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Graphic Designer



I love character glasses and I wanted to create an icon for myself. I created this card so that people will know me for my icon.

Graphic design business card

The client wanted to have a card that displayed what their trade was at one glance.

Business Card Client: Anthony Gainey

The picture on the right was taken by a friend. It inspired me so I took it into Illustrator and “vectorized� it.

Illustrated Picture

I created this illustrated poster for Makayla - a 5th grade student who really wanted to win her Class President Elections. She won with this poster by her side.

Illustrated Poster

Get Ready Get Hired. A Career Placement agency developed by Caren Williford.

Business logo and Icon



Sisters Standing Strong. An annual event for girls ages 5-18.

Event Poster

Grace is Sufficient Ministries does many outreach events. These are some of their posters.

Event Posters

Flyer for themed birthday party

Event Posters

The Threshing floor. “Come Experience”. Pastor Tonya Gainey.

Event Posters

Event Posters



Campaign Posters

Baby Shower Invitation



Location: Round Rock, TX

Location: Tunkhannock, PA

Location: Detroit, MI

Surreal Photography

3-D Analglyph

3-D Analglyph

3-D Analglyph

3-D Analglyph

Darlene Franklin

Darlene Franklin, a Detroit native, is the third of four children. With her father being a musician and her mother being a dancer, she was bound to be an individual filled with creativity. She attended the Detroit School of arts where she majored in radio and television. Upon graduating high school Darlene had no desire to leave her birthplace. She attended the University of Detroit Mercy and earned a degree in Digital Media Studies. She continues to make a statement with her unique style of dress, her art, and her creative outlook on life.



Darlene Lanae's graphic design portfolio.