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The Inspiring

Elaine Halligan


WINTER BEAUTY FILE Coolsculpting Quick Fixes Root Rejuvenation Skin Matters


FABULOUS FOREVER Ageless Tricia Cusden

NOT BREAKING BAD With Peacock & Co

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How the 3rd runway will affect you

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editor’s letter WHISTLES Blac

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Dear Darling Reader, Our first issue of Darling was a flimsy thing of thirty-or-so pages, printed ten years ago more in hope than expectation, and launched into the world on a wing and a prayer as we wondered from week to week how on earth to fill the next issue. Well, how things have changed!





SENTI home of fragrance, The Orchid; beautifully hand-crafted fragrance for your home, £150


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With too many stories to pack into a single season, we are delighted to announce that Darling Magazine is now available online, loud and proud, with more local stories than ever before, more social pages and IRIS Lily & Lionel Rae Vintage Bloom more of the news views, events and inspiring women our readers can’t Dress, £220 get enough of. We know how much you love to pore over our glossy pages and we’ll still be producing our regular seasonal issues, not only in Wimbledon but also in Richmond/Kingston and North Surrey.FRIARWOOD So 2017 Domaine while you’re waiting for your next fix you can now catch up on all the des Masques, Rouge Cuvee Essentielle, £18Sign latest at Can’t wait to see you there. up and tell us what do you think! K

Cover Girl Elaine Halligan Photography Gail Fogarty Makeup by Rakhi Purohit Location Richmond Hill Hotel

Publisher Darling Magazine UK Ltd Karine Torr & Marja-Leena Toseland Editor Karine Torr 020 8739 0059

Enjoy your Festive Season!

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COSMETIC FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE, the botox-free facelift and rejuvenator @ladywimbledon


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Elaine Halligan, inspiring parenting coach Sparkle & shine this season with Hel & Mel Tricia Cusden and her fabulous brand Editor’s gift picks for Christmas It all adds up at Mathnasium on the Ridgway Our Love Local Businesses – more online Really Helpful Club. Your supportive community Our sort after Beauty File for Winter Angus Forbes on how we can save the planet Treat your hair to organics with Love & Dye Why Malene says no to implants David Lloyd finds its rhythm with Aston Improve your skiing with Annette’s yoga Get a brighter smile for Christmas! Pam gets into The Menopause Surviving the Festive Season with a newborn Do we still need the Heathrow 3rd runway? Cook’s Corner – Carole’s juicy Lamb Tagine Merton’s finest Dividing the spoils of a marriage: Peacock & Co Bridge with Paul Mendelson On the Scene with Editor Karine Torr What’s On – things to do this winter Not all plain sailing for Carole Cory “Little pig, little pig…” Kate’s soft heart | winter 19/20


inspiring woman

Raising an ORCHID CHILD Elaine Halligan’s amazing journey from desperate parent to proud mother and inspiring parenting coach


never imagined in my wildest dreams that becoming a mother was going to be such hard work and I have to admit I haven’t always enjoyed my time as a parent. I have found being a mum exhausting, bewildering, and complicated. I frequently felt overwhelmed and guilty when I got things wrong and in the early days I made many mistakes. For the past fifteen years, my family and I have been riding a rollercoaster. Not the Elaine and Melissa fast, fun, three-minute ride you can walk away from afterwards, but the emotional kind. You know the one. The kind that rattles you around and strips you raw, that elates you and thrills you, overwhelms and terrifies you. We have lived it all, from utter despair and hopelessness to profound joy and the greatest celebrations of life. Initially I bought into the parenting myth that if my son didn’t listen to me, I needed to repeat instructions, nag, remind, bribe, cajole, threaten and punish. All these techniques however did not really put me in charge. It took me a while to realise that a large part of my son’s behaviour was due to his inborn temperament and his special needs and that I had an orchid child who needed careful greenhousetype nurturing. My husband and I struggled to know how to deal with him and by the time he was seven Sam had been excluded from three schools


winter 19/20 |

and was burdened with a plethora of diagnostic abbreviations that led to him becoming known as the Alphabet Kid. He was incredibly impulsive and had little self-control. We knew he was a good boy with a strong moral compass, but it took us many years to really understand his needs and temperament. As a family, we spent many years in crisis. And Sam began to feel very different and inadequate. He thought he was a bad boy. Society expects children, and adults, to conform. We are quick to judge those who present differently, and if our children behave inappropriately, we often believe this behaviour is a reflection on our parenting and that any criticism is directed at us. We feel judged. The transformation in my family happened when I sought help and got parenting coaching. I started to understand that all behaviour is a form of communication and learnt new skills to understand and support my child. I learnt that parents play a vital role in unlocking their children’s potential and no matter what needs your child has, with the right positive parenting input, understanding and compassion, there is always hope. When we understood our son was not BEING a problem but HAVING a problem, and that he was severely dyslexic, that led us to discover a brilliant sparkling diamond. A young man who has

kindness, resilience and clarity of vision as well as inner strength and confidence that belied his past experience. Imagine his immense pride when, having been written off in society, he finally finished his schooling as Head Boy Sam Halligan and his story has now been told in my book ‘My Child’s Different’ published last year by Crown House Publishing. It tells of the lessons we learned from Sam’s transformational journey from difficult child to budding entrepreneur. The book has led me to opportunities that I would never have predicted such as the TedX stage in Oxford, speaking at our beloved Wimbledon Book Fest, the Wellington College Festival of Education and last month we had days of fun recording the audio book. We had so many requests from dyslexic parents who desperately wanted to hear the story but reading was not their preferred choice. So having it on audible makes it more accessible. Sam’s voice is very powerful and is giving hope to so many other neuro diverse children and young adults.

My parenting coach, Melissa Hood, is now my business partner and friend, and I joined her running The Parent Practice in 2009. We use these skills to help parents of all children, whether they be challenging, difficult, different or not, to: • raise confident and happy kids • have a happier and easier home life • unlock their child’s potential and maximise their strengths • find the holy grail of parenting - the ability to stay calm! We LOVE our work. We have so much fun running classes, school and corporate workshops and helping parents in our bespoke parent sessions. We have just launched our Parent Practice Podcast which, incredibly, reached No 1 in the Apple podcasts in the parenting category! Don’t you want to ensure you raise happy, confident children? I feel so privileged to do the work I do, as there is no better gift than helping the future generation lead happy, healthy and productive lives. n ‘My Child’s Different’ published August 2018 by Crown House Publishing

Specialists in Audio, Cinema & Smarthome

O’Brien Hi-Fi Est. 1966

020 8946 1528 |winter 19/20 7



13t h - 15t h M A RCH 20 20 S A N DOW N PA R K R AC E CO U R S E , E S H E R



“Buying art made easy”


#statementart #buyartyourway

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SPARKLE & SHINE It’s time to glow with Hel & Mel’s party picks to see you through the winter festive season! Pisy sparkly dress £325.00 B&SH

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Hel & Mel Surrey Style Bloggers Instagram: @helandmel | Twitter: hel_and_mel | Facebook: Hel and Mel


Thom Kirby Hair “High quality hair in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.”



Responsible, Ethical, Sustainable Quality, certified organic, natural and vegan ingredients Runners Up

Natulique Colour Innovation Awards 2018


155 Arthur Road Wimbledon SW19 8AD 020 8947 5222 |

Martial Arts classes for all ages

“Our dedicated and qualified team offer the very best in teaching techniques with the emphasis on fun” Ray Stevens Olympic medalist


07552 774111

For more on the benefits of marital arts for kids go to


To Look Fabulous Forever look no further!

Darling’s Helen Adams talks to Tricia Cusden about sugar, feminism and why she wants older women to feel that they matter How do you feel about the term “age appropriate”? There is no such thing! It’s all about what works for you. There’s an implication that you need to change as you age - well, who says? All Look Fabulous Forever is doing is acknowledging that our skin changes.

In your book ‘Living the Life More Fabulous’, you mention that you want older women to say: “I matter too.” Was there a time when you felt that you didn’t? No.


fter Tricia Cusden reached the menopause, she found her make up no longer suited her skin. Unimpressed with alternatives promising to stave off the natural ageing process, she created her own brand, Look Fabulous Forever, with a vision to make older women feel confident.

I used that expression, because I feel that some older women just care for others - their families and volunteering activities, charities and churches. Without older women, these things would collapse! Just because an older woman has no paid status doesn’t mean that she doesn’t matter.

Tell us about your lifestyle.

Post menopause, I suffered with acne rosacea. I realised the most terrible outbreaks happened after occasions which involved an excess of sugar. It can certainly be problematic, working in the beauty industry with bad skin. A couple of years ago I cut out sugar as much as I could, and my skin has cleared up! In my book Living the Life More Fabulous, I introduce things which support your body: lentils, beans, leafy greens

and oily fish. At home, I get on the exercise bike and do five sessions a week for thirty minutes each.

What are your thoughts on feminism? My mother always

encouraged me to earn my own living. She encouraged me to own a car, earn my own money and keep my own bank account. I was lucky - I don’t have any barriers in my own head.

What about ageist or sexist attitudes? Things that would

have been said in the past would not be said now. But we have a way to go! n Check out Look Fabulous Forever online or visit a store for a makeover, in either Centre Court Shopping Centre, Wimbledon or 3 Market Street, Guildford. To read more on Tricia and AGING GRACEFULLY go to: HAIR&BEAUTY/skin |winter 19/20


Time for a change? Look and feel your most confident with a one hour professional makeover tailored to your personality and lifestyle Discover the best shades to suit your skin tone and learn how to recreate your chosen look at home with hints and tips from one of our professional makeup artists

One Hour makeover £35 (usually £50) Use code: DARLING15

And, as a Darling Magazine reader, we’ll also give you £15 off your makeover and £35 to spend on product

To book go to: or call 0800 168 74477 *T&C’s £35 redeemable against any products bought at the makeover. Offer available at our Wimbledon and Guildford stores by appointment only. Valid until 29th Feburary 2020.



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SENTI home of fragrance, The Orchid; beautifully hand-crafted fragrance for your home, £150

WHISTLES Black Mini Verity Backback, smootheffect leather with adjustable straps, £180

Our three picks for Christmas C




SENTI home of fragrance, The Orchid; beautifully hand-crafted fragrance for your home, £150


MATCHES FASHION Completedworks, Bend In The River spiralled gold-vermeil ear cuff, £245




IRIS Lily & Lionel Rae Vintage Bloom Dress, £220

FRIARWOOD 2017 Domaine des Masques, Rouge Cuvee Essentielle, £18

Bare & Bond

Intricately crafted fragrances, with incredible stories, direct COSMETIC FACIAL from perfumers, every three ACUPUNCTURE, the botox-free months, at £14.95 per month. facelift and rejuvenator You can cancel any time. 30% off your first order. @bareandbond @ladywimbledon

MATCHES FASHION Completedworks, Bend In The River spiralled gold-vermeil ear cuff, £245 IRIS Lily & Lionel Rae Vintage Bloom Dress, £220

FRIARWOOD 2017 Domaine des Masques, Rouge Cuvee Essentielle, £18

Militza Ortiz Jewellery Locally handcrafted, bespoke fine jewellery, COSMETIC made atFACIAL Militza’s studio ACUPUNCTURE, the botox-free in Wimbledon. facelift and rejuvenator Gold Vermeil hoops £115 - £120 @militzaortizjewellery @ladywimbledon

Light up! Light up! With a classic gold dipped, long burning, festive candle, hand poured in Cornwall. In four scents & colours. £15.50 The Forest Bailiff 22 Lancaster Place SW19 5DP Tel 020 8947 5115

For more unusual Christmas gift picks go to |winter 19/20


14 10

winter 19/20 sep-oct 2013 ||


The Joy OfYES, Maths. REALLY! Mandeep can restore your child’s confidence and give them a head start can support your child from where they are, and get them to where they want to be. Our programmes are customised to each child, so you can be confident that they are getting the help they need. We work at your child’s pace so that they never feel overwhelmed or bored.


athnasium of Wimbledon has opened its doors on the Ridgway in Wimbledon Village to local families looking for support in maths aimed at six to sixteen-year olds. Mandeep Mangat, Centre Director, has had a successful career in finance, and is passionate about sharing her love for maths and Mathnasium’s approach here in the UK. “Unfortunately, maths is a subject that can often be feared and we want to help change that. Children may shy away from it because they lack the confidence, so we want to make it a positive experience for them. We want to help them achieve those light bulb moments when it all falls into place, to build that confidence wherever life takes them”, says Mandeep.

At Mathnasium we believe that every child has the ability to be successful in maths – it’s just a matter of teaching in a way that makes sense to them. Whether your child is finding maths difficult or really enjoys maths and wants to do more, Mathnasium is the place we

We want to grow their confidence and grow their love for maths. Having a reward and incentive scheme brings a sense of excitement and fun to learning maths. All our students earn stars during their sessions with us, or on important achievements, which can be saved up for all sorts of prizes. We think it’s important to reward their efforts and give them something tangible to work towards. Life can be busy with kids, so we take the worry out of homework with homework help in our sessions. The centre is also open 5 days a week with drop-in sessions after school or on the weekend so no need to book, just turn up whenever works best for you! n Please visit for more information and to book a free assessment! For extra top tips on EXAM PREPARATION go to |winter 19/20


darling loves local Learn your best makeup look lessons Makeup parties Makeup bag detox Beauty treatments Amazing eye brow threading

Rakhi Beauty 07951156754 |

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Catering to your requirements Carol Brown Tel: 020 8543 0616 Mob: 07850195436 email: Website:

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11+ Entrance Exam & Pre-test English

Private Tuition Sally Cameron 0777 35 222 60

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Home style cooked foods, ready for your freezer Curries, desserts and more Gluten free where possible, vegan & vegeterian too Our curry powders available soon 169 South Lane, New Malden KT3 5ES | 0208 942 4623

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be part OF SOMETHING Cultivating a positive and supportive community By Sarah Austin, founder of Really Helpful Club

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Sarah Austin Founder of Really Helpful Club

within which our members share reliable information and get the support they can count on. And our busy programme of events and talks throughout the year, bring people together.


ith the rise of social media we feel more digitally connected to one another, but we now know that these interactions can be at best superficial and, at worst, damaging to our mental health and wellbeing. Studies have found that ‘social connectedness’ - that is the quality and quantity of interactions - that we have with other people, has a profound impact on our wellbeing. Positive social connections give us a sense of belonging, help us build healthy relationships and improve our quality of life. Quite simply, we need each other to thrive. Main photo Anna Kunst Photography

If you’re trying to find your feet in a new area, getting used to new parenthood or an expanding family, hoping to further your career or build a business, it’s more important than ever to seek out your support network! At the Really Helpful Club, you will find a positive, supportive and like-minded community. We bring our members together at all levels from helping them to find trusted solutions in their daily lives, to connecting them to life changing opportunities. We focus on encouraging positive mental health and wellbeing, providing friendship, and sharing expert advice. We have a thriving online community

Here are some top tips: • ●Ask for help: you need a diverse network of people around you to call on, for business and emotional support. • Pay it forward: think about what you needed when you hit a life or career milestone, and then offer that support to someone else. • Skillshare: Find people who can share their knowledge with you and offer yours to them. The Really Helpful Club is a free, online and offline network for positive, like-minded people to share their connections, advice and knowledge. n

To find out more about joining our vibrant, growing community and how to attend our events, go to

FOR ADVICE ON A NEW CAREER IN THE NEW YEAR women to watch |winter 19/20




Thicker, Healthier Hair

for 2020

Wake up your hair’s natural health with the radical blood-boost that revives it at the roots


s winter sets in and the trees are devoid of luscious leaves, have you noticed that so is your hairline and the density of your once thick full hair? The human body is a highly resilient system, able to heal itself in ways that can often seem magical. Sometimes our body needs help in certain places where it has reduced blood flow causing shrinkage and miniaturisation of follicles. Hair thinning occurs due to age, increased hormone changes in the scalp and even damage from hair products. At Wimblederm we have put together decades of science, studies and trials to bring you a long-term process to revitalise and thicken your hair. We use the latest advances in the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) method to increase hair growth with added vitamins and growth factors applied using microinjections. PRP hair rejuvenation treatments are autologous, meaning it is derived from the patient and therefore greatly reduces the risk of rejection or allergic reaction. Then pharmaceutical grade vitamins and additives are added to make a ‘cocktail’ which is then injected very accurately using a state of the art mesotherapy device. The days of slow and painful injecting by hand are truly over.


PRP is a procedure that uses your own blood to repair your cells. It has proven its effectiveness in addressing aesthetic problems. Since your own blood has amazing healing properties, this treatment has revolutionized the reversal of hair follicle miniaturisation and wakes up dormant or sluggish hair follicles. However, if there are no more hair follicles left due to long term baldness, PRP treatments will be ineffective. We can treat both men and women with this method and side effects and risks are very low. We are not changing any systemic hormone imbalances or blood profile as the treatment is only at the site of the thinning hair where the PRP and vitamins need to be. The treatments need to be repeated and best results are seen after six to nine months after which the treatments can be spaced further apart to maintain the thicker hair. n

Free consultation. £200 off your first treatment with DARLING DISCOUNT code: DARLINGHAIR Mr Bhavash Padhiar BSc (Hons) MRPharmS Pharmacist 020 8088 0738 Wimblederm at Lulu Blonde 20 Ridgeway Wimbledon Village Read my blogs on

For more information and for tips on how to keep your hair healthier and stronger plus the DISCOUNT CODE for a FREE box of Philip Kingsley Biotin supplements with your first treatment go to: & BEAUTY


Need to Look Great Tomorrow? Louise Stewart from Nakedhealth Medispa on Coombe Lane shares the best clinic treatments for instant impact


nquestionably a personalised treatment plan delivered over many months is the gold standard route to fabulous skin which will look fresh and youthful long term. Sometimes, however, a quick fix is required. Here’s what celebs go for when time is limited. A great way to try out a clinic before embarking on more technical therapies. The team has an impressive depth of knowledge which is enhanced by Plastic Surgeon, David Gateley’s regular industry updates. Laser Carbon Facial If you want an immediate glow this multi-tasker is the one to book. A carbon lotion is applied to the skin and laser is used to vaporise the combined layer of this and rough, dead cells and impurities within your pores providing a deep clean and gentle peel. The next day you will notice improved texture and clarity - a clearer, smoother more radiant skin. Pellevé A well-kept secret and not widely available, Pellevé is a comfortable treatment offering immediate and lasting improvement. The Pellevé System delivers constant, gradual radiofrequency energy deeply into the skin, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer meet. The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles causing contraction and stimulating the growth of new

collagen over time. It refreshes the skin and smooths wrinkles with immediate firming and tightening. Hydrafacial Hydrafacial uses advanced, patented vortex technology to deeply cleanse the skin and effectively transport botanical ingredients containing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc and magnesium peptides to where they do the most good. Powerful antioxidants counteract damage by free radicals - which can degrade the skin and accelerate the ageing process. After just one treatment you’ll look great. And feel great. Instantly. Skin Peels Designed to deeply exfoliate and brighten the complexion also stimulating new cell growth and collagen production. Justifiably popular for immediate complexion perfection.

CACI Discerning clients return to this time and again as one session will leave you with plumper, more radiant skin, having had a workout of all the facial muscles. You can book a quick mini consultation or a detailed skin scan to determine your complexion perfection solution. n Nakedhealth MEDISPA 261-263 Coombe Lane Wimbledon SW20 0RH 020 8944 5454

To read about our other quick-fix treatment options and for a DARLING DISCOUNT go to: & BEAUTY/skin & body treatments




dermatology clinic

picks wimbledon A brand new dermatology clinic has opened in the Raynes Park area offering progressive dermatological care to the community WIN A WINTER SKIN GIVEAWAY We’ve teamed up with Stratum Dermatology Clinics to run a winter skin giveaway, offering three lucky readers the chance to win a free skin consultation and 50% off your first skin clinic treatment, worth up to £150.

To enter the free prize draw, answer the question below and email it to Closing date is 31.01.2020

Where is the new dermatology clinic located?


ith incidences of skin disorders and the demand for treatment rising, Stratum Dermatology Clinics, a growing network of trusted experts in dermatology, has opened the state-of-the-art facility to offer all forms of dermatology including skin cancer and mole checks under one roof. Lead consultant dermatologist, Dr Janakan Natkunarajah says: “As a centre of excellence we have a number of consultants specialising in all areas of dermatology. By integrating everything under one roof it is less disruptive for the patient and puts their needs first as they embark on their personalised treatment programme. They can see the same dermatologist and get immediate access to treatment if that is required.” Other areas of expertise include skin cancer surgery, hair and nail disorders, acne, rosacea, birthmarks, cosmetic and restorative dermatology, injectables, peels and skin rejuvenation. It has five consultation rooms and is situated above Lambton Road Medical Practice. n

T&Cs apply


New Courses for Beginners & Improvers

Classes for women on Wimbledon Common Small, friendly groups No More Smudged Eyebrows… Free trial session

Microblading is an innovative semi-permanent make-up treatment, creating individual hair Contact Caroline strokes that mimic real eyebrow hair. You will 07810 486286 be surprised how natural-looking and flattering your eyebrows will be as the transformation is immediate.

Good eyebrows happen by appointment. Lucie Oliver 07734 543445 |


The Glasshouse Clinic best known for...

Bingo wings!

The what, the how and the who! The Facts: CoolSculpting treatments deliver the only FDA approved cryolypolysis technology ensuring the safest and most effective treatments. An applicator is selected based on the size of the area being treated and is applied using a vacuum suction to hold the fatty pocket in place for the duration of your treatment. During the treatment fat cells are chilled to the point of destruction before they are eliminated via the lymphatic system. The treatment can take as little as 35 minutes and results can be seen as early 4 weeks!

This body sculpting solution can be used to target problem areas such as the tummy, love handles, bra fat, muffin tops, double chins and inner & outer thighs


Who to see:

The first few moments of your treatment can be likened to prickly heat as the treatment takes effect and the fat begins to cool to its target temperature. The sensation settles within the first 5 minutes leaving you to relax for the remainder of the session. The treatment finishes off with a massage to the area being treatedthis won’t be the most relaxing massage you have experienced but it will boost treatment results by up to 50%!

Lizzie is the clinic’s CoolSculpting expert and your go-to for the ultimate body sculpting experience! n

Good news! Little to no downtime can be expected after treatmentsome mild swelling and a bruised feeling to the treatment area can be expected, which settles very shortly after treatment.

32 High Street SW19 5BY 020 3968 0788 EXPERT OPINION: Lizzie, Senior Aesthetic Practitioner This result driven treatment is truly my favourite! Though it won’t help you shed pesky pounds, I have had clients shed one or even two dress sizes and is my go-to for any holiday, wedding or special event prep!

To read more on our CoolSculpting treatment and our generous DARLING DISCOUNT offer, go to: HAIR & BEAUTY/skin & body treatments 



WINTER BLUES? Not for your hair at Love & Dye


ith the winter knocking on our door it is important to prepare our hair for the harsh and oftentimes out of control treatment it is about to receive. From strong winds to heating and woollen hats, there are lots of dangers your hair will go static, flat or face breakage. That’s why at Love & Dye we have specially designed organic treatments to enrich and optimise the look of your hair. Our clients can choose a 20 minute treatment after their shampoo or have it as a part of the colouring session, where it’s added to the dye to maximise hydration and moisture during the process. We also offer our newest treatment, colour enhancement. Clients who have had previously coloured hair as well as those who like to keep it natural would benefit from a fresher look. All our treatments range between £15 to £35.

We only use organic products we are also popular among those who are environmentally conscious and prefer to use ethical, cruelty free products Our products, which come from O-Way, the first professional hairline using biodynamic ingredients, guarantee rich and lively colours due to organic components, essential oils and absence of ammonia. We are an international team with 10 to 20 years of experience in the industry. We attract clients who value professional skills as well as a good atmosphere and an individual approach. As we only use organic products, we are also popular among those who are environmentally conscious and prefer to use ethical, cruelty free products. We are also the most affordable organic hair salon in London. If you would like to see us during the festive season, please make your appointment as soon as possible we tend to get busy. n To find out more please visit 187 Worple Road 020 8944 5889 For tips on managing FINE HAIR go to:


winter 19/20 |

“We are destroying our only home” You’ve probably bumped into him walking his dogs on the Common or at your local. This is the unassuming Angus Forbes, usually playing second fiddle to his wife, Dame Darcey Bussell, now quietly but powerfully about to help save the biosphere The most visionary book since Silent Spring CHRIS DARWIN Nature in the driving seat of the biosphere, having part responsibility for the planet’s ability to sustain life as we know it. This is the essence of the new long-term era we have entered: the Anthropocene.


n lectures and in his compelling first book, Angus argues that we will form and appoint a global authority, with power over all human organisational forms, including the nation state, whose sole job will be to deliver global biophysical integrity for the ultra-long term.

In 2022, nearly 33 years after Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote the computer program HTML and gave us the World Wide Web, 5 billion of us will be connected to each other via the internet. Connectivity, unity and power of a global citizenship that means we can undertake our first act of global self-determination.

For the first time in human history, we have joined Mother

As it stands, we are destroying our only home. The blame for

the current predicament lies squarely with us all because we have not created the right governance tool for protecting our most valuable global asset, but this is a situation we can now correct with one click on our phones, one allocation of personal sovereignty en masse. With a passion for the environment, Angus was the first director of the Prince’s Rainforest Project at Clarence House. He is also the founder of the not-for-profit Bankers without Boundaries and is a vociferous advocate for global governance of the biosphere. n

Australian-born, Angus lives in SW London with his wife, Dame Darcey Bussell, and their two daughters. 23

My Wasted Life with Breast Implants Darling Editor Karine Torr, chats to local mum Malene El Rafaey about her very personal journey


t 24 I was happy, confident and full of life but foolishly about to take for granted the biggest blessing of all, my health. After landing various modelling opportunities I decided to take the plunge into the world of page 3 and during a shoot, a few months in, a photographer


asked if it was okay to tape my breasts up and was left wondering why and became increasingly insecure about my new, apparently saggy chest. After a while I decided to have breast augmentation which I was happy with at the time as it really did help with modelling work, furthering my career.

winter 19/20 |

Five years later, unbeknownst to me, the symptoms of ‘Breast Implant Illness’ began to surface, becoming apparent after having my first baby which meant using even the gentlest baby wipes resulted in severe eczema. My immune system also started to crumble, getting every cold and illness and being

Malene’s years of eczema which she attributes to her implants

too weak to fight them off, I felt constantly drained and low. Little did I know this was just the beginning of a long journey of pain, suffering and depression. I was for years, forced to endure this life of misery until one day a friend on Instagram told me about Breast Implant Illness, showing me a list of the symptoms which all fitted with my suffering. Within seconds my heart jumped at the thought of having finally found the cause of my mystery illnesses. I quickly joined a Facebook Group called ‘Breast Implant Illness & Healing by Nicole’ which was full of women (now with 98.000 members) with the same catalogue of illness as my own and was a safe space where I found people I could confide in and validate my feelings. In April 2017 walking up the stairs in my house left me completely breathless. My fatigue and brain fog was astounding. My face had extreme oedema and burning with pain. I had a rash all over my body, my nipples were leaking discharge and my ribs felt bruised and sore. I kept waking in the night with sweats often feeling like I was choking. Knowing

that my implants were slowly killing me from the inside I had a sense of desperation and couldn’t wait to expel this toxic poison, so I went straight to the best surgeon, maxing out my credit card, to take them out. It was important to find a surgeon who was skilled enough to take out the capsule that had formed around my implant as well as the actual silicone as this is essential to fully healing; after the explant surgery my brain fog and fatigue had lifted and rashes disappeared within hours. The 23rd of October 2019 it was announced by the FDA that women considering surgery to receive breast implants should be warned in advance of the risk of serious complications, including fatigue, joint pain and a rare type of cancer called BIA-ALCL. Had I been told at my consultation there was even a small chance of developing auto immune diseases or cancer I would have never gone ahead with this toxic augmentation. I am living proof that Breast Implant Illness exists and along with so many others in my position am now fighting to get this out in the open so that millions of people

with any type of implant are aware that they are filled with carcinogens that cause auto immune diseases and cancer. I have also been interviewed for a BBC documentary on the subject due to be aired in February 2020. Now, on the anniversary of my implant removal surgery, I have an anchor scar on my breasts and lollipop scar around my nipples, but I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. With my health back to fighting fit I feel empowered and also responsible to share the reality of this horror with as many people as possible so that they don’t go through the torment I have. I have learned the hard way to love the imperfect beauty we all share as human beings and no matter what my aesthetic ‘flaws’ are, being able to play with my children in the park without gasping for breath means more to me than anything. n

For top tips on what to ask your surgeon before breast implant removal, ‘explant’, go to Editor’s OUR STORIES at |winter 19/20


Brighten Your Smile for the New Year £100 off Whitening - book in for a free consultation New patient offer HALF PRICE hygienist visit with your check up * T&Cs apply. Call 020 8946 2426 for full information. Appointments to be taken before 31st January 2020.

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brighter whiter SMILE?


Tooth whitening is a simple and straight forward aesthetic treatment and will give you a brighter whiter smile ready for the festive season. The Dental Rooms team explain all you need to know What’s the difference between stain removal and teeth whitening? Teeth whitening (also known as bleaching) is when hydrogen peroxide is used to change the colour of the teeth and reverse years of yellowing and aging. Food, drink and smoking creates pigments which adhere to the tooth surface. Stain removal is usually done when you have a hygiene visit using ultra-sonic jets and polishing pastes. What causes teeth yellowing? The natural whiteness of our teeth can fade over time and our day-to-day lifestyle habits (smoking and diet) can have an impact on the colour of our teeth. Whitening treatments help restore the natural whiteness of teeth. How does teeth whitening work? Whitening gels contain an active whitening ingredient that penetrates the enamel to get to the discoloured molecules. These agents react with the discoloured molecules in your teeth, breaking them down. As a result, you are left with a brighter and whiter smile.

Can you explain the different types of professional teeth whitening available? There are two main types of professional tooth whitening: take- away prescribed whitening or in-house whitening. The take home gels are very easy to use. We will make you customised trays which are carefully filled with whitening gel and worn overnight for 2-3 weeks. For inoffice treatment, the dentist uses a stronger gel and an LED light. This is a 60-minute procedure for instantly whiter teeth. What can you expect in a whitening appointment? We always check that you are dentally fit before the whitening treatment. Is it necessary to take moulds of the teeth? At the Dental Rooms we have a digital scanner to scan the teeth with a small camera. The scan is then used to make comfortable, bespoke bleaching trays thus making the whole process a lot more pleasant than taking moulds. Is it uncomfortable? During whitening the teeth may become sensitive but this is usually short term.

Can I gift tooth whitening for Christmas? At the Dental Rooms you can buy a Tooth Whitening Gift card - an ideal and original gift for a friend and loved one! If it’s for yourself then it’s not too late to treat yourself to a brighter whiter smile for the festive season. n For more information visit 020 8946 2426 Dental Rooms, 1 Ridgway, SW19 4RS

For more tips on TOOTH WHITENING go to: WELLNESS/dental |winter 19/20






your life

Pam Custers on coping with the menopause


aionsere as accus nonseque nonsequas est latur? Fictempor rerrum ipiet im asin ressero blatectusdae que num qui abore nus mosant et estrum fugiae et velloratum sant aut ut lam faccus dolum que volori con non re doloris nosam ipsam fugit, natur simus vendusdam quiatias suntio. Ut enditatempor adit iusae ommolorpos di conseque atur, nit rem fugition conectu restibus, ipissedis am iditate he menopause, the change, the in mporro omnisti busandestia cus molorehent pause, whatever you net call mos it, is asolorates time rehenda corum eaquibu stiam, to re-evaluate ourselves. Hormones excepudandae vendit maiossunt erio inciumet ab at a time of great change in ipsum ventiscollide idi ullessit ut ipsandebis eum quam our lives. Our children are starting to leave quas et utecab ipsapistotat liquiandae prae quam themolorum nest. We excepud and our partners may now have aut itasper epudio modicte peaked ea on quati our career trajectory which in turn mporitis verum, id magnit, quatemossita has implications for Core the family corecer epudis nem. si diaand quiindeed secullesfor sit il our lives. The menopause can be the perfect eostinu lloribus. storm! desequat. Uciat voluptasi demque Onsequi rerum is nim ipsanduntia nume voluptametur Some women experience this time as stressful. reprere nes as essimus, eosam, simi, verum ipsam You may have a sense that you no longer know a sunt mi, volupis pliam doluptatur, qui alibust yourself like you did prior to the menopause. rumquo excepel ium cust, nitati omnima diti How you react will depend on a number of sam aliquasped magnia velendi orest, odioribus things including your health, your age, your dercitium fugit quam quam eiciet quia nihic to identity, mental health and if you have achieved molupti vellabo. Beat fugitibus quidelest, sunt. the things that you want to in your life. Dit, to voluptiunt. To ipienim facestori ratem idiHormonal si dolor asit, ipsunt utacontribute commodistomagnatqui changes may a consequibus comni doloren daeptatior depressed mood. We can swing from joymiliam qui ium evelit, es in aborum to aut frustration andsequos irritation a blinkdoluptaqui of aut pedebate quunt continues aut quid mos eum quis anquis eye. es The on whether accat ipsam facepta quiat eadepression aute plab imodipiet the menopause does cause quis ande pra con cusae desequam num but professionals all agree it affects que mood. facepe num quaectus aruptatem veliquid qui Understanding whether depression or anxiety re, que ni num raturec aerit, iusant et laboria is due to menopause is a rather complex veliqui apeles doluptis eveniminimod ullatem process. ulpariberor accaborro blam enti verions endebit esto vit,are sit omniet paabout qui invendi dipisstress derororre If you worrying your mood, inanxiety, restiamorque Neque ma voloremqui youexplabo. simply wish to enjoy your life velit acessit atiumet mo to quis poribus arit dolupic again, it may be useful talk to a professional aboribusda aut you haris eost, sunt quodici who can help through thises challenging molecep cuptae labo. Ugitas process.uditae You can reclaim your innateeritatiatio ability, recalibrate your life and take charge of your happiness. n


que ipitatem eat as eaqui consequi tem et ma que voles dolor rempost, quidion emporum sum quam qui dignam acium aut aute parchil idelition cupta ius dem voluptatur, sum faceper ferferu ntistrumquam ime vollupt ataturiae que est, volupta conseque dolorem. Et porro quo tendus et et fugiat a quidem aliqui omnis ad maximusa corent idunt et aperati bero voluptatur sit quidignihici conse voluptatibus dis essimentium quatia que enet isquas dolecese susda alit erferum Pam is an therapist qui Custers omnimet ideexperienced volorione porepra simworking quia with nosantibuscouples eat omni occat lame MA. rempernam, individuals, and families. BA (Psych) Hons ipsunt aut eveliam, qui dit ressitate vidis and is a RELATE trained. MBACP (accredited) nonsecabo. Us aliquia peliquas non resti namenet Contact 07572 841 388 | prepel ilit dollani mporupt atentem remperum nis rerum qui berum aut labo. Nam, sus del inctorpos aut facim fugita aliquun dantest reicabo rerest ulpa sent laborereiur, alis doloreperit volupta tendam aut vendeni mpelibus intia SORTED doluptatem si aces sequostrum rem rerspist, sercia des perferibusam rero to tem ea que iusa acideli tinvenim elis dolorum ratiore ptiatissitas dolum volorro cullit, consequatiis as eum sintemporem estest, et laut libus as dolupta vendem haruntium dolut milit aut vid que nulpa destion consequi opta que ne excerit et rerum doleseq uaerfero berioriaere dolorepra poritaspero tem. Tur? Ut lat reperspel eatiis reperibus nonseca ecaturendi dem. Pos namus si vendi quam quiam et. n


Bespoke art consultancy service to assist you in sourcing unique works of art or sculpture for your home or office

• Welcome all size of projects • Partner with interior designers • Support local artists Recent testimonial from a client: “Genius service” Contact for more information | Instagram @artfullysorted | 07976 742989 |winter | summer 19/2019  29


Surviving the festive season with a NEWBORN Therapist Emma Parr understands the difficulties

Emma Parr is an experienced therapist who works with individuals covering a range of issues, but specialises in mothers and babies. MA. MBACP, PG Dip Couns. DBS Certificate. | 07387 812586


hristmas and New Year is a wonderful time for many, but it can also bring pressure on those who are celebrating their first Christmas with a newborn or young child. In the first few weeks and months of becoming a parent, it is often about survival rather than planning ahead. Negotiating what the baby needs and trying to keep sane while keeping track of feeds and hoping for a good night’s sleep.

To read more about becoming a NEW MOTHER, go to: WELLNESS/coachingandtherapy

On these big occasions, we are suddenly asked to make decisions; who do we spend them with, and where, how long do we stay, what shall we bring? It is important to choose what feels right for us and to think about any information that may need to be given to those we are staying with. Is there a routine that needs to be explained, with timings you need to stick to through the day? Do you need to get out of the house at times? Within all of this try to find a level of flexibility that is comfortable, so you enjoy Christmas and the New Year too. This is also a time of year to think of those who will not be spending those precious moments with a longed-for baby, either because it is not possible or sadly because the baby did not survive. Remember to communicate your needs to those closest to you, so you can receive the right support. By doing this you are also managing your own and everyone else’s expectations. As we head towards this busy time of year, consider making conscious choices that are right for you and your children. Wishing you all a wonderful Festive Season. n |winter 19/20


MAKING noises

Local campaigner Mike Urwin’s views on Heathrow are worth a listen


f Heathrow has its way, be prepared for low flying aircraft! Proposed changes to air traffic management (ATM) and a changed protocol to spread aircraft over more London boroughs could see Merton and neighbours suffering added inbound westerly air traffic for the very first time. Wimbledon could see aircraft as low as 2000 feet, and, ‘worst case’, inbound aircraft overhead at the rate of one every 32

minute and a half. Residents in Wimbledon, Richmond, Cobham, Esher, Weybridge, Kingston and other towns should access “Heathrow’s Airspace Design Envelopes for Expansion, January 2019” website for possible new traffic movements over their homes. Heathrow’s proposed third runway will add 255,000 flights per annum, or 700 per day! Changes to ATM will add 25,000 more.

winter 19/20 |

Together they would increase current traffic by 60% to around 765,000 flights per annum. No surprise, then, that these two separate but related proposals will generate more noise, more pollution and add more carbon to both the planet and our neighbourhoods. Although technology will produce quieter, cleaner aircraft in the future, it is thought that viable electric aircraft are at least fifty years away.

environment is completely at odds with the government’s committed policy of ‘zero carbon’ by 2050.

With Heathrow already badly sited in the heart of London suburbs, the prospect of adding another airport the size of Gatwick to its operations defies logic. Particulate & NO2 pollution, already exceeding EU limits can only worsen with increased ground and air traffic. Almost one million people are already afflicted by aircraft noise and an expansion could see this number doubled. On the climate front, departing aircraft currently generate c20 million tons of CO2 and this will increase before, perhaps, returning to roughly the same level by 2060. It

If this is not enough to stop the expansion, the demolition of 800 houses, the bulldozing of two villages, the commandeering of 1000+ acres of greenbelt and farmland, the rerouting of rivers, the tunnelling of the M25 and the general environmental damage surely should be. Add to this the fact that expansion construction will impact local communities for over thirty years and the transport network capability for increased passenger loading has not been fully assessed or costed. As important, the figures used to promote this scheme appear to be based on flawed assumptions and conclusions. At best they only generate an overall average Net Present Value of ZERO. It is also not clear whether Heathrow itself knows what this project will cost. Is it £14bn, £30bn, £50bn or £100bn? Whatever, it seems logical to conclude that the government and taxpayer will be contributing billions to a project promoted largely by foreign shareholders. Heathrow secured government support largely due to its supposed economic contribution to the UK economy given its present questionable ‘hub’ advantage. However, since over 70% of its traffic is for tourism, spurred on by ‘cheap flights’, it seems clear that it would be better for England and the planet to reduce air travel rather than increase it. In so doing, there would be no need for a third runway at Heathrow

and no need for another one at Gatwick or at any other airport. Brexit, the Trump tariff wars, general global economic uncertainties and communication technologies will anyway reduce the need for air travel, aircraft and runways …not only in the UK, but globally. Readers can help stop the Heathrow Expansion by writing or emailing their views to their councils, MPs, to the CAA and to Heathrow. They can support opposing bodies like No3rdRunway, Stop Heathrow Expansion, HACAN and many others. Check their websites for details. Sitting back and doing nothing is not an option. The third runway must be consigned to history and the proposed airspace routing changes must be reconsidered. Project status: following government approval in June 2018 (now the subject of a Judicial Review Appeal), Heathrow’s second and final Airport Expansion consultation was commissioned in June this year. Heathrow is now preparing its DCO application for submission to the Planning Inspectorate in 2020 for a decision in 2021. Approval would see a third runway added by 2026. n

The Heathrow Expansion project can be stopped. Readers can write to their councils, MPs, the Civil Aviation Authority and Heathrow and join opposing bodies such as No3rdRunwayCoalition et al. |winter 19/20


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electrical condition reports fuse board replacements smart home installations fault finding cctv installation full and part rewires central heating controls


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boiler servicing and repairs central heating installations powerflushing landlord gas safety certificates all general plumbing drainage surveys / blockages bathroom installations


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he Cook’s Corner recipe this season is for a delicious Lamb Tagine. In these winter months, I think it is a warm, winter comfort food and I love the spicy taste mingling with the sweetness of the figs and dates – yummy!

I hope you enjoy my recipe and ‘til spring, happy cooking to all! n 020 8947 5337

Lamb Tagine 2kg Leg of lamb cut into bite sized cubes 5 Onions diced 5 Tablespoons of vegetable oil 5 Garlic crushed 4 Teaspoons ground cumin 4 Teaspoons ground coriander 4 Teaspoons Ras el Hanout 250g Ready to eat dried apricots 200g Pitted dates Roughly chopped coriander bunch


1. Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a large saucepan and brown the lamb in 3-4 batches until lightly brown and sealed adding 1 tablespoon oil in between each batch. 2. Heat the rest of the oil in the same saucepan and fry onions until lightly coloured. 3. Add the garlic, cumin, coriander, Ras el Hanout and salt and pepper. Stir for about 1 minute. 4. Add the lamb to the mixture. 5. Add 1.5 litres of water and stir into the lamb mixture, cover and simmer. 6. Cook for 1 hour on low heat. 7. Next add the apricots and dates. 8. Cover again and cook for another 30 minutes and check lamb is tender. 9. When you are ready to serve the tagine, garnish with chopped coriander. 10. I like to serve with couscous, but rice is just as delicious. Enjoy!

Carole Cory

S PA C E F O R L U X U R Y In each and every element of our carpets – colour, design, yarn and backing, we ensure that the final product is of great quality that will delight you for many years. Luxury require the finest attention to detail and with the combined craftsmanship of Elements and The Flooring Company we ensure the highest quality and distinction. THE FLOORING COMPANY | 020 8971 9101 | | 257 Coombe Lane, West Wimbledon SW20 0RH


T: 07850 393448 General domestic building work, plumbing, plastering, electrical, kitchen and bathrooms, repair or new. 35 years experience and based in Wimbledon, dealing with planning or building control requirements, large or small.

Email David at

Merton Best Business Awards 2019 Finalists Winners and Runners up


The Andrew Wakefield Award


Tony Kane

Best Enterprising Business

Best in the Creative Sector

Positive Workplace

RUNNER UP Finling Associates Limited

RUNNER UP Rainbow Productions Ltd

RUNNER UP Peldon Rose

Best Apprentice of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year

Best Service Excellence

WINNER White Light Ltd


WINNER Gina Conway Salon & Spa

RUNNER UP TWM Solicitors

RUNNER UP Blue Wave Swim School

RUNNER UP The Alexandra

Best Employer of the Year

Best Small Business

Best Restaurant of the Year

WINNER Polka Theatre


RUNNER UP Fayre & Square Wimbledon

WINNER Swords Travel RUNNER UP Mystery Cube


Best Medium Business

Best Customer Service

Best Pub of the Year

RUNNER UP Esente Hair

WINNER Prince of Wales RUNNER UP The Alexandra

WINNER Esente Hair


Best New Business WINNER Zéro


Top Woman in Business WINNER Figges Marsh Dental

RUNNER UP Cause Communications

RUNNER UP Charlotte Loves

Best Large Business

The Extra Mile


RUNNER UP The Alexandra


WINNER Aya Cuisine

Photos Tucker Images

WINNER Belderbos Landscapes

WINNER Esente Hair

Gina Conway Salon winner of Merton Best Business of 2019 | winter 19/20


legal promo

Breaking up


With the festivities fraught, finding a fresh start might well be top of your New Year’s to do list. But when contemplating new beginnings, and the emotional fall-out it brings, resolving family finances can be the hardest yet most important step to reclaiming financial freedom, says Peacock & Co’s Dimple Patel 38

winter 19/20 |

PEACOCK & CO Solicitors

Dimple Patel


t might seem an obvious starting point, but when considering divorce, it is often surprising how few people have an accurate and up-to-date picture of all their assets, income and liabilities - especially if, for the most part, their spouse handled the family finances. Don’t shy away from reviewing your finances: it is wise to gather the relevant financial documents at an early stage. However, be careful not to take any confidential documents belonging to your spouse by opening their post or accessing their emails - doing so can have potential criminal and civil consequences. Equally, the courts take financial disclosure very seriously and if it subsequently comes to light that certain assets have not been disclosed you risk the agreement you have reached being set aside by the court and considered afresh. A common misconception is that if the marriage has broken down due to adultery or unreasonable behaviour, the ‘wronged’ party should be in line for receiving a greater share of the matrimonial assets. In reality, only very serious personal or financial misconduct may impact on the division of assets. The starting point for a division of matrimonial assets is 50/50 which must be balanced with the needs of the parties and any minor children. More immediately, if your spouse has moved out of the family home you may have concerns about paying the mortgage and other outgoings. In this situation an application can be made to the court for interim maintenance to be paid by the higher earning spouse to cover essential outgoings and can also include a contribution towards legal fees. Reaching a financial settlement does not have to be a long, drawn out and costly process – and alternatives to ending up in court can save you in both time and money. Try and keep the communication channels open with your spouse to find a mutual agreement. If communication

between you has broken down there are other options too - such as mediation, arbitration and negotiation through a solicitor. Once you have reached a financial settlement it must be embodied in a consent order drawn up by a solicitor and sent to the court to be approved. It is only at this point that the agreement becomes legally binding and enforceable. Without it, the door is left open for future claims by your spouse. It is worth remembering that divorce has tax implications – do seek advice from a tax specialist early on so you can factor this into the financial settlement. A tax liability might arise depending on the timing of the transfer of any assets and for the spouse who has left the family home. Equally, until the divorce is finalised you will remain each other’s next of kin – so now is the time to make or review your will and ensure that your assets pass according to your wishes. n To discuss any of the issues here please contact Dimple Patel or Christopher Goodwin on

020 8944 5290 Peacock & Co are pleased to be expanding our Family Team with the addition of Dimple Patel and Clare Kirby to our Wimbledon office. For more information on our specialist teams and how we can help you, contact us on 020 8944 5290. We are proud to support

Please note the information contained in this article is for general guidance only. Legal advice should be sought before taking action in relation to specific matters Peacock & Co Solicitors Limited (trading as Peacock & Co Solicitors) is a company registered in England and Wales (Registration No. 11842919), whose registered address is 94 High Street, Wimbledon Village, London, SW19 5EG. Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. |winter 19/20


Pole Structural Engineers Designing structures for alterations, extensions and new houses Local, friendly and professional

Admel House 24 High Street Wimbledon Village SW19 5DX T: 020 8944 9955 E:

WINTER BRIDGE with Bridge Guru Paul Mendelson

Creating Connections Inspiring Success


EMAIL ‘My vision is to encourage more women to network and in turn realise their full potential by helping and inspiring them and providing valuable connections’, says Julie HELPFUL WIMBLEDON WEBSITES Love Wimbledon WIMBLEDON, PUTNEY, BALHAM AND STREATHAM London Borough of Merton Julie Eltham Regional Director, The Athena Network Citizen’s Advice Bureau t: @athenaSWlondon f: TheAthenaNetworkSurrey&SWLondon Merton Chamber of Commerce 07890 523030 e: Wimbledon Town Centre w: Wimbledon Civic Forum Wimbledon Society Wimbledon Community Centre Volunteer Centre Merton Learning & Skills Council Charity Commission Wimbledon Music Diary Wimbledon Choral Society Local Police/Neighbourhood Watch The Wimbledon Guild A safe and effective way to train children and beginners. Care Connect Group lessons are great fun for families and friends who want to learn together.


Horse Riding Simulator Lessons

IMPORTANT NUMBERS Wimbledon Police 020 8947 1212 or (999) Merton Council 020 8274 4901 NHS DIRECT 0845 4647 44

St George’s Hospital 020 8672 1255 Kingston Hospital 020 8546 7711 National Rail 08457 484950

feb-march 2012 |

The Stayman convention was invented by a British guy, but no one seemed that interested. Then, an American called Sam Stayman saw it, promoted it and made it the world’s most popular bridge gadget. COLLECT COPIES AT OUR “HOTSPOTS”


* Nicholas & Steele 78S KJ98 Durham Rd Tel: 07947 011879 H 96

D A642

*West Maison St. Cassien, Wimbledon Village East C AQ3 Tel: 020 8944 1200 S Q5 S A72

H A1073


* Southfields Gallery 223 Wimbledon Park Rd D KJ85 D Q1098 Tel: 07947 675 059

C K105

C J976 South * Truckles Deli on Coombe Lane SW20 S 10643 Tel: 020 8605 2175 H Q8542 D 7 * Aromatica Italian Deli on Leopold Rd C 842 Tel: 020 8944 0309

Dealer South Love All Please call first to check stocks N E S W 1NT NB 2C NB 2S Opposite a 12-14pt 1NT opener you usually require 11pts to use Stayman. This is so that, if your partner does not have the 4-card major suit you were hoping for, you can return to, at least, 2NT (showing 11/12pts). However, when you are 5-4 in the major suits, you can use Stayman as a weak take-out manoeuvre, promising zero points. This is because, if partner does not match with your major suit, you can still bid your 5-card major at the 2-level and this I still a weak take out. On this deal, South knew this and bid 2♣, passing her partner’s 2♠ response. East led 10♦ and North won this and trumped a diamond in dummy. She took the winning club finesse back to her hand and trumped another diamond. Then, she came back to hand again with A♣ and trumped her last diamond in dummy. Nothing could then stop her from scoring two trump tricks of her own and so, despite holding only 16pts between them, N/S made 2♠. If South had not known this use of Stayman, she would have responded 2♥ - and that contract is close on hopeless..



CLUB NEWS FIND YOUR RHYTHM David Lloyd Clubs, Raynes Park recently launched its brand new cycle class Rhythm, attended by ex strictly star and member of the band JLS, Aston Merrygold. It was a class full of high energy songs, glow sticks and fun. Aston commented afterwards that “that was a lot harder than I expected, but great fun. What a fantastic class!”


Members attending were treated to a photo opportunity afterwards. The class now sits on the clubs very busy timetable alongside other favourites like RPM and its virtual classes where you can race through the alps or take part in a time trial. The newly introduced Rhythm class works your body and your mind with inspiring playlists and highly motivating instructors – creating an immersive workout that tunes your muscles and unlocks your emotions. Rhythm is being rolled out nationally across David Lloyd Clubs, and in purpose built studios. For options on joining the club please take a look at the website

But Yoga First Says Annette Wiik, Yoga teacher And as you arrive back to the chalet after a day of skiing, enjoy lying down with your legs up the wall, allowing your body to recover and be ready for a new day of alpine adventures. If you are like most of us, sitting down for an average of 12-15 hours per day, start yoga practice now! It will make your time on the slopes so much more enjoyable.

Through yoga practice you will develop: • A greater sense of stability and trust in the whole body as you are skiing, while feeling truly in touch with the snowy surface • Increased strength and ease of movement in your hip and shoulder regions • A feeling of comfort in your legs and spine in the typical skiing posture • Ease of breathing at higher altitudes through greater breath awareness

Annette teaches Yoga for Sports classes at The Wimbledon Club. All levels welcome, group and one-to-one sessions available. n ANNETTE WIIK YOGA 07789 175481 For my new MINDFULNESS programme go to:

on the scene

With Editor Karine Torr


Helen Clark Bell, Kumiko Brocklebank, overall winner, Gina Conway & Paul Windsor, WSM

Aya’s Amira and Ali Mahfouz with Cllr Janice Howard, Mayor of Merton

Nicola Laver & Martina Collett, South Thames Colleges

Darling Merton Chamber Directors: John Merriman, Delrose Earle, Nick Samuel, Janet Borrow, Charles Hylton-Potts & James McGinlay

Joe & Lina Milazzo, Heather Gogardy & Darren Read, Esente Hair DOG & FOX NEW EXTENTION SNEAK PREVIEW DRINKS

Antonio Scala, Stacy Fraser, Holly Conlay, Karen Read & Emma Brack, New Wimbledon Theatre The Dog & Fox team, Philippa Tuaine, Hannah Hodge & Amy O’Loughlin

Mark Gordon & Steve Novak

Grace Hooper & Olivia Liddiard-Hibbert

Ivor Heller

Szilvia Manhercz, Will Edden, Katherine Randall & Ivy GM, Saimir Kalziqi

ONLINE MESSAGEFor PLSmore ‘On the Scene’ pics Jack and Sophie Cannell and Mouna & Moncef Ennafii

Check out if you’re online!

Emily Radcliffe Go to: |winter 19/20 43 & Bryn Jones


Simon Pole

Tony Robson & Mary Hogan

Owners Hayley & Tony Robson & Roisin Lawlor

Sandy Nielsen


Editor Karine with the fab Emily Maitlis

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RELAUNCH OF LOOK FABULOUS FOREVER POP UP SHOP IN CENTRE COURT Louise Stewart, Director, Cheryl Smith, Ellie Jennings, David Gateley, Plastic Surgeon, Julia Gateley, Healthcare Manager & Tanty Indriasari, Clinic Manager


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Wendy Pridmore, MP Stephen Hammond & artist, Jo Holdsworth

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Local charity Spear, enables homeless people to access accommodation, and those at risk of homelessness to maintain their accommodation. £2752 was raised on the night.


Cllr Jane Cooper, West Putney, John Brown, and opera singer, Maeve Haglund seen at Stafford Gallery/Wimbledon Fine Art

Laura Belligan, Zoe Shaw, Elizabeth Bottriel & Julie Merry Top right: Erika Urvina, Militza Ortiz, Ryan Gilbert from Liqi, Liqi

Elaine Halligan

46 june-aug 2016 | Shona Barret


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Catherine Green, host Carol Brown & Mary Bautista-Harman WWIB HOSTED OPEN NETWORKING Dr Janakan Natkunarajah, IN AID OF SERBIA’S FORGOTTON MP Stephen Hammond and picslocal online at PAWS. More shop CEO at Stratum Clinics, Allan Johnson

Natalie Ridge, Laetitia Das Wermes, Laura Laurence, Miss Spratt | june-aug 2016  47 (Dep. Head Rowans School), Marianne Botulas & Vanessa Perez




NEW WIMBLEDON THEATRE HAMPTON COURT PALACE LOVE WIMBLEDON ‘MARKETS NEW WIMBLEDON THEATRE Panto Cinderella 7 Dec - Jan 5 HAMPTON COURT PALACE LOVE WIMBLEDON ‘MARKETS ICE SKATING 22 Dec 5 Jan ON THE PIAZZA’ TOWN CENTRE Panto Cinderella 7 Paper Dec - Jan 5 ICE SKATING 22 Dec - 5T Jan0203 280 ON13/14/15 THE PIAZZA’ CENTRE Dolls 11 Dec - Jan 5Hair_Title_996x1256 9am until late. 6392 Dec alsoTOWN Dec 20/21/22 Paper Dolls 11 Dec - Jan 5 9am until late. T 0203 280 6392 Dec 13/14/15 also Dec 20/21/22 Santa Clause and theTHEATRE Night Before NEW WIMBLEDON 11am6pm. Street food, art, crafts, HAMPTON COURT PALACE CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR VE WIMBLEDON ‘MARKETS Santa Clause and the Night Before 11am- 6pm. Street food, art, crafts, CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR 127Dec - 24 Dec5 Christmas 12 Dec -Christmas 24 Dec clothes, accessories and unique gifts. Panto Cinderella Dec Jan clothes, accessories and unique gifts. 13th -15th March. Biggest art fair ICE SKATING 22 Dec 5 Jan 13th -15th March. Biggest art fair THE PIAZZA’ TOWN CENTRE Joseph 21 Jan 25 Jan Joseph 21 Jan 25 Jan outside London. outside Sandown Park Paper Dolls 11 Dec - Jan 5 9am until late. Sandown TLondon. 0203Park 280 6392Cabaret c 13/14/ also Dec 20/21/22 18 Feb - 22Cabaret Feb Racecourse, Esher. Information at 18 Feb - 22 Feb PREPARING FOR THE CHALRacecourse, Esher. Information at PREPARING FOR THE CHALSanta Clause and the Night Before Matthew Bourne’s m- 6pm. Street food, WORLD art, crafts, CONTEMPORARY FAIR LENGING OF AI 30 Jan10 Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes 10 Mar - 1412 Mar LENGING WORLD OFSchools. AI 30 Jan10 Christmas Dec - 24 Dec - 12pmand at ACS International hes, accessories unique gifts. SANTA’S 13th -15thGROTTO March. Biggest art fair The Red Shoes 10 Mar - 14 Mar - 12pm at ACS International Schools. Info at Free 21 Jan - 25 Jan SANTA’S GROTTO HYDE London. PARK 21 Nov - 5 Jan Park outside Sandown ON WHEELS Info at Free ATHENA WOMEN’S NETWORK Call 0300HYDE 061 2000PARK 21 Nov - SONGS 5 Jan Cabaret 18 Moon’ Feb - 22 Feb concert ’Blue InformationSing-along at EPARING Monthly FOR THE CHALmeetings at Hotel du Vin Call Racecourse, Esher. SONGS ON WHEELS PARK HORSEATHENA WOMEN’S NETWORK RICHMOND Call 0300 061 2000 29 Feb 7.30pm £20 Wimbledon Matthew Bourne’s Julie on T OF 07890AI 523030 NGING WORLD 30 Jan10 CARRIAGE RIDES Sing-along concert ’Blue Moon’ Village Hall. T 07796 621796 Monthly meetings at Hotel du Vin CallDRAWNRICHMOND Shoes 10 Mar - 14 Mar PARK To the end of Dec from Holly Lodge HORSE- The Red WIMBLEDON COMMON XMAS 29 Feb 7.30pm £20 Wimbledon pm at ACS International Schools. Julie on T 07890 523030 SANTA’S GROTTO WOW CONFERENCE 6 - 8 March 90 min inDRAWN duration 12pm & 1pm RUN 22 Dec 10am 5km & 10km CARRIAGE RIDES Village Hall. T 07796 621796 o at Free 10th year! T 0207PARK 036 £24COMMON to enter - 5 from Jan Holly To8040 the21 endNov of Dec Lodge WIMBLEDON XMASHYDE SONGS ON WHEELS WOW CONFERENCE 6 - 8 March HENA WOMEN’S NETWORK Call 030090 061 min2000 in duration 12pm & 1pm RUN 22 Dec 10am 5km & 10km Sing-along concert ’Blue Moon’ 10th year! nthly meetings at Hotel du Vin Call T 0207PARK 036 8040 £24 to enter RICHMOND HORSEClaire Cotton ad_AU19.pdf

e on T 07890 523030

MBLEDON COMMON XMAS N 22 Dec 10am 5km & 10km £24 to enter


17/07/2019 13:48 29 Feb 7.30pm £20 Wimbledon DRAWN CARRIAGE RIDES Village Hall. T 07796 621796 To the end of Dec from Holly Lodge WOW CONFERENCE 6 - 8 March 90 min in duration 12pm & 1pm embrace change for your body 10th year! T 0207 036 8040

with our strategic approach toyrbetter health... drop-in group for 14-25 olds HEARTS AND MINDS Weekly

with mental health issues. Tues 5-7pm @MertonArtsSpace

Contemporary art fair

Contemporary art fair


drop-in group for 14-25 yr olds with mental health issues. Tues 5-7pm @MertonArtsSpace ...and experience

undeniable results HEARTS AND MINDS Weekly

Private sessions for drop-injustgroup for 14-25 yr olds you, or semi-private for with mental health issues. Tues two, to small group

5-7pm @MertonArtsSpace

mporary art fair

In our state of the art Pilates Studio in Wimbledon, we will give you the time, the space and the tools to learn to move intelligently and thoughtfully, and

7 Elm Grove, Wimbledon, SW19 4HE - 020 8947 8601

personal journey



Behind the Scenes, with Carole Cory Gliding gracefully, paddling furiously beneath the surface


lead a fun and frenetic life. As it has always been, and as I would always want it to be. Being a mum, wife and owner of a very pink catering and events company, I live life to the full, as does my company, which is why our clients choose us. I care about our clients as much as I care about our fresh produce and exciting recipes keeping our customers happy at all times. However, I am here to give you a behind-thescenes look into my life… Cast your minds back to the 3 June 2012 where 670 boats were on the tideway of the River Thames taking part in the Diamond Jubilee Pageant for the celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee. Parties to Go were catering for one of the VIP boats next to the Royal family with many different celebrities, copious amounts of food and drink, next to HMS Belfast, watching the queen give her speech. All sounds very glamorous so far, right?

“Well let me tell you that behind the scenes with the weather storming, the sea rocking around all over the place, along with the crockery and glasses, myself and my head chef who were feeling a bit green around the gills, were in a tiny kitchen in the depths of the boat and my waitress who thankfully was not green around the gills, was trying not to go overboard serving the guests with champagne and canapés up and down the stairs. This is what really happens behind the scenes. The catering and service were great, and we had incredible feedback and it was a fun and exciting day despite the weather! Falling down a pothole was another unforgettable experience just before a huge event. On the way, I had managed to get my foot caught and ended-up head over heels onto the pavement – without any food I might add- this was still in the refrigerated van! Undeterred, however, I picked myself up and carried on delivering the food to this event. Afterwards my husband had to rush me off to A&E as it turned out I had fractured my arm. What I do in the name of my company! I love my work and always have. It is a great company and my staff are so amazing - I get 100% support from all of my family, friends and staff and wouldn’t have it any other way. n |winter 19/20


point of view


little PIG

By Kate Greenhalgh


knew it had been on my partner’s mind, so it was time to talk. I said, ‘You’re thinking, has she gone sneakily vegetarian?’ He sighed, ‘Have you gone sneakily vegetarian?’ Pause. ‘No! Yes! Maybe! We passed that lorryload of pigs the other day, remember? It gave me one of those moments.’ The last time that happened, it was battery chickens and I was 17. Everything is so triggering at that age. This time, it was the pigs’ trusting little faces as they trundled to slaughter. Radical zeal awoke in the old bosom, even though I really love farms. There’s a pig farm on the A303 by Stonehenge - you must have driven past it - lots of rooting and oinking; pigs sunbathing and reading pig-lit on their kindles - how a pig farm should be. And I love my Christmas ham, and chipolatas basting round


the turkey, and devils on horseback dipped in mustard. Damn. If only I could forget those little pigs. To be fair, we now live in the age of A.Y. (After Yotam), where a vegetarian diet can be a wondrous thing; delicious meals which propel wholesomely through the gut. Power Peristalsis! Aubergine Awareness! And as we’re not talking vegan, (welfare concerns for dairy cows - lalala, not listening, not listening...) there’s always the consolation of cheddar. Is there any greater delight than a lump of cheddar? Name one thing that is not improved by the addition of cheddar. No, see, you can’t. But this is sad. When yet another of my woke triggered children went veggie, I missed cooking the favourite slowroast lamb for her anymore. I feel sorry for my partner. We’ve always bonded greedily

winter 19/20 |

over beef and horseradish. Maybe I’ll still eat chicken, if it’s organic. According to Which magazine, organic chickens lead a pampered, idyllic existence, (like that of the proverbial pig in clover) so I won’t feel too guilty about scoffing one after it’s had a good innings. Chickens can’t have existential angst about being served up with a bit of thyme and garlic, can they? Although a friend of mine who did a work placement at a local chicken processing plant reports that it was grim. And on another bright side, that’s also Lent sorted. I never do Lent, as giving up anything is a terrifying thought for me. I bless the day I never got into gambling, drugs and pornography. But now, by not eating meat, I can be both Lentenly pious and compassionate to animals; kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. n

Introducing Wimbledon’s prestigious new development‌

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An exclusive collection of 13 individually designed luxury houses by boutique developer, Coronado, set in a quiet road in Wimbledon Computer Generated Image

Price on Application

Computer Generated Image Coombe Sales 020 8947 1100

Wimbledon Village Sales and Commercial 020 8947 9833

Wimbledon Village Lettings 020 8879 9669

Profile for darling magazine

Darling Magazine Wimbledon - Winter 2019-2020  

A Wimbledon women's lifestyle magazine full of local stories and local businesses.

Darling Magazine Wimbledon - Winter 2019-2020  

A Wimbledon women's lifestyle magazine full of local stories and local businesses.