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ONCE UPON A TIME There was a girl named Jill, In the world of stereotypes I was known as the girl Bell. They took away my character and identity, by down sizing and photoshopping me..

....Once Upon a time


Cinderella was the was the name they gave me it means “little ashes� which sucks it you ask me. I could never be seen because the media would know, and the whole Disney fairytale story would be blown.


...Oh I love me


Even though I Snow White had a prince Charming, he really didn’t love me only fantasized about the imagery of my fake body. But I don’t care because I know beauty is only skin deep. Ladies let’s celebrate I don’t give a damn lets eat.


Beauty is only skin deep...


use to hide in the shadows, not wanting to be seen. I felt I wasn’t going to be excepted, people could be really mean. But now I let down my hair and walk with self esteem and pride. I wish somebody would call me fat ill punch them in the eye. I


I used to hide...


Boys and girls I hope you learned the lesson of the day, which is be who you are not mater what people say. Black, white, small, or big it’s not anything you did, just live life and have fun because beauty lies within.