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B Brutal l cuts applied li d to the elderly in Budget 2014 đƫ There is no doubt that the elderly are taking the brunt of the cuts in Budget 2014.This government is determined to hit them with cuts at the most vulnerable times in their lives –when they are sick, bereaved or living alone. This is very unfair. There are at least 35,000 over 70 year olds that will have their medical cards cut.

widows and widowers at the lowest point of their lives. In addition to this the removal of the telephone allowance which is the equivalent of a €19 cut to the pension payments every two months. This decision is short sighted and dangerous as it will isolate older people more and impact on their ability to afford personal alarms.

đƫ The elderly now face extra costs for medications, tests and despite the Government promising to get rid of the 50 cent prescription charge they have increased it fivefold.

đƫ These cuts are on top of cuts to the respite care grant, fuel allowance, electricity and gas units and reductions to home help hours.

đƫ The removal of the bereavement allowance is deeply cynical and hits

đƫ This is all being done while protecting the most wealthy in Irish society.

Removall off medical R di l cards d from f the sick and the less well off In 2014 the government are going to remove medical cards from over 100,000 people. Many of these people have chronic illnesses but may be slightly over the threshold .The Government want to save €113 million on the back of the ill and less well-off which is totally unacceptable. The health service is in free fall and the government have agreed to cut a further €666 million from frontline services. This will also increase waiting lists.

Cut to Jobseekers Allowance for under 25’s Despite promising that there would be no cuts to social welfare allowances the government are targeting the young unemployed in particular those who under 25. Ireland has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the EU yet their allowance is to be cut to €100 from €188.This is only going to encourage more young people to emigrate. It amounts to blantant age discrimination against our young people.


No Jobs stimulus measure in the Budget đƫ The government have announced €1 million to help small business .This is a drop in the ocean given that small businesses are the back bone of the Irish economy. đƫ Employers are facing an extra burden with the increased sick leave provisions. đƫ Both Enterprise Ireland and the IDA have also been cut by millions which will not assist job creation. đƫ The Budget did nothing to reverse previous cuts to the Farm Assist payment, which farmers depend on to survive. This is a retrograde step given farming and the food industries are crucial to Ireland’s recovery.

Budget hits families hard again. đƫ The government are scrapping the Mortgage Interest Supplement in 2014. This is an effective and targeted payment which works well for thousands of families. This decision is outrageous given that people will be facing repossession and evictions as a result. đƫ Maternity benefit is being cut to €230 per week and is an anti-family and anti-women measure. This is following this government’s decision to tax maternity benefit and cuts child benefit in 2012 and 2013. đƫ Families with private health insurance have faced 50% increase in their fees over the last two years and will now have tax relief removed so the average family will have an extra cost of €250 per year. This cut will apply to all private health insurance holders. đƫ Making third level more expensive: Despite all the promises the government plans to hit students with yet another €250 hike in the third level registration fee next year. That’s three increases under this government, bringing the fee to €2,750 a year. They are also planning a fourth hike the following year. It makes it more difficult for families, who are not entitled to a grant, to put their children through college.

Doubling of Local Property Tax will lead to repossessions and evictions. In 2014 every property in the State is faced with a doubling of the Local property Tax. This is the wrong tax at the wrong time. An average home owner will face a bill for €405 in 2014.This is exceptionally high when Ireland has over 143,000 families in mortgage arrears. Valuation Band

Property Tax 2013


€0 - 100,000



€100,001 - 150,000



€150,001 - 200,000



€200,001 - 250,000



€250,001 - 300,000



€300,001 - 350,000



€350,001 - 400,000



€400,001 - 450,000



€450,001 - 500,000



€500,001 - 550,000



€550,001 - 600,000



€600,001 - 650,000



€650,001 - 700,000



€700,001 - 750,000



€750,001 - 800,000



€800,001 - 850,000



€850,001 - 900,000



€900,001 - 950,000



€950,001 - 1,000,000



Over €1,000,000



Over €1,000,000

@ 0.25%


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Budget 2014  

Senator Darragh O'Brien (Dublin Fingal) and Councillor Darragh Butler (Swords) Budget leaflet 2014

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