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Dear Friend, In Cochabamba, Bolivia, a little over a year ago we opened House of Dreams orphanage where 21 beautiful children now have a home full of love, smiles and laughter. Their stories before coming to us were often difficult at best, and sometimes truly heart-wrenching. Cochabamba is a city at the heart of Bolivia-- the poorest nation in South America-- where children are the most vulnerable to the effects of its poverty. A few years ago now God put a vision in my heart to reach out to the poor in Cochabamba-- to firstly open a home for children who do not have one or at least not one where they will be nurtured in love. House of Dreams is now showing muchneeded love to these 21 children and has shown love to others who have already found a new home. The hope of House of Dreams is always to find a good home for the children when they are ready to be adopted and to give them love while they wait. House of Dreams was a vision in my heart that could only be made reality by many wonderful supporters who have given generously to this work of God. Though there is some distance between the children and the supporters, there is closeness in prayer as children pray for them and they pray for the children. At $30 per child for a month’s sponsorship, the money you give to House of Dreams goes further here than anywhere else. We are believing now for the finances that will enable us to provide more for the children we have and to put us in the financial position to accept more children, as there is room for 40. In order to be able to do this we have faith that another 70 supporters will commit to supporting us on a regular basis. If you feel you are able to give in generous love to these children and to the future children for whom House of Dreams will be home, please our website at to register your interest so that we can give you the details you need to sow your seed to advance the Kingdom of God in this way. We will be sure to keep you in touch with the children and what is going on in their lives and more generally at House of Dreams and to keep you in the thanksgiving prayers of the children. Thank you so much for your time and your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you! Faithfully in Christ,

DaRonn Washington Christ Nation Ministries


Each financial gift you give allows us to impact South America for Jesus!   To give please follow the 5 steps below:  (Step 1) Contact Information:  Please fill in the following    information:    Name: ____________________________________    Address:  __________________________________    City:    ____________ State:   ______  Zip: ______    Phone: __________________________    Email: __________________________   

(Step 4) Check Instructions:    ***Make your checks payable to Word of Life Church  with "Washington ‐ Bolivia" on the envelope and not the  check***    (Step 5) Mailing Instructions:   Mail your gift to:  Christ Nation Ministries  C/O DaRonn & Angie Washington  P.O. BOX 8644  St. Joseph, MO 64508 

(Step 2)  Please check one of the following:  ___  I want to be a new partner here is my first monthly gift of ________.  ___  I am a monthly partner here is my monthly gift of ______ .  ___  Here is a special gift of ________ to help the ministry.  Please fill in below what area you are interested in helping with: _________________________  (Step 3 – If applies) Credit and Bank Card giving:    Visa ___  Mastercard___  Am. Ex. ____   Discover ____  Card Number ___________________  Expiration date _________ 

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In Cochabamba, Bolivia, a little over a year ago we opened House of Dreams orphanage where 21 beautiful children now have a home full of lov...

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