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Meet Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA


. Minority and Women Owned Business . Board of Directors, National Association of Women Business Owners DE . Board of Directors, New Castle County Chamber of Comerce . Member, National Speakers Association (CSP Candidate) . Member, National Association of Women Business Owners . Certified Executive Coach . Certified Life Coach . Certified Business Coach . Certified Personal Branding Strategist . Professional Motivational/Empowerment Speaker ACHIEVEMENTS

. Appearances on: The Word Network, Fox News, ABC, CN8, . Recipient of many honors including Stiletto Woman in Business Coach/Mentor of the Year, Emerging Leaders Award, Black Achiever in Business and Industry, Best Author Award Delaware Black Awards

. Profiled and/or quoted in national media: O Magazine,

Essence, Black Enterprise, Delaware Today, News Weekly Los Angeles, Woman’s Advantage Calendar

. Presented to organizations such as Delaware Hospitals,

Delaware State University, Walmart, State Farm, The Special Event for Event Management Professionals, Virgina Business Women’s Conference

. Former Pink Cadillac Independent Executive Sales Director Mary Kay Cosmetics . Former Fortune 500 Vice President . Former Women’s Business Center Director . Presented to over 500 audiences nationwide . Founder of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC a marketing

strategy, empowerment and brand optimization consulting firm

. Author of The Incredible You, Maximizing the Incredible

You, Speak the Incredible, Burn the Box and the Dream the Incredible Journal

. Creator of two annual events, Unleash Your Incredible

Factor and Own Your Incredible Factor which hosts women from around the country

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Full Biography By her own admission, Darnyelle A. Jervey should not be here today. Born to drug-addicted parents, Darnyelle endured a childhood wrought with health issues, abuse and the negative influences of a parent who spent a large portion of her childhood in jail. However, always a fighter who is willing to step beyond her comfort zone, Darnyelle defied all odds to become what she calls a BBB, or Belief Barrier Breaker®. Her initial triumph was being the first and only of seven children to graduate from traditional high school and pursue an advanced education, not stopping until she had an MBA. Her second: conquering Corporate America, where in three short years she progressed from a mere representative to the position of Vice President. Her third: leaving her corporate job to start her own Mary Kay Cosmetics consultancy, earning her first pink Cadillac in just five months’ time, and ultimately leading over 500 independent beauty consultants as a Top Pink Cadillac Executive Sales Director. Her fourth, running the Women’s Business Center in Delaware and growing the program and outcomes by 68% and proudest triumph of all: starting, running, and building her own business Incredible One Enterprises, LLC ® to the multiple six-figure mark. In 2013, she adds her new company division, Amethyst Consulting Group, to her empowerment brands. As her story reveals, Darnyelle’s positive attitude and hard work paid off. She is now a sought-after speaker and an award-winning certified executive and business coach, author, and marketing consultant. Truth be told, Darnyelle is Incredible; she has a dynamically inspirational story that centers around one theme – you can master success against all odds. Her empowerment brand includes two businesses – Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, a company where she teaches authentic and compelling marketing and business/brand optimization strategies to entrepreneurs so that they build solid, thriving holistically successful businesses and Amethyst Consulting Group, LLC, a company where she teaches emerging, expanding and executive business leaders how to build authentic personal brands that advance organizations without selling out, burning out or stressing out. Her clients come to define, own, unleash and leverage their Incredible Factor®, or their unique gifts and talents, to create their own life and business success. She inspires audiences worldwide with her mantra Own Your Incredible Factor – which restores confidence, shifts mindsets and moves participants to take control of their destiny through non-negotiable action. Darnyelle always knew, even at a young age, that she would use words to change the lives of others. As a result, she has authored over five inspirational and personal development books and has created several powerful business programs, such as Incredible Factor University™, which provides personal and professional growth strategies for high-achieving entrepreneurs and Amethyst Consulting Group, her suite of executive coaching and training and development programs for corporations and governmental agencies. Darnyelle has been featured in several local and national media outlets, such as O Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, Delaware Today, CN8, The Word Network and ABC. In 2012, Stiletto Woman Media named her Coach/Mentor of the Year. In 2013, she received an Honorable Mention award as a Small Business Influencer. She is currently a member of the National Speakers Association, National Association of Women Business Owners, and the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, where she sits on the Board of Directors. You can find out more about Darnyelle A. Jervey and her business success secrets at

For more information about Darnyelle or Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, call 888.801.5794 or visit

Signature Keynotes & Workshops 7 CRITICAL MISTAKES SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS MAKE THAT THREATEN THEIR ABILITY TO BUILD A 6 FIGURE OR BEYOND BUSINESS 95% of small businesses fail within the first year of business and 10-12% fail each year after that. By identifying the mistakes and offering strategies to avoid them, Darnyelle will help more business owners achieve their goal of building solid, thriving and holistically successful businesses. BECOME A BRAND IN DEMAND Everyone has a brand but not everyone has learned how to leverage their brand for ultimate levels of success. By introducing your audience to her Incredible Factor Brand Acceleration System™, your audience can expect to learn how to build their personal brand on and offline so that they stand out in any crowd and step into more opportunities to grow themselves and more importantly your business. MARKET LIKE A ROCK STAR Marketing is the oxygen in any business, if you don’t learn how to market authentically and consistently, your business won’t live very long. In this signature program, Darnyelle shares the four foundational tenets of creating authentic and compelling marketing to transform any entrepreneur or small business owner from a marketing rookie to rock star. Once you understand these foundational strategies, you can apply them effortlessly to ANY online or offline marketing strategy and see an immediate shift in your business building efforts. OWN YOUR INCREDIBLE FACTOR Secretly wanting to take the world by storm, but outwardly lacking the confidence to do so? Owning Your Incredible Factor is about presenting yourself with power, poise and confidence in all situations. Join Darnyelle Jervey for Own Your Incredible Factor™ and discover seven simple, powerful mindset and personal/ professional brand building strategies so that you consistently stand out from the crowd. We have two versions of this interactive presentation: one for entrepreneurs and small business owners and one for students and corporate business leaders. THE POWER OF PRESENCE No matter what you desire to achieve in your life, business or career, you must communicate to achieve it. Communication is the most important attribute that influences success in life and business. Communication is not one-dimensional, it is the multi-faceted key to peak performance and productivity. In this highly interactive, engaging and dynamic presentation, Darnyelle will share the 7 keys for communicating with influence as well as how to become a master communicator with presentation skills that impact, influence and inspire clients, co-workers, customers and the community.

Sample Audiences:

. Women & Girls . Mid-level/Mid-Career Professionals . College & University Students . Aspiring & New Entrepreneurs . Women’s Organizations . Professional & Trade Associations Ask us how we can customize a presentation for your group or organization. All can be a keynote, ½ day or full day workshop

For more information about Darnyelle or Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, call 888.801.5794 or visit


For more information about Darnyelle or Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, call 888.801.5794 or visit

For more information about Darnyelle or Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, call 888.801.5794 or visit

For more information about Darnyelle or Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, call 888.801.5794 or visit

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FROM BORING TO BUZZED ABOUT Learn Next Level Networking Secrets that Boost Your Brand, Visibility and Business.

MARKET LIKE A ROCK STAR Learn the 4 Foundational Marketing Strategies that will turn you from a marketing rookie to Rock Star in your business.

SPEAK THE INCREDIBLE BLUEPRINT Darnyelle shares how to maximize every opportunity to speak. 87% of your wealth is tied to your ability to speak well in public and inspire an audience to take action.

MAGNETIC MARKETING SUCCESS FORMULA Darnyelle shares her proven 7 step marketing formula for creating authentic and compelling marketing so that you attract more clients and grow your business.

For more information about Darnyelle or Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, call 888.801.5794 or visit

Books By Darnyelle A. Jervey

IF YOU UNDERSTOOD MY PAST, YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND MY PRAISE This is Darnyelle’s personal story filled with obstacles and triumphs which have helped her to become the woman you know and love today. THE INCREDIBLE YOU A book that teaches the 16 tenets of living an Incredible life. This is an interactive coaching guide in addition to an inspirational journey to living a life that would be aptly deemed “Incredible.” MAXIMIZING THE INCREDIBLE YOU This is Darnyelle’s signature book on personal branding, which shows you how to define, own, unleash and leverage your innate gifts and talents. SPEAK THE INCREDIBLE A book of quotes or Darnyelle-isms is sure to inspire, empower and motivate all who read it.

Praise for



“A powerful read from a powerful lady; her energy spills off of every page.” - Cornell Grady, The High Impact Group “I was inspired at page one.” - Pastor Shannon McNeil, Kingdom Harvest Fellowship “Combining her unique ability to share her heart with her PACE Method, Darnyelle has created a masterpiece.” - Bishop Greg Davis, Host, Rejoice in the Word

“Ms. Jervey has done it again. This book challenged me to find my personal power.” - Linda Dillard, Power in Progress, LLC

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What other speakers are saying about Darnyelle A. Jervey! “Ms. Darnyelle is truly destined for greatness; she is fabulous! I was impressed and blown away by her talk. I see great things in her future.” - Willie Jolley, CSP, CPAE, Award-Winning Speaker, Author and Media Personality. “Darnyelle has explosive energy that will motivate any crowd. Her youth, passion, knowledge and experience position her as a motivational speaker of the highest caliber”. - Norma T. Hollis, Authenticity Expert and Speakers, etc Speaker’s Bureau “I was very moved by Ms. Darnyelle’s speech. I could tell she was sharing from her heart and her transparency and message will inspire many across the world.” - John-Leslie Brown aka High Hopes, son of Les Brown “Incredible is definitely the right word to describe this young lady’s passion, purpose and message. From the moment she took the stage, I knew we were in for a treat, she’s a powerhouse.” - Delatorro McNeal, II Professional Speaker and Best Selling Author of Caught Between a Dream and a Job “Darnyelle A. Jervey is Incredible! Her message, her passion and knowledge of how to become the Incredible You is a must have. Book her NOW for your next event.” - Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert, Author, Speaker “Darnyelle is the truth! She will be an Incredible addition to any event if you want to empower and challenge your attendees to Burn the Box.” - Mark Victor Hansen Best Selling Author and Speaker, “I was so impressed by Darnyelle. She possesses a natural talent to tell a story that will move others to recognize their greatness. She has a powerful voice that needs to be heard.” - Les Brown, World Renowned Speaker, Best Selling Author

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Audience Testimonials

“I’ve been the photographer at the Dawn Training Institute graduation ceremony for years and Darnyelle was by far the best commencement speaker they’ve ever had. She’s personable, energetic, entertaining and she shares a practical yet inspiring message. “ - Tim Dishong, Creative Image Associates “Darnyelle has been connected with several Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) entrepreneurially based programs since 2008. As our first motivational speaker and Judge for the ETC Boot Camp and Business Plan Competition; as a Panel Facilitator for the Governor’s Entrepreneurial Conference;, as our Marketing Expert Co-Facilitator for our Kauffman FastTrac Entrepreneurial Training and as a presenter for the DEDO GrassRoots programs. Darnyelle’s personal success story, and her marketing expertise and the energy by which she brings that expertise to the marketplace, brings tremendous value to DEDO’s entrepreneurial and small business development support initiatives.” - Kenneth R. Anderson, Director of Entrepreneurial Support Delaware Economic Development Office. “Darnyelle was by far the BEST speaker at this entire conference. Her energy, information and personal story shifted me to a whole new level. I am so glad I came. Hearing her was worth the price of admission!” - Candy Miles Crocker, Washington, DC (attendee at the Get Radical Women’s Conference) “Darnyelle came to speak at the Special Event Conference in Tampa, FL and her reviews were among the highest at the entire 5 day conference. Participants shared how real she was and how her story empowered them to learn how to grow their businesses. We will definitely have Darnyelle back at future conferences.” - Tara Megonlis, The Special Event Conference Organizer “Darnyelle’s interactive presentation during our Women’s Week at Delaware State had the young ladies ready to own their Incredible Factor. The are still beaming about her presentation, calling her the best speaker they’ve witnessed in 4 years at Delaware State.” - Dr. Robin Roberts, Director of Student Activities, Delaware State University “If the organizers of this event knew what was best to pump up the crowd, they’d bring Darnyelle back every year! She was amazing, just what we needed to get up and move into action to grow our businesses and live our best lives. I took pages of notes and for the first time in a long time I am excited to implement.” - Susan Miles, Miles Consulting, Harrisburg, PA (attendee at the Women’s Forum Harrisburg, PA) Partial Client List

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The Power of Presence by Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA Have you ever watched someone walk into the room and at the sight of them, you were clear that they were someone you needed to know? That’s presence which includes a little something I like to call the Incredible Factor. And while it’s easy to recognize, it can be challenging to define. Yet, when you have it, you are the key to your organization building a strong brand that will attract more clients and gain more leverage. It starts with confidence and personal conviction that you are more than enough. It becomes obvious in all that you do and it positions you to lead others. It’s a recognition that first impressions are all you have and a non-negotiable decision to stand out in ANY crowd. There are many who have it and many more who are craving it but just haven’t figured out exactly how to exude it so that it positions them for greater responsibility within their organizations.

Executive presence has three components: Personal Presence – an exhibition of personal confidence, personal power and a powerful personal image. You stand out from the crowd. It’s about self-reliance and belief that who you are is more than enough to lead any team, and perform any job, achieve any goal. As a leader, you inspire others to lead effortlessly. You have personal style. You are sharp, cutting edge and you understand business etiquette and you do everything effectively and with purpose. Team Presence – an ability to effectively lead others by example and in authenticity so that they want to support what they have helped to create. As a leader, you are personable, present and particularly focused on engaging your team to create results. You care and it shows. You lead unapologetically and take the teams needs into account. You are honest and fair and like-able. You understand the importance of each member’s contribution and motivate them to successfully participate. Organizational Presence – you are clear about your organization’s mission, vision and goals. You are a team player, you step up to lead or support as needed. You are a SME – able to serve as a brand ambassador to attract new clients and help your organization gain leverage. You communicate effectively. As a leader, you have substance and influence. You stand for something. You communicate substantively and are an expert in your industry and most importantly, you are powerful. You are a sought after leader. Executive presence creates a strong personal brand and your strong personal brand makes you a fast favorite amongst colleagues, managers, direct reports, clients and customers.

To exude an executive presence regardless of your current title or position, consider the following: 1. Make a non-negotiable decision – by deciding to act like you already have the position you desire, you will naturally accelerate your results. While I don’t subscribe to the notion of “fake it till you make it,” I do believe that dressing and performing for the job you desire will get attention from your management team. 2. Lead By Example – step up on your team and show that you’ve got what it takes. A leader is someone who has others who feel they are worthy of being followed. By being prompt, professional, poised and ensuring that your personal image is always remarkable, you will show that you are ready for more responsibility within your organization. 3. Take Initiative – don’t talk about it, be about it. As you bring a problem to the attention of your manager, have a solution already figured out and offer to take the lead to ensure that it works. Be sure to report back with results as they unfold. Don’t expect them to follow up with you. A leader with an executive presence, takes initiative and action consistently without being prompted. Need help boosting your executive presence? Consider executive coaching with the Amethyst Consulting Group division of Incredible One Enterprises. We work hard to offer you breakthrough strategies to make your life and business an Incredible One.

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