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Mountain Hut: Modern Shell “The Egg�

Darren Cattle Danny Valles

Core Concept

Legend (inner to outer): Occupancy 4pm-8am (16h) Sun Rise/Set May 1 (14h28m) 5:58a - 8:26p Sun Rise/Set Sept 30 (11h44m) 7:12A - 6:56p Solar Air Collector (11h30m) F1: 170° F2: 135° F3: 100° Solar PV by Floor (12h) F1: 120° F2: 135° F3: 180°

Site Plan + Diagram

Precedence Ideas

Floor 1 Radius: 16.73ft Area: 880ft2 Height: 10.8ft Programs: Dining Kitchen Storage Terrace

Total Floor Area: 3,000 sqft (280 sqm) Total Volume: 820 m3

Floor 2 Radius: 17.09ft Area: 918ft2 Height: 9.1ft Programs: Main Bathroom Bedroom (2)

Floor 2 Bedrooms

Floor 3 Radius: 14.32ft Area: 644ft2 Height: 8.43ft Programs: Living / Storage Bedroom (2)

Floor 3 Bedrooms

Floor 4 Radius: 9.65ft Area: 293Ft2 Height: 8.04ft ProgramS: Host Bedroom Host Bathroom

Overall Height (With Structure): 51.4 ft (15.6 m) Maximum Width (Without Terrace): 36 ft (11m) Total Surface Area: 4,100 sqft (380 sqm)

North-South Section

Structure System

Shell R-Value Zinc: R-0 1” Wood Paneling: R-2 3” Polyisocyuranate: R-21 2”x4” Cross Laminated Timber: R-5

Area of Wood/Total Area = 0.24 R-Panel = 0.24*(R-5)+(1-0.24)*(R-21+R-2) = R-19 Window System (Double Pane, Low-E: SHGC = 0.41 VT = 0.71 R -4

Shell System

Construction Details

Energy Diagram

Solar Air Collectors: Efficiency: 60% global solar radiation recovered Total Area: ~25.3 m2 with 45 hexagonal panels Daily Energy Produced (May1-Sept30): 68 kWh/day Solar Photovoltaic Panels: Efficiency: 15% Radiation Converted to Electricity Total Area: ~48.2 m2 with 100 hexagonal panels Daily Energy Produced (May1-Sept30): 32 kWh/day Windows That Receive Sunlight (South of E-W line): Total Area: ~40.7 m2 with 75 hexagonal panels Potential Daily Solar Gain (May1-Sept30): 37 kWh/day

Peak Month of Energy Use: May Daily Space Heating Demand: ~50 kWh/day Daily Electricity Demand (includes water/heat pump): ~25 kWh/day Average Monthly Demand: 2,200 kWh Total Seasonal Demand (May 1st- Sept 30th): 12,000 kWh

Energy Statistics

Mountain Hut: Modern Egg  

Project designed for helicopter delivery in the Alps at Hochwildehaus. Final Review, we represent the "Parametric by Hand" movement.

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