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Anita Nicole Brown Contact Number: 773/306/5002 E-Mail: For Immediate Release:

PRESS RELEASE Chicagoan Actress Anita Nicole Brown Stars in the Newly Released Action Movie “Crisis Foundation” (2014) Chicagoan Actress Anita Nicole Brown stars as a quiet woman who is staled as she encounters sudden violent confrontations in this new movie which can be seemed on this YouTube Link: Produced by Time Code Mechanics. Anita Nicole Brown was faced with many dilemmas beginning in 1998! Since birth she was always a character! Although acting was not her first passion, in time it began to change. On November 12, 1998, Anita was diagnosed a Type One Diabetic and shortly there after she lost the ability to walk due to Diabetic nerve damage! Her doctors said she may or may not ever walk again. So imagine the surprise when she not only walked again; but enrolled and graduated with her BA (concentration in fashion design) from Columbia College Chicago in May 2004. Upon graduating, she gained her first job in real estate! She spent from 2004 – 2009 in corporate America building her communication and business skills. However, during this time her love for film began to grow. In 2008 she made the decision to research what it would take in order to make it in the world of entertainment (acting). And in 2009, she stepped down from her position and made the choice to pursue acting full time well, at least while working a part-time job. Ms. Anita Nicole Brown has been going full force since she began acting in July 2009. She was excited to land her first big role in “Happily After” and soon after that, things continued to move forward! She landed big roles on the television series, The Chicago Code and Boss. Ms. Brown, has also been landing lead and supporting roles for a indie features as well. Not

only did she fall in love with acting full force; but she branched off into modeling and ballroom dancing! Her desire for modeling sent her to Hollywood three times in Oct. 2009, May 2010 and May 2011. Although moving at this pace was not easy for this young upcoming actress which has become especially hard when she lost her two biggest supporters in less then two years of each other. Anita loss her mother (Wanda Nicholson Brown) January 9th, 2011 and she lost her twin brother (Nicholas Andrew Brown) July 1st, 2012. Both deaths almost crushed Anita's spirit! But it was the spirit of both her mother and brother that pushed her to continue even harder in reaching her goals as a successful actress! Although coming into the industry much later than most, Anita has found her place. She has found somewhere she belongs and where she is whole totally. It is because of this feeling that she has continued and refuses to stop pursuing her dream!


Chicagoan Anita Nicole Brown Press Release  

Anita Nicole Brown was faced with many dilemmas beginning in 1998! Since birth she was always a character! Although acting was not her first...

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