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Three Options To Work In Costa Rica: Post Degree Residency , Work Permits, As Well As Incorporation Working in costa rica is a popular desire for many people who live in neighboring countries and , of course, America and Europe. This little country is a steady , peaceful, well governed democracy set in a tropical land in support of one of two countries in the world without an army. At the outset, it must be understood which before being able to work legally in this exotic paradise for someone else, regardless of whether a Costa Rican or international organization , most foreigners have to have legal residency or even obtain a work enable. Many Americans grumble about the unfairness of the but, in fact, it's really no different than what the usa requires of non-resident, non-citizens. There are lots of steps involved in obtaining either legal residency or a work enable and, though there is no legal requirement to do so , the help of a competent lawyer is recommended. a. Residency. Foreigners can acquire legal residency four ways: as a retiree receiving more than $1,000/month in social Security bnefits (or perhaps a pension that allows payments to be made to receivers outside the country); depositing $150,000 inside a Costa Rica bank with regard to five years; making certain types of investments; or marrying a citizen of the country. b. Working with regard to Foreign Companies doing business in Costa Rica. The quickest, easiest way to locate work in the country would be to do so via a foreign company with workplaces or plants right here. There are hundreds to choose from , including Intel, hewlett packard , Baxter Healthcare, moto , Cisco, Boston medical , Fiserv, Equifax, Experian, Marriott, 3M, your local supermarket , not to mention multinational resort and resort stores. Of course, most of the employees of these international companies, hotels, hotels , and even banks, are locals but if your specialization or skill is actually sought after, many of these companies supply legal assistance within gaining the work enable you'll need. The work permits themselves can be acquired from the Costa Rica consulate in your country. You will need to provide valid proof of your current residence, and a copy of your passport, birth certificate, marriage permit (and divorce information ), and police record at a minimum along with the software for the permit. The paperwork will also need to be notarized or authenticated and translated into Spanish. c. Incorporating. A final note. Though legal residency or having a work permit are the two most typical ways of working in this country, anybody---including foreigners---can own and incorporate a business. Small business owners do so and operate small hotels, beds and breakfasts, or even develop or market real estate. lawyers in Costa Rica

Three Options To Work In Costa Rica_ Post Degree Residency , Work Permits, As Well As Incorporation