our vast portfolio of youth programmes around the world. We strongly believe that instilling a passion for science and technology at an early age will widen the potential for innovation and creativity for a sustainable and empowered future.?


Why pay the price for ignoring basics? Mat t Pint o-Chil cot t is t he f ounder of Consensus HR and is f ul l y qual if ied wit h t he Chart ered Inst it ut e of Personnel and Devel opment (FCIPD). He hol ds an advanced empl oyment l aw qual if icat ion accredit ed by t he Sol icit ors Regul at ion Aut horit y and t he Bar St andards Board and of f ers in excess of 20 years of HR experience.

Since I started Consensus HR and left big industry it has amazed me the amount of businesses that do not understand the importance of HR in the workplace and being pro-active rather than re-active. We tend to get

calls when a business is being reactive and are in a situation they are not prepared for or equipped to handle and when the damage has already happened. Ignoring HR and putting it down the bottom of the 'to do' list can result in high financial and operational implications and is why we work with clients to ensure they are fully covered and working to best practice and the law. If this has caught your attention and you want to learn more we have listed the most common HR risks that many small businesses take and the potential penalties for ignoring or getting them wrong. 1) Failur e t o pr ovide a wr it t en em ploym ent cont ract : You are required by law to provide employees with a written statement of terms and conditions of their employment within two months of them starting to work with you. If this is not in place, you could be taken to an employment tribunal and fined between two and four weeks pay. More importantly, if you don?t have any terms of employment put in writing for an employee and there is a disagreement later down the line about what was agreed, you could be looking at a breach of contract claim. Compensation pay-outs for breach of contract claims can be up to ÂŁ25,000 if taken to a tribunal or ÂŁ50,000 at the High Court. Definitely not worth taking any risks. 2) I gnor ing t he law and com pliance: By law you are required to have a number of written employment policies in place, such as disciplinary and


grievance procedure and equal opportunities to name but a few. This is where an employee handbook is imperative as it lays out what you expect of the employee. The risk if you don?t have these policies in place is, if an employee makes an unfair dismissal or discrimination claim it would most certainly count against you if you didn?t have the appropriate policies in place, leading to a larger compensation award. 3) Not checking an em ployee?s r ight t o wor k evidence: You need to check that all your employees have the right to work in the UK (by taking copies of evidence, such as a passport or work permit). If this not carried out and an employee is found not to have the right to work in the UK, you can be fined up to £20,000 per person for employing illegal workers. 4) Discr im inat ing against an em ployee: In employment law and under the Equality Act 2010 employees are

protected against being discriminated against on the grounds of age, disability, marriage or civil partnership, race, nationality, sex/sexual orientation, ethnic origin, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief and colour. In cases of discrimination, tribunals can award unlimited compensation and there is NO length of service requirement for employees to make a claim. Also there is a particular risk with discrimination cases that if an employee has shown that discrimination could have taken place, it is then up to the employer to pr ove to the tribunal this is not the case, which can be extremely difficult to do. 5) Unf air dism issal of an em ployee: Dismissing an employee without having a legally fair reason or not following the correct Acas Code of Practice / legal process, can lead to an employment tribunal awarding the employee up to £74,000 compensation or a year ?s pay if this

Em ail and t elephone advice line: We understand that sometimes our clients wish to gain advice urgently and prefer to either telephone or send an email and that is why for a small monthly investment we can provide unlimited advice from our Chartered Members of the Chartered institute of Personnel and Development and legally (ACEL) qualified professionals. On the whole we are able to answer questions immediately but should further information be required we will be back to you within four hours and as part of our advice we will draft legal letters to ensure your company follows best practice and the law. Per sonal suppor t : At Consensus HR our relationship with our clients is extremely important and is why each client is treated individually and not as a number. We get to know our clients' businesses and provide solutions to their HR issues, whether it is introducing contracts, values or a performance management system to employment law training. We are there to take the headache away from employing people and allow the business to

is lower. In addition to that, you will have to pay your employment lawyer ?s fee even if you win, which on average is four days at £7k a day = £28k! However, employees need to have had two years service to claim unfair dismissal, although if they can show that they were discriminated against unfairly when dismissed they can make a tribunal claim regardless of their length of service (see above). 6) Under est im at ing t he knowledge of em ployees: Employees can now find any information about their rights on the internet, so tend to be very knowledgeable about their rights at work and processes their employers should be following. As an employer if you don?t do things properly this can lead to your employees being demotivated and lower productivity. So make sure you treat your employees fairly and lawfully and it will lead them to be happier and more productive at work.

continue to grow. Onsit e suppor t : Dealing with employee issues such as an unacceptable level of sickness or theft can sometimes be time consuming and worrying for business owners with them needing support and is why at Consensus HR we are happy to attend a clients business and support them and will provide a quote for this service if needed.

Regular ly asked quest ions: -

How do I keep up with the ever changing employment law legislation? How can I dismiss without the fear of a tribunal? How do I handle maternity leave? Do I have to agree to part-time working? What counts as a disability? How do I deal with a person who has a lot of days of sick? Can I change an employee's terms and conditions?


The Main Event YOURGUIDETOTHEUNMISSABLEEVENTSINYOURPARTOF#HERTS Mar ch 25 GUI LTY PLEASURES Wat f or d Colosseum A great night of pop music. JESTERLARF COMEDY CLUB Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage With Andy Robinson, Mark Simmons, Rhodri Rhys and MC Pete Dobbing. Mar ch 26 JOHN LI LL Wat f or d Colosseum Classical pianist. YOU' VE GOT A FRI END Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Celebrating the music of James Taylor and Carole King.

THE MAGI C OF MOTOWN Alban Ar ena, St Albans Celebrate the sound of a generation. THANKYOU FOR THE MUSI C Wat f or d Colosseum Abba tribute. I CAPTURE THE CASTLE Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d New British musical based on the novel by Dodie Smith. Until April 22. Apr il 1 AL MURRAY: LET'S GO BACKWARDS TOGETHER Wat f or d Colosseum

RI CH HALL'S HOEDOWN Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage A mash-up of the best of comedy and music.

THE PRI MARY SCHOOLS MUSI C FESTI VAL Alban Ar ena, St Albans Until March 29. Mar ch 30 THE STORY OF GUI TAR HEROES Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage The sounds of Hendrix, Clapton and many more performed by Phil Walker and his band. THE BOOTLEG BEATLES Alban Ar ena, St Albans Beatles tribute. THE ELVI S YEARS Wat f or d Colosseum Tribute to The King. WI NES OF PORTUGAL Silsoe A Wine Education Co event. Mar ch 31


Apr il 5 NAOMI 'S WI LD AND SCARY Alban Ar ena, St Albans With children's television presenter Naomi Wilkinson. Apr il 6 TWELFTH NI GHT Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Live screening from the National Theatre. RUSSELL BRAND: RE-BI RTH Wat f or d Colosseum Stand-up comedy. WI NE TASTI NG Foxholes Far m Shop, Her t f or d A Wine Education Co event. Apr il 7 CHAMPI ONS OF MAGI C Alban Ar ena, St Albans A spectacular night of mystery with top illusionists.

Mar ch 27 PLAY: THE SOUND OF MURDER Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage A whodunnit by William Fairchild. Until March 29.

Easter show.

Stand-up comedy with The Pub Landlord. THE SENSATI ONAL 60S EXPERI ENCE Alban Ar ena, St Albans Featuring Herman?s Hermits, Chris Farlowe, New Amen Corner, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Fortunes, The Ivy League, and Alan Mosca from Freddie and The Dreamers.

I SLANDS I N THE STREAM Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers tribute. Apr il 8 DANNY BAKER: CRADLE TO THE STAGE Alban Ar ena, St Albans One-man show. THE LI TTLE MERMAI D Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar A Panto Company production.

DANCE YOUR WAY TO OZ Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage A diverse and dynamic range of dance styles from the senior members of the Buntingford School of Dance. Also on April 2.

ASI AN COMEDY NI GHT Wat f or d Colosseum Stand-up comedy featuring Paul Chowdhry and others.

DOOMWATCH CASTLE Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Fun for all the family. Also on April 2.

JUSTI N'S PARTY Wat f or d Colosseum Chilfren's entertainment featuring BAFTA winning Justin Fletcher.

Apr il 4

NEW JERSEY NI GHTS Alban Ar ena, St Albans A spectacular celebration of the

ROBI N HOOD Wat f or d Colosseum

Apr il 9

The Main Event YOURGUIDETOTHEUNMISSABLEEVENTSINYOURPARTOF#HERTS music of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. MADAME BUTTERFLY Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Live screening from Royal Opera House. Apr il 10 New Jer sey Nigh t s, a

DI CK AND DOM LI VE Alban Ar ena, St Albans Family show from the BAFTA-winning duo. Apr il 11 PAUL WELLER Wat f or d Colosseum Part of a 10-date tour. JEWELS BALLET Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Live screening from Royal Opera House. Apr il 12 COCKTAI L MASTERCLASS Golden Fleece, Braughing A Wine Education Co event. ROBI N HOOD Alban Ar ena, St Albans The merriest of pantos. Also on April 13. Apr il 11 I LLEGAL EAGLES

Fr an k ie Valli t r ibu t e, at t h e Alban Ar en a Wat f or d Colosseum Tribute act.

Featuring Chris White and Terence Reis from The Straits.

Apr il 15

Apr il 20

LI VI NG THE DREAM EASTER SHOWCASE Alban Ar ena, St Albans Dance, musical theatre and music.

GI N TASTI NG UEO Hub, Her t f or d A Wine Education Co event.

I LLEGAL EAGLES Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Tribute act. I AN WAI TE AND NATALI E LOWE: SOMEWHERE I N TI ME Wat f or d Colosseum An evening of dance with the Strictly couple on their UK tour. Apr il 19 DI RE STRAI TS EXPERI ENCE Alban Ar ena, St Albans

SHAKI N' STEVENS Wat f or d Colosseum Echoes of Our Times tour. CLI FF RI CHARD AND THE SHADOWS Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Tribute act. Apr il 21 I AN WAI TE AND NATALI E LOWE: SOMEWHERE I N TI ME Alban Ar ena, St Albans An evening of dance with the Strictly couple on their UK tour. BRI NGI NG ON BACK THE 60S Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar With New Amen Corner and Mike D'Abo from Manfred Mann. Apr il 22 CI NDERELLA Alban Ar ena, St Albans A Vienna Festival Ballet production. SOME GUYS HAVE ALL THE LUCK Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Rod Stewart tribute.

Pau l Weller is at Wat f or d Colosseu m on Apr il 11

I AN WAI TE AND NATALI E LOWE: SOMEWHERE I N TI ME Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage An evening of dance with the Strictly couple on their UK tour. Also on April 23.



Th e Uk elele Or ch est r a of Gr eat Br it ain , at t h e Alban Ar en a on Apr il 30 Apr il 24 CHANCE 2 DANCE Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Dance competition for primary schools in the Welwyn Hatfield area.

Chris Montez, Wayne Fontana and Vanity Fare.

WAR AND PEACE Wat f or d Colosseum A Watford Philharmonic Society production.

May 4

Apr il 25

Apr il 30

CI RCUS OF HORRORS: THE NEVER ENDI NG NI GHTMARE Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Celebrating 21 years on the road.

THE UKELELE ORCHESTRA OF GREAT BRI TAI N Alban Ar ena, St Albans Foot-tapping music and humour.

MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT Alban Ar ena, St Albans A St Albans Musical Theatre Company production. Until April 29.

May 2

Apr il 27 STARMAN: THE DAVI D BOWI E STORY Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Tribute featuring Michael King. Apr il 28 GI NO'S I TALI AN ESCAPE Wat f or d Colosseum A night of food and fun with Gino D'Acampo.


anniversary of the Out Of The Blue album release.

THE GARTH BROOKS STORY Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Tribute featuring Trevor Smith and his Friends In Low Places band. JI MMY CARR Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy. May 3 GI N MASTERCLASS Golden Fleece, Braughing A Wine Education Co event.

Apr il 29

PLAY: THE NAKED TRUTH Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Hard-hitting satirical play written by Johnny Tait.

THE ELO EXPERI ENCE Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Tribute celebrating the 40th

SOLI D SI LVER 60S Alban Ar ena, St Albans With The Merseybeats, Dave Berry,

THE SEARCHERS I N CONCERT Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Classic pop from the 60s chart toppers REGI NALD D HUNTER Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy. May 5 TALON: THE BEST OF THE EAGLES Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage 20th anniversary of the tribute act. THE COUNTERFEI T STONES Alban Ar ena, St Albans Rolling Stones tribute. MI SS MEENA AND THE MASALA QUEENS Palace Theat r e, Wat f or d Property developers hover like vultures around an ailing club. Until May 13. May 6 THEATRE TRAI N: PAST AND PRESENT Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Putteridge and Luton Theatre Train present an evening of song, dance and drama.

The Main Event YOURGUIDETOALLTHENOTTOMISSEVENTSINYOURPARTOF#HERTS I N FLANDERS FI ELDS: REMEMBERI NG WORLD WAR I Wat f or d Colosseum English Philharmonia and Chorus. BOOGI E NI GHT Alban Ar ena, St Albans Featuring Ultimate Earth, Wind and Fire, The Stevie Wonder Legacy and Heatwave?s Donovan Blackwood.

Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage A step back to 1960s Detroit and the great Motown sound. THE CARPENTERS STORY Wat f or d Colosseum Tribute act. RI CHARD HERRI NG: THE BEST Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy.

May 7

May 13

OMAD DJI LI LI : SCHMUCK FOR A NI GHT Wat f or d Colosseum Stand-up comedy.

THE 2-TONE TRI BUTE TOUR Alban Ar ena, St Albans The music of Bad Manners, The Specials and Madness.

May 8

ONE NI GHT OF QUEEN Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Tribute act.

PLAY: THE RAI LWAY CHI LDREN Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage A new musical adaption by Stephen Kingsbury and Ben Sleep. May 9 THE FI RST HI PPO ON THE MOON Alban Ar ena, St Albans Adaption of David Walliams' space adventure. Also on May 10. CRAZY FOR YOU Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar An ELODS production of the Gershwin classic. Until May 13. May 11 BACK I N OUR ROCK 'N' ROLL DAYS Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Featuring original 60s stars Billie Davis, Graham Fenton (Matchbox), Iain Terry (Rockabilly Rebels) and Alan Warner (The Foundations). RI CH HALL'S HOEDOWN Alban Ar ena, St Albans A mash-up of the best of comedy and music. May 12 AN EVENI NG OF MURDER AND MYSTERY Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage An evening of murderous fun with a three-course meal in the Pi Bistro. GET READY

CI RCUS OF DANCE Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Presented by The Andrews Dance Centre. Also on May 14. May 14 LEGEND OF A BAND: THE MOODY BLUES Alban Ar ena, St Albans With former Moody Blues drummer Gordy Marshall. May 15 SHAKI N' STEVENS Alban St Albans DaveArMena, ason Echoes of Our Times tour. May 16 MEMORY LANE Wyllyot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar A rollercoaster journey through the music of the '50s, '60s and '70s. May 18 CHARI TY WI NE TASTI NG - THE PI NOTS The Lem on Tr ee, Bishops St or t f or d A Wine Education Co event. LEE NELSON: SERI OUS JOKER Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy. WEST SI DE STORY Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage A Rare Youth Theatre production.

Until May 20. May 19 I LLEGAL EAGLES Alban Ar ena, St Albans Tribute band. FOREVER JACKSON: LEGACY OF A LEGEND Wat f or d Colosseum Michael Jackson tribute. DARTS: STEVENAGE SHOWDOWN Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Featuring Michael Van Gerwen, Peter Wright, Daryl Gurney, Vincent Van Der Voort, Bobby George, Fallon Sherrock and Alex Roy. May 20 THAT'LL BE THE DAY Alban Ar ena, St Albans Rock 'n' roll variety show. May 21 WEST END AT HOME Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage A Box of Frogs Theatre Academy charity concert featuring West End stars in aid of The Magic of Play Appeal. CI NDERELLA Wyllot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar A Vienna Festival Ballet production. May 24 ADAM ANT Wat f or d Colosseum Anthems: The Singles Tour. BEN AND HOLLY'S LI TTLE KI NGDOM Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage From the makers of Peppa Pig. Also on May 25. May 25 MOSCOW PHI LHARMONI C ORCHESTRA Wat f or d Colosseum Classical concert. EDDI E ' THE EAGLE' EDWARDS Alban Ar ena, St Albans The unique sporting hero tells his story. May 26


The Main Event YOURGUIDETOALLTHENOTTOMISSEVENTSINYOURPARTOF#HERTS THE OPERA BOYS Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Leading men from the West End deliver an evening of power-packed pop and opera classics. THE PHI L RUDD BAND Alban Ar ena, St Albans Former ACDC drummer and his band. ULTI MATE GENESI S Wyllot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Tribute act. May 27 JESTERLARF COMEDY CLUB Gor don Craig Theat r e, St evenage Featuring Gavin Webster, Brian Higgins, Tom Lucy and MC Phil Dinsdale. COUNT ARTHUR STRONG: THE SOUND OF MUCUS Wat f or d Colosseum Stand-up comedy.

Fair por t Con ven t ion br in g t h eir 50t h an n iver say t ou r t o Wyllyot t s Th eat r e on M Y 28

May 28 DAVE JOHNS: I , DANI EL BLAKE Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy.

SWI NGI NG AT THE COTTON CLUB Wyllot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Music and dance.

JENNY ECLAI R: HOW TO BE A MI DDLE-AGED WOMAN Wyllot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Stand-up comedy.

June 7

FAI RPORT CONVENTI ON Wyllot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Golden anniversary tour. REMEMBERI NG FRED Alban Ar ena, St Albans Strictly stars Aljaz and Janette pay tribute to Fred Astaire.

ONLY FOOLS AND THREE COURSES Wyllot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Dining with the Trotters.

May 29

June 2

LI VE ON MARS Wat f or d Colosseum David Bowie tribute.

FORBI DDEN NI GHTS Wyllot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Male variety act.

May 31

PLAY: NOBODY'S TALKI NG TO ME Wyllot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Irish rural comedy.

MACBETH Wyllot t s Theat r e, Pot t er s Bar Southgate Opera presnt Verdi's opera. Until June 10.

June 3

June 10

JENNY ECLAI R: HOW TO BE A MI DDLE-AGED WOMAN Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy.

PAM ANN: TOUCH TROLLEY, RUN TO GALLEY Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy.

MI LKSHAKE LI VE: THE MAGI C STORY BOOK Wat f or d Colosseum Children's entertainment.

JOOLS HOLLAND AND HI S RHYTHM AND BLUES ORCHESTRA Alban Ar ena, St Albans With guest vocalists Ruby Turner and Louise Marshall and special guest Chris Difford. June 1


RUSSELL BRAND: RE-BI RTH Wat f or d Colosseum Stand-up comedy. June 8 THE ALL-STAR STAND-UP TOUR Alban Ar ena, St Albans Stand-up comedy featuring Stewart Francis, Justin Moorhouse, Jime Tavare and compere Jarred Christmas.




Topreleasefor theupcomingmonths

Rocky road back for an ex-champ Jawbone The story of a former youth boxing champion. Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris) who is a man in search of hope.

to his childhood boxing club and the only family he has left - gym owner Bill (Ray Winstone), Eddie (Michael Smiley) and promoter Joe (Ian McShane). He is determined to prove he will risk his life to stand tall

When he hits rock bottom he turns

and to regain his place in the world. Dir ect ed: Thomas Napper Wr it er : Johnny Harris St ar r ing: Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Johnny Harris

Success comes at a price Miss Sloane A fitting release for the current climate, the film traces political powerbroker Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) who is the most sought after and formidable lobbyist in Washington. Renowned for her cunning and her track record of success, she has always done whatever is required to win. But when she takes on the

most powerful opponent of her career, she finds that winning may come at too high a price Dir ect ed: John Madden Pr oduced: Ariel Zeitoun, Ben Browning, Kris Thykier St ar r ing: Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michael Stuhlbarg, Alison Pill, Jake Lacy, John Lithgow, Sam Waterston. Cinewor ld St evenage: 0871 200 2000 Br oadway Let chwor t h: 01462 681088 Odyssey St Albans: 01727 453088 Royst on Pict ur e Palace info@roystonpicturepalace.


The Rex Ber kham st ed 01442 877759



New grants to help your business grow ?What sort of business grant can I get? And can you help me with that? ? are the two most popular questions from local businesses to the team at Hertfordshire Growth Hub. Hertfordshire is a great place to start, grow and run a business and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the UK. But that means we?ve not had access to various government business grants? .until now. Grant s t o get businesses gr owing The Growth Hub is a free local

support service for SME businesses and has just announced a range of new grant programmes designed to help businesses flourish. Whether you?re starting a new business, looking to take on an apprentice, develop into new sectors or expand your sales internationally ? there is a support scheme to help you achieve it faster. As the central point for business support in the county, the Growth Hub advisers know all the latest programmes and will help local businesses identify which is most suitable for their business and

advise them on how to apply. Get t he knowledge you need about t he new grant schem es Don?t get left behind; make sure you?re among the first to hear about the latest grant programmes and funding schemes to help your business grow. Just subscribe to the Growth Hub?s free newsletter and get your business on the path to achieving your ambitions. Call 0844 725 5575, email enquir ies@her t sgr owt or visit www.her t sgr owt .

Apprenticeships: How can your business gain? On March 24, Hertfordshire Growth Hub in association with the National Apprenticeship Service is hosted a FREE practical event for Hertfordshire SMEs so they could find out: -

The benefits of apprenticeships from a business perspective



What it ?s like to work as an apprentice How to maximise Government funding to develop their staff How the Apprenticeship Levy will wor How they can attract a diverse workforce

The event was delivered by Hertfordshire Growth Hub in association with the National Apprenticeship Service, with funding from the Skills Funding Agency via the Beds, Herts and Milton Keynes Provider Network and Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, and the University of Hertfordshire.



Tek One team up for an innovate insight Join Emma Austin from

types of projects & sectors to

opportunities to network and

Enterprise Accountancy Ltd and

whom state aid applies

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Harwood Park: A place of tranquility for the past 20 years Tucked away on the outskirts of Stevenage is a beautiful, tranquil spot where families come to reflect and remember. With over 25 acres of lovingly tended gardens this special place is Harwood Park Crematorium and Memorial Gardens. Established in 1997 by Austin?s Funeral Directors, the crematorium and gardens are run and managed by the family-run firm which also has nine funeral arranging offices and is Hertfordshire?s leading independent funeral director. The beautiful gardens at Harwood Park are open daily and visitors are welcome at all times to tend memorials, leave flowers or simply enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Everybody remembers their loved ones in their own unique way and nowhere is this more evident than at Harwood Park where traditional memorials are complemented by living memorials including chestnut trees, rose bushes and beautiful shrubs.

memorials grow and mature it really is a beautiful spot to spend time and remember your loved ones. ?We employ four full-time gardeners who ensure the grounds look immaculate at all times. We have many families who come here regularly to reflect and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and I know it holds a very special place in the affections of many people. In the last 20 years more than 40,000 families have celebrated the

lives of their loved ones at Harwood Park. To commemorate the 20th anniversary Harwood Park will be hosting a special memorial service at 2pm on Sunday, April 23. Families are invited to remember their loved ones in this stunning setting. The event will be free of charge but tickets should be reserved by contacting Claire Austin at

Everybody?s choice of funeral is different as well and to this end memorials are available to anyone, not only those whose funeral is held at Harwood Park?s crematorium. Claire Austin, who is the tenth generation of her family to run Austin?s, says: ?Harwood Park is a very tranquil place and as the living


Night of celebration for best in business Biz4Biz, the organisation that provides a coherent voice for businesses in Hertfordshire is pleased to announce the winners of the biz4Biz Awards 2017. On a glittering night of celebration, a total of 12 awards were presented at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel, with the event compered by the Rt Hon Michael Portillo. Among the winners named were Alyssa Smith of Alyssa Smith Jewellery who said: ?What an amazing night and what a great honour to be a winner at the first biz4Biz awards. It ?s a testament to the hard work put in by our team that we have been recognised by our peers at such a high-profile event ?. The biz4Biz Awards are the first of their kind, impartial, independent awards that can be won by anyone involved in a business in Hertfordshire. The aim of the biz4Biz Awards is to seek out examples of being the best at what all the businesses in Herts do. ?We are delighted with the way the evening went and the feedback already has been overwhelming,? said Adrian Hawkins, chairman of biz4Biz. ?There is room in the calendar for these awards and the time is right for biz4Biz to show that we are not only there to speak up on behalf of businesses in Herts but also that we are there to recognise and reward all the great things that are being done? The awards began with an online nomination and voting process in December 2016, this was followed by


This award is open to any apprenticeship scheme that provides excellent job training, ensuring the apprentice becomes a master of their trade. Success is measured in the number of apprentices becoming a valued employee. Winner - John O?Connor (Gr ounds Maint enance) Lt d 3. Best Ret ailer nominees from the top 20 then being invited to attend a judging day the following month before the announcement of the awards shortlist. Commenting on the award winners Adrian said: ?A look at the list of our finalists shows just what a tough task our judges had. There is so much that we can be proud of and our winners all showed that they just have the edge over their rivals and were able to turn good into excellent.?

Sponsor ed by biz4Biz This award is open to any multi-national chain or an independent high street shop that is able to demonstrate excellent knowledge and a passion for the products they sell. They have a good understanding of their customer base and demonstrate a 'can do' attitude. Winner - Alyssa Sm it h Jeweller y 4. Out st anding Cont r ibut ion Sponsor ed by Biz4Biz

This Year ?s Winner s

Winner - Johnson Mat t hey

1. Made in Her t s

5. Best Execut ive Venue

Sponsor ed by Alt r o Floor ing Let chwor t h

Sponsor ed by George Hay Account ant s

This award is open to any Hertfordshire based company whose products are produced in the county. They demonstrate a passion for working with and supporting other businesses in Hertfordshire also, by sourcing locally.

This award is open to any hotel or meeting venue which satisfies their customers?needs and offers outstanding service. Members of Staff go the extra mile to ensure customers feel valued and special.

Winner - Chilf en Gr oup

6. Best Fam ily Business

2. Best Appr ent iceship Sponsor ed by The Car eer s & Ent er pr ise Com pany

Winner - Tewin Bur y Far m Hot el

Sponsor ed by Richm ond House Financial Ser vices Lim it ed


This award is for a commercial organisation in which decision-making is influenced by multiple generations of a family (blood-line or marriage) and who are closely aligned with the company through leadership or ownership. Winner - JJ Burgess & Sons 7. Best Pr of essional Ser vices Sponsor ed by Needham House This award is for any professional business, of any size and sector, who improves productivity and growth across the economy. The trusted company should provide accurate, confidential and specialist advice. Winner - iQuda 8. Best I nt er nat ional Business Sponsor ed by BBW Solicit or s This award is open to a company based in Hertfordshire but who successfully conducts business both

internationally and locally. They demonstrate good skills, processes and relationships to ensure a consistent level of service is delivered worldwide. Winner - Rot ham st ed Resear ch 9. Best I nnovat ion Sponsor ed by Her t f or dshir e Gr owt h Hub This award is for an idea or invention that has been translated into goods or a service and creates value. The innovator ?s ideas must satisfy a specific need, at an appropriate market price. Winner - Display Plan Lt d 10. Her t s Expor t er Sponsor ed by biz4Biz This award is for a company distributing goods/services from Hertfordshire to other markets. They demonstrate expertise in exporting

commercial quantities of goods, globally. Winner - Alt r o Lt d 11. Judges?Awar d Sponsor ed by biz4Biz Winner -Reallym 12. Business of t he Year Sponsor ed by Bar clays Bank PLC This award is open to businesses demonstrating good ideas, careful planning and a determination to succeed and produce a thriving business. They are able to overcome challenges and have a clear marketing and development strategy for future expansion. Winner - Azt ek Logist ics Lt d For im ages and f ur t her inf or m at ion on t he awar ds cont act please see t he link at



Decanting or aeration? I have always loved decanting wines, there is a romance and theatre to it, almost like a Japanese tea ceremony. When I worked in Michelin star restaurants I would always be delighted when a customer ordered a wine that needed decanting, not only did it provide pleasure for me but often the customers were equally as interested in what I was doing. Since leaving the Michelin star scene, my decanter has seen less use and part of this could be because I've started using an aerator instead. These aerators have gained just as much interest with the public and I have often told the customer: ?They do the job of a decanter but without the faff ? Recently at a wine tasting, it dawned on me that I had never actually tested this theory, that whether an aerator is in fact better or worse than the decanter. With this in mind, there was only one option, a 'scientific' experiment testing the different methods for aerating your wine. So I bought the biggest, most intense wine I could

get my hands on, an American Cab Sauv blend and set about my task tough times I know.

gone and the fruit and savoury notes of the wine are much more obvious. The wine tastes better too.

Base t est : Firstly I pour a small amount of wine straight from the bottle into the glass. When I try to smell the aromas of the wine, I mainly get alcohol, all the other smells appear muted or not there at all. When I taste the wine it ?s very similar, a bit too intense.

Opt ion 2: The Aerat or

Opt ion 1: The Decant er No matter how you store your decanter job number one is clean it before use, it seems to attract dust on the inside and outside. I pour the wine slowly and carefully into the decanter, standing under a bright downlight so I can see if any sediment goes past the neck of the bottle. As soon as I smell I notice a difference, the alcoholic notes have

I stick the aerator on top of the bottle and pour, it ?s that simple. As it ?s dishwasher safe, it is easy to keep clean too. As the wine pours out it makes a sucking noise, which lets me know it 's working. As with the decanter, the wine is much more pleasant to smell and I can start to pick out individual notes like blackcurrant and cedar. The wine is noticeably smoother than the base test, it feels more mellow and balanced. Opt ion 3: The Blender We had heard that putting your wine through a blender does the same thing as decanting. So we tried this out at the same time. To find out how it tasted, watch the full video attached. Conclusion: I really struggled to notice a difference between the decanter and the aerator, however, the difference between them and the base test was massive. With that in mind, I think both of these wine



What's cooking at hotel's new brasserie?

Meet Alfie (right) and Carl (left), the two head chefs at the Cromwell Hotel and the chaps who will be taking the helm in the kitchen at the hotel's new Rump and Wade brasserie. Both chefs have spent years learning the trade and moving up the ranks having done stints with Marco Pierre White and Andrew Turner between them. It ?s fair to say they have plenty of experience and passion. What can we expect ? ?Seasonal dishes that are locally sourced where possible. We will work closely with Stickleback fish company in Welham Green to ensure we have the pick of the market as soon as the boats come in. We have been experimenting with home smoking our own Salmon too and the flavour is phenomenal ? we can?t wait for our guests to give it a try. We are excited too that we will be getting our pork supplied from

Dingley Dell farm which has a superb reputation for producing the highest quality meat.? And f or pudding? ?We can?t give too much away as the menu hasn?t been finalised yet ? but I can tell you that Carl is a fantastic pastry chef and has some lovely treats in store for you. All our desserts will be made from scratch and you can expect to see lots of traditional British puddings. Some with a modern twist.? Will t her e be ice cr eam ? ?Haha ? yes, plenty of ice cream. We will be getting our ice cream from Marshfield farm for the most part but Carl is keen to make some too.? Tell us what ?s im por t ant about cooking Br it ish? ?The most important thing for us is to produce dishes that people will enjoy coming for again & again. We want to cook good, honest, flavourful food that is British at its

heart. There may occasionally be influences from other modern European cooking styles but we will seek to source British produce and prepare the dish in a British style where possible. We love taking advantage of rarer cuts of meat & cooking them low and slow in just the right way to enrich the meats with flavour.? Anyt hing f or t he veggies out t her e? Absolutely! We will have a selection of dishes available for vegetarians & will also have dishes that are suitable for vegans. You have t o t ell us at least one dish! ?Ok, well you know about the Dingley Dell pork so I suppose it won?t hurt if we tell you about the pork belly.? Honey and thyme glazed pork belly, crackling, spiced apple puree, kale, creamed potatoes and sage crisp.







Time to sow seeds and feed plants and shrubs

Th e # H er t s t eam of ex per t s gi v e you som e t op t i ps an d j obs t o do i n si de as w el l as out si de as t em per at ur es r i se... Sow new lawns and deal wit h bar e pat ches If you are hoping for a lovely patch of green for the coming year then now is the time to sow the lawn. Seed, when it is well cared for, will start to grow vigorously and of course seed sown now will also help to improve bare patches. I ncr ease t he am ount of wat er given t o house plant s As the seasons change, the amount of water given to different plants also varies. This is especially true of houseplants so as the temperature starts to rise make sure that the


amount of water given also increases. Feed shr ubs and r oses As the weather improves, plants will want to get growing so make sure that shrubs and roses are fed to allow them to make the most of the favourable conditions. St ar t f eeding cit r us plant s Along with others, citrus plants need a little boost at this time of year to help growth so start to feed them gradually. Sow har dy annuals and her b seeds April is a great time to start sowing hardy annuals and herb seeds and within no time you will see growth begin and great crops in later months. Tie clim bing and ram bling r oses

It may not seem like they will get out of hand but pretty soon climbing and rambling roses will be tough to tackle so make sure they are tied now ready for the growth to begin. Bewar e lat e f r ost s so pr ot ect f r uit blossom The warm weather may be with us or just around the corner but late frosts can still strike so protect fruit blossom. Keep on t op of weeds If seeds and plants are growing then so are weeds so make a start on them now, if you don't keep on top of them in spring there's a summer of hard work ahead! And don't forget as the weather improves and the warmer weather starts to arrive, just get out into your garden and enjoy it!


Godshaw jewellers celebrates 70th birthday As the oldest family-run business in Welwyn Garden City, we?re exceptionally excited to be celebrating our 70th birthday! And what a wonderful and varied 70 years it has been! To those who know us and have visited us over the years, thank you for your loyalty, support and all the stories shared over the counter. And to those who don?t know us, we would love to

meet you! As a traditional Jewellers with decades of experience there is so much we can do for you and all your jewellery needs.

We seek out unique one-off pieces, unusual designs and beautiful creations to being you a diverse collection of fine jewellery, with diamonds and precious stones set in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Wedding/ engagem ent

Fashion! Fashion! Collectable, stackable and addictive! We stock all major fashion brands including Thomas Sabo, Chlobo, Links of London, Nomination and more? . the wishlist will just keep growing! Designer collect ion If you?re looking for that extra special gift, or the perfect piece to compliment that outfit, we have several designer collections in store including the highly sought after Georg Jensen, the exquisite Italian brand Fope and the dazzling Pesavento. Fine jeweller y


We offer a beautiful varied collection of engagement rings in a variety of precious metals and stones, in particular our Chalfen of London collection which offers a range of

the highest quality of diamonds available. As wedding ring specialists, we enjoy helping you to find that perfect ring for your special day. With wedding rings ranging from the classic and traditional to the contemporary and avante-garde, along with our made to fit service, we will endeavour to find your perfect match.

Second hand and all gold purchasing; Old Gold purchase; Batteries; Battery and reseal; Engraving; Strap adjustments; Re-sizing; Re-mount/design; Jewellery restoration; Setting alteration; Re-rhodium; Professional clean; Re-stringing; Advice. Godshaw Jewellers , 42 Wigmores North, Welwyn Garden City AL8 6BL

Repair s and ser vices Jewellery and watches need maintaining and repairing over the years, and we?d love to help give your collections a little TLC! From a professional cleaning service in store for a little spritz, to a complete restoration if your jewellery has been particularly well loved and worn with time. Or on those occasions where a toddler ?s exploratory hand has grabbed or the door caught your wrist, we can repair chains, reset/replace stones, re-join bands, re-tip claws and

provide the best remedy possible to restore your jewellery. We can also create designs of your own imagination with our bespoke service, or re-make existing pieces in a different style, there are no limits and we like a challenge! We offer battery and reseal testing on site, standard batteries, bracelet repairs/adjustments and straps as well as servicing on all well-known brands and most fashion brands.

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @godshaws We?re personable and welcoming and we love what we do! Please don?t hesitate to call or pop in store, whether you?re looking for the next fashion piece, a birthday gift or you?re ready ready to pop the big question, we?re happy to help

We of f er :



Dentist is putting customers first in town centre location The new owners of Letchworth Dental Surgery will be putting a smile on the faces of people in the Garden City. Their location, above David?s Bookshop in Eastcheap, Letchworth, makes it the only dental practice which is based in the town centre and along with the convenience, customers can also expect the very best of care. The new owners have a proven track record of top dental treatment as they also run practices in Ashwell and other neighbouring areas. They are renowned for investing in new technology and upgrading facilities and

customers to Letchworth Dental Surgery have already immediately noticed the difference Dipen Shah from Letchworth Dental Surgery said: ?We are delighted to be able to provide the very best of dental care for the people of Letchworth. Our location makes it very easy for patents to head to the town centre of Letchworth Garden City for their dental needs.

?Our range of services and with the investment planned in new facilities mean customers are always at the forefront of our planning and we pride ourselves on developing our practices and providing treatment which is designed with our patients in mind.? Among a host of changes are the introduction of hygienist services from May of this year while a computerised patient records and recall system is being installed which will ensure a much smoother customer experience. NHS places are available at the surgery while private treatments can also be booked. For further information head to website: www.letchworthdental You can call the surgery on 01462 679 888.


Facing the Bowling Green in Stevenage?s Old Town, we?re located in a beautiful Grade 2 listed building. Our mission is to bring modern British cuisine to Stevenage using seasonal, locally sourced where possible produce, with service which is good without being stuffy; a special occasion venue which doesn?t break the bank.



34 8


Building industry stages awards night The first edition of the Hertfordshire Building and Construction Awards showcased success for more than a hundred of the county's leading individuals and enterprises, as well as raising funds and awareness for those affected by asbestos-related disease. The event, held on February 10 at the Letchworth Mercure Hall Hotel, celebrated the very best of tradesmen, building, engineering, innovation and construction work, focusing on projects that took place in Hertfordshire during the past 14 months and the staff who worked on them. The evening also raised awareness for Mesothelioma UK, a charity that supports those suffering from cancer associated with exposure to asbestos. The event was compered by Formula 1 pundit and presenter David Croft, who lit the stage with his warmth and wit, even managing to persuade a member of the audience to slip into his role as commentator, while old footage of Lewis Hamilton played on screen. Hannah Rees, director of marketing support agency and event organiser AIM, said the awards demonstrated the exceptional work to have taken place in the industry over the last year, in addition to bringing Hertfordshire business leaders


together under one roof.

Mesothelioma UK,? she added.

?The inaugural Hertfordshire Building and Construction Awards were a roaring success, and as a project that is close to my heart I am delighted to have been able to recognise excellence in an industry of great importance to this growing county. Hertfordshire business leaders, dignitaries, councils and finalists celebrated at the event which included entertainment, industry related video news and the awards ceremony itself. It was great to feel the energetic atmosphere and watch everyone celebrating the year ?s achievements. It generates positive ambition for the year ahead.

The awards also had support from Hertfordshire LEP, Hertfordshire Constructing Excellence and the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce. There were winners in 17 categories this year, providing ample opportunities to recognise exceptional achievement in a recent project or individual relating to construction, engineering, design (interior and architecture) and the built environment.

?Additionally, what was fantastic was to be able to raise funds and awareness for a cause that cares for this industry and the people who work within it, namely Mesothelioma UK." ?I would also like to thank the award judges Mary Sykes of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce; Jim Davin, CEO of Buildnet; Nilu Bhurj of NKB Virtual Assistant and Alison Nicholl, Associate Director of Building Research Establishment (BRE), as well as our sponsors The Green Triangle, Dignity LC Services, Oaklands College, Broxbourne Council, Carita Services and

RDT Architects, winner of Architect of the Year and Housing Project of the Year, said the event was a ?fabulous night ?. ?We were delighted to win ?Best Housing Project of the Year ?for Gleneagle Manor Apartments, Harpenden and the ?Architect of the Year ?award which recognised their specialist dementia care design work. It was a fabulous awards night and we look forward to attending next year,? said a spokesman for the company. Another of the night 's celebrated winners, Asbestosafe, said that to be recognised for its innovation was ?icing on the cake? after a night of great company and ?superb? food. ?Thank you and looking forward to the next awards night already,? said a representative for the company.

Ter rain Sur veys

DS Pr oper t y Solut ions

SEC I nt er ior s

Louise Har dy (Sir ius Minerals)

Par kbr ey Lt d

Asbest osaf e

RDT Ar chit ect s

Jar vis Cont ract ing

Conam ar

This year ?s list of winner s: General Builder Awar d: DB Sharp and Sons

Est at e Agency of t he Year : Hawk and Chadwick

Housing Pr oject of t he Year : RDT Architects

Pr oper t y Ser vice Awar d: DS Property Solutions

Highly Com m ended Awar d: SEC Interiors

Sust ainable Build Awar d: Amcell

Elect r ical Cont ract or of t he Year : Parkbrey Ltd. Wom en in Engineer ing Awar d: Louise Hardy (Sirius Minerals) Healt h and Saf et y Awar d: Jarvis Contracting

Ar chit ect of t he Year : RDT Architects Sur veyor s Awar d: Terrain Surveys Training Skills Pr ovider : BRE Academy Manager of t he Year : Mark

Garnham of CHQ I nnovat ion Awar d: Asbestosafe I nt er ior Design Awar d: CHQ Cont ract or of t he Year : Conamar Ref ur bishm ent Pr oject of t he Year : DB Sharp and Sons Entries are for the Hertfordshire Building and Construction Awards will be open from August 1, 2017. For more details visit


The best for business Holiday Inn, Stevenage is one of the best hotels for business users in #Stevenage and #Herts.


There are a number of meeting and events offers and packages which can suit every business and with eight suites to choose from there is simply everything on hand to help you make the most of your event.


Feat ur es at a glance include: -


8 meeting rooms capacity for 400 delegates and 270 Banqueting


Dedicated manned business reception area Knebworth Suite Ideal for Football pre-match meals, offering a TV with sky channels Business Centre Natural Daylight Simply Uplifting menus - exciting new break and lunch menus including healthy options Air conditioning Wireless Internet access 2 private function bars 8 hour & 24 hour delegate packages Full range of refreshments and dining options from breakfast & buffet to informal evening dining.

Phone: 01438 722727 Em ail: inf o@hist

Phone: 01438 722727 Em ail: inf o@hist


Champagne-buy-Gemeaux bring amazing Champagne into the UK for us to enjoy - Online st or e wher e Cham pagnes ar e available by t he single bot t le, case or a m ixed case. - Mobile Cham pagne bar which is available f or pr ivat e hir e, - Per sonalised Cham pagne t ast ing event s in t he com f or t of client s' own hom e/ pr em ises. 01763 770017 44

Specialist importers of fine Champagne There are hundreds and hundreds of Champagne producers in the Champagne region of France. Many of them as we know produce Champagne in vast quantities and sell their Champagne worldwide, through Supermarkets and high Street stores, but there are also hundreds of them who are very small independent farmers, who have been growing grapes and producing Champagne for generations. So what makes their champagne so special? The care and passion they have for the production of Champagne, means they produce outstanding quality, they use the absolute best part of the grape, and because the wine is blended and tasted by the producer, at every stage of the production. Due to the fact that they are very small in comparison to the large Champagne houses, they do not have the resources to market their champagne outside of France. So unless you live in France or have taken a holiday in the Champagne region, you will have never tasted their Champagnes. That ?s where we come in! Champagne-buy-Gemeaux are now able to bring these amazing Champagne?s into the UK for us all to enjoy. We have an online store where our Champagnes are available by the single bottle, case or a mixed case. We also have a mobile Champagne bar which is available for private hire, and we also hold Personalised Champagne tasting events in the comfort of our clients own home/premises. The Blind tasting was hosted by Glass of Bubbly Contact: 01763 770017


Searching heart and minds to hit goals What do I want to write what can I write about that isn?t merely duplicating what many other people write?

their lives is to make sure that they deliver them to themselves and get to be the best that they can be.

I am a business coach, in other words I work with people who own their own businesses. I spend time talking to them helping them to search their minds and hearts for what they want the business to deliver to them personally.

So why do I do what I do? I feel such a sense of satisfaction when my clients achieve their goals, or knock down an obstacle they have been avoiding, when they then get to have more time with their family and friends, buy their dream house or car, treat themselves to that holiday. Some people pass the business onto family, others sell or put a general manager in to run for them, whatever it is for them we set and plan and they then deliver it to themselves, what an achievement in life, what a confidence boost.

They then set goals they want to achieve. My regular coaching sessions with them focuses their minds so that they deliver the goals that they want. There are many things in life that we know logically we should do, these include actions we need to take to help us grow our businesses. So why do we not always do them, even if we know that the consequences could be dire? We could be scared, we could be isolated, we could be time challenged, or demotivated, have no-one to discuss our ideas with and to feedback to when we have achieved something. I find that helping business owners become more structured and being there to discuss both


challenges and successes moves businesses and their owners forward far quicker than they By Kat hy Basset t could on their own. The reason is accountability to me, me who is not involved day to day in the running of the business, therefore not " I f eel su ch a sen se of emotionally attached and able to see what sat isf act ion w h en m y needs to be done. None of this is rocket science, some ideas are mine some are those of my clients, my role in

clien t s ach ieve t h eir goals, or k n ock dow n an obst acle t h ey h ave been avoidin g."

Is it t ime t o move your business f orward? Cont act Kat hy f or a compl iment ary st rat egy session and move on t o t he next l evel

Contact Kathy Bassett on: Email Tel 07952 112 432 or 0800 643 1829

ActionCOACH 47


Seven common website mistakes I f you or your com pany has a websit e t hen it 's wor t h doing t his quick check t o see if you'r e annoying or helping your cust om er s. 1) Pop-ups You navigate to a website or a section in a website and before you can take in the information you are interested in, up pops an annoying box. Invariably these 'pop-ups' are used to invite you to enter a competition or subscribe to a newsletter. Although these pop-ups offer you incentives and exciting free things, they are really more annoying than anything. You wouldn?t try to shove a flyer in front of a customer ?s face when they are reading a newspaper or book for just the same reason.

sure they aren't more prominent than your content. 3) I nappr opr iat ely placed help m essages When a customer is filling out a form on your website they can make mistakes. When they do, where are the messages being displayed telling them something is wrong? Too many sites display their error messages at the top of the page in a list and this means the messages are nowhere near the cause of the problem. The customer now has to work out where they went wrong. Always display error messages next to the problem. 4) Badly ar ranged f or m s

Also beware that Google will rank lower any website that has pop-up adverts that cover the main body of content. This goes for interstitials (adverts that appear as a web page is being rendered or are placed in between the main content) too. Google recognises that these things are a detriment the user experience. 2) Adver t isem ent s When the site has more space given out to ads than content then the content has to be sensational to compete. This is why fake news sites need to publish such sensational rubbish. If it was run of the mill news, no-one would put up with all the garbage you have to wade through. If you do run ads on your site make

Website forms, such as a checkout or contact form require your customers to do some work so make it as easy as possible to fill them out. A form should be laid out in a single column with fields that relate to each other grouped together. Don't use multi-column forms as these are more difficult to navigate and customers won't know whether to fill it out from left to right or not. By laying out the form in a single column down the page your customers will find the process much easier. 5) Being r edir ect ed t o anot her websit e Customers do not like to find themselves suddenly on a totally different website and/or domain

name. Especially when they are about to part with their money. It looks shifty and these days people are wise to internet fraud. People are used to being redirected to PayPal or other payment systems but otherwise be very wary of links on your site which direct customers somewhere else. 6) Video Customers do not appreciate having to download or wait for video files to play unless they are visiting your site for the main purpose of viewing that one thing. If you are displaying a video, make sure it isn't set to play automatically when the page is viewed. Your customers should be allowed to choose to play the video themselves. This is especially relevant when your site is being viewed on a mobile device - your customer won't thank you for eating into their monthly data allowance without their permission. 7) Typos This is the easiest mistake to make and we all do it. Spelling mistakes and bad grammar give the impression that the website isn't maintained or that the company behind it is incompetent. Make sure you check your spelling and grammar. Typos can directly, and negatively, affect online sales. Ant hony Mellor is t he owner of Clim bing Tur n Lim it ed and can be f ound on Twit t er @ant hony_m ellor or at www.clim bingt ur



New Baby Room is launched at nursery Encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle is the aim of Rookies, a remarkable new nursery based at Stevenage Football Club Academy in Broadhall Way. Rookies aims to both support but also reward families who help to give youngsters the best start by promoting a lifestyle of health and wellbeing. And there have been some great developments with the latest innovation the introduction of the Baby Room to cater for those who are aged from 6 to 12 months, not from 9 months as previously. Staff at the nursery help the youngsters aged from nine months to five years of age to grow and develop in an environment where learning is fun and with a curriculum that also allows them to be active. In developing the ethos of Rookies it was realised that the key aspect to the development of any young person is physical activity and it is this which allows all those at Rookies to enjoy the benefit of learning while being active. But this learning is done in a structured way and is based on the Government?s EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidelines In order to lay clear foundations for

parents who bring their youngsters to the nursery, Rookies has developed a set of transparent and easy to understand values which underline the expectation for both staff and children alike and which both will adhere to while at the nursery. The values are: Inspire: We endeavour to inspire our children and parents to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Educate: We provide our children with the highest levels of education using an active and health focus curriculum. Empower: We facilitate a safe and stimulating environment in which children and parents are encouraged to take responsibility for adopting an active and healthy lifestyle.

The staff at Rookies are all experienced early years professionals with full qualifications and they work closely with families with the underlying aim of supporting children?s learning and development. Staff who work at Rookies will all have completed an enhanced DBS check and hold first aid qualifications. ROOKIES Stevenage FC Academy, Broadhall Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 8RH.

Tel: 01438 842233 Email: Web:



Digital backing for the business awards Hashtag Digital Media, publishers of #Herts, is delighted to announce that we are the digital sponsor for the 2017 SME Hertfordshire Business Awards. Commenting on the announcement, Darren Isted, owner of Hashtag Digital Media and publisher of #Herts said: ?The SME Hertfordshire Business Awards are already a key date in the business calendar in the county and this is a great opportunity for us to show how digitally proactive all these businesses are. ?Because this is an SME awards it serves to underline whatever your business size, you can work hand in hand with digital to get your marketing message across in an effective, and cost-effective way.?

gives then the opportunity to promote themselves in premises and online. A good campaign can have value in itself; winning will be a very cost effective marketing opportunity. I urge businesses to take part because there is no better endorsement than that of your customers.?

Ian Cor din g associated with an award like this has tremendous value. ?Businesses will have about one month to campaign for votes, which

The winning business will receive their trophy at the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards Grand Final at the Watford Colosseum on Wednesday, July 26. For more information on the awards and to nominate one for the Best Customer Service category visit

As part of this, Hertfordshire businesses are also missing out on an opportunity to get a head start on their competitors in the county?s newest set of independent awards. The SME Hertfordshire Business Awards includes a category for Best Customer Service that is decided by a public vote, with no involvement by the panel of judges. Ian Cording, of awards?gold sponsor, online coffee retailer Aurile, said: ?Businesses should wake up and smell the? opportunity! Customer service is perhaps the most important aspect of any modern business so being




A magical moon trip

The premier theatre production based on The First Hippo on the Moon, an original children?s book from best-selling author and comic actor David Walliams, is set to visit Broadway Theatre in Letchworth on April 10 and 11. This explosively funny space adventure for children aged three and up, has been brought to the stage by award winning theatre company Les Petits.

said: ?We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing the very first stage adaptation of David Walliams' latest book for younger children to the Broadway Theatre. This promises to be a lovely Easter treat for children aged three and above, and their families of course!?

Featuring a mixture of larger than life puppets, live music and mayhem, the story follows the enormously rich Hercules Waldolf-Franklin III and the ingenious Shelia as they compete to be the first hippo to make it to the moon. Sue Scott-Davison, creative programmer for Broadway Theatre,

Les Petits Theatre Company said: ?We are delighted to be premiering

the first stage adaption of David Walliams' picture books for young readers, and to be working with an author who we have long admired for his boundless imagination and great sense of fun.? David Walliams?brilliantly funny stories are adored by children the world over, with his books having been translated into 45 different languages and with over 9.5 million copies sold in the UK alone. The show is suitable for children aged three and above. Tickets are priced at ÂŁ14 each, with family tickets (four people, maximum two adults) available for ÂŁ48. To book, visit [, http://www.], / com> or call 01462 681088.






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Arts and Leisure Centre, Lytton Way, Stevenage, SG1 1LZ 01438 363200

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Par ent s Paradise Unit C, Greatham Rd Industrial Estate, Bushey, WD23 2NZ, 01923 249747


The Music Dept

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Rookies Day Nur ser y

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