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Unified Communications Improves Customer Experience Unified Communications is in vogue among companies that want to enhance their customer experience and increase the productivity of the employees. UC or Unified Communication solution allows companies to integrate all its voice, video and messaging tools on a single platform and use them from anywhere at any point in time by simply logging in to the secured network. Customers often feel the need for special attention and this can be met by Unified Communication. Under a Unified Communication system, all the channels of communication can be integrated on a single platform. Thus, the customer calls can be handled in a professional manner where every single call can be directed to the relevant department or person and their issues can be solved without delay. Unified Communication systems are designed to handle huge call volumes through automated call routing, call handling and call routing. The system identifies the calls and redirects them to the respective department or agent. Thus, Unified Communication system facilitates efficient call handling and enhanced customer experience. Here are some of the elements of Unified Communication that help in improving the overall customer experience: Priority Routing

The incoming and outgoing calls need to be handled efficiently so that the customers are not kept waiting for too long. The customers need quick resolution to their problems and that can be done only when the calls are directed efficiently to the agents. The automated call distribution feature offered by Unified Communication helps to direct the calls to the right agent by setting priority tags to each call. The agents also need to call back the customers who leave behind their numbers on the IVR and this is done very effectively by the automated system that forwards the list of numbers to be called back to the respective agents. A few of the systems are advanced enough to initiate call back the minute your extension gets free. Real Time Presence

The real time presence feature is all about making the customer feel that his/her issues are being addressed on a real time basis. This is again done with the help of the automated call distribution system that does not keep the caller waiting. And even before the caller can get to the agent, the issues of the customer are recorded by the IVR. When the agent answers the call, UC will have loaded all relevant information about the client on the agent’s computer screen.

Voice Message in an Email

The voice messages left behind by the customers are forwarded to the official email inbox of the agents. The executives can then log in to the inbox from anywhere and hear the messages in the form of an audio file attached to their emails. Thus the customers can be attended to even when the business executive is not present at the office. Text to Speech

If you want to answer the client immediately, just reply to the email. The UC system will convert your text to speech, call the customer and leave a voice message for him. Transfer Call between Smart Phone and a Desk Phone

All the calls can be redirected to the desk phone or the smart phone of the executive so that they can attend to the calls as and where they are comfortable. Unified Communication system makes it possible to integrate the smart phones as well as desk phones to the existing network. Computer Telephony Interface

UC integrates your VoIP with your computer systems and database. If you use scheduling software such as Outlook, UC can remind you and automatically initiate a call for you. If you are sharing data with the client, UC will ensure the data reaches the client before you call or is available for real time sharing. Unified Communications is still evolving. It ultimate objective is to make audio, video, and data in to a single unified communications medium.

Unified communications improves customer experience  

Unified Communications is in vogue among companies that want to enhance their customer experience and increase the productivity of the emplo...

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