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Year 11 Parent Information Evening Saturday May 28, 2011

Agenda  Welcome  Mr Jeremy Ticehurst, Yr 11 Boarding

Coordinator  Mr Darren Frost, Yr 11 Academic Coordinator  Evening concludes by 7.30pm

Mr Jeremy Ticehurst Yr 11 Boarding Coordinator

Class of 2012

Class of 2012  Their day to day friendliness and politeness

are very much appreciated  Positive and constructive leadership  Loyal support to each other  A full on participation in extra-curricular activities.

HOWEVER  There are times when they let themselves

down  Fail to lead in how they wear their uniform, act in public, fulfil their responsibilities......

Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Some concerns...  Saturday Nights • High Spirits • Alcohol • This creates risk taking behaviour and some abhorrent behaviour

Some guidelines...  Curfews and clear guidelines  Know who they will be with and where they

will be.  The occasional ‘no’ will not hurt them

Our expectations  Boys continue to keep rules  Participate fully in all College activities,

showing good leadership  Boys continue to respect Staff  Boys continue to respect each other

Mr Jeremy Ticehurst Yr 11 Boarding Coordinator  I value the special partnership I have with

you the parents of these very fine men. The Class of 2012 is fortunate to have such great support from home and the school in these important years. I look forward to continuing to work together.

Mr Darren Frost Yr 11 Academic Coordinator



 Year 11, 2011 :

• Friendly and polite young men • A group who are concerned about their studies. • Have a good balance between academic study and their sports

• Parent communication: Year 11 News @ Joeys Year 11 Parent Information Evening



 Year 11, 2011 :

• Laptop computers and iPods are very popular with these boys. They can be both a help and a very big hindrance. Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Helping Students  Term 1: “Study Skills” (Internal)  Term 2 & 3: “Study Skills” course: Essay writing skills and examination techniques (External providers)  Provision of Assessment Policy & guidelines for the whole Preliminary Course  Provision of Term Assessment Schedules  Provision of nightly free Mathematics and Science Tutoring  School counsellor  Careers counsellor Within Faculties:  Planned, organized and well run courses  Daily help provided by teaching staff  Written notification prior to every assessment task  Support prior to assessment tasks/Exams

Preliminary and HSC Courses  Preliminary Course Students complete Preliminary courses in each of their chosen subjects during Terms 1, 2 and 3 in Year 11. Both the Preliminary and HSC courses are based on achieving levels of competency. Students at Joeys need to achieve minimum outcomes in the Preliminary course in 13 Units in order to progress to the HSC course.

Marks that are achieved in the Preliminary course do not affect the HSC marks or ATAR. At the end of Term 3, students will be asked to drop a subject. Most will do their HSC on 11 or 12 Units (English remains a compulsory subject and our boys are also required to study at least 1 Unit of a religious education course*) Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Preliminary & HSC Courses  Moving from the Preliminary Course to the HSC

Course Students at Joeys will be on a minimum of 11 Units for the HSC. The Board of Studies stipulates a minimum of 10 Units must be studied for the attainment of the HSC. Three subjects offered at St Joseph’s College for the HSC are not ATAR courses ; Catholic Studies, English Fundamentals and Sport Lifestyle and Recreation. They can help in getting a HSC but not a ATAR. Students must take care to include no more than ONE VOCED course in their 10 Units if they wish to receive a ATAR.

Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Preliminary and HSC Courses  The HSC Course Commences in Term 4, Year 11, providing students have satisfied Preliminary Course requirements. HSC marks begin to be accumulated for each student from the start of Term 4, Year 11 via Assessment Tasks. Each subject will have approximately 5 assessment tasks to be done over the four terms of the HSC course. Assessment tasks comprise 50% of the HSC mark. The other 50% comes from the HSC exams themselves in each subject. Because Assessment Tasks are set internally, the final HSC Assessment mark will be moderated (adjusted) depending on the average HSC exam mark of our boys in each subject.

Year 11 Parent Information Evening


HSC Assessments  The HSC Course Completing Assessment Tasks are as important as attending HSC exams. If a student fails to complete 50% of their Assessment Tasks they will receive an ‘N’ Grade and will not pass the HSC course. Students receive an outline of all their Assessment Tasks for the whole HSC course at the start of Term 4, Year 11. They know the nature of the tasks, when they are scheduled and how much they ‘weigh.’ Students do not receive their assessment marks (because they are moderated) but they will receive two reports of their Rankings in Assessment Tasks for each subject. (A progressive rank with the Half Yearly Report and a final HSC Assessment Ranking with the Trial HSC Report.) Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Assessments Assessment marks will be moderated by the Board of Studies based on our exam performances in the HSC. The average exam mark will determine the average assessment mark in each course.

If a student is unable to sit for a HSC exam due to illness or misadventure, the Board of Studies will use his Assessment marks to finalise his HSC mark.

Year 11 Parent Information Evening


The Higher School Certificate & the ATAR  The HSC

 The ATAR

Measures student achievement through the performance of outcomes. Is determined by the Board of Studies for all students studying their courses regardless of post HSC options.

Uses HSC results to compare students so that universities can determine their undergraduate intake. Is determined by the University Admissions Centre on behalf of universities. Looks at the average ability of students within courses in ‘scaling.’

Year 11 Parent Information Evening


The Higher School Certificate & the ATAR  The HSC

 The ATAR

Reports on each course and does not have a cumulative total.

Is calculated by using HSC marks for 2 Units of English plus the marks for the next best 8 Units.* This is a ranking, not a mark because it places students in an order along with other students.

Year 11 Parent Information Evening


HSC Results  50% of the HSC mark comes from Assessment  50% comes from HSC exams  Assessment marks are moderated (adjusted) on the basis of the course average achieved by the school in the HSC exams.  If the Assessment average is 60 and the exam average is 67 then the assessment average will be moderated up to 67 also. This will affect your final HSC result. It is important for everyone to perform well as a group to ensure that our assessment average and our exam average are as high as possible. Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Calculating the ATAR. Board of Studies

Raw Moderated Exam + Assessment Marks

UAC Based on the quality of the candidates in that course in that year

Rescaled 2 units of English + next best 8 units ATAR

Best 10 Units English is always included in calculating a student’s best 10 units. It is very important to do well in English. Those subjects listed in blue (plus English) would be included in the best 10 Units in this example. Advanced English



(2 units of 34)

Business Studies



(2 units of 38)




(2 units of 40)




(2 units of 44)

Legal Studies



(2 units of 27)

Studies of Religion



(1 unit of 48)

Half of the Legal Studies mark would be added to the excellent Studies of Religion mark to make up the best 10 Units. Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Study Practices & the Environment for Study Routine and organisation are the basis of good study practiced at the College. Students work most effectively on specific tasks that are time-manageable. Boys MUST do some study at home on weekends and during the holidays. Parents are encouraged to take an active interest in homework and provide a quiet work environment at home (free of distraction and interruption). Look at books, homework diaries and ask about your son’s results. Reward good study practices at home.

Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Useful HSC Information on the Web.  This is the official Internet site for the Board of Studies. It has an easy to use parents’ page outlining all of the courses studied by your sons. Syllabi, prescribed texts, course outcomes, past papers and sample answers are also available on this site.

Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Sample from the Board’s Website Contents 

New HSC Specimen Examination Papers

Sample Examination Answers

Notes from the marking centre

New HSC Syllabuses

New HSC Support Documents

New HSC Marking Guidelines

New HSC Issues Documents

New HSC Mapping Grids

Stage 6 Curriculum Frameworks and Draft Syllabuses

Sample Standards Packages

Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Some Post HSC Options  Conventional entry to university via UAC with a ATAR

Most students will enter university based on their nominated preferences. Universities will offer places based on UAI ranks. Students may get in on second round offers.  Work/traineeship/cadetship  Travel/ GAP year/Overseas scholarships  TAFE

Applications need to be made in advance.

 Late entry to University/ deferred study/transfer

It is very common for students to transfer into other undergraduate courses after the first year of study. Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Key Dates for Year 11         

Parent Teacher Interviews: May 29, 2011 SJC Careers Expo: May 31, 7.00pm Br Emilian Hall Study Skills: Focus on essay writing. May 9 and August 8 Year 11 Ministry Week: June 20 – June 23 (End of Term 2) Return for Term 3: Monday July 18, 8pm Year 11Careers Night: August 23 Year 11 Final Exams: September 6-16 End of Term 3: September 22 from 5pm Return for Term 4: Monday October 10, 8pm HSC Courses commence.  Yr 11 Semi Formal dance: November 18  End of School Year: December 7 from 5pm Year 11 Parent Information Evening


Information Night  


Information Night