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SECTION 2: INTRODUCTION Visual Appeal is a management company based in Chicago that is dedicated to managing visual artists. We work with sculptors, painters, photographers and graffiti artists. Our philosophy is that, in order to be successful, we have to see art through the artist’s eyes. Be must always remain open-minded to the artists vision in order to be the best mangers that we can be. We feel that a manager can learn just as much from the artist as the artist can learn from the manager. We currently manage Jerel Gilard, a painter based in Chicago. He works mainly with acrylics, watercolors, oils, and mixed media.

SECTION 3: MISSION STATEMENT Management: Our mission is to assist the artist in fulfilling their vision by helping them develop their professional portfolio and promote their work. We will also work to bring more awareness to the public of the visual arts scene in Chicago. Artist: To present himself to his peers and the public as a professional artist. Appeal to an older demographic with his art while inspiring younger visual artists. He also wants to instill in people the importance and significance of the visual arts.

SECTION 4: VISION STATEMENT Management: To introduce the artist as a working professional in the industry. Artist: To maximize and become and significant part of the visual arts scene in Chicago.

SECTION 6: ARTIST HISTORY/BIOGRAPHY Jerel Gilard, 21 years old, was born and raised in St. Louis MO. During his Middle and High school years, he became involved in a visual art after school program. In this program, he was introduced to painting and mixed media art. This became an opportunity for him to express himself creatively and connect with other creative students as well. He spent 2 years at Columbia College Chicago as a Fashion Photography major. During his time as Columbia he gained skills in print work, Photoshop/digital design, Ceramics, and photography. He feels that it is very important for people to appreciate the visual arts. In addition to promoting his own career, he really wants to maximize and get people excited about the arts scene in Chicago. Most recently he showcased his work February 2014 at Pancakes and Booze Art Show At Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago.

SECTION 7: KEY PLAYERS Auriel Jones, a native Washingtonian, ventured to Chicago to pursue a degree in television broadcasting and arts management at Columbia College Chicago. Auriel has a strong respect for the fine arts. Although she isn't a visual artist herself, she was exposed to the visual arts at a very young age, and has gained a very deep appreciation for it. In addition to her knowledge of the visual arts, Auriel has also studied Theatre for 4 years at Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts, as well as Music radio broadcasting/radio production, television broadcasting/television production and journalism at Columbia College Chicago. Having been exposed to these various art forms, she has definitely become a very cultured and well rounded artist and has gained many connections both in.Washington DC and in Chicago. Auriel is determined to help up and coming artists showcase their work and make their marks on the city, while also showing people how wonderful and truly important the visual arts really are. Auriel can be contacted at any time via email at

Darnikka Williams is from Chicago Il, she is a Columbia College senior that is majoring in Marketing Communications. Some of Darnikka’s interests are acting, modeling, and singing She has taken many acting and modeling classes and has been and been an extra in T.V films. Although she is not a professional actress she knows what it takes to be a manager and have experience in the industry. Darnikka Williams also is a very organized person she can schedule appointments, make sure dates are met, and make sure you can attend and show up to every special events looking great. Darnikka is from Eagan Minnesota where she attended Egan High school. She moved to Chicago with her family where her father David Williams opened a church. Some of her hobbies include; track, scriptwriting, dancing, and shopping. You can reach Darnikka Williams anytime via email or by phone 312.8020480

SECTION 8: AUDIENCE Psychographics: Open-minded Critical thinkers Art lovers Conspiracy theorists Students Mature Creative thinkers Spiritual Fashionable

SECTION 8a: SEE ATTACHMENT Target List Name: Eric Willians Company: The Silver Room email: Position: Exhibition Name: Yvette Dudley Company: Soultry Shoes Phone: 312-520-2745 email: Position: Gallery & Store Owner/ exhibition coordinator

Name: Steven Olivieri Company: Chicago Artist Resource Phone: 773-5510386 email: Position: Exhibition coordinator Name: Rebecca McQullen Company: The Silver Room email: Position: Exhibition coordinator Name: Ian Sherwin Company: The Artist Resource email: Position: Gallery & Store Owner/ exhibition coordinator

SECTION 10: GRAPHICS AND BRANDING We have a Logo that will be on our business cards, our website, and stamped on any merchandise that is sold or for the purposes of promoting and bringing awareness to our company.


SEE ATTACHMENT SECTION 18: WEBSITES Instagram @JerelGilard: On the Instagram profile, there are pictures of the paintings and photography. The Instagram profile is only for the purposes of showing work, getting comments and gaining a fan base, but not for selling pieces. Saatchi-Online Jerel Gilard: This profile is used to price and sell the pieces, find art buyers, curators, and gallery owners. Twitter @JerelGilard: This Twitter profile is used to connect with other artists and his fan base and promote his work. LinkedIn Jerel Gilard: This profile is used to connect with other artists, engage in conversation with other professionals, be

updated on events in the city, and find art buyers, curators, and gallery owners.

SECTION 25: SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Painting,( water color, acrylics, oils), photography, mixed media, graffiti, sketching, drawing WEEKNESSES: sculpting, lack of self promotion, lack of materials, resources, time management OPPORTUNITIES: galleries, art shows, art auctions, museum, mixers, open mics, festivals, live events THREATS: competition, lack of awareness, lack of popularity, young urban artist, small market

SECTION 26: GOALS 3 months: Have a solo showcase DATE:TBA We produce a flier, secure a venue, and consistently promote the show to his followers and the community using Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Finish and launch professional website: Get professional pictures of the artist, his work, and his show to put on the web page. Post the link to the page on all of his social networking web pages. Promote the website through word of mouth, business cards, and his social networks. Gain a bigger and more loyal following on the internet: Be present at events happening in the city. Hand out business cards and frequently updating each website with new work. 1 year: Have 3 solo shows in Chicago: Build relationships with venue owners and art enthusiast by going to events and being present online. Continue to produce cohesive collections for showing. Build connections in other major cities: Connect with art enthusiasts in other cities. Go to art exhibits and shows in other cities. 5 years: Build connections in the Fashion Industry: Produce more fashion photography and fashion themed pieces that will appeal to people in the industry. Attend fashion shows in the city. Connect with fashion professionals on social networks. Travel and build connections abroad: Travel as much as possible. Go to events and exhibits abroad. Children’s Art program: Build connections with school or venues. Teach arts classes in after school programs, day camps, or summer camps.

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