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EPHESUS Preview Issue [June 2013]

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This quarter’s Sabbath School Lesson: Revival & Reformation


Singles’ Ministry Softball Fun Day and Cookout


On Sunday, June 2, the Singles’ Ministry hosted its third-annual softball and cookout event. Though weather called for rain, the skies were clear enough for a day of fun. Ephesus church members enjoyed playing games, such as volleyball and softball, enjoyed fellowshipping with each other while eating fish, veggie dogs and fries.

y Update

By Tiffiney Miles

Those who came to the event were asked to bring a donation of any amount to help further the work of the Singles’ Ministry .

Jessica Mayers (below) and Adrian Green (right) are showing off their spots skills as they play softball and volleyball



Left page: Daron Barfield runs to first plate during the softball game. Above: Quaneta McDaniel (left) serves Calvin Green (right) and his niece, Jada (center), food from the cookout. Those who attended the softball and cookout were asked to bring a donation of any amount for future Singles’ Ministry projects.

Singles’ Ministry Rap Session: SOUL TIES! Tuesday, August 20 at 7 p.m. Ephesus SDA Church 7

“Cleaning Out Your Baggage” with Audrey Blake Audrey Blake, guest speaker for Singles’ Day in February, returned to Ephesus to present a workshop called “Cleaning our Your Emotional Baggage” on June 29. The interactive workshop challenged church members to think about the kinds of emotional baggage, brought up from past relationships, are hindering them from moving forward.

Blake compared emotional baggage to unnecessary items in a closet, saying that they need to be removed from our lives. Audrey gave several tips to get rid of the emotional baggage, but she believes the biggest way to get rid of the baggage is to forgive those who have hurt us in the past.

Click on the picture below to visit Audrey Blake’s website:


Praise Reports! How is God working in YOUR life? “I want the thank the Lord for allowing me to buy a house! It’s my first house, and the closing and everything went very smooth. It says to me that if something is for you, it is for you. God’s going to make sure that you have it. I wasn’t even planning on buying a house, but everything just fell into place, and I know that was only because of the Lord.” —Catherine Sylvester 9

Remem R

2013 S



mbering, Rejoicing, Rededication:

South Atlantic Conference

amp Meeting

by Tiffiney Miles 11

Camp meeting. It’s a time for fellowship, potlucks, catching up with old friends and power-packed preaching. It is also a time to draw closer to God through Bible study, seminars and prayer. Cont. on Page 16 Right: Pastors from the South Atlantic Conference help a fellow pastor, Daniel Kelly (not shown), load a tent for his evangelistic series. Below: Every year, many church members camp out in tents for the ten days at camp meeting. Pictures by Pastor Raymond Johnson


Right: Ephesus church members and friends enjoy time together at camp meeting: Front (l-r) Ganisha Gibson, Esther Munoz, TeNesha Wells, Marsha Fields, Deborah Sulton, Zarihana Clark-Allen; Back (l-r) Kinotci Hill, Terrell Beasley, Spencer Wade, Patrick O’Neal; Far Back Ishmael Wade. Picture by DaRon Barfield Below: Camp meeting provided many opportunities for youth to draw closer to God. Pastor Quine Cousins speaks to the Pathfinders during a devotion entitled “I Want Winners.” Picture by Pastor Raymond Johnson



Pastor JosĂŠ Rojas speaks for the final Sabbath, June 15, at camp meeting in front of hundreds of South Atlantic Conference church members. 15

The South Atlantic Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church held its annual camp meeting from June 6 -15. The conference also celebrated 150 years of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

River Oaks campground in Orangeburg, S.C.

Hundreds of Adventist church members from North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia came to the

The ten-day camp meeting included a packed schedule for adults and youth.

As a tradition of camp meeting, some people camped in tents while others stayed in the housing units on the campground.


Each day there was a morning, afternoon and evening devotion to constantly remind church members to dedicate their lives to the Lord. There were also different workshops that church members could attend. For the adults, there were topics such as parenting, reli-

Above: Singer Lamar Campbell invites church members to sing his hit song “More than Anything” during the Sabbath evening program. Picture by DaRon Barfield

gious liberty and prayer. Youth activities included a music workshop led by Lamar Campbell, Bible Bowl and basketball tournaments. Both Sabbaths were just as

Left Page: Every year, the South Atlantic Conference holds an ordination service at camp meeting. Elder (left) and Mrs. Mendinghall (second to left) stands with newly ordained pastor Divine Ayivor (right) and his wife Mercy (second to right). Picture by Pastor Raymond Johnson

powerful as the workshops. Pastor MyRon Edmonds spoke on June 6 about the Holy Spirit’s role in our personal lives and within the church. On Sabbath, June 15, Pastor José Rojas encouraged the church to pass the torch of the Gospel message to the world. The South Atlantic Conference also held an ordination service for Pastor Divine Ayivor on Sabbath afternoon, June 15. The camp meeting ended with a concert by recording artist 17

Lamar Campbell, a vesper service by Alphonso McCarthy and a Pathfinder drum and drill. DVDs of this year’s camp meeting are available for purchase by calling the South Atlantic Conference office at 404-792-0535. For more information about the South Atlantic Conference, visit their website at

Member Feature The Moore’s Meet Alfred Moore and Marlene Johnson-Moore. Marlene is from Washington, D.C. and Alfred is from Greenville, S.C. They found each other online and married in Charleston, S.C. on Nov. 18, 2011. Alfred works for the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy and helps to recruit prepharmacy high school and college students across the state to the school.

that He’ll continually prepare you for that mate so that when you all meet you are ready to take it to that next level.” “Keep your heart open,” says Alfred. “Whatever bad relationships, or negativity, (that) comes from the past, give that to God because when the right person comes along, he wants to see the

Marlene is a law student at the University of South Carolina and the emergency manager of the South Carolina Air National Guard. One interesting fact between the both of them deals with a certain name. Alfred is named after his father, Alfred II, who was named after his grandfather, Alfred. Marlene’s brother is named Alfred. He is named after his father, Alfred II, who was name after his father, Alfred. The Moore’s have this marriage philosophy, “Talk it out, work it out!” The Moore’s also have some advice for singles. “Pray to God for exactly what you’re looking for in a mate,” says Marlene. “And pray 18

goodness in you, not anger or bitterness. So let that go, give it to the Lord so you can give love to that person, and you’ll be able to receive it in return.”

Healthy Congregations: August Health Emphasis

Reposted from the South Atlantic Conference 19

What’s H July 20-Aug. 24 We are taking a refreshing look at core Biblical beliefs.

August 24


Happening Prayer & Bible Connection

Series July 24-Oct. 2013 7 p.m. Wednesdays Do you need a heart renovation? Pastor John Pooler leads this series that will show you how God can make over your life. 21

What’s H




“The event raises awareness about the imprisonment of Pastor Antonio dos Anjos Monteiro and church member Bruno Amah, imprisoned on false charges since March 2012.�


Come Worship With Us!

Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church 7709 Wilson Boulevard Columbia, SC 29203 803.786.2800 Pastor John Pooler, III Service Times Sabbath Morning Praise and Worship Sabbath School Divine Worship Service AYS Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Connection


8:00am 9:15am 11:00am One hour before sunset 7:00pm

Every department, Every ministry, Every member, has a story for Christ. Share it with us.


Ephesus July 2013  
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