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March 2010

For 3 years now we have been hosting a series of International Church Conferences. In 2008 we hosted The Innovative Church Conference where we taught pastors and church leaders about the importance of using technology. In 2009 we hosted The Relevant Church Conference where we taught pastors and church leaders how to eliminate unnecessary barriers so that people could come more easily to Christ. This year we are hosting taking a new conference to the nations entitled “The Impacting Church Conference”. The first conference we hosted was in Bolivia. This year we used a slightly different strategy. Instead of focusing on having a big, one-day conference we invited a few pastors and church leaders to come to a retreat type format at a hotel. The event was held during Carnaval (South American Mardi Gras). Joe Holman, a personal friend and member of our church, helped teach the sessions. Joe was able to share from his 20 plus years of pastor experience. In my sessions I taught: “What is an Impacting Church”, “The Exchanges an Impacting Church Must Make” and “Things Churches should Hold on to and Things They should Not”. All together we had 21 people in the conference, one of which came from Peru and many from the city of La Paz. We were pleased at the amount that were present because we were trying to keep it an intimate group. Our next international conference is scheduled for April 19th – 26th. It will be an Impacting Church Conference as well. We are looking for sponsors for this event because we would like to invite the pastors and leaders to a hotel retreat type of format as well. Sponsorship is $50 per pastor. Let us know if you can sponsor a pastor or church leader for the event. Thanks again,

DaRonn Washington (816) 984 5846

PO BOX 8644 St. Joseph, MO 64508  816‐984‐5846     

Impacting Church Conference February 2010   Cochabamba, Bolivia   


News from The House of Dreams By Angie Washington GPS updates Estefani and Emilin. GPS systems are great. You tell them where you want to go and they direct you. At the House of Dreams we know that people want to help but often do not know how. “GPS updates” provide direction. We will give you a daily focus. You will then respond with one of the following: • • •

girls you will meet. At first she is shy but then she makes fast friends. As part of a very large sibling group it is most likely that she will remain in the House of Dreams for a long while. It would be great if you could make a monthly commitment to help Estefani.

G – Give. You can be one of the monthly sponsors. P – Pray. That every need be met. S – Share. Talk with at least one other person. Invite them to follow the “GPS updates”.

Emilin happens to be one of our most active  children. She is also full of fun ideas for fun  and games. She is also part of a sibling group.  The idea is to adopt siblings together. Unless  there is a miracle it is not likely that an  adoption would happen any time soon. You  can join in the team of monthly sponsors to  help Emilin. 

Estefani is the little mama of the home. She is the oldest Dreamer and is in third grade this year. She is one of the sweetest

If you would like to be a monthly partner with us in The House of Dream Project visit the website at: or email us at

Prayer Points and Answers for The House of Dreams Answers to thank God about: • Slowly but surely we are getting the staff we need. • The children are adjusting to school. • All are healthy. Prayer Points: • Continued staffing issues. • Finances – we need to double our income asap. • Wisdom and perseverance for us as directors. • Love and stamina for the care givers. • Many of our children are very close to home placements. Pray for smooth transition and efficient processing. Friends, your prayers are so very important. I truly believe that it makes a great difference when we are unified in our efforts to care for the Dreamers here at the House of Dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to pray.

The cabin porch overlooks a lake in a mountain basin. Cacti scattered on the hillside mix with the lush green trees and make a fun playground for dozens of birds. It is stunning from sun up to sun down. In 2008 Timothy and the girls are seen. In 2010 Tyler was sitting with his sisters.

Washington Family Update: Kaluyo Resort Family Get away by Angie Washington Two years ago we took the youth of our church on a retreat outside of town for the days of Carnaval. This year we took a group of pastors to the same resort center about a 45 minute drive from the city for a relaxing conference. Both times our children were in tow. We like to get one of the cabins on the grounds and have some fun family time alongside the ministry that takes place.Tyler is 3 years old and all boy, yet not above cuddling with his mama. After a rough and tumble wrestling match with papa or big brother he comes looking for my lap. He has finally decided which language he prefers. It has taken him a while to not always mix the two. He understands both perfectly but prefers to speak in English. Though, I must say, it is so cute to hear his little Spanish words, too. It was fun to look at the shots from 2008 and my shots from this year as we put together the following pictures. Enjoy!

Sisters truly do share everything. This swim suit was worn by 10 year old Raimy in 2008 and by 8 year old Gabrielle this year. Yes, Gabrielle is tall. Makes it nice in the hand-me-down department, that is for sure.

Fun in the sun was a common thread from one vacay to the next. This year we had the luxury of some extra playmates by way of friends of ours who brought their kids. One morning we had a fun water balloon fight. The pool was our gathering place for the bulk of the time. There were other outdoors activities: foosball, hiking, basketball, cards on the veranda, meal time buffets and tadpole watching by the pond.

We all got sunkissed, some got more smootched than others.

Biggest regret: not enough photos. I must make it a point to get a good family shot and a good shot of DaRonn and I – an oversight two years running now. That’s ok though, this just gives us an excuse to do another family get away, soon.

Little Miss Gabrielle keeps a smile on my face with her antics. Both shots are at the cabin. In the 2008 shot she is saying “What up homes?”. Her papa taught her the phrase. In the 2010 shot she found my hat and modeled it begging for a picture. Who could resist that charm?

Denise, the mother of the family who was there with us, and I were discussing a photo phenomenon. When do kids learn how to fake smile? Every kid goes through a phase during which if you ask them to smile their faces wrinkle and contort into a silly looking grin, or worse, the powerful tooth bearing squint. Unless you catch them in a candid shot the exhibits above are what you get. No matter, 8 year old Timothy and 10 year old Timothy still had fun, as did we all. In other news, we continue to wait for the adoption of our fifth child. You can follow my blog at: for more detailed updates. Angie


Thank you so much for supporting us. We appreciate your decision to give a financial gift towards the missionary work we are doing. If you are a United States resident we are able to offer you a tax-deductible receipt for your giving if you following these instructions:

1) Make your check payable to “Word of Life Church”. 2) Mark on the envelope of your gift (not on the check) “for Washington Bolivia”. 3) Send your check to Christ Nation Ministries P.O. 8644 St. Joseph, MO 64508. Automatic withdrawal: Many times people ask if we are able to automatically withdrawal their gift on a monthly basis using their bank card. We are able to do so but for security purposes we would rather arrange this personally rather then sending your information through the internet. Contact us at and we will give you the details. If you are not a United States resident simply follow the above instructions but remember that your gift will not be tax-deductible. Angie and I would like to thank you again for choosing to help us financially. We appreciate your willingness to help in a practical way

Ministry Update CNM March 2010  
Ministry Update CNM March 2010  

Here is our March 2010 ministry update.