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24 Hours

With Funding (SG/PR with Company sponsored only) Course Fee: $190

Non Funded Course Fee: $380

Training Method Instructor-led learning


Successful trainees will receive the internationally recognized ICDL Certificate upon completion of the course. This certificate is administered by ICDL Singapore. This is a joint certification between WDA and ICDL Singapore. Student must take a 60 min online assessment at the end of the course


Need to possess the knowledge of basic computer knowledge and familiar with the web as a user, general web development experience and some foundation skills in web graphics.

Course Objective

Course Outline

Create dynamic web pages in a visual development environment, using point-and-click method. The course introduces the concepts of creating web pages and sites in Dreamweaver using visual techniques, but also touches on the basic principals of HTML, CS5 and JavaScript. Basic Image optimization and integration with Fireworks is also covered. General • • • •

How Dreamweaver Fits into a Production Workflow Targeting Browsers & Platforms Viewing & Editing HTML Code Site Structure & Management o Defining a site o Creating files & folders o Managing a remote site

Formatting •

• • •

Page Content •

• •

Text Entry o Copying text from other applications o Importing from MS Word Placing Images o Image optimisation & compression o Image properties o Working with Photoshop Smart Objects o Linking to Fireworks Placing External Media Embedding Video & Audio

Formatting Pages & Content Properties: Font, Size, Colour, Alignment, Indentation Using HTML Styles Tweaking Code – Roundtrip HTML Working With Colour o Websafe colours o Colour sampling o Matching colours

Hyperlinks • •

• • •

Understanding Paths Link types o Email Links o Named Anchors o Image Maps Image Link Rollovers Absolute & Relative Links Setting Browser Targets

Call 63397588 Email: CPE Registration No: 198902296M Period: 24 June 2011 to 23 June 1/2 2015 Block 118, Aljunied Avenue 2 #02-100, Singapore 380118 Tel: 63397588 Fax: 63381442

GCS-MC-CPW-2011-023 Ver 1.2

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• •

Website: Enail

Flash & Shockwave Characters, Rules, Dates & Other Page Elements

Forms • • •


Creating a Form: The Form Object Working with Form Fields & Elements Delivering Form Data: GET Vs. POST

• • •

Designing Tables Using Layout & Standard Views Table, Row & Cell Properties Nesting Tables Using Spacers to Create Accurate Tables

Dreamweaver Automation •

Using the Assets Panel o Determining the Assets list o Setting Favorite items o Library elements  Creating a Library element  Altering & detaching library items Templates o Creating pages based on templates o Defining & Saving the Template o Creating, modifying & deleting Editable Regions

Behaviours (JavaScript) • • • • •

The Behaviours Panel Adding & Removing Behaviours Controlling Layers Creating Popup & Floating Windows Creating Jump Lists & Menus

DHTML • • •

Browser Support Working with Layers Converting to & from Tables & Layers

Uploading • • •

Working with the Site Map Checking Links Site Wide Uploading - FTP

Cascading Style Sheets - CSS • • • •

Overview of CSS Using Inline, Embedded & External Styles Defining & Applying styles Linking to External Style Sheets

Funding Scheme FEE Schedule SDF


SDF FUNDED AMT (Full Course Fees)

$190 (Full Course Fee - $380)


$190 (Full Course Fees minus SDF Amt)

For more information on funding, please call 6883 5885. Or visit

To register

Log on to, click on Register now to download our registration form, fill up the form and submit to Cole (Customer Service Officer) at

Call 63397588 Email: CPE Registration No: 198902296M Period: 24 June 2011 to 23 June 2/2 2015 Block 118, Aljunied Avenue 2 #02-100, Singapore 380118 Tel: 63397588 Fax: 63381442

GCS-MC-CPW-2011-023 Ver 1.2

ICDL Adobe DreamWeaver  

It is an ICDL certified. Course Fee: $380 or $190(with funding) Duration: 24 hours Course Objective: Create dynamic web pages in a visual d...

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