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NEW YEAR BRIDGE with Paul Mendelson Creating Connections Inspiring Success


With the new year firmly established now, we are getting down to the important routine of playing our bridge and those who keep their heads, reap rewards…

Surbiton, Streatham and Hampton Court

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South might have opened a quiet 1♠ and let the auction develop slowly but, fortified by much Christmas left over cheap Champagne, he punted a strong pre-empt: 4♠. North, in love with her hand was not to be put off – she jumped straight to 6♠. The bidding might have been unsubtle, but the contract is excellent. West led K♣, and South made a quick plan. When South wins trick one with A♣, if he leads a trump, West will win and cash Q♣ to defeat the contract. So, South must discard J♣ from hand before drawing trumps. Dazzled by North’s beautiful hearts, he played to A♥, K♥ and Q♥, pitching J♣ – but West trumped with 4♠, and still had A♠ to defeat the slam. South’s plan was good, but not optimal. N/S hold seven hearts between them, but only five diamonds, so it is less likely that an opponent will be short in that suit. At trick 2, South should play Q♦ from hand, then cross to K♦ and play A♦, on which he can safely throw J♣. He pushes out A♠ and, when he regains the lead, draws the final trump. Happy days – all bodes well for the rest of the year!

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Darling Magazine Wimbledon - Feb-March 2016  

inspiring local women in Wimbledon

Darling Magazine Wimbledon - Feb-March 2016  

inspiring local women in Wimbledon