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Michael Kors will launch his beauty collection in August 2013. Michael opened his lifestyle stores as a way of introducing the newest beauty fragrances for women instead of presenting flip-flops and handbags like usual designers do. Michael`s inspiration was his family tree. His grandmother`s glamorous look she loved with colors and patterns. His mom came off as more of the natural beauty. Michael compared two of his favorite women`s personality that came with full confidence to spark his Each emotion of his brand had different sensual fragrances, along with key color products. Michael`s beauty line helps simplify the whole beauty process for the customer. He is also passionate about his consumer base. Michael relates to a female character by knowing exactly what she likes to wear, in spite of the type of smell of fragrances she is attracted to, the actual key color that grabs her attention and launching the right cosmetics to spark his stores for women. In the U.S., Michael`s collection will be sold in 660 Macy`s doors.

SEXY, SPORTY & GLAM! Michael Kors has been threatening for a long time to expand his fragrance line and venture into color cosmetics. Now he's about to deliver as he and Estee Lauder (his longtime fragrance licensee) are taking their cooperation into the next level by creating the Michael Kors Beauty Collection.

MICHAEL KORS ON STAGE Yes, Michael Kors is known for liking his bronzers. he knows his customer intimately and understands exactly what's missing from her life and what she wants. Part of it is thanks to his involvement in social media ( over a million followers on Twitter and 5 million likes on his Facebook page). As he says, "To me, that’s just a huge global trunk show we’re communicating back and forth. It’s like a trunk show in someone’s home — it’s the ultimate Tupperware party.”

Products from the Michael Kors beauty collection


My reaction to this article ď‚– I am very inspired by Michael Kors beauty collection and how he has expanded with his work. I am so glad that I researched this article because it gives me good advice on cosmetic products and how they grab my attention! The fact that I love makeup and different fragrances, I would recommend Michael`s collection and pass it on*

Two discussion questions for the class ď‚– How would you define Michael Kors beauty collection for 2013? Do you think his brand will grab women`s attention?

Michael Kors Beauty Collection  

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