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More Sweet Treats: Nicky Murray "upcycles" your fashion Wimbledon's Next Top Model! Light up your living space with interiors guru Susan Percle


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SNOW TIME TILL SPRING Dear Darling Reader, As I write this the "big freeze" turns to slush in the driveway and a timid robin tentatively explores the bird-feeder outside my window. And I noticed tiny green shoots on the lilac this morning. It's as though nature knows something about the new year that we're too cautious to hope for, the promise of a glorious spring just around the corner. So this issue is all about fresh starts and grand new resolutions.

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Contributing Writer Philippa Hennessy

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Perhaps it will take another decade for the Raynes Park Renaissance to become a reality, but you can't go wrong kicking off with a Waitrose. We talk to planners and developers about Wimbledon's Cinderella suburb and their hopes and dreams for its future. Builder Jason Coetzee also gives us top tips on our own dream homes. Sally Hammond is our charming Inspiring Woman of Wimbledon, energetic wife and assistant to MP Stephen Hammond. We read how local hero Keith Chapman turned a glimpse of a yellow digger in Landsdowne Rd into the entertainment empire that Bob the Builder is today. It’s a fairytale that ends with a happy-ever-after in Wimbledon Village, as he reveals in an exclusive Darling interview. “Upcycle” your wardrobe and put the va va voom into vintage. That’s Nicky Murray’s fun fashion advice for 2010. And with the London School of Modelling opening just up the A3 your daughters can join the fashion fest. Hart Brown in birthday party mood as they turn 90 and lasting power of attorney or LPA’s up for discussion this issue. With more fun in the snow to still come for many on school hols, Irene Allen spells out the dangers or skiing and snowboarding with tips on how to avoid these. If you prefer a trip to the spa then don’t miss Kate Greenhalgh’s Points of View page. And guess who popped into town to rub shoulders with yours truly and Cllr. Shiraz Mirza to open a new community hall? More Darling hobnobbing on our packed social pages. Fun, fun, fun… Karine Torr Editor

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Cover: Natalie Stevens

Photographer: Taylor Torr

Interview with Sally Hammond - “Inspiring Wimbledon Women”. Upcyling your fashions with Nicola Murray. London School of Modelling opens its doors. Interiors advice on Lighting from Susan Percle. Bob the Builder creator, Keith Chapman comes back to his roots. Social pages, “On the Scene” for Wimbledon holiday highlights. Raynes Park under the spotlight. Hart Brown Solicitors turn 90! “Move or Renovate” with builder, Jason Coetzee. Before and after birth remedies with homeopath, Maria Jevtic. Curl up with some good books - Victoria Carew Hunt’s latest. Snow sport injuries - tips for halfterm ski trips with Southfields Physio. Websites to remember. Darling Classified section at a glance. Points of View with Kate Greenhalgh .


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INSPIRING WIMBLEDON WOMEN Sally Hammond talks to Philippa Hennessy about her passion for Wimbledon, working in local politics and some challenges for 2010


She entered the world of politics a staggering 28 years ago as an administrator and says, “The world of Westminster has been the only place of work I have known since I left college. Believe it or not, it's just like working in any other ordinary office – it's certainly not glamorous, there is the same old banter and I have made some very good friends who have also been there for years and years – it's familiar territory.”

he first thing I notice about Sally Hammond as we relax with a coffee in Le Pain Quotidien is her obvious commitment to Wimbledon and the community – partly due to her work but also because she loves living in the area. Sally really cares about what happens to local businesses and trade, how tidy the streets are, bringing down the level of crime and improving public transport. Despite being a farmer's daughter from Wiltshire, Sally is very much a City girl and has been based in London since her college days. It was her husband's political role that brought them to Wimbledon in 1999 when he was selected to fight the 2001 General Election. “The area is so different from Fulham where we used to live - it's perfect for us and Alice our teenage daughter - we reap the benefits of the villagey atmosphere, bustling lifestyle and all the surrounding outdoor space,” Sally enthuses.

Sally soon moved on from the administration side to working for the Director of Press in the Conservative Central Office which was one of the top secretarial jobs. She has worked for a number of well-known MPs and has been working with her husband since his election. Ironically, it was Sally who persuaded Stephen to continue with politics when he was working for a City bank. Sally and Stephen met through politics in 1988 when she was working for the MP of Stevenage and he was involved in the local Conservative Association there. Politics certainly seems to be in the genes for both of them – Sally's father was an active member of the Salisbury, Conservative Party and Stephen's father was a Conservative County Councillor in Hertfordshire.

Sally's demanding day job at the Houses of Parliament, together with regular evening commitments accompanying her husband means that she doesn't have much time to herself, but when she does, she enjoys nothing more than catching up with friends or watching a good movie at home. She relishes the opportunity not to have to dress up to go out, but when she doesn't fancy cooking she and her husband may treat themselves to supper at one of their favourite local Indian restaurants. Once a keen tennis player, Sally used to play for the women’s team at a local tennis club. Aside from walking the dog on the common, nowadays she rarely exercises, but confides in me that one of her New Year's resolutions is to get fitter! She tells me, “Alice plays a good deal of sport, so I often watch her competing in school matches at the weekends. I am also still friendly with some of The Study mothers who I met when Alice was at school there and we meet up from time to time.”

“When Stephen was looking for an office manager, I had been offered a position working for another MP. After much deliberation we both felt that it would be the most sensible and logical option for me to work for him and it's been easy – we don't share the same office and as Stephen is always out and about and I am based in the office most days, we hardly see one another. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!”, she laughs.


Gleeson Framers ing services. The and more. They a

Gleeson Framers ready made fram sell art by local a

She tells me that the best thing about her job is being able to achieve something for someone when you do not expect it to be possible. Unfortunately the year ahead poses new challenges for Sally - her job, along with all other office managers who work for their spouses, is under scrutiny. A proposed bill to prevent them working in five years time could potentially end her career. “It's not just a job, it's a lifestyle,” Sally passionately says. “It's grossly unfair that the bill excludes unmarried partners – there's a lot of support for us, but not much from the public - they just don't realise that it's much harder working for your spouse and they receive a better service. Fortunately, our Wimbledon constituents have been pretty supportive.” She has joined a committee of other working spouses from all political parties to appeal against the proposal. Sally tells me, “We have nothing to hide, our records of work are open and entirely transparent – we all want the damage that has been done by the very few abuses that have taken place to be redressed, but also hope that the real contribution made by working spouses is recognised and the privilege not taken away.” Surely people like Sally deserve better she certainly gets my vote! Philippa Hennessy

Sally Hammond with daughter Alice

“He doesn't often correct any of the letters I write and really values having me as his right hand 'man' – when he is unavailable to speak to constituents, they are only too happy to speak to me as they know I truly understand. The one downside is that I never seem to get away from work – the correspondence that comes through is relentless and due to Stephen's shadow transport responsibilities and those within the constituency, there is no escaping!”

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Nicola Murray author and international branding coach talks to Darling about “upcylcing” and reshaping your fashion sense for the new decade.

2010...and a new decade begins What is shaping us now ten years into the 21st Century? Have you too been swept away by the tsunami of self-obsession? Did you fall victim to an era of hedonistic self gratification? Are we all just a bunch of aging individuals’ frantically back-peddling to our twenties! The flagrant hypocrisy of following low GL diets, a rigorous exercise routine, conforming to moderate alcohol intake and embracing ‘smoke-free’ as a life style, whilst at the same time stuffing our systems with rat poison, dermal fillers, collagen implants and the like - are we really not after all is said and done, cosmetic drug addicts, preoccupied with anti-ageing as the only cause that has in the past united us and persists to pre-occupy our minds?

“Your wardrobe, which might have been running out of steam, might just manage a little more mileage. “ Despair not, for signs of realism are reappearing, perhaps we are indeed entering a decade of sober consciousness and inconspicuous spending. Look...even net-a-porter is ‘brown paper-bagging’ some of their orders, whilst affluent shopaholics have been spotted armed with ‘whitenon-descript-carrier-bags’, in an effort to spare them the feelings of guilt evoked by their neighbours’ prying eyes. The white, nameless paper bag once the poorer cousin of its more prestigious luxury-branded relative might itself succeed in accomplishing the unthinkable; be elevated out of its Caste to Affluent. Here’s a refreshing set of suggestions, which will afford you the time, space and latitude to re-focus your energies on things more real, individually chosen things that will replenish your souls yet at the same time safeguard your image from going to pot – let’s just call it ‘conscious cleansing’.


“This is the decade of individualism”


Upcycle: Take pieces from your wardrobes which you would ordinarily turf at the start of a New Year, a new decade and turn them into something useful, yes that’s it...repurpose them. It is amazing what can be done to the ordinary and ‘vava voom’ it becomes extraordinary! For those of you who are off to a slow start this year and are struggling to get your minds around this idea, here’s an example. Taking our cue from Gary Harvey, you can produce a vintage style couture dress from recycled garments. Namely, a ‘military dress’, made from 28 army jackets in various shades of olive green camouflage. Pick up those scissors, start cutting, stitching and embellishing forgotten pieces and bring them back to life, a new life!

“ dare to add a dash of vibrancy…”

Colourise: Take an outfit you’ve worn a hundred times before, one you’re rather bored with or better yet, one your partner would love to ‘bin’ seeing you’ve worn it to death. Now colourise it ...change up the colour, take away a piece of that outfit and replace it with something refreshingly different, something colourful or even tie-dye it. Don’t be shy, take the leap of faith and go bolder than you’ve ever gone before. This is the decade of individualism. If LVMH can embrace the work of a punk god and make it glamorous, you too can dare to add a dash of vibrancy to your look.

Fun accessories courtesy of Octopus Shop Trash Fashion photography Taylor Torr

Accessorise: And for those more conservative types, you don’t have to remain stuck in a rut at the start of this decade. Hijack those rather demure, rather drab pieces from your wardrobe and team them with a piece of fabulous jewellery or a creatively distinctive little accessory… wow, that conventional ‘shift’ has just become inspirational! Now just watch what it does to your ability to influence and motivate others in the workplace and at play. Your wardrobe, which might have been running out of steam, might just manage a little more mileage. If we can be successful entrepreneurs and even mumpreneurs we can also surely succeed at being stylepreneurs in an age that reveres the selfless and yet rare and distinctive.

Stylise: Experiment with innovative styling of your eyes, lips and hair to change up any garment or ensemble and make it look brand spanking new! Paint your lips a blue, opaque colour, think Barbie Doll gone cold or break the rules and wear two-tones on your lips; play it safer by keeping the tone on your upper lip similar to your lower lip or gamble it bold by using high contrast colours. Try it - you’ll discover that your pout has never looked quite so alluring. Think low maintenance and opt for the wet with waves look; neatly combed off your face, nicely framing your bone structure, then allow the rest of your hair to fall naturally with all its quirky kinks and puffing waves.

Nicola Murray is the Founder of Tonic, an image consultancy, personal branding and performance coaching company. Author of ‘Not What I Had in Mind’, she has worked in the UK, US, South Africa and Europe. She is a Master Coach & member of the International Federation of Image Consultants (IFIC).

T: 020 8336 1579 E: 9

Hall School Wimbledon ‘Friends’



Independent, co-education for children aged 4 to 16

Senior School 17 The Downs Wimbledon SW20 8HF

Junior School Stroud Crescent Putney Vale SW15 3EQ 10

Wimbledon’s Next Top Model? Exciting news for local talent is that a new modelling school has opened just a few stops from Centre Court! The London School of Modelling is the UK’s only dedicated training academy for aspiring models situated in Clapham. Founded by TV presenter Debbie King who has worked for over a decade in the media and fashion industries. Along side Debbie, the school is headed up by Creative Director Charlotte Skilling, model and fashion expert par excellence.

Above: L-R Three potential models from L.S.M. groomed by directors Charlotte Skilling and Debbie King (right & far right)

London School of Modelling offers aspiring individuals the chance to learn all the essential techniques that will make them stand out from the crowd in castings, auditions and go sees. The School is open to students of any age, sex, size and shape and it promote a healthy lifestyle, body and mind to prove that there is a place in the industry for all types of models. Good news for local girls; and if there is potential, the London School of Modelling will unleash it. With the rising popularity of reality shows such as America’s/ Britain’s Next Top Model the London School of Modelling has taken a similar approach by offering support and guidance from leading industry professionals, from top models, to catwalk experts, photographers, body language experts, makeup artists and hair stylists and together build the ‘industry experience’ for students not just looking to build a portfolio but start their careers. With flexible schedules and prices, Debbie and Charlotte have put together a team of experts to teach you:

Advanced catwalk training including developing your own unique walk

How to pose & learn the difference between high fashion, catalogue & editorial

How to work with your photographer and find your best angles

  

How to work with your face and body shape

   

Skin care and beauty lessons

Hot tips from real models that only industry insiders can tell you

How to market yourself as a model and how to approach different agencies

After-care & advice continues post course

Professional make up and hair styling Personal styling and image development including what to wear for auditions Diet fitness and nutrition tutorials Life coaching How to present yourself at castings with mock interviews and auditions


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LIVING AND ENTERTAINING IN STYLE With international interior designer, Susan Percle.

Lightening Up Your Life


If you feel a scheme is not working, re-arrange straight away, moving out just one piece of furniture that is overdoing it will make all the difference. I love the effortless elegance of the French home; they have a knack for creating homes that have the feel of unfussy timeless chic. Another favourite style of mine is the use of natural items, stone, wood and natural colour schemes. They work so well together especially when overlooking an outdoor area.

aving just returned from living in Provence, for 9 years, lighting plays a major role in my interiors. With the right kind of lighting any room can be atmospheric as well as stylish. The days of overhead lighting are no longer desirable. Soft subdued directional lighting can give incredible results, such as to draw attention to the architectural details in your room. Fireplaces are also feature points. Illuminate your rooms to show off their best features. Many people struggle to find the right balance in their homes, from too little or too much.

“Illuminate your rooms to show off their best features”

To achieve a good balance, group together all your small artworks instead of spreading them throughout, it is a much more effective way of showing them off, then add a soft light and you have a feature. Finding the right balance without overdoing it so important.

Always remember that good interior design is about creating a mood. It’s about how you feel when you are in that room. You spend a lot more quality time in your home when you and your guests love being there.

I am a very hands on designer, living locally in Wimbledon. Nothing is too small or too large for me to handle. I have a very broad client base as I have lived and worked in numerous countries. If you would like help creating your ideas I would be happy to help you make it happen.

When you are using strong colours be aware of the size of your room, small rooms almost need lighter colours to avoid being closed in. Make the most of your space by using soft colours on the walls and bold colours on the occasional cushions, chairs, candles and lamps. Mirrors also give a glamorous addition to any room, especially when candles are placed close by. Never follow trends, this will quickly date your décor and you will have to start all over in the future. The use of quirky pieces of art or furniture in elegantly designed rooms make interesting changes, that lead to a less organised look and a more lived in feel.

Susan Percle, Purple Peacock Interiors 07794 171772 15








Character Building Darling editor, Karine Torr interviews Bob the Builder man, Keith Chapman A couple of hours with Keith Chapman and you come away feeling that fame and fortune could hardly have smiled on a nicer guy. He’s warm, charming and refreshingly down-to-earth, perhaps not coincidentally given that he’s the creator of one of the UK’s most down-to-earth TV characters, the phenomenally popular Bob the Builder. He told me his story in his modern, glass, fish-bowl offices in the heart of Putney with a beautiful view of the Thames that would inspire any creative. He actually has a gorgeous home just a few hundred yards from the centre of the Village, not very far from the one-bed flat in Landsdowne Road where some fifteen years ago the sight of a busy yellow digger inspired him to get out his sketchbook and begin doodling the legend that Bob was to become. Bob and his gang were just bed-time fodder for Keith and Kirsty’s three young boys until a meeting with an ex-colleague from Jim Henson International propelled them to pre-school stardom in 2000. Since then Keith has gone on to develop Fifi and the Flowertots and the hugely successful Roary the Racing Car. It was when “some serious cheques started coming in” that the Chapmans began seeking out the property they’d always coveted in their beloved Wimbledon Village. “I love everything about Wimbledon,” he says when I suggest they could have settled anywhere in the world. The grocers, the butchers, the bakers, the fish shops – the great pubs, probably more than you’d find in any village in England.” He talks enthusiastically about the golf courses, the tennis courts and the Common, his favourite place for running and cycling. “The only thing it’s missing is a really great restaurant,” he says. “A really contemporary Michelin Star right in the centre would be packed out every day of the week.” I ask him how fame has affected Kirsty and the kids. The two older boys were mocked mercilessly about Bob the Builder as young teenagers, but they took it with good grace. Kirsty is a textile designer and a sought-after art teacher. Occasionally they’ll be irritated by intrusions into their privacy, but they both agree that life could hardly be better. And did he ever want to kill Bob off? He laughs. “Bob’s a positive, confident sort of character. Whatever the problem, he can handle it. I think he’ll last for quite a while yet. It’s all about teamwork, which is what life’s all about.” You look at Keith and Kirsty and the wonderful life they’ve created for themselves and you have to agree.


On The Scene

MERTON/WIMBLEDON INTERFAITH MEETING The Shree Ganapathy Hindu Temple in Wimbledon hosted the most recent Wimbledon Interfaith meeting held towards the end of 2009. Rev. Andrew Wakefield organised an inspirational evening where most of the different faiths in our area were represented: Christian, Hindu, Baha’i, Jewish, Muslim and Amadiya Muslim. One or more representatives from each faith gave a short presentation on their particular religion and highlighted the fact that all religions have the same fundamental principles. A wonderful sense of unity prevailed. The Mayor of Merton, Councillor Nick Draper and MP for Wimbledon, Stephen Hammond opened the ceremony (See picture on right)


4 MERTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE/RAYNES PARK ASSOCIATION BUSINESS BREAKFAST This exciting event took place towards the end of 2009 when businesses, residents and LB Merton councillors and officers came together in the first business networking event in Raynes Park. Guests were treated to a slap up breakfast hosted by James Storey of Bar 191 while hearing about the Council’s plans for developing Raynes Park.



Tony Edwards from Place described the enhancement plans and touched on parking, billboards and the cycle path. Other officials gave different points of view too. The meeting was deemed a great success & will be repeated early 2010. Clockwise from bottom left: 1 L-R Tony Edwards, Paul McGarry, Sue Tanton, Cllr. Chris Edge 2 L-R Melissa James, Andrew Marsh, Chris Larkman, Sara Thain 3 L-R Katharyn Hampshire, Tony Edwards, MP Stephen Hammond & Diana Sterck - Merton Chamber of Commerce 4 Shirin Hassan, Rosemary Lillie, Clair Newton, Jacquie Cheetham





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Above: MP Stephen Hammond, Ry Torr, Jeff Hicks at Hicks Gallery, Rt: Jack, Kamila & Karen celebrating in Galaxy Dry Cleaners, Far Rt: A beautiful Christmas display outside Doris’s Thanks a Bunch florist, Below: Mimmo on great Italian form at Aromatica deli and Rt: Joe with outside service - Esente Hair Salon

The weather held out brilliantly for the Leopold Road Xmas Street party. The festivities were enjoyed by local residents and shopkeepers alike. Tables were overflowing with food and hot beverages with the proceeds collected by the shops and businesses going to St Ann’s School in Morden.


Above Left: L-R Natalie Stevens (our Darling cover girl!), artists Paul Lemmon, sculptor Sam Loggie and Rob Curd. Above Right: L- R Designer Ken Sparks, Joanna Doniger, Marja Moffat, Deputy Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Shiraz Mirza and Michael Brandt.

CANNIZARO HOUSE LAUNCHES ART EXHIBITION Brainchild of Cannizaro Manager, Jeff Ward who has a passion for art. His idea is to support and promote about 20 local Wimbledon artists, giving them a platform to exhibit their work and at the same time adorn the walls of this grand, country hotel with something unique and interesting for guests and visitors to experience. The exhibition is open to all and is on going. T: 020 8879 1464 Above Left: L-R Four Fab “It” girls wearing artist Suzanne O’Donnell’s stunning bespoke, hand made corsets! Back L&R Malory Torr & Marcelle Jansen Front L&R Ingrid Rawle & Misty Miller Left: L- R Local mum Alison Young, Sophie Young, exhibiting photographer Taylor Torr, Anna Stankovski and Wimbledon interior designer, Rachel Angel. LEFT: L-R Tracy Perriam Melissa Owen artist Darryn Eggleton BOTTOM LEFT: L-R Deborah Weavers Lucille de Poorter & artist Kevin Herlihy

WIMBLEDON OPEN STUDIOS EXCELS AGAIN Once again this bi-annual exhibition held at the Riverside Road, Wimbledon Art Studios failed to disappoint. London’s largest studio complex with over 100 artists held 4 open days to which the public are invited. What a privilege to meet such talents and see them in their own environments. Work can also be bought directly from the artists. BOTTOM L-R: Milka Panayotova with artist Sarah Grove and fan Angela Mountford I particularly liked the work of the artists shown here & look forward to the next show on the 13th May. Editor


NICOLINA - A TREAT FOR THE FEET AT CANNIZARO HOUSE NICOLINA, an international and independent, high end luxury women’s designer footwear label, hand made in Italy and designed by Jeremy Angelis, hosted a “Ladies Luxury Shoe Evening” which had invited guests very excited as they had a chance to try on their favourite shoes in Jeremy’s amazing collection. NICOLINA has an international pedigree and now the discerning ladies of Wimbledon are able to visit this London Luxury showroom in the heart of the Village “by appointment only” and be totally spoilt by Jeremy! T 07729 757006 RIGHT: L-R Diana Mason, Martine Mansurian, Director of NICOLINA Jeremy Angelis & Helen Wharton LEFT: L-R Stylist Nathalie Baur, Nikki Adamo, Daniela DedonyCadoni, Terry Loong

MISS FRANK OPENS WESTWOOD ROCKS WITH A BANG! Coinciding with the Xmas festive season, Westwood Rocks, fab and fun jewellery store opened it’s doors on the Village High Street with a glittering party. Miss Frank, the darlings of XFactor 09 were there in all their glory, treating guests to a song they had composed for the occasion. Lauren Westwood, the brains behind the concept, has opened several shops which offer handmade gemstone jewellery and courses on their premises. 31 High Street 08456 434115

LEFT: Ms Frank with

Above: L-R Local gal Anne Taulbut celebrating with Gayle Westwood and Rose Harrison

Lauren Westwood RIGHT: L-R

Nicky Dorman, Jenny Harris Wendy Bridges Anne Civardi


L-R The Seasons Florist team with Jim Martin looking on in amazement! Nicola Wright-Butler, Liutas Vologzanina, Chole Hudson, Asja Derbus, Joella Flannery


Above: L-R Alex Douglas-Home, Annelis Winter, Glenys Taylor and Rose Harken

Above: L-R Connor Guntrip, Susan Percle, Kirsty Chapman (the hostess), Libby Asher from The Wimbledon Guild Charity Left: L-R Monique Blase, Gaye Lockyer, Elizabeth Bottriell and Jane Skinner

PAMPERED CHEF CHARITY DRIVE ON PARKSIDE Wimbledon socialite, Kirsty Chapman hosted a charity event before Christmas in aid of The Wimbledon Guild and also for Cancer Research. Ladies who supported were treated to a Pampered Chef demonstration and lunch by Jane Skinner. Over £450 was generously raised. R.S. WIMBLEDON JUDO CLUB INAUGURAL TOURNAMENT Recently the Ray Stevens Wimbledon Judo Club hosted it’s first combined grading, team competition, demonstration and awards day. There was a great turn out with over 200 people throughout the day and 150 kids actually taking part, with parents and friends supporting and encouraging. The grading (tests) was based on the syllabus, with all children passing and being rewarded with their higher belts on the day! All participants received medals for their team performances and trophies were presented to kids who particularly excelled. The atmosphere was electric as impressive demonstrations from the coaches rounded off the afternoon, and to the delight of the parents and children, Ray himself showed some of the skills that won him his Olympic silver medal. Thanks to this club, which has been established for nearly 2 years now, Judo is becoming more popular in the Wimbledon area and is being introduced into local schools. We have the ideal climate for this great indoor activity which is fun and teaches children valuable life skills at the same time. Call Ray on 07956 676 452 Prize winners above: L-R

Eleanor Harnay, Tamara Zahid, Ben Lacour, Warwick Wagner & Ray Stevens at the back


OLIVER MYERSON RAISES MONEY ALONG WITH HIS BLOODPRESSURE FOR CANCER RESEARCH “In the end I raised approximately £1200 for Cancer Research” says Oliver, “the actual waxing was only the start of the pain - the itching as it grew back was horrible! I looked like a plucked chicken but seeing my stomach again was great!” Above Left: Mum Heather Myerson, (Back) Candi Wandry from the Ruby May Salon and the apprehensive Oliver.

Centre: Friend Oliver Webber And girlfriend Briony Thompson watch as Oliver shrieks in pain!

Above Right: Happy that the ordeal is over - but well worth it for a great cause.

ARTIST AMY JUDD’S FIRST LONDON EXHIBITION OPENED AT THE JEFF HICKS GALLERY ON LEOPOLD RD LEFT:L-R Anthony O’Leary, Lizanne Van Rooyen, artist Amy Judd Renato Tavares RIGHT: Rex Jones, Nathan Jones, Linda Jones

MARC CAIN FASHION COLLECTION IN WIMBLEDON The Marc Cain Fashion Coaching Event for this well-known German fashion label, was held in November at their fabulous Rowan Court showrooms at 56 High St., Wimbledon Village. A full day’s programme included inspiring 100 of their key UK buyers and stockists with a forthcoming-trends presentation by Darling’s own Nicola Murray of Tonic which picked up trends reflected in the Marc Cain collection for the spring/summer ‘10 season. Product coaching presented by Chantelle Wilkinson and the Marc Cain team followed by lunch at Piccolino. A spectacular fashion show of the collection modelled by models all the way from Germany were all part of the day’s agenda. Above: Germain Prado Marc Cain Sales Representative, Thomas Herter - Uk Sales Manager, Nicola Murray - Tonic Ltd and Steve Wilkinson Marc Cain Sales Representative

Below: Nicola Murray Right: Chantelle Wilkinson



Techni quest


Techni quest


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Free collection and delivery Land Rover academy trained technicians Latest diagnostics and repair techniques MOT testing station Free mini-valet

Wimbledon Land Rover Approved Service Centre

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THE RENAISSANCE OF RAYNES PARK You know you've got a long way to go when the only landmark in your area that Wikipedia deems to be worthy of note is the "distinctive" footbridge over the station. In fairness, though, that was probably written before Starbucks arrived, and certainly before those dreadful Thames Water buildings were bulldozed to make way for a stunning Waitrose development. An Enhancement Plan is underway with lots of new and exciting prospects for Raynes Park, it seems. There's a lot of work being done to clean up the signage for eg., improve parking, and facilitate pedestrian and cyclist access. And there's plenty worth protecting in the conservation area and the parks on both sides of the railway line. But what else can local residents look forward to in the way of imaginative development in the near Tony Edwards of Place Design and Planning told us, that an audit of the negative effect of 23 hoardings in the local centre has been carried out and enforcement notices have been served on 16 sites to have hoardings removed as well as various reviews to improve the quality of the public spaces in the area. The dreaded parking issues are also under discussion.

The “Waitroseâ€? development St James Homes has secured planning permission to build a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments (88 in total) which will be built in three linked buildings, incorporating a ground floor supermarket and cafĂŠ owned by Waitrose, a residents' gym and a car park. The site will boast many attractive features including a landscaped public piazza to include seating areas, two large communal terraces and every apartment will have its own balcony or terrace. Due for release Spring 2010.

There are many shops and businesses in and around Raynes Park and all will benefit from these exciting new plans to improve the area. Here are just some of the many and varied trades and services that attract shoppers from far and wide. There are still interesting, unique businesses here that have been established for many years and have resisted the onslaught of the chain-stores. 27

Established for over 40 years, THE PARK VETERINARY PRACTICE is your local, familyrun surgery, where we look after your pets as if they were our own - patients who enjoy lots of cuddles and care! We are a small friendly team and pride ourselves in offering an extremely high standard of service. We are always keen to get to the bottom of a problem and make a proper diagnosis. Vet Tim Newton was nominated for the “Vet of the Year” award in 2008. To see for yourself, call 020 8542 4524 for a practice tour! 2 Grand Drive SW20 0JT We at HARIA PHARMACY are incredibly proud to have served the local community for over 33 years. Our goal has always been simple and unequivocal, to offer the best service, support and value to our customers. Our staff are friendly, polite and up to date with all the latest trends in healthcare, providing customers with detailed and accurate information. Not surprisingly in the past amongst other achievements, we have won the local Wimbledon Retailer Excellence Award Trophy. T: 020 8946 4331 SEASONS FLORIST was established in 1986 by Mari Lawrence who has built up a fine reputation at the leading edge of designer floristry and is known for the place where you can find that "something different" and beautifully presented. Seasons OWN flowers are sent anywhere on UK mainland, with chocolates, balloons, champagne and much more! We often hold classes and demonstrations popular with the local community. T: 020 8947 6654 253 Coombe Lane SW20 0RH The FOREST BAILIFF. A wonderful find, this charming store is definitely worth more than one visit. Each showroom displays a flaming Clearview wood burning stove; all Defra approved for smokeless zones, full installation and sales advice available. The Forest Bailiff also stocks the full range of Farrow & Ball eco friendly paints and wallpapers and this is reflected in the homely and inspirational décor of the showrooms. T: 020 8947 5115 36 Durham Road, SW20 0TW


020 8542 4524 24 Hour Emergency Service

Compassion, Care, Commitment and Time…  15 minute consultations so you never feel rushed.

 FREE puppy and kitten checks


 Open 8am daily, 8pm finish

- Cholesterol & diabetes screening

twice a week.

- Smoking cessation under NHS

 Convenient parking on our

- Private consultation rooms


- Prescription collection & delivery

NEW CLIENTS: £10.00 off first visit with this voucher! Valid till 28/02/2010

- Computerised health point - Allergy testing - Skincare stockists

2 Grand Drive, Raynes Park, SW20 0JT

356 - 358 Coombe Lane, West Wimbledon - FREE PARKING Tel: 020 8946 4331 E:




HAIR! is a unisex hairdressing salon which has been in Coombe Lane for 40 years. Tucked away at the A3 flyover end always keeping up with the times at yesterday’s prices HAIR! offers the latest in colouring and cutting techniques. From trendy to traditional ex Vidal Sassoon stylist, Ernest, is a colour specialist, and rest of Penny’s staff are highly qualified and have the skills for any occasion from weddings, perms, straightening to mens’ and children’s hair (FROM £5) and a cut and blowdry (FROM £34). T: 020 8946 5120 364 Coomb Lane

ROOM REMEDIES Always with an eye catching window display, this interesting shop has an ever-changing collection of carefully sourced home interior items. There are lights, new and antique furniture, mirrors and a tempting array of accessories to fill your home with. If you like something a little different, for yourself, or as a gift, this little gem is well worth a visit. Check out their new website - extremely tempting! T: 020 8946 6894 12 Lambton Rd Raynes Park. Tues – Sat 10am - 6pm

GIFT REMEMDIES Tucked away round the back of Raynes Park, this little shop is delightful. It’s packed full of gifty goodies. A lovely selection of cards, wrap and gift bags. There’s also a selection of gifts for new babies and kids, and lots of other individual things for grown-ups too. One of the highlights is a very reasonably priced range of semi-precious jewellery which is hand made in-house by the owner. T: 020 8947 0280 314 A Worple Road. Tues- Sat 10am - 6pm. 207 HEALTH AND BEAUTY have been around for about 20 years now. Anita Brady, the brains and personality behind this well established salon started off as a toning salon and now has a sophisticated fitness training studio and a thriving osteopathic clinic (Wimbledon Osteopathic Clinic). Offering all kinds of top class beauty treatments and products, from facials to massage, 207 has always had a very loyal following of customers. T: 020 8946 6444 207 Worple Rd, Raynes Park, SW20 8QY PARKING AVAILABLE


FULLER GILBERT, estate agents with a difference. Also valuers and development consultants, these directors have worked in the SW20 area for over 30 years. Grant and Peter are expert communicators with top class marketing strategies and who above all offer total flexibility to sellers - ie. No sale, no fee and no fixed-term contracts. They can be found in a quiet spot on the Raynes Park one-way system with free parking outside the front door. T: 020 8947 4764 316a Worple Rd SW20 8QU GLEESON FRAMERS, a family run business based in Raynes Park, offer bespoke picture framing services. They frame many types of art including paintings, photographs, football shirts and more. They also offer restoration services. Gleeson Framers have customer parking and are open Tuesday to Saturdays. They sell ready made frames, greeting cards, gifts and also offer canvas printing services. They also sell art by local artists, including `Wimbledon Scenes’. T: 020 8946 0444 124 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park, SW20 0BA WIMBLEDON DOG SPA “I started dog grooming when no one seemed to know how to clip my chow one summer”, says owner Candice Hodge. She now has an established business with qualified groomers who will take of any dog or cat to be groomed to a high standard. Show style to pet style and genuine hand stripping. They are also certified to do microchipping. All information is logged onto the petlog database. Free parking, easy drop-off T: 020 8540 6333 Bushy Road (opposite the David Lloyd Club) THE FLOORING CO specialises in supplying and installing high quality domestic and commercial flooring. Our family have been serving the flooring industry for the past 40 years including fitting for the John Lewis partnership and Buckingham Palace. We use this experience to work closely with every customer. We can even install artificial grass! We’re on Coombe Lane where there is plenty of parking and cheerful service. We fit carpets, runners, wood floors, Amtico, Vinyls, bespoke rugs and bindings.T: 020 8971 9101 257 Coombe Lane


Wimbledon Dog Spa Micro chipping Hand stripping

Thinking of moving, now or in the future? Or you just want a free, no obligations market appraisal? Call us today.

Scissoring Clipping Bathing

Grant Fuller and Peter Gilbert

Nails Pick up &

Estate Agents Valuers Development Consultants

Drop Off

Put your dogs in our hands

316a Worple Road Raynes Park SW20 8QU

Call 020 8540 6333 Bushey Road, Raynes Park, SW20 8BP Opp David Lloyd Health Club

Tel: 020 8947 4764


Dates to Remember

 Facials  Body Treatments  Body & Face Mapping  Waxing  Lash Extensions  Manicures  Pedicures

Valentines Day: Sunday 14th February Mother’s Day: Sunday 14th March Handtied Bouquets from £30 Arrangements from £35 Planted baskets from £30 (Plus Delivery)


Why not make your gift of flowers even more special by adding Chocolates, Champagne, Balloons, Soft Toys, Perfumes and even more! We send creatively designed flowers to your loved one.

Locally from £4.95, UK Mainland £6.95. International orders please call us.

207 Worple Rd Raynes Park SW20 8QY

Tel: 020 8947 6654

T: 020 8946 6444

253 Coombe Lane, West Wimbledon SW20 0RH

*Valid until 31/3/10 Mention Darling* 31



JUDO CLASSES FOR ALL AGES “Our dedicated and qualified team offer the very best in teaching techniques with the emphasis on fun.” Ray Stevens, Olympic medalist

 discipline  respect

 building self-esteem  confidence


West Wimbledon 07956 676 452


Glee sons 13


ANN IS BACK! The HAIR! Salon is delighted to welcome back the talent and sparkle of Ann, who is waiting for your call to restyle, transform or simply take


364 Coombe Lane West Wimbledon (A3 FLYOVER) T: 020 8946 5120 33

PROFESSIONAL LEGAL ADVICE IN THE HEART OF WIMBLEDON VILLAGE “Who will look after your affairs if you lose capacity? Don’t just leave it to the Court.”


he latest statistics show that around two million people in England and Wales now lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. This can result from accidents as well as old age and illness. It is far better for you to appoint someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf, than to risk leaving things too late and having important decisions about your affairs being taken by the courts. A lasting power of attorney (LPA) can be made to appoint your choice of attorneys to look after your financial affairs for you if you are no longer mentally or physically capable of doing so. The LPA replaced the previous enduring power of attorney (EPA) regime. It is no longer possible to make a new EPA. However, valid pre-existing EPAs will continue to be effective. Some people believe that if a person loses their mental capacity to make decisions, their families will be able to continue to “muddle through” and access funds on their behalf. This is unfortunately not the case and, if there is no LPA or EPA, the Court will intervene and appoint someone of their choosing. Other people believe that if they own assets jointly with, for example, their spouse, there is no need to make an LPA as they would be able to look after each other’s affairs if one were to lose mental capacity.

In each of these circumstances, the Court would need to step in if an LPA or EPA was not in place. Where it is necessary for the Court to become involved and appoint a “Deputy” to manage your affairs, this invariably adds to the costs involved as well as adding frustrating time lags before matters can be dealt with.

However, this does not take into account any funds held in the sole name of one partner, for example in an ISA, or the fact that the partner with mental capacity may die before the other and leave no one with access to those funds. Also, if it was decided to sell a property in their joint names, it would not be possible for the partner with capacity to sign the required forms on behalf of the other.

In addition, the Deputy appointed must prepare and supply annual accounts to the Court to indicate where funds have been received and spent as well as paying regular fees to the Court from your funds.


The benefits of making an LPA to deal with your financial affairs are therefore manifold: having full choice of who will deal with your affairs if you are not able; avoiding the necessity for your friends or family to account to the Court on an annual basis for all monies received and spent; and in fact saving money in terms of both court and legal fees.


At the same time it must be recognised that an LPA is in a complex form and it is very easy to make a mistake which would render the LPA invalid so that the Court would once again need to step in. Also, an LPA is a very powerful document and should not be entered into lightly without proper advice and consideration. For both of these reasons it is essential to seek professional advice before making an LPA.

Managing Partner Bettina Brueggemann cuts the cake

We are very proud of our excellent reputation and grateful to all our clients who have been loyal to the firm for so many years.”

Hart Brown celebrates 90 years Staff across Hart Brown solicitors’ network of offices in Surrey and Wimbledon are modestly but proudly celebrating the firm’s 90th year in business - quite an achievement - spanning World Wars economic turmoil.

Hart Brown provides a wide range of services for both individual and business clients, including Company Commercial, Employment, Family law, Investment, Litigation, Personal injury and Clinical Negligence, Residential and Commercial Property, Wills, Probate and Trusts.

Managing Partner, Bettina Brueggemann, said, “Over the past 90 years Hart Brown has concentrated on providing a high-quality service combined with a friendly approach to its clients and I think that is why clients both trust and come back to us time and time again.”

Hart Brown has started their 90th celebrations with a drinks party for staff and more celebrations are planned as well as a new look.

A client of Hart Brown commented, “I have been using Hart Brown for over 25 years. In that time I have seen it grow beyond all recognition. Its strength has been the continuity of the partners and staff and the fact that they are always trying to improve the way they help their clients. Although they have become a much larger firm, they have not lost the personal but professional approach and I enjoy going to see them.”

Delivering quality, communication, understanding and speed of service has been the firm’s strategy since it started in 1919. As a result, our clients are comfortable recommending us to their family and friends. This has enabled us to build our reputation and grow steadily to become one of Surrey’s largest law firms as well as Wimbledon.

Another said “ I appreciate the fact that they are all so approachable and friendly. I always have a chat with everyone I meet there and they seem genuinely interested in me. I really enjoy the Economic Forum they host every year.”


Bettina Brueggemann added, “Our recent client survey revealed that our clients are very satisfied with the service. Over the last 90 years we have not stopped looking at ways of improving what we do and how we do it. Investing in technology and the training of our staff has enabled us to grow significantly over the last 90 years. We plan to continue to grow over the next 90 years!”


Simon pole 9 dec Julie hardy “Let us turn your dream kitchen into reality� Kitchens Etcetera offer plenty of scope for creativity when planning your ideal kitchen. With many units, worktops and appliances to choose from, we can supply you with a kitchen of a life time.

For a free consultation call 020 8946 3855 PRICES TO SUIT ALL BUDGETS 36

63 High Street Wimbledon Village SW19 5EE T: 020 8946 3855

Open Tuesday - Saturday

MOVE OR RENOVATE? Local Wimbledon builder, Jason Coetzee gives Darling readers some ideas on home improvements


often get asked by people whether extending or refurbishing their home makes better financial sense than moving and purchasing a bigger property for the ever expanding family. It depends on whether you are happy with your current location. Firstly I have to remind my clients that as far as location goes, it is hard to beat Wimbledon & it’s surrounding areas. Secondly one must understand the true cost of moving. Due to the lack of supply in the market, property prices in the past year have in many cases increased! Add to that the stamp duty, removal costs & the cost of personalising the new home and one is in for a very large sum of money. The absolute transformation achieved by removing a few internal walls is quite staggering & extending out into the garden for that new kitchen room might be all you need to do to create the feeling of spaciousness. Then of course there is also the roof space that can be transformed into an additional bedroom, gym or home office . Last but not least, one can always extend down into the basement creating that cosy wine cellar or cinema room that would turn your wonderful Wimbledon property into the creative gem of a house that you have always dreamed of. One therefore has to explore the possibility of better utilising those funds by extending or refurbishing the current property.


As local building contractors, Rhino Construction have been extending and renovating properties for close on a decade. We are a small firm offering a very personal service and work closely with our architects and engineers. We have the ability to take on entire projects from concept right through to completion. It’s now time to start planning for the year and no project is too big or too small, whether it’s a new bathroom or kitchen installation or a major structural alteration.


T: 07932753328 37

Theta Healing

* Are you suffering from physical illness? * Minor or acute, chronic, reoccurring or terminal illnesses? * Depression, eating disorders, addictions or infertility? Theta Healing is a meditational process that harnesses Source Energy to clear blocks in the body and mind. Physical, mental, and emotional healing is created as your energy is rebalanced. Known to clear deep rooted beliefs instantly.


Call Erica T: 07868 783470


Hilary yoga 14 /1

* * * * *

Qualified & experienced instructors Male and female trainers One to one personal training Pre & post natal training Weight loss, fitness, toning, stamina.


0208 946 6444 OR 07860725161 WIMBLEDON OSTEOPATHIC CLINIC

* Pain relief of muscular skeletal disorders. * Pregnancies, babies and children * Cranial Osteopathy Established 47 years. Fully qualified and registered Members of the General Osteopathic Council All private medical insurance covered (Bupa, PPP) BARRY ROBERTSON DO, DAVID ROWLAND DO, RUTH LEVATIN DO.

207 Worple Rd, Raynes Park, SW20 8QY. Tel: 0208 946 6103 38


CONSIDERING A NATURAL BIRTH? LOCAL HOMEOPATH MARIA JEVTIC ON BEFORE AND AFTER BIRTH REMEMDIES Most mothers wish for a natural birth and dream of an easy first 6 months for Baby and Mummy! Homeopathy may be your best choice to help you through this most memorable and precious time in your life. The following homeopathic remedies deserve a special mention: Be aware that all of the below remedies should only be taken under supervision of a qualified homeopath. Caulophyllum (a herb) is the remedy of choice for shortening labour and reducing pain. When contractions are weak, delaying dilation of the cervix by hours, eventually ending in a Csection, this remedy helps to bring about strong and regular contractions. It may reduce labour to less than 3 hours! Pulsatilla (a flower) is the remedy for turning a breech position baby, thereby helping to prevent a C-section. Pulsatilla is also one of the most commonly prescribed childhood remedies for earaches, conjunctivitis and teething, but only when the child is very tearful and clingy, wanting constant cuddles which make them feel much better. Phytolacca (a plant) is mother’s best friend when it comes to breast care. After birth, or at any time during breastfeeding, if breasts become hard and lumpy, or milk won’t flow properly or comes out stringy and sour, this remedy helps to improve milk flow as well as quality and reduce lumps and hardness. For this reason it is also useful during mastitis, doing away with the need for antibiotics.

Pulsatilla is indicated for teething when Baby is extremely clingy and tearful, but feels better immediately when picked up and cuddled. Belladonna is given when the main feature of the teething episode is a high temperature.


Chelidonium (a flower) is the first remedy to think of in a jaundiced baby shortly after birth when no other indications are present. Its use may prevent leaving your baby in hospital under the UV light when it should be home with you! Nat sulph is indicated for jaundice that has set in after a long and difficult birth, especially after a forceps delivery which may have caused slight injury to Baby’s head.

(Call 020 8946 8526 for details of address)

“NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR CHILDHOOD INFECTIONS AND FEVERS” The above is only a taster of what homeopathy may do for you and your baby during this precious time. Homeopathy is safe, gentle and natural and it may reduce the need for pharmaceuticals which may have side -effects. In this way, homeopathy may indeed bring you closer to your wish for a natural birth and a safer and gentler first six months. Contact your local Homeopath for more information or to book an appointment today.

Chamomilla (a flower) is the most common remedy for teething troubles. The symptoms that lead a practitioner to prescribe it may be an unnerving irritability, green diarrhoea, one red cheek and possibly a fever. Baby will angrily demand a cuddle, but does not feel better for it. This remedy helps to reduce the sensitivity to pain and may turn Baby back into an angel without the use of Calpol.

Maria Jevtic BSc(hons) LCHE RSHom DNTh mBANT Maria is a fully qualified Homeopath and Nutritionist practicing in Wimbledon Village T: 020 8946 8526 M: 07704 232 117 E: 39

books... Cold weather and short days make curling up with a novel inviting this month. “February” is a novel by prize-winning Canadian novelist Lisa Moore. A tragedy at sea leaves her central character, Helen, a widow. Twenty-five years on her son turns to Helen for help when he discovers he is to become father to the baby of a girl he no longer sees. The story moves smoothly between the early days of widowhood and Helen’s present ‘crisis’, beautifully dealing with emotions to make compelling reading. Book groups will be happy to see paperback editions of many acclaimed novels on sale this month. A.S.Byatt’s ‘The Children’s Book’ is the one I’ve been waiting for. Others tipped by reviewers include: Monica Ali - In the Kitchen’, Kate Grenville - ‘The Lieutenant’, Bernhard Schlink - ‘Guilt About the Past’ Marina Lewycka - ‘We Are All Made of Glue’ Fiona Shaw - ‘Tell it to the Bees’ All promise good reads. Not yet in paperback, but tempting to buy, Jane Gardam’s The Man in the Wooden Hat’, read on Radio 4 when published last year, takes up the story of characters introduced in her previous novel ‘Old Filth’ Peter Carey has won the Booker prize twice. His new tale describes the picaresque travels of master and servant ‘Parrot and Olivier in America’. The delightful dust cover is a French engraving ‘the last leap of a great man’. The story is an improvisation on the life of Alexis de Toqueville, the French political thinker and author of ‘Democracy in America’. Anthony Quinn was a Man Booker Prize judge in 2006. His first novel, ‘The Rescue Man’, is published in paperback this month. Several people recommended this, possibly because a photographer and a historian are central characters. Set in Liverpool, it moves in time between the 1860’s and 1940’s and makes rewarding reading. Victoria Carew Hunt Victoria is a local photographer and accepts commissions T 7850 530696


PHYSIO FACTS From Southfields Physiotherapy With Irene Allen BSc Physio (Hons)


Top 10 safety tips:    

Snow sports are becoming increasingly popular and there are often concerns about the dangers involved. The good news is that recreational snow sports are statistically very safe. The research shows that the injury risk is less than 0.5%. In fact for every thousand people on the slopes per day, less than 3 skiers will sustain an injury that requires medical attention. Football sits at 14% so you are 35 times more likely to get injured playing football!

  

Alpine skiing and snowboarding

Skiing injuries are on the decrease. ‘Carving’ or shaped ski’s introduced in the mid-90’s are easier to control and account for less falls than previously. The most common body parts injured are knees, shoulders, thumbs and heads! Ligament sprains are the most common type of injury with knee sprains coming out on top. And sorry, skiers, the stats show that you do cause more injuries than snowboarders. Snowboarding carries a slightly higher injury risk than skiing. The injury profile is very different to skiing with arm injuries predominating (especially wrist injuries), followed by head/face injuries and then leg injuries (mainly ankles). Fractures are twice as common in snowboarders than skiers. TO AVOID COMMON INJURIES:

 

Obey the signs and never ski down a closed run. Besides risking injury or death you may be prosecuted and held liable for rescue costs. Do not ski off-piste alone. When off-piste carry an avalanche transceiver. Ski/board on the correct slope and at an appropriate speed for your skill level. Most injuries occur from loss of control! Check equipment regularly, including boot fit, & binding tension. Match equipment to your level eg: ski length. Rest when you are tired. Most injuries happen later in the day when people have less energy. Wear adequate clothing and eye wear to protect against the cold and the sun. Children are more susceptible to heat loss. Wear a helmet, and one that meets the safety standards. (Look for EN1077, ASTM2040 or Snell RS98 codes) Avoid excessive alcohol as it is more potent at higher altitudes and causes reduced reaction time. Stay away from tree wells and see for advice on how to handle them. Have professional instruction to learn correct techniques and avoid bad habits.

1. Test your bindings everyday. If you cannot release your h heel and toes fairly easily they are set too tight. 2. When falling, avoid landing on your hands. 3. Once you have fallen, don’t try and get up until you have s stopped moving and keep your knees bent. 4. Skiers, when you lose control, avoid leaning back or trying to sit down.

Southfields Physiotherapy Irene Allen BSc.Physiotherapy (Hons) Wits, Pilates instructor, Fitness Consultant 185 Replingham Road, Southfields, SW18 5LY 020 870 8462

5. When jumping, avoid landing with straight knees. 6. Avoid skiing with your hands in the pole straps. 7. All snowboarders should wear good wrist guards.


Life is too short for an average smile!

It’s not expensive to get the smile you deserve! Dr. Epp has achieved Masters Level in Aesthetic Dentistry with Aesthetic Advantage, based at New York University. She is also an instructor with the American team, assisting world renowned Dr Larry Rosenthal train UK dentists to perform cosmetic dental procedures.

Book Now for a FREE cosmetic consultation 020 8549 5710 42

We are in the middle of a ‘Networking Explosion’ as more and more women are realising that this is by far, the most effective, supportive and exciting way to grow their business, develop their own skills and form great business relationships and alliances. WIMBLEDON 1 & 2, PUTNEY, TOOTING, KINGSTON, SURBITON, WORCESTER PARK

T: Julie Eltham 0845 259 0288

M: 07980 523 030

HELPFUL WIMBLEDON WEBSITES London Borough of Merton Care Connect

Citizen’s Advice Bureau Merton Chamber of Commerce Wimbledon Town Centre Wimbledon Civic Forum Wimbledon Society Wimbledon Community Centre Volunteer Centre Merton Learning & Skills Council Charity Commission Wimbledon Music Diary Wimbledon Choral Society Local Police/Neighbourhood Watch The Wimbledon Guild

Taylor Torr Photography T: 0793039 6356


TENDER LOVE For eleven long years I've watered you Shaded you And guarded you. I've trimmed and pruned Your shape to me Your ways to be Kept near to see. And now I'm told The time has come To plant you out To set you free. To suffer sun and rain and hail Your shape to be Far from me. Eleven short years Have come and gone As childhood sings It's farewell song. And I am left on my own Kept warm By tender love. Helen Levy (HA)


Allan ray



Feeling Exhausted & Run Down?

Coombe Tutors, the tutor finding service for SW London and Surrey. Tutors for all subjects and ages.

Give your energy & immune system a boost to start the year! Professional Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice with Clare Jeffries Nutritionist BSc NT or 020 8545 0965

CALL MEL ON 07906 845540


WORK YOUR OWN HOURS around your family or career. Our organic health & beauty business is exploding and we need your help. Potentially £1000 p.m. Part time. £4000 p.m. Full time. CALL CLAIRE ON 020 3393 9557 (24hrs)

From £12 - £18 for an average 4 bedroom house. Contracts welcome.

Call Victor on 07703 803955 Selling new, vintage & contemporary furniture & homewares including Amoires, dressing tables, chests of drawers. for opening hours

Need interview practice? Making a presentation? An updated CV? Enhancing your impact at networking events? Contact us to discuss how we can help you. 07866 879531

256 Battersea Park Rd, SW11 3BP T: 07710 450 909

CARPENTER & GENERAL BUILDING SERVICES C. N. RYAN LTD - 25 years in the business Member of Guild of Master Craftsmen Free quotes & excellent references call Con. T: 0845 259 0221 E:

M: 07811 285367


Taylor has great photoshop skills and will take at least 10 years off your looks. Call TAYLOR TORR 0793039 6356 Affordable rates for your prints or on disc.

CHALET TO LET - NEW FOREST Lovely and very comfortable, 3 bed chalet with garden to rent, 5 mins from sea, incl. dishwasher. Weekends from £150. Details - Sue Young 01590 683805.




By Kate Greenhalgh

Putting the Spartan back into Spas I totally disapprove of the sort of women who go to spas. How self-indulgent. Paying hundreds of pounds just to sit around in a towel, whilst the poor children fend for themselves at home, foraging in dustbins, getting on with their homework and music practice without Mother, and making their own packed lunches. So it was with alacrity that I accepted my friend Jules’ proposal that we head off to one for a night. The other issue I have with spas is the philistine custom that one will wander around naked in the locker room. Anyone who has had five children, with the usual unpleasant physical consequences, will appreciate the imperative of one’s body from the neck down remaining a closely-guarded secret. (Which reminds me of a teaching colleague’s terrible story of lying back for a bikini wax and realising that it was an ex-pupil of hers about to perform it!) Of course, in order to get the go-ahead, women tell their husbands that the spa is attached to a Zen nunnery and involves quasi-spiritual holistic treatments, lashings of green tea, a strict regime of early nights and no alcohol. Wives will return ten pounds lighter with beautifully exfoliated skin and an inner calm guaranteed to last for months. Add to this a subtle evocation of Sapphic steam rooms, just to keep their husbands’ imagination feverishly occupied in their absence, and Bob is your Uncle. The truth is, of course, that we chose a hotel famous for firemen’s and premier league footballers’ stag nights, which happened to have a spa attached! So, to summarise our range of treatments, the four of us arrived at the spa and had an enormous lunch of burgers and chips in the Transcendence Garden Room. We then sat and gossiped in a Jacuzzi before cocktails and an enormous dinner with copious wine, which went on until 2 am. It all seemed thoroughly wholesome at the time. No footballers or firemen, (I was only joking about that) but a large party of Insurance Brokers did avoid our table nervously, intimidated by our sophistication. The next morning, as I rarely touch alcohol, I had a rather unholistic headache. I was particularly grumpy with the charming girl whose unhappy lot it was to perform my Age-Defying Facial (vanum laboraverunt!). She spoke in a voice sweet and low, an excellent thing in woman. The cosmic xylophone music pinged gently in the background as the aromatherapy candles imparted their soothing incense. “How would you describe your skin, Kate?” “I am forty-six years old and postprandially challenged. You tell me. Blooming?” “How would you like to feel after your facial, Kate? Energised? Relaxed?” “Less hung-over, and Mrs Greenhalgh to you, you chit of a girl.” “And how would you rate your stress levels, Mrs Greenhalgh?” It’s a brave girl who asks a liverish perimenopausal mother-of-5 this question. Later, as we climbed into our respective Chrysler Voyagers to go home, Jules summed it up - “Blimey!” she said, “I’m shattered! It’s an early night for me. Jim’ll have to deal with the kids.”


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