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Thursday 27 January 2011

Welcome newsletter from the Headmaster Dear Families, It is my great pleasure to welcome you to St Joseph’s College for 2011 as we celebrate 130 years of excellence in boys’ education. Our College is a vibrant learning and faith community, with many opportunities for our boys to challenge themselves and develop to their potential as good Christians and good citizens. Families are an integral and special part of St Joseph’s College there are many occasions throughout the year for us to come together and celebrate as a community. Family Masses are held at the beginning of each term, and these are always wonderful occasions to reflect on our shared mission and vision, and to meet others within our community. Other events include the Spring Fair, the annual fundraising evening in the middle of the year and a range of P&F initiatives, as well as the boys’ weekly sport and co-curricular events at which your support is always most welcome. I encourage all families to become actively involved in the life of the College, and to consider volunteering to assist at functions, events or on one of the P&F Committees. I have no doubt your involvement will enrich your experiences at Joeys and foster long lasting friendships. A strong connection between home and school is a vital element in the success of the boys at St Joseph’s. Families are a very important partner in education at the College and we strive to work with you to create a close, trusting relationship that will ensure you and your son’s experience at Joeys is a positive, life-shaping one. A major focus for our community this year will be the SJC Capital Appeal – Realising the Vision, to raise funds for a new, state-of-the-art Technology and Arts Precinct. To date, we have received pledges of $2.4 million and I sincerely thank everyone who has generously contributed to this important development in the College’s history. I ask all families to support the Capital Appeal and help us realise the vision of a new Technology and Arts Precinct. This development has the potential to shape teaching and learning opportunities at the College both now, and for generations to come. As Headmaster of St Joseph’s, I am extremely proud of the College’s commitment to helping each and every student realise his potential. It is my sincere hope that all our boys will make the most of the very special gift you have given them – the opportunity to attend St Joseph’s College. This letter provides you with information on a number of important issues and general news from the College. Throughout the year you can stay updated with year group newsletters, College publications Joeys Jottings and College News, as well as the College website: The beginning of a new school year is always rich with possibility and promise. I look forward to working with you to provide our boys with exceptional education and care in the true Marist spirit, just as the founding Marist Brothers envisioned when they opened St Joseph’s College at Hunters Hill 130 years ago. Yours Sincerely,

Ross Tarlinton Headmaster 1/5

HSC and School Certificate results The College’s HSC and School Certificate results were extremely pleasing and I congratulate all the Year 12 and Year 10 boys of 2010 on their achievements. Their conscientious hard work, as well as the work and support of their teachers and families, was certainly evident in the many exceptional results we received. The dux of Year 12 2010 was Timothy Coorey, with an ATAR of 99.85. Timothy was one of six students from the College named on the Premier’s All Rounders List for scoring a Band 6 (over 90) in 10 of his units of study. He also placed fifth in the state in the Latin Continuers course. The College has been notified of six students who scored an ATAR above 99, and 30 students who scored an ATAR above 99. Of the entire Year 12 class of 2010, 27 per cent (50 students) scored an ATAR above 90. This is truly outstanding and I congratulate the boys, their families and their teachers on their remarkable achievements. The College website, contains more detailed information about our HSC and School Certificate results. A full report will also be published in the first edition of College News for 2011. Refurbishments Over the summer break a number of significant renovations were carried out to College facilities and grounds. One of our ongoing priorities is to provide a physical environment that is conducive to high quality teaching and learning, and provides functional and comfortable recreation and living areas. As a community, we are committed to the continued development of the College as we believe it is central to achieving the outcomes we seek for the boys. Some of the significant work over the holiday period included: • Complete refurbishment of the old Year 10 dormitory to house Year 11 • Some interim refurbishment of the old Year 11 dormitories to house Year 10 • Complete refurbishment of Year 8 classrooms • Stage two (of three stages) in the replacement of lockers • Further ICT infrastructure upgrade in various areas of the College • Further ground and garden improvements • General maintenance and painting in a number of areas of the College 1:1 Learning Program 2011 marks the first of a three-year roll out of student laptop computers as part of the College’s exciting new 1:1 Learning Program. This year all boys in Years 7 and 10 will receive a personal MacBook computer for use in all learning situations, whether it be in class, other College learning areas, boarding or home. Teachers and IT support staff have worked extremely hard to ensure the 1:1 Learning Program can be successfully integrated into the College’s curriculum, and will provide our boys with rich, engaging and personalised learning experiences that are relevant to today’s digital world. Throughout the world there has been an increase in the implementation of these 1:1 programs in schools. They are being used for learning in ways that deepen students’ understanding of concepts and advance schools’ knowledge of how to use digitally rich Information and Communication Technology (ICT) environments for teaching and learning. The newly developed ‘iLearn @ Joeys’ portal will support the 1:1 Learning Program. It will provide students with access to their work, tasks and activities through an online environment, effectively allowing them to learn ‘anywhere, anytime’. With the introduction of the 1:1 Learning Program at St Joseph’s College, we are making progress toward 2/5

providing our students with the very best tools to engage in contemporary learning. The program is designed to foster students who can truly become creative, confident and innovative lifelong learners. The rollout will continue in 2012, with students in Years 7, 9 and 10 receiving a laptop. Students who are currently in Year 11 and 12 (in 2011) will not be allocated a laptop during their time at the College, however they will still have ready access to computers. Since 2006, the College has been steadily increasing the number of computers available for use - in the computer labs, boarding areas and laptops available in the Resources Centre. As the number of students receiving laptops increases, so will access to computers increase for those not directly involved in the 1:1 Learning Program. Detailed information on the 1:1 Learning Program has been sent to Year 7 and Year 10 families. This information can be found on the College website, under School Life: Internet use at the College The College is committed to providing boys with a high level of communication technology, and encourages students to make use of this technology to enhance their studies and keep in contact with their families. All students are required to comply with the St Joseph’s College policy on internet, intranet and email use. Students and parents must sign an internet, intranet and email agreement form that states they understand their responsibilities and the terms of use. This policy and form is available to students and families on the College intranet, JNet, under IT Policy – students. You can access it at Documents/Student%20Acceptable%20Use%20Policy%20rev0108.pdf The inappropriate use of the internet, intranet or College email account is taken very seriously by the College. This includes any act that may be carried out outside of school that brings the name of the College or any person associated with the College into disrepute. Any incident of cyber-bullying or harassment of individuals will not be tolerated and will be dealt with as a very serious matter. Students who contravene agreements for use of the internet, intranet or email may lose or have their access privileges restricted for a period of time or their enrolment at the College discontinued. The internet is now a very necessary part of teaching and learning, and has opened up a new world of opportunity. I encourage parents to help boys understand that this powerful technology needs to be used responsibly and sensibly. Emailing College staff Emails are a good way of contacting College staff. Staff will respond to emails as soon as practicable, but I do ask that families remember it is not always possible for staff to respond immediately. Teaching staff especially spend much of their time in the classroom or working with the boys in a number of other venues where it is not feasible to access and respond to email. When sending an email to the College, I ask you to consider who the most appropriate staff member is for your concern, comment or question, and address the email to this person only. As you would understand, staff receive a large amount of email and by contacting one person only, rather than copying a number of people, we will be better able to respond in the most timely and appropriate manner. Colo Anniversary Celebrations This year the College celebrates the 25th anniversary of our Outdoor Education Centre, Colo. This centre is often a treasured part of boys’ experience at Joeys and is an important site for Outdoor Education camps, PDHPE, Agriculture and Primary Industries, the Year 11 Leadership Camp and the annual Year 9 Father/Son Weekend. We are currently looking at hosting a Sunday ‘Return to Colo’ day, which will give families and Old Boys the opportunity to share in Mass and a picnic at the site. You will receive more information about these celebrations in coming months. 3/5

Annual school fees for 2011 The Province and the College’s Finance Advisory Committee are very conscious that the current economic climate has been concerning for many families. There have been efforts to limit the fee increases to what is absolutely necessary, given the development at the College and the need to provide your sons with first class facilities and resources. A letter containing detailed information about the 2011 fees and charges, as well as other financial related matters, was sent to families on 17 January 2011. I deeply appreciate the commitment of parents and families to meet school fee payments, especially in these increasingly demanding times. If you experience genuine difficulties in relation to fee payments, I encourage you to contact the College for a confidential discussion.

Chicken Pox and Measles – essential information A student at the College is currently receiving chemotherapy for cancer. His return to the College will be managed as part of his current treatment, which is progressing well. Due to the intensity of the treatment some simple precautions are necessary to help the student stay well. Cancer is not contagious, however due to his treatment the student is far more likely to catch infectious diseases from other students because his natural immune system is weakened. A major concern is that if this student develops measles or chickenpox he can become seriously ill. I seek your cooperation in preventing this situation. If your child has or may have measles or chicken pox, or has recently been exposed to chicken pox, measles or adult shingles, I ask that you please: 1. Do not send him to school 2. Notify the College Health Centre on telephone (02) 9816 0808 as soon as possible. This number is staffed 24 hours a day. This will require the diligence and cooperation of all our families and I thank you for assisting with this very important matter. The student and his family remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Student Family and Medical Forms At the end of last year, two separate forms were sent to families seeking updated family and medical information for students. It is vital these forms are filled out and returned to the College, as this information is needed to ensure we provide the best possible care for your sons. It is important all families provide the College with correct and up-to-date contact details. It is especially important the College has a correct email address for your family as email is used as a main form of communication. If you need to update your details, or check they are correct, please email I ask you to return these forms promptly to save time consuming follow up and ensure our records are as accurate as possible. Holiday plans throughout the school year The College term and holiday dates are clearly marked on the College calendar, which can be viewed on the news and events section of the Joeys website, In order to ensure students’ studies are not interrupted, I ask parents to check the calendar and not make holiday plans during term time. I understand there may be 4/5

emergencies or extenuating circumstances, and in these cases there is a requirement that you write to the Headmaster. Your support on this matter is very much appreciated as we endeavour to help students maximise their learning potential. Leaving the College during the school year – fee payment policy Planning the College’s educational budget requires considerable lead in time; therefore it is important the College receives early notice of changes in enrolment. In accordance with SJC policy, the Headmaster requires one term’s advance notice of a student’s withdrawal in writing, given during the previous term, otherwise a full term’s fee will be charged. This policy has been previously published in Joeys Jottings and is on the College website. Headmaster’s Leave I wish to advise all families that the Provincial, Br Jefferey Crowe, has granted me some extended leave during this year. I will be on leave from the College from the last two weeks of Term 1 and all of Term 2. During this time I will be undertaking some professional programs as well as using the opportunity for some personal leave. During this period Br Anthony Boyd will be the acting Headmaster. I wish to thank Br Anthony for agreeing to take on this responsibility and I am sure he will have your full support. I look forward to working with you all throughout 2011 as we strive to provide our boys with first class, Marist education and care in the spirit of St Marcellin Champagnat.