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TRADE NAME REGISTRATION SURREY BRITISH COLUMBIA Trade Trackers makes registering and starting your construction company in British Columbia Easy. With one simple registration process we will get your company name approved and registered with B.C. Registry services. We will also set you up with everything you need to set up your small company. Choose a package that best suits your needs. No confusing websites and multiple registration sites. WorkSafeBC., Government registration, payroll deductions, Personal Option Protection, Third Party Liability Insurance and Bonding insurance. WE’RE HERE TO HELP – WE’LL GET YOU COVERED. Once you have chosen a package that works for you, completed a simple registration form and paid your package fee your registration will be processed. Within 2- 5 business days, all of your business information and required insurances will be set up and sent to your email in a personalized business package and you will be set up with your next steps. Having your own business in the trades has never been so easy.

TRADETRACKERS PRIVACY POLICY Respecting the privacy and con dentiality of your personal information is important to mlc trade trackers inc. And its subsidiaries and af liates (collectively, “tradetrackers” and also referred to herein as “we”, “us”, and “our”). This privacy policy explains how tradetrackers collects, uses and discloses your personal information in the course of conducting business, or otherwise interacting, with you. Building relationships with you In order to build a lasting relationship with you, and to provide you with products and services you might request, we need certain information. The information that we may request about you from time to time varies and will depend on the desired product or service or will otherwise depend on how you would like to interact with us. What is personal information? The term “personal information” refers to any information about an identi able individual or any information that allows an individual to be identi ed. In general, personal information does not include business contact information, such as your name, title or position, business address, business telephone or fax number in your capacity as an employee of an organization. During your relationship with Trade Trackers, you may be asked to provide certain personal information. For example, you may be asked to provide (i) your name, address, age, personal email and personal telephone number, (ii) credit card and other nancial information and (iii) certain other information that speci cally identi es you as an individual. What are the purposes of collection, use and disclosure of personal information by Trade Trackers? Trade Trackers collects, uses and discloses your personal information with your knowledge and consent (which may be either express or reasonably implied) and only for purposes that we have identi ed prior to or at the time we collect the information. Some of the purposes for which Trade Trackers may collect, use and disclose your personal information are as follows: 1. To establish and facilitate communication with you; 2. To understand your needs; 3. To provide you with products and services and to respond to any related inquiries; 4. To assess your eligibility for products and services; 5. To con rm your application information, if applicable; 6. To investigate and settle your claims, and determine your eligibility for bene ts as applicable; 7. To provide information that may be of interest to you; 8. To meet regulatory requirements; 9. To develop our knowledge management systems and databases; 10. To advise you of changes to any existing products, services or programs; and 11. To otherwise administer our relationship with you and for any other purpose for which we have your consent. By submitting your personal information to Trade Trackers, you signify your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. If you do not consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this policy, please do not provide any personal information to us. Of course, certain services can only be offered to you if you provide personal information to Trade Trackers, and therefore Trade Trackers may not be able to offer you those services if you choose not to provide us with required personal information. Our commitment to you We strive to limit the amount of personal information we collect to that necessary and appropriate for the identi ed purposes. We will not use or disclose your personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with your

consent or as permitted or required by applicable law. We will not sell, trade, lend or otherwise voluntarily disclose to any third parties any personal information that you have provided to us for any purpose not identi ed under this privacy policy. We may share your personal information with third parties to assist us in administering products or services which you have requested and to our professional advisors or otherwise for legitimate and reasonable purposes for which we have obtained your prior consent. We provide you Comprehensive And Affordable Trade Name Approval & Registry service in British Columbia. Trade Trackers may disclose your personal information to a government or regulatory entity that has asserted its lawful authority to obtain the information or to comply with a subpoena or warrant or an order made by a court, person or body with jurisdiction to compel the production of information. Trade Trackers may also disclose personal information as otherwise required or permitted by applicable law. Your rights In some jurisdictions, you may withdraw your consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information, or opt-out of certain uses and disclosures. To do that, please contact our privacy of cer as outlined below. Please note however, that as noted above, certain products or services can only be offered to you if you provide personal information to Trade Trackers, and therefore Trade Trackers may not be able to offer you those products or services if you choose not to provide us with required personal information. Additionally, once we have issued a contract to you, you may not withdraw your consent until such time as the obligations under such contract have been ful lled. This is necessary since we may be required to use your personal information in the normal course of handling your business, including needing to contact you in respect of any claims or for other purposes contemplated under the contract. Contact us for  Trade Name Registration British Columbia , Trade Name Approval Surrey, BC and Corporate Registry Services British Columbia. You may request access to your personal information and/or information about tradetrackers’s collection, use and disclosure of that information by contacting our privacy of cer, in writing, at the address identi ed below. Subject to certain exceptions prescribed by law, you will be given reasonable access to your personal information and will be entitled to challenge the accuracy and completeness of that information and, to the extent that you have proven such inaccuracy or incompleteness, have it amended as appropriate. Examples of such exceptions include information that is prohibitively costly to provide, information that contains references to other individuals, and information that cannot be disclosed for legal, security or commercial proprietary reasons.

CONTACT US If you have any privacy questions, comments or concerns, please contact us as follows:

COMPANY INFO Trade Trackers provides the easiest business start up services for British Columbia Tradesmen. With one simple registration we arrange B.C. Government registration and name approval. We also register you with WorkSafeBC., Personal Option Protection and Third Party Liability Insurances. Leave us your email to stay up to date with everything Trade Trackers. your name...

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British Columbia Company Registry  

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